HTI: Chapter 126

After the third treatment, the symptoms of hair loss were even more serious. His hair was no longer falling out one by one but in clumps. On the way to see Mother Qiu again, Qiu Xing suddenly said, “Shave it off.”

Xie Yang was talking on WeChat with Qin Cheng, who was too excited about the rising sales of ‘Second Life’. He glanced sideways at Qiu Xing, saw Qiu Xing’s hair that was obviously thinner than before and suggested, “Shall I help?”

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang and reached out to touch his full hair with a nod. “Hmm.”

It was a summer night. After dinner, the heat dissipated a bit. Qiu Xing and Xie Yang moved Mother Qiu to the terrace and settled down. Xie Yang sat next to Mother Qiu while Qiu Xing sat on a small stool with his back to the two of them.

Xie Yang took out the electric shaver and asked Mother Qiu, “Mom, do you want to try?”

Mother Qiu touched Qiu Xing’s hair in a gentle manner and covered him with a smock. She shook her head. “No, you do it.”

Xie Yang nodded and raised a hand to hold Qiu Xing’s head. He was about to lower the shaver when the nurse abruptly came over with a mobile phone. “Mr Qiu, your nephew is here. Do you want to let him in?”

Qiu Xing’s calm expression changed and he obviously hesitated for a few seconds before replying, “Let him in.”

The nurse nodded and turned to leave. Xie Yang put down the shaver and approached Qiu Xing. “Are you afraid of shaving in front of your nephew?”

Qiu Xing was quick to deny it. “No.”

Xie Yang didn’t expose Qiu Xing and pinched his ear. “Don’t worry, even if your hair is shaved, you are still the most handsome uncle in the world.”

Qiu Xing glanced back at Xie Yang and squeezed his hand. A few minutes later, Feng Qinglin appeared at the entrance of the terrace. He was taken back when he saw Qiu Xing’s appearance. “Uncle, you are…”

Qiu Xing sullenly said nothing. Xie Yang waved to Feng Qinglin instead of Qiu Xing. “Come and sit down. Your uncle is going to shave his hair. Do you want to help?”

“Shaving his hair?”

Qiu Xing frowned. “Why are you standing there so stupidly? Go and sit next to your grandmother and talk to her.”

Feng Qinglin’s mind returned and he obediently went over to the other side of Mother Qiu. He glanced at the shaver Xie Yang was holding and questioned hesitantly, “Is this… preparing for treatment?”

A craniotomy required shaving the hair.

“The treatment isn’t that fast. Your uncle simply wants to change his look now.” Xie Yang turned on the shaver again and held it up to Qiu Xing’s head. Before he started it, he suddenly stopped again and looked at Feng Qinglin. “Do you want to try it?”

Qiu Xing was physically stiff.

Feng Qinglin shook his head. “No, my hands are clumsy. I can’t do this.”

Xie Yang no longer asked. He leaned forward to kiss Qiu Xing’s ear and took advantage of when Qiu Xing was stunned to use the shaver. Qiu Xing’s body was slightly tense before slowly relaxing.

The hair fell down onto the smock. Mother Qiu reached out to pick up all the hair she could, putting it away carefully. She told them, “If the old one doesn’t go then the new one won’t come. Ah Xing will live a long life.”

Qiu Xing lowered his head and allowed Xie Yang to act. Mother Qiu and Qiu Xing were calm while Xie Yang’s expression was relaxed. He even smiled while teasing Qiu Xing’s hair. It was obviously a very warm scene but Feng Qinglin was inexplicably sad.

He used to think that Qiu Xing was tough, domineering and omnipotent. Now Qiu Xing lowered his head and allowed Xie Yang to shave his hair. Feng Qinglin’s gaze swept over Qiu Xing. He had obviously lost a lot of weight and Feng Qinglin’s throat was blocked. A simple change of look was definitely a lie. He blinked and turned to help Mother Qiu collect the fallen hair.

After shaving, Xie Yang turned to Qiu Xing’s front and faced him. Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang before lowering his eyes, avoiding Xie Yang’s gaze.

“Very handsome.” Xie Yang leaned over to kiss Qiu Xing’s forehead and emphasized, “Really handsome.”

Qiu Xing looked up at Xie Yang again, the tension and discomfort between his eyes faded a bit. He reached out to straighten Xie Yang up and said, “Shave well and don’t move.”

Xie Yang smiled, straightened up and continued to move. In less than 10 minutes, all the hair on Qiu Xing’s head was gone.

Facts proved that good-looking people were still good-looking even after shaving their hair. Without the cover of his hair, Qiu Xing’s sharp facial features became more intense. There was a type of oppressive feeling if he looked at people with a frown.

“You are like the boss of an illegal organization.” Xie Yang touched Qiu Xing’s head and commented. “It is a bit prickly.”

Qiu Xing glared with no fierceness. Xie Yang smiled, went to wet the towel in clean water and wrung it dry. Then he returned to Qiu Xing. He carefully wiped at this person’s ears and face before taking off the smock.

Qiu Xing couldn’t quite adapt. He sat for a few seconds before standing up. Then he turned to face Mother Qiu and Feng Qinglin, asking with a sullen face. “How do you think… it looks?”

Xie Yang held onto Qiu Xing’s shoulders from behind, looking at Feng Qinglin and Mother Qiu with a smile. “Isn’t he very domineering and handsome?”

“Very handsome.” Feng Qinglin took the lead in answering. His expression was serious and his tone was decisive. “Especially handsome, like a model.”

Mother Qiu also nodded. “Ah Xing looks good.”

Qiu Xing’s clenched hands slowly loosened and he turned to look at Xie Yang. “Clean up here.”

Everyone packed up the smock, shaver, washbasin etc. Feng Qinglin also used a broom to sweep away the hair on the ground. Then the family sat down again and the nurse brought some snacks and fruit up.

Qiu Xing asked Feng Qinglin, “Did you eat dinner?”

“I’ve eaten.” Then Feng Qinglin suddenly changed the subject. “Elder Feng collapsed yesterday and is about to die.”

Mother Qiu finished tidying up the hair she collected and looked at Feng Qinglin when she heard the words. Her cloudy eyes became rarely energetic and she confirmed it again, “Feng Chun is on the verge of dying?”

Feng Qinglin nodded. “The doctor said he can last for half a month at most.”

Mother Qiu was in a trance for a few seconds before suddenly laughing. She patted the armrest of the chair and looked up at the sunset clouds covering the sky. She seemed to be seeing through the clouds to the stars hanging high in the sky.

“Half a month. I never thought… unexpectedly, I can actually last longer than the old ghost of the Feng family. Had it not been for him encouraging Feng Dian…”

She stopped talking. She just stared at the sky, her eyes becoming more chaotic while the happiness on her face became more obvious.


During the two days in the sanatorium, Xie Yang acted the same as last time. He saved a bit of power and every time he had a chance, he sent his ability into Mother Qiu in order to make her more comfortable.

Perhaps he had worked too hard during this period of time. On the day they returned to the city, Xie Yang suddenly found that his ability core was showing signs of upgrading. He was immediately alert and withdrew the ability covering the trees in the courtyard. He slowed down the speed of his ability and tried to delay upgrading this way.

Qiu Xing had just shaved his hair two days ago. He didn’t show it on his face but he must care about it in his heart. The ability upgrade would cause Xie Yang to get a fever and fall unconscious. He couldn’t stimulate Qiu Xing at this time. He had to find a way to vaccinate Qiu Xing before officially starting the upgrade.

The bathroom door opened and Qiu Xing came out after washing up. Xie Yang glanced over and his gaze uncontrollably fell on Qiu Xing’s head.

Qiu Xing, “……” He abruptly turned around and entered the cloakroom. Then he walked back with a delicate box and handed the box to Xie Yang.

“What is it?”

“The wig… help me put it on. It doesn’t look right.”

Xie Yang took the box and opened it. Sure enough, he saw a wig inside. He patted the spot next to him. “Come here.”

Qiu Xing sat down, hands on his knees as he slightly formed fists. Xie Yang took out the wig and got up on his knees. He was looking for the position of the wig and was about to put it on when Qiu Xing suddenly grabbed his arm. “Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang looked down at Qiu Xing.

“Is it ugly?”

Xie Yang saw the insecure look on Qiu Xing’s face and threw the wig away. He broke free from Qiu Xing’s hand and placed a supporting hand on Qiu Xing’s shoulder. “I will go and shave my hair.”

Qiu Xing finally met Xie Yang’s eyes as he frowned slightly. “No.”

“Do you think that I will be very ugly if I shave my hair?”

“Of course not.”

Xie Yang silently watched Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing was no longer so tense. He raised his hand and rubbed Xie Yang’s hair. “I… don’t want to wear a wig. It is meaningless.”

“Then don’t wear it. I also dislike the fact that you have someone else’s thing on your body. In my eyes, you look good no matter what.”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang before suddenly smiling. “Tomorrow, Rongding will have a regular shareholders meeting. Come with me?”

Xie Yang also smiled. “Okay.”

The expensive, tailor-made wig was placed back in the box and it was never remembered again.

The next day, Xie Yang changed to a more formal shirt and pants before heading to Rongding with Qiu Xing. The two of them went up an exclusive elevator and didn’t meet anyone else.

At 8:50, the regular shareholders meeting was about to begin. He Jun entered to remind Qiu Xing of the time. Qiu Xing glanced at his watch, stopped his one-on-one teaching of Xie Yang and got up. “Let’s go.”

Xie Yang followed him. This was the first time that Xie Yang had left Qiu Xing’s office. He didn’t leave Rongding by the elevator in the office and instead followed him to other areas of Rongding. Outside the chairman’s office was the large secretarial room. The two of them went outside and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The busy secretaries were all stunned when they saw Qiu Xing’s new look. Then they were dumbfounded after seeing Xie Yang next to him. One woman even let out a silent scream while covering her face.

Qiu Xing’s expression darkened. “What are you all doing?”

The secretaries regained their senses and pretended to be busy, but they couldn’t help secretly glancing at the two people.

Xie Yang approached Qiu Xing and lowered his voice. “I’ve discovered that there are more people looking at me. Not many people are caring about your new look.”

Qiu Xing’s expression sank and he held Xie Yang’s hand as he spoke coldly, “Attracting the bees and butterflies.”

“Eating vinegar.”

Qiu Xing stared at him before leading him away from the secretaries’ room.

Everything was the most difficult at the beginning. After eating vinegar, Qiu Xing suddenly became calm. He led Xie Yang all the way to the large conference room while ignoring the various gazes of the employees passing by. He only let go of Xie Yang’s hand right before entering the conference room.

The shareholders had arrived. Qiu Xing walked to the front and sat down. Then he gestured to Xie Yang to sit in the position of Vice-chairman that had been vacant since Qiu Jingbang fell ill.

Xie Yang went over and sat down.

The meeting room was obviously full of people but it was so silent that it was like no one was there. Everyone watched Xie Yang with different expressions but they definitely didn’t welcome him.

Qiu Xing tapped lightly on the desk. “From today on, Vice-chairman Xie will follow me to learn. I will tell you all clearly. From the beginning of next year, I will officially receive treatment. During my treatment, Rongding will be managed by Xie Yang.”

One stone stirred a thousand waves. Everyone watched Qiu Xing and became agitated.

Qiu Xing abruptly looked at a shareholder who was ready to speak and raised his voice. “Although Xie Yang established Yang Xing and expanded Yang Xing to its current scale in less than a year, he is still young. His management experience definitely isn’t as good as everyone here. Therefore, I will choose two people among you to assist him. As for who I will choose… everyone can vote to decide.”

The commotion stopped immediately. All the shareholders who were planning to oppose Xie Yang died down and they instead watched each other. Xie Yang smiled at the sight. Qiu Xing’s move was really poisonous and he quickly divided these people. He took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: No one is paying attention to your new look at all. The white head is so handsome.

Qiu Xing suddenly frowned and lowered his head to take out his phone from his pocket. Two seconds later, he stopped frowning, glanced at Xie Yang and typed quickly.

Qiu Xing: Have a good meeting!


The regular meeting didn’t last long. Before Xie Yang got a chance to see any carnage, the content of the meeting was handled by Qiu Xing. After the meeting, Xie Yang followed Qiu Xing back to the office, watching him the entire way with a smile on his face.

Qiu Xing held back until they returned to the office. Then he pushed Xie Yang against the door and asked, “What are you smiling at?”

“I’m smiling at how I found such a handsome boyfriend. Ah Xing, you are really handsome when you’re working.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed. He let go of Xie Yang, coughed uncomfortably and corrected it. “What boyfriend? I am your fiance.”

Speaking of fiance, Xie Yang remembered that the ring on his finger was completely unnoticed. During this period of time, the public’s attention had been attracted by Bei Cheng’s news and the new album release. In the variety show, the small detail of the ring he wore wasn’t noticed apart from a few fans who routinely praised it. It didn’t cause any splashes. Previously, Qin Cheng was worried that him wearing the ring would create a discussion but it didn’t happen at all.

“What are you thinking about?”

Xie Yang’s mind returned. He saw Qiu Xing’s disgruntled but hard to hide his good mood expression and thought for a moment. “I think I’m going to be sick again. I need to sleep for several days.”

Qiu Xing frowned. “What?”

“It should be the same high fever as the last two times.” Xie Yang slowly released the suppression on his ability core and smiled at Qiu Xing as he suggested, “Should we go to the hospital now?”

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