HTI: Chapter 122

Later, the police announced the results of the investigation and punishment for the ‘bottle throwing’ incident. The person who threw the bottle and the person who placed the order were both administratively detained and fined.

Qin Cheng immediately asked the PR team to follow up and make the investigation results a hot topic. Then they announced the identity of the bottle thrower and the chat content with the person who placed the order.

The moment his identity was revealed, fans of other celebrities soon discovered that the arrested person also attacked their idol and public opinion expanded. Fans were enthusiastic as they swore at this professional black fan.

The hammer was too solid. The speculation that the ‘bottle throwing’ incident was Xie Yang’s self-hype had weakened but there were still people who were stubborn and jumped even more happily. They said that the person who placed the order might’ve been instructed by Xie Yang’s team.

The Xie fans were so angry that they couldn’t help fighting with these stubborn people. However, they couldn’t show evidence that the order wasn’t instigated by Xie Yang’s team. Many people were crying with anger at the sunspots’ unreasonable suspicion.

At this time, Qiu Xing sent a Weibo post.

[Qiu Xing: With me by his side, does he need to use his own safety for hype?]

A few seconds after Qiu Xing’s Weibo post, some people noticed that the opening Weibo page had changed. It shifted from the previous skincare advertisement to the poster of Xie Yang’s new album. The topic of #Xie Yang’s new album lucky draw# rose. If they clicked on the topic, they would see a series of Rongding brands had released a draw content to promote Xie Yang’s album, indicating that as long as they forwarded and promoted the album, they would have the opportunity to win generous prizes.

Rongding was a large group with numerous subsidiaries and brands. The scale of this lucky draw was simply unprecedented.

Countless people sent out the same word: Fu*k!

The promotion was much more than that. Soon, some netizens uploaded photos of Rongding’s headquarters as well as the exterior walls of the various branch buildings and subsidiary buildings. They saw the photos and all these buildings had a huge poster of Xie Yang’s album with no exception.

In less than an hour, Xie Yang’s new poster went on Weibo’s hot search. Then one after another, some netizens discovered that their music streaming software started to push the news of Xie Yang’s new album.

The netizens eating melons were dumbfounded. All those who said the incident was done by Xie Yang shut up. Under Qiu Xing’s generous promotion, the topic of Xie Yang trying to forcefully raise his hype was like suspecting that a billionaire chose to step on a pile of shit in order to make 100 yuan. It was too ridiculous.

The topic #You can really do what you want with money# quietly climbed up the hot search. The melon eating netizens who clicked into the topic were shocked while the Xie fans were excited.

Setting Sail: Too much! Is it necessary for Yang Yang to carry out such low hype? Why do things that can hurt your body for hype when you can throw money? Yang Yang isn’t stupid. Chairman Qiu is so domineering! I am a firm CP fan! Wishing them 99!

Crying in the Sewer: I used to have no idea about Yang Yang finding a rich person but now… Father Qiu, please let me win the prize! I have spent money for Yang Yang! I fought the sunspots for Yang Yang! Let me win! #You can really do what you want with money#

Small Bird: I just want to ask, is it too late to be Xie Yang’s fan? Can I increase my chances of winning? I’m not greedy. Just let me win the two person luxury cruise. #You can really do what you want with money#

A Lucky Day: #You can really do what you want with money# Is this the world of the rich? Letting out  a sour sigh!


Xie Yang learned what Qiu Xing had done after he took a shower and received a call from Qin Cheng. He hung up and clicked into Weibo. The software opened and the new album poster immediately jumped out. It disappeared after a few seconds and the Weibo homepage appeared.

It really appeared.

Xie Yang took a few seconds to digest it before clicking on the popular Weibo list. Qiu Xing’s Weibo and Rongding’s official blogs that issued the lucky draws lined up in a spectacular and neat manner.


He was about to look at the comments on Qiu Xing’s Weibo when he saw a notification from a ‘special attention’ person. He reflexively clicked on it. Qiu Xing had updated a new post 10 seconds ago.

[Qiu Xing: Does he need it?]

The comments area under this post had been dominated by netizens and fans with super fast hand speeds.

Setting Sail: No, Yang Yang doesn’t need it! Chairman Qiu is always mighty! Let me win a prize!

Sportsman: No, I wish you 99. Please let me win!

Xie Yang, “……”

He couldn’t help imagining Qiu Xing’s angry and mocking look when he posted this. He let out a low laugh, put away his phone and walked out of the bedroom. He approached the study, knocked on the door and pushed it open without waiting for Qiu Xing to respond. He looked at Qiu Xing behind the desk and asked, “You’re using your office to look at Weibo and fight against sunspots?”

Qiu Xing made a face as he frantically reported the words of the sunspots. Seeing Xie Yang coming in, he closed the laptop, flipped through the documents in front of him and replied, “What fight? There is no need.”

“Who just posted on Weibo?”

Qiu Xing looked at the file intently and spoke lightly, “I just casually typed a few words. He Jun arranged the rest.”

“Really?” Xie Yang walked to the desk and scanned Qiu Xing’s expression. He walked around, pulled at Qiu Xing’s hand that was holding the document and sat directly on Qiu Xing’s lap. He held the mouse, clicked on the browser and restored the webpage.

Qiu Xing was stiff. He felt the weight on his body and smelled the fragrance of Xie Yang’s shower gel. He looked at the back of Xie Yang’s head and his Adam’s apple moved as he slowly placed his hand on Xie Yang’s waist.

The page was successfully restored. Xie Yang glanced at it and then looked back at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing’s senses returned and found that his action of opening a side account to report the sunspots had been exposed. His expression tensed.

Xie Yang hadn’t expected Qiu Xing to do such a naive thing. He smiled and asked, “No need?”


Qiu Xing turned embarrassment into anger. He reached out to close the webpage and spoke with a calm face, “They shouldn’t scold you. Look at the disgusting things they said. Do they have no conscience, attacking a young man that is unrelated to them?”

“Many of these people are just deliberately singing the opposite tune to the public to attract attention. It isn’t worthwhile being angry about this.”

Qiu Xing’s face was dark and he was silent. He was obviously still angry.

Xie Yang listened to Qiu Xing’s suppressed breathing and felt distressed when he saw his unhappy appearance. He really didn’t care about public opinions on the Internet but Qiu Xing cared so much he was upset by it.

He was dragging down Qiu Xing.

Perhaps it was time to reduce his exposure. Qiu Xing needed peace for treatment. Always being so angry was bad for his body.

He pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand, stood up and then sat back down again facing him. The two of them had never been so close together when not doing anything. The anger on Qiu Xing’s face dispersed and his slightly stiff body held onto Xie Yang’s waist. He attempted to stabilize his mood as he asked Xie Yang, “What is it?”

“It’s time for you to apply my medicine for me.”

“What medicine?” Qiu Xing frowned for a second. “Where did you get hurt?”

Xie Yang whispered something in his ear.

Qiu Xing’s breathing suffocated. He stared straight at Xie Yang before abruptly pinching Xie Yang’s waist. He hugged Xie Yang and stood up.

“Don’t think this distraction is effective… there is no next time!”


Qiu Xing’s anger had dissipated but he had no intention of stopping his promotion of the new album. From this day on, it wasn’t just Rongding’s various company buildings. All the hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. under Rongding put up special posters of Xie Yang’s new album.

The effect of such publicity was obvious. The number of fans on Xie Yang’s Weibo skyrocketed and the number of people on major music platforms expressing expectations for Xie Yang’s new album release also rapidly increased.

Numerous media talked about this ‘publicity of love’ due to the enthusiasm and further expanded the effect of the publicity.

Xie Yang’s popularity skyrocketed and new jobs flew towards Xie Yang. Qin Cheng was very excited but when talking about work arrangements, Xie Yang said he would reject most of the work and enter a half-hiatus state. Apart from magazine covers that could be completed quickly, he wouldn’t accept variety shows or reality shows that would cause discussion and controversy. He wouldn’t attend most activities.

Qin Cheng was shocked. “Are you worried about another incident?”

“No, I want to give Qiu Xing a peaceful environment to recover in. He is too nervous because of me and is easily affected by the Internet comments. I can’t control my black fans and opponents but I can control myself. If you feel bored during my half-hiatus then you can find a new person to look after. Don’t worry about the salary. I will double it for you.”

Qin Cheng understood. It might be a pity but thinking about it carefully, this also seemed good. He said, “No, I will only look after you. You can concentrate on being with Mr Qiu. Last time, I made a mistake with picking up the work and I will be more cautious later. ‘I See Xuanyuan’ is enough to keep you hot for more than half a year. Your half-hiatus won’t affect your career development. In the meantime, I will help you plan.”

Xie Yang felt a bit sorry. “Thanks for your hard work.”

Qin Cheng said it was fine.

They talked about work arrangements for a bit before Qin Cheng said, “You asked me to check Bei Cheng and I’ve found something. He looks bright on the surface but in private, he is actually a big gambler. ‘All Walks of Life’ is planning to replace him because they are afraid his gambling will be exposed and affect the image of the show.”

Gamblers, they were one of the best people to buy and use.

Xie Yang said he understood and then requested, “Go and help me contact Bei Cheng. I want to talk to him about business.”

“Business? What are you going to talk to him about? Be careful that he doesn’t pit you again.”

“Don’t worry, it will be fine. Just help me get in touch. Did you find anything else?”

Qin Cheng didn’t understand Xie Yang’s thoughts so he stopped trying to persuade this person. “I also inquired about why the ‘Crazy Musician’ crew participated in ‘All Walks of Life’. It is because a certain movie investor specifically arranged it. However, I can’t figure out who the investor is. You can try asking Shen Yan.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
9 months ago

I really love that while XY is touched by QX’s indignation on his behalf, he’s also upset at seeing QX upset so he does stuff on his end to eventually resolve it, too 🥺