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HTI: Chapter 121

It couldn’t be called a bad job. The crew of ‘Crazy Musician’ had previously taken care of him and they invited him to help. It would be inappropriate for him not to come. However, Xie Yang smartly didn’t explain it because he was afraid Qiu Xing would become even angrier.

He raised a hand to his face. “It stings a bit.”

Qiu Xing immediately forgot to be angry when he heard these words. He leaned closer to Xie Yang’s face and raised a hand to touch, but didn’t dare. He frowned and pursed his lips, feeling irritable and distressed.

Xie Yang pointed to the small refrigerator in the car. “There are wet tissues and ice water prepared by Qin Cheng in advance. Take out the wet tissues and wipe my face.”

Qiu Xing did it quickly, not letting him take out the wet tissues. He took it apart by himself, placed it on Xie Yang’s face and wiped softly.

“Don’t take this type of work in the future. Isn’t it good to sing comfortably?”

“In fact, I think this program is quite meaningful. There are all walks of life and there are always people who work harder. I only worked for a few hours today. There are people who really do this work all day long. If they encounter a bad company then they might not even get the high temperature subsidy. It is very hard.”

Qiu Xing threw away the used tissue and opened a new one. “I don’t care about other people’s hard work. You are my person. I only care if you work hard or not. Don’t take anymore work like this in the future.”

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing was focused on Xie Yang’s face. His expression was ugly but the movements of his hands were extremely gentle. He was too focused so he didn’t notice that Xie Yang was watching him. Looking closer, he found that Qiu Xing’s eyelashes were really long.

Xie Yang smiled and asked, “I’m sweaty. Don’t you think that I stink?”

Qiu Xing raised his eyes to look at Xie Yang. He saw Xie Yang smiling and became even more irritable. “Stinky person, you really make me worry all day.”

“So you have to go better soon. If you aren’t here, I will go and die from the stink. Then I will let He Jun bury me with you and make your coffin stink.”

“Nonsense!” Qiu Xing rubbed Xie Yang’s head. “Stop talking and drink water. Your lips are dry.”


They arrived at the hospital and Qiu Xing asked Dr Kirkman to call a dermatologist. The doctor came over and examined Xie Yang’s tanned face and arms. The dermatologist said that Xie Yang had a sunburn and prescribed ointment for him.

Qiu Xing’s face darkened again. He opened a ward to let Xie Yang take a simple shower. Then he personally helped Xie Yang apply ointment to all the places that got a sunburn today.

He was uneasy. “What if it peels off?”

Xie Yang soothed him. “It won’t peel off. I promise that it will be fine tomorrow.” His ability would automatically repair the damage to his body so the sunburn would be healed after a night’s sleep.

Qiu Xing still had a dark face. He applied ointment and helped Xie Yang take off his clothes while saying, “I will definitely catch the person who threw the water bottle.”

Xie Yang sat up and watched Qiu Xing.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a black fan or has been deliberately arranged by someone. Right now I can still protect you.” Qiu Xing reached out and touched Xie Yang’s face, gently rubbing it. “We have to find that person responsible before I start my treatment, because afterwards I won’t be able to manage my affairs for a time. If someone acts against you at that time, how will you protect yourself?”

Xie Yang didn’t try to comfort or stop Qiu Xing. He just said, “I also want to investigate the MC Bei Cheng from ‘All Walks of Life’. He is a bit strange. Previously, I was a little bit afraid of heights. The crew knew this and took the initiative to help me avoid getting the job of cleaning the exterior walls of a high building. However, during the recording, Bei Cheng took the wrong cards and I ended up choosing this one.”

Qiu Xing hadn’t known there was such a thing. He became even angrier after hearing this and helped smooth Xie Yang’s hair that wasn’t combed after washing. “Okay, I’ll check it for you.”

On the way home, Xie Yang checked Weibo and found that the Internet was full of news that he had something thrown at him. He didn’t know where they dug it up from but the angry Xie fans found a surveillance video screenshot that captured the image of the assailant and made this image popular.

Xie Yang examined the perpetrator circled in the centre of the screenshot. The assailant was tall and thin, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a hat and a mask. He also had a black backpack on his back. He had come prepared.

Xie Yang closed the photo and looked at the images taken by other fans.

The interesting thing was that public opinion on the Internet was condemning the dangerous behaviours of black fans when a Xie fan expressing envy for Qin Cheng emerged. Then the Weibo post climbed into the top three.

Yang Yang Bo Bo: Ahhhh! Let me make a statement first! Black fans must die! Then sisters! Please enjoy this video and watch Yang Yang pull Qin Cheng behind his back to protect him from the water bottle. Watch the muscles of Yang Yang’s arm when he gathers his strength and look at his serious expression! Great! Ahhh, I really envy Agent Qin. I also want to be protected like this.

It was accompanied by a 10 second video. The video was taken from the front and was a bit fuzzy. It should be zoomed in. The action of Xie Yang pulling Qin Cheng away from the water bottle was replayed in slow motion and paired with a strange BGM.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow, clicked into the comment area and found that the style of the comment area was stranger than the video.

Hot comment 1: I tasted it, I tasted enough! He came to appease us and actively gave us autographs! The real person looks better than the photos and videos! Good-looking!

Hot comment 2: I’ll come too! Look at the person taking off his sun protection clothes and picking up the bottle. I’m telling you, if I hadn’t climbed high enough then you wouldn’t have seen this photo. This act of undressing…

Hot comment 3: I was visiting the Botanical Garden today and came across Yang Yang filming the show. He hung up on the wall for several hours (can’t help but swear) but Yang Yang is so handsome. Everyone, come to appreciate his landing action. I can do it!

“Are you very happy to see them taking advantage of you like this? You still took off your clothes in public, eh?”


Xie Yang turned his head and found that Qiu Xing who was previously on the phone with He Jun had gotten close to him and was looking down at his phone screen. He said, “It’s wrong to peek at the phone screen.”

“Do you think I would’ve peeked if it wasn’t for the fact that I called you three times and you didn’t respond?”


“Are they more attractive to you than I am?”

Xie Yang decisively put down his phone and got close to Qiu Xing. He held Qiu Xing’s face and leaned over. Qiu Xing let out an angry scoff but didn’t refuse Xie Yang’s kiss. Instead he hugged Xie Yang tightly and seized the initiative.


This incident might’ve shocked Xie Yang and those around him but it didn’t bring about bad things. Thanks to this incident, the promotion of Xie Yang’s new album had achieved the effect of maximizing publicity the moment it started. Many passersby who were attracted by this incident found out about Xie Yang’s new album.

However, it was as the old saying went: with the good comes the bad.

Xie Yang had no work the next day and rested at home according to Qiu Xing’s orders. He waited a while to get up from bed but the moment he turned on his phone, he received a call from Qin Cheng.

“The direction of the wind has changed again. Some people are saying that this incident was self-directed by you in order to hype up your new album. Yesterday, the reason you were able to quickly pull me away was because you knew the water bottle would hit there.”

Xie Yang opened the curtains to let the sunshine in and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“How do you know there is something else?”

“A guess.”

Qin Cheng’s tone was a bit bad. “There are indeed other things. Yesterday’s program recording was all done outdoors. Many passersby and fans took photos and videos and Shen Yan’s visit to the doctor halfway through was captured. An anonymous account broke the news that despite Shen Yan recovering from a serious illness, you deliberately pressured the program and asked for the job of cleaning exterior walls because you wanted to give yourself the image of enduring hardship and overcoming your fear of heights. This led to Shen Yan going to hospital.”

Xie Yang turned and walked towards the bathroom. “They’re trying very hard.”

Qin Cheng blamed himself. “I shouldn’t have taken this job for you. I thought it would be a good choice, since the crew was asking for your help and the show ‘All Walks of Life’ has a good reputation. Participating can consolidate contacts and promote your new album. Yet it turned out to be like this.”

“I don’t blame you. Someone wants to pit me. You might be able to guard against this one but you can’t guard against the next. Both incidents can be easily resolved and help with our public relations. First, catch the one who threw the bottle. The second thing will naturally be cleared when the show is broadcasted. It was the other representative who took the card when drawing lots. I wasn’t active and didn’t have the possibility of cheating.”

“I’m already doing PR but if we can’t catch the person—”

“We will absolutely catch him, just wait. Qiu Xing has taken over the matter and he holds more of a grudge than me.”


In the afternoon, Xie Yang received a call from the police station that the one who threw the bottle had surrendered to the police station.

The person who surrendered claimed that he wasn’t a fan of Xie Yang. He just took an order from others online and collected money to prank Xie Yang. He said he hadn’t expected things to become so big and thought it was just a prank.

Through the investigation, the police determined that the person who surrendered was indeed the one who threw the bottle yesterday. They went to his house and found the materials used to make the stinky water and other ‘prank’ tools.

Various signs indicated that the person who surrendered was actually one who earned money by making ‘pranks’ on artists.

Later, the police carefully analyzed the chat records of the surrendered person and the person who placed the order was also caught. The client was a young white-collar worker with a decent career. She confessed to the ‘prank’ order but didn’t say her reason for doing it.

Still, just because she didn’t say it didn’t mean that Qiu Xing couldn’t find it.

In the afternoon, Qiu Xing got off work on time. He entered through the door and first carefully checked Xie Yang’s face and arms. He saw that Xie Yang had fully recovered and his expression looked better. Then he said, “The person who placed the order works at a company created by Feng Dian.”

Xie Yang was surprised. “Feng Dian?”


Xie Yang observed Qiu Xing’s expression and pinched him. “Are you angry?”

Qiu Xing grabbed Xie Yang’s hand and then reached out to hug him. “Sorry, you should’ve caught Feng Dian’s eyes when you helped me out last time at the birthday party.”

It wasn’t anger, it was self-blame.

Xie Yang hugged Qiu Xing and patted his back. “It doesn’t have to be Feng Dian. That woman is just working in Feng Dian’s company.”

Qiu Xing paused.

“In case someone wants to direct your anger towards Feng Dian and speed up your retaliation against him… have you found anything about Bei Cheng?”

Qiu Xing slowly calmed down. He let go of Xie Yang and touched his head. “I’m still investigating but there are some clues. There is the shadow of the Fenghua Group behind ‘All Walks of Life’.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “What a coincidence. All the clues pointed directly at the Feng family. Is Feng Dian so stupid that he did bad things while leaving behind such obvious clues for you to check?”

Qiu Xing wasn’t stupid. He had previously lost his composure because these matters were related to Xie Yang. He frowned and thought for a while before suddenly sneering, “Taking me as a knife and using you as bait… very good.”

TL: For the many comments about the variety show yesterday and how such a task was ridiculous, I guess I wasn’t that surprised due to my knowledge of Chinese and Korean variety shows. I mean, you literally had a famous star Godfrey Gao die on set while filming a variety show. Apparently at that point, he had been filming for 17 hours already and most of the tasks were physically strenuous. There have also been multiple occasions where people have gone to the hospital or were injured due to tasks they had to do on variety shows. Variety shows aren’t necessarily known for having the safest conditions (although I hope that’s changing), especially for variety shows like this that isn’t as focused on humor where you experience another profession or try out sporting events etcs.

This variety show wasn’t supposed to be as bad as it became due to Bei Cheng. For example, Xie Yang and Shen Yan were both arranged to get an easier task that probably wouldn’t have been as hard on them, if it wasn’t for Bei Cheng. Also, task was supposed to be shared by two people and Bei Cheng could’ve helped. So let’s just say that all the factors were worsened due to Bei Cheng

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten


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