HTI: Chapter 124

An hour later, Feng Qinglin rushed to Century Club under Xie Yang’s call.

Xie Yang was eating fruit with Qiu Xing. Once Feng Qinglin came inside, he pointed a finger at Bei Cheng who was sitting to the side. “I will give you something on your stepmother Tao Yi. Use it as you please and don’t let him be beaten to death by loan sharks.”

Bei Cheng immediately looked up. “You didn’t say that just now.”

“The premise of you coming ashore is that you won’t gamble in the future. Now I am introducing you to a job that redeems your sins and allows you to make money to repay the loan sharks. Are you still not satisfied? Then He Jun, call Bei Cheng’s creditors and have them pick him up—”

“No no no! I am satisfied, very satisfied!” Bei Cheng made a charming smile. “H… Hello future boss. I will do my best for you until death!”

Feng Qinglin, “……”

He looked at Xie Yang and Qiu Xing and asked, “What’s going on?”

Qiu Xing frowned. “Where is your politeness? Not using honorifics when meeting your elders?”

Feng Qinglin, “…Uncle.”

Qiu Xing looked a bit better. Then he took Xie Yang’s hand and continued to look at Feng Qinglin. Feng Qinglin understood. He glanced at Xie Yang and his mouth opened silently. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow.

“…Mr Xie.”

It was as if the scene from the Spring Festival was reproduced. Qiu Xing’s face was angry. “This is the second time. There won’t be a third time. Think about it again.”

Feng Qinglin watched Xie Yang and hesitated. After struggling for a while, he finally opened his mouth. “Au… um, au…”

Everyone watched Feng Qinglin and even Bei Cheng couldn’t help looking up. Just as Feng Qinglin was about to suffocate, Xie Yang finally saw enough of the liveliness. “Just call me uncle.”

Feng Qinglin sighed with relief. The title of uncle wasn’t much better than aunt but at least the sense of violation wasn’t so heavy. It wasn’t difficult to say. He immediately called out, “Uncle.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Hello nephew.”

Feng Qinglin, “……”

Qiu Xing was grudgingly satisfied. “Why dilly dally so much?”

Feng Qinglin was obediently lectured.

Qiu Xing frowned again. “What are you doing standing there so stupidly? Have you had lunch? I don’t know what you’re busy with all day. Your small company—”

“Ah Xing.”

Qiu Xing shut up and looked at Xie Yang, his tone much better. “What is it?”

Feng Qinglin was choked up by the name Xie Yang called out and he also looked at Xie Yang like he was seeing a warrior.

Xie Yang had Wu Shui go order a few dishes. He Jun took Bei Cheng to another place and Xie Yang gestured for Feng Qinglin to sit down. Then he told Qiu Xing, “Don’t be an annoying elder. Children need encouragement.”

The child Feng Qinglin, “……”

It didn’t take long for the waiter to serve the dishes. Feng Qinglin hadn’t eaten lunch so he wasn’t polite. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating. Qiu Xing looked at the time while watching his nephew’s eating speed and frowned.

“Are you distressed?” Xie Yang wondered.

Feng Qinglin heard this and glanced at Qiu Xing while eating meat. Qiu Xing controlled his expression and said coldly, “What do I feel distressed about? This person is fighting for business. So what if you eat late? You have to work harder now so you won’t be so irritable in the future.”

Xie Yang smiled “Did I say what distressed you?”

Qiu Xing froze. Then he realized he had revealed what he intended to hide and he couldn’t control his face. He changed his sitting position and abruptly glared at Feng Qinglin. “What are you looking at? Eat slowly! No one will steal your food.” Then he grabbed Xie Yang’s hand and squeezed it like it was punishment.

Xie Yang smiled, poured a glass of juice for Feng Qinglin and pushed it over. “Eat well.”

Feng Qinglin glanced at Qiu Xing and then the juice that Xie Yang pushed over. His always furrowed brow slowly relaxed. He thanked Xie Yang and withdrew his gaze to continue eating. This time, he slowed down a bit.

After the meal, the three of them chatted and exchanged information. Xie Yang learned that Feng Qinglin’s current business was actually very open. The investment tentacles had even stretched abroad and he had attracted a group of the Feng family’s investors.

Xie Yang was very pleased. Without the influence of Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger, Feng Qinglin finally started to slowly take advantage of being a reborn male protagonist. He accumulated money quickly and fiercely while not letting the Feng family find out anything.

Qiu Xing gave some rare praise to Feng Qinglin. “Yes, you finally have a bit of progress.”

Feng Qinglin glanced at Qiu Xing’s expression and tentatively replied, “No, there are still many places where I have to learn from Uncle.”

Qiu Xing paused and his mouth curved up slightly. He hurriedly suppressed it and put on a steady and calm posture. “It is actually very risky doing business like this. Remember to do a good job with the flow of capital… If you have any difficulties, just say it. I’ll slightly care about you for the sake of your grandmother.”

Feng Qinglin suddenly smiled and nodded. “Yes, thank you Uncle.”

Qiu Xing was stunned by Feng Qinglin’s smile and his expression relaxed a lot. He pretended to be disgusted. “Why so polite?”

Then the three of them talked about the situation of the Feng family. Feng Qinglin said, “Feng Qingbai hasn’t risen up since he was dismissed from the branch office. Now the Feng family is fighting fiercely and several grandchildren are trying to show their faces in front of Elder Feng. Their parents are also exerting their own power. Feng Dian also wants to fight but his ability isn’t good. His other son beside me is too young so he is trying to stir up the water to gain more for himself. Tao Yi wants Feng Dian to fight so they are often arguing lately.”

Qiu Xing sneered. “Dogs biting at dogs.”

Xie Yang’s attention was on Feng Qinglin’s use of non-family honorifics for the Feng family and asked, “Do you want to fight?”

“I don’t want to.” Feng Qinglin looked cold and a bit cruel. “It is good if the Feng family is crushed. Then I can move my mother’s grave out of the Feng’s ancestral graves. She shouldn’t stay there.”

Qiu Xing watched Feng Qinglin.

Feng Qinglin also looked back at Qiu Xing with a solemn expression. “…Uncle, I’m sorry. I have found out everything about the past. I’m really sorry for misunderstanding you previously.”

Qiu Xing relaxed the hand that had become tight after hearing that Feng Qinglin would move the grave. A long time passed before he said, “In the future… be more obedient.”

Feng Qinglin nodded heavily.

Xie Yang held Qiu Xing’s hand on his knee and Qiu Xing immediately held him back, their fingers interlocking.

Before leaving the Century Club, Feng Qinglin took advantage of Qiu Xing answering the phone to find Xie Yang alone. “How is Uncle’s health? You don’t need to go into details if you have scruples. Just… can you reveal a bit?”

“There is no need to be so careful. Your uncle is being treated and has good results. There is hope of recovery.” Then Xie Yang added, “Go to see your grandmother as much as possible. She is running out of time.”

Feng Qinglin nodded with a sad expression.


At midnight of August 1st, Xie Yang’s new album ‘Second Life’ was simultaneously launched across multiple platforms on the Internet. At the same time, Qiu Xing’s personal Weibo and the official Weibo of all the Rongding brands released a new lucky draw information indicating that anyone who bought the album would have a chance to win huge prizes.

Weibo seemed to freeze because of this new round of lucky draws and the release of ‘Second Life’. Countless Xie fans and professional music critics waited for midnight and bought the album as soon as it was put up for sale.

Xie Yang was awakened by a sound. He opened his eyes in a daze and saw that Qiu Xing, who always liked to sleep against him, actually had his back to him this time and there was a white light in front of him.

He slowly woke up. He stared at Qiu Xing’s back for a few seconds before suddenly getting up and throwing himself on Qiu Xing, holding down Qiu Xing’s hand. Qiu Xing couldn’t react in time and was caught. He turned his head and met Xie Yang’s eyes.



Xie Yang inquired, “Staying up late?”

“……” Qiu Xing tried to hide his phone. “I just woke up and took a look at the time with my phone.”

“Really?” Xie Yang pressed harder against Qiu Xing’s hand. “I thought you were too excited to fall asleep because my new album is going to be released, so you got up in the middle of the night to watch the fan feedback.”

Qiu Xing froze before sneering. “Would I do so many things? I have heard your new album. How can the feedback from the fans be bad?”

“So you want to see how people praise me?”

“…Go to sleep.” Qiu Xing abruptly turned sideways and pressed Xie Yang back down on the bed. He pulled the quilt over Xie Yang and covered his eyes. “Sleep, don’t you still have work tomorrow?”

Xie Yang laughed.

Qiu Xing became angry due to his embarrassment. One hand was already covering Xie Yang’s eyes and the other had to prop up his body. Thus, he simply leaned in and kissed Xie Yang.

Xie Yang didn’t laugh any longer. He raised his hand and grabbed a handful of Qiu Xing’s hair. After Qiu Xing retreated, he pulled down his hand and showed Qiu Xing the hair that was still tangled between his fingers. He asked, “Aren’t you becoming bald too slowly?”

“……” Qiu Xing’s expression changed and he leaned closer to Xie Yang.

After such a fight, neither of them were sleepy. Xie Yang stopped teasing Qiu Xing and took the initiative to sit up and turn on the lights. He took out his tablet from the bedside table and watched the release of the album with Qiu Xing.

“It doesn’t seem bad?”

Qiu Xing snorted. “Of course it is good.”

Xie Yang was amused. He picked a more lyrical song from the new album and clicked to play it. Then he looked through the album sales and fan evaluations on the major music platforms with Qiu Xing. It took time to listen to all the songs and the feedback from the public didn’t come quickly. The two of them were idle after looking at the album sales.

Qiu Xing suddenly reached out and clicked on one of the album’s title songs, ‘The Ashes’. He asked, “How did you think of writing such a song?”

Second Life, two lives. Xie Yang’s new album was produced according to this theme. There were 10 songs in total. Four were written from his past life, four in this life and the remaining two were a combination of both themes. ‘The Ashes’ was the main track representing his previous life and the tone was very gloomy.

Xie Yang glanced at the tablet screen. ‘The Ashes’ started to play. A prelude to depression and sorrow came out and all of a sudden, the originally warm and relaxed atmosphere of the room was wiped out. He smiled and pointed to ‘The Ashes’. “Before I met you.”

Then he cut off this song and selected the title track ‘Golden Age’ that represented this life. He played it and watched Qiu Xing. “After I met you.”

The lively and gorgeous violin prelude with a strong sense of rhythm was heard. It quickly restored the warm atmosphere and then raised it higher. Qiu Xing and Xie Yang watched each other. Then Qiu Xing reached out to turn off the tablet and pressed Xie Yang back onto the bed.


At 8 a.m. on August 1st when most people were starting the new day, the official Weibo of ‘All Walks of Life’ took advantage of the popularity of Xie Yang’s new album to release the preview video of the new episode.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

No, no.
Feng Qinglin, you should call Xie Yang Aunty!

2 years ago

I got the feeling FQinglin is like QX and XY own child that they rised together.

3 months ago
Reply to  XAALM

for real!! when in fact, qinglin is 4 years older than xie yang

crazy fujoshi
crazy fujoshi
2 years ago

feng qinglin should call them mom and dad:)

1 year ago

Excuse me XY??? My heart just fluttered (again). I’m only rereading now, but I completely forgot that XY said those lines to QX. Indeed, XY drives everyone crazy with just his words.