HTI: Chapter 128

There were many things that needed to be verified but currently the energy bank was hidden again. He couldn’t eat it even if he wanted to so all his ideas could only be temporarily suppressed. Xie Yang controlled his thoughts and got out of bed to take a shower.

When he came out of the shower, Qiu Xing had already set up a meal on the bedside table. Xie Yang returned to bed, slowly ate under Qiu Xing’s stare and then reached out to hug him.

Qiu Xing spoke sternly. “What are you doing?”

“Coaxing you.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed and he hugged Xie Yang back, touching his head. “Have a good rest today and then do a full body check tomorrow.”

Xie Yang nodded obediently. After appeasing Qiu Xing, Xie Yang asked for his phone which had been turned off for several days. He powered it back on. Qiu Xing told him, “Qin Cheng couldn’t contact you so he found He Jun. I asked He Jun to tell him that you were sick and to push back your work these days.”

Xie Yang nodded to express his understanding and told Qiu Xing, “These past few days have been hard on you. I could feel at ease thanks to you.”

Qiu Xing wasn’t convinced by Xie Yang’s words this time. He held Xie Yang’s hand and rubbed it a few times. “It will be you working hard in the future.”

“I’m happy to work hard for you.”

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang and kissed between his eyebrows.

Once his phone was turned on, Xie Yang called Qin Cheng. Qin Cheng sighed with relief and asked about his body. He confirmed that Xie Yang was fine and rejoiced. “It’s great that you’re okay. What hospital are you at? I have an endorsement job that I need to meet with you in person to talk about.”


Xie Yang reported the address of the hospital to Qin Cheng.

30 minutes later, Qin Cheng arrived at the hospital. He was surprised by Qiu Xing’s new look before turning to Xie Yang. “D Brand suddenly announced that it will hold a cooperative catwalk show in China to showcase new designers. You are the spokesperson so you have to attend. The chief designer of D Brand arrived in B City yesterday and asked to meet you. If you didn’t contact me then I could only help you reject his invitation. However, this is your first meeting. If you turn it down then it will have a great impact on you.”

Xie Yang finally understood why Qin Cheng was so anxious and signaled for this person to sit. “I’m sorry. It was my mistake.”

“It’s nothing. I’m just relieved that you’re okay.” Qin Cheng sat down and confirmed it. “Then shall I help you make an appointment with him?”

“There’s no hurry. I have to ask my fiance if I can go out to work.” Xie Yang spoke purposefully. He glanced at Qiu Xing sitting on the sofa and asked, “Honey, can I go to work?”

Qiu Xing was relieved by the word ‘fiance’ and the last ‘honey’ and his temper disappeared. He took a sip of tea to conceal his expression and showed a calm and indifferent look. “It is up to you… but you can’t miss tomorrow’s physical examination.”

Xie Yang told Qin Cheng, “Contact the chief designer and make an appointment for dinner tomorrow.”

Qiu Xing immediately looked at Xie Yang.

“Honey, I promise not to drink and that I will go home on time.”

“…I didn’t say anything.” Qiu Xing looked away and took another sip of tea.

Xie Yang gestured to Qin Cheng. “Make the appointment.”

Qin Cheng, “……”

Qin Cheng immediately replied to the invitation of D Brand’s chief designer, Verden. He soon finalized an appointment tomorrow night with the other person’s assistant.

After solving the most worrying thing, Qin Cheng sat back down by the bed and continued speaking. “Xie Yang, if it is convenient, I suggest you participate in an event where you can show up in public as soon as possible. Or you can directly start a live broadcast.”

Xie Yang had doubts. “Why?”

“Your fans are worried about you.” Qin Cheng helplessly explained the situation.

It turned out that not long after the broadcast of ‘All Walks of Life’, some fans discovered that Xie Yang visited the hospital after participating in the show. Since Xie Yang never appeared in public since then and he didn’t hold any promotional events for his new album, fans reasonably suspected that Xie Yang was sunburned too badly during the show and his appearance was damaged. The reason he didn’t appear recently was because he was looking after his skin.

“I explained it for you but the fans haven’t seen you and don’t believe me. There are even black fans guessing if you are disfigured and secretly undergoing plastic surgery.”

Xie Yang hadn’t expected the thoughts of his fans and black fans to move in that direction. He said, “I obviously posted a photo with Qiu Xing on Weibo before.”

“The photo doesn’t mean anything. It could be old.”

“……” Okay.

Qin Cheng explained further, “In fact, if it was just fans and black fans then I wouldn’t force you to do this. However, D Brand is about to open a cooperative show in B City and you will have to do publicity. As the spokesperson of D Brand, if you have disfigurement and plastic surgery rumours then it will also affect D Brand. Therefore, show up as soon as possible and let everyone see your handsome face.”

Qiu Xing placed his teacup on the table with a cold face and looked at Qin Cheng. “Are you taking liberties with my fiance?”

“…Let them see your intact face.”

Seeing that it was too difficult for Qin Cheng as an agent, Xie Yang generously decided to start a live broadcast. He even planned to turn off all the beauty filters so everyone could see his intact face from all directions with no blind spots.

Qin Cheng was very pleased. He looked around at this luxurious and warmly decorated single room and asked Xie Yang, “Is it okay to broadcast here?”

“Here is fine. I haven’t sung live since the new album release and will sing for the fans.”

Half an hour later, Wu Shui brought the guitar and violin that Xie Yang usually used from home. Xie Yang went to the bathroom, washed his face, tidied his hair and changed out of the hospital gown. Then he went to the sofa where Qiu Xing was sitting, set up the phone on a stand and placed it in front of the sofa.

Qiu Xing ordered, “You are only allowed to broadcast for one hour.”

“I will listen to my fiance.”

Qiu Xing’s mouth curved up as he scoffed and rubbed Xie Yang’s head. Then he sat on the chair beside the hospital bed. Qin Cheng used Xie Yang’s Weibo account to send a live broadcast notification. Then he adjusted the position of the curtains so the sun indirectly shrouded Xie Yang. Once everything was ready, Xie Yang started the live broadcast.

Fans rushed over after receiving the live broadcast notification and they immediately howled when they saw Xie Yang’s face. Xie Yang smiled, leaned close to the camera and first turned on the beauty filter effects one by one. Then he turned them off again. “I heard that you are worried about my sunburn. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I will show you my face.”

Qiu Xing was sitting by the hospital bed and secretly clicked into the live broadcast room. He saw Xie Yang’s magnified face on the screen and couldn’t help touching it.

Xie Yang calmed down the fans before backing away and plucking at the guitar. He glanced at Qiu Xing beyond the camera and smiled. “I will sing for everyone. First, let’s start with ‘Miracle’. I heard some of you are very sorry that this song isn’t included on the album.”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang when he heard the words. He changed his sitting posture uncomfortably and clicked on a compliment in the live broadcast room.

A keen fan understood Xie Yang’s line of sight and excitedly asked on the barrage if Qiu Xing was also there. Xie Yang laughed without answering. He just plucked on the strings and started singing.

‘Miracle’ was followed by ‘Reincarnation’, ‘Paper Cutting’ and then the new lyrical songs ‘Bridge of Rest’ and ‘Spring Paradise’.

The popularity of the live broadcast room was getting higher. Gift messages filled the screen and the barrage was filled with ‘crying while listening’ for a while and then ‘laughing while listening’. It was simply a large-scale scene of emotional changes.

In the 50th minute of the broadcast, Xie Yang finally sang one of the new album’s title songs, ‘The Ashes’. This song was too depressing and desperate, causing the live broadcast room to fall silent. Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang singing on the sofa, eyes down and expression focused.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Qiu Xing woke up from his thoughts. He took a look at Xie Yang singing intently and walked over to open the door. He saw that Dr Kirkman was standing outside and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Just doing my rounds. By the way, I heard beautiful singing. Is it Mr Yang?”

“Yes, he is making a live broadcast.”

“It seems I came at the wrong time.”

‘The Ashes’ had just finished so the audience heard the voices of Qiu Xing and Dr Kirkman. There were excited screams from the CP fans and everyone asked if the voice just now belonged to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang didn’t try to keep viewers in suspense and replied, “It is him… which one is his voice? The one that sounds better.”

The relationship fans became even more excited. Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing who came back after talking with Dr Kirkman and then the time. He told the viewers, “Today’s broadcast will end here. The arrangement of ‘Golden Age’ is too complicated to sing with only the guitar. If I have the chance then I will officially sing it for everyone. Goodbye.”

Qiu Xing changed his steps and walked directly to the sofa. He reached out his hand to rub Xie Yang’s hair and habitually lectured him. “You are willing to sing whatever the fans want you to sing. Why so obedient? You should sing a few less songs. You were just sick. What if your voice is gone? They are your fans. Who will dare to say anything? Don’t let them take advantage of you.”

Xie Yang looked at the screen of the live broadcast room that he didn’t have time to close. It had exploded and the barrage covered the screen. He paused before reaching out to turn it off. Then he took his phone off the stand and smiled at Qiu Xing.

It was impossible for the fans to not notice the rings he and Qiu Xing were wearing this time. He pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand, touched the ring and bowed his head to kiss it.

Qiu Xing froze.

Xie Yang finished kissing and let go of Qiu Xing’s hand. Then he put down his guitar, stood up and stretched. “I’m hungry again. I want to eat beef.”

Qiu Xing slowly curled up his fingers “…You only know how to eat.”


The next day, Xie Yang went for a full-body examination. The results of the examination were satisfactory. Xie Yang was very healthy and even the calcium deficiency detected during the last examination was gone.

Qiu Xing was relieved and let him go to meet the chief designer of D Brand.

On the way to the appointment, Xie Yang checked Weibo.

As he speculated, fans had noticed the rings on his and Qiu Xing’s fingers soon after the live broadcast ended yesterday. #Xie Yang Qiu Xing suspected of being engaged# was on the hot search that night and the discussion was amazing.

The few seconds when Qiu Xing appeared on the live broadcast was also intercepted by a marketing account. The marketing account specifically enlarged Qiu Xing’s hand with the ring and it was placed against the photo of Xie Yang wearing the ring. The words ‘couple ring’ were marked.

Now one day had passed and several more photos of him wearing the ring were dug up. His CP super topic was full of sugar and soon fans gave Qiu Xing the nickname of ‘vinegar’ due to his words yesterday.

“Don’t look.” Qin Cheng helplessly told him. “Quickly check that there is nothing wrong with your clothing. After all, you can’t be rude when going to see a designer.”

Xie Yang reluctantly suppressed his desire to look at fans spreading sugar. He quit Weibo and put down his mobile phone. Then he checked his appearance in the mirror held by Qin Cheng.

10 minutes later, Xie Yang arrived at the restaurant where the meeting would take place. Qin Cheng accompanied Xie Yang and asked the waiter to lead the way. After learning that Verden had already arrived, he hurriedly led Xie Yang to the box.

The waiter knocked on the door for Xie Yang and a voice from inside called for them to enter. Xie Yang controlled his expression and looked at the door opened by the waiter. Why did the voice just now sound so familiar?

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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