HTI: Chapter 120

Once the program started recording, the camera would be on throughout the whole process.

Before everyone got on the bus, Qin Cheng looked for an opportunity to get close to Xie Yang. He motioned for Xie Yang to turn off the microphone on his collar and spoke in a low voice. “Is it really okay? I asked the director and he said he took the wrong card. He took the sub card but there was no mark. Now we can only accept it. Bei Cheng will take care of you more.”

Bei Cheng.

Xie Yang glanced at Bei Cheng in the distance and replied, “It’s fine. You can help me watch the Internet. If someone publishes the news that I was hit by a water bottle, you should try to suppress it. In addition, contact He Jun to stop some news. Don’t let Qiu Xing know what happened to me lest he gets worried for nothing.”

Qin Cheng responded positively.

On the way to the experience location, there were professionals on the bus to explain the work content and matters needing attention to the guests and MCs. Shen Yan and Xie Yang listened carefully and by the time they finished listening, they were almost at the experience location.

The building arranged by the program for Shen Yan and Xie Yang to clean was a botanical garden building with all-glass exterior walls that was around seven or eight stories high. It was the weekend so there were a lot of people at the botanical garden. The arrival of Shen Yan and Xie Yang caused quite a stir. Fortunately, the crew was well prepared and the two of them quickly entered the building and reached the top of the building via the elevator.

Before starting, Bei Cheng gave Shen Yan and Xie Yang the task card. The two of them gathered together to see the contents of the task.

“Clean the walls of the designated area within three hours. If one person’s task isn’t completed then the other person’s task will be doubled.” Shen Yan was puzzled and glanced at Bei Cheng. “This is the newly added punishment mechanism? Only punish your teammate?”

Bei Cheng nodded and asked in a concerned manner, “Shen Yan, can you do it? If Xie Yang can’t complete the task because he is afraid of heights, you will have to work hard for a few more hours. I heard you were too busy a while ago and fell sick. Your illness is only just okay. Will your body be able to endure it?”

Xie Yang glanced at Bei Cheng after hearing this.

What a coincidence that this rule was added. If he really had a fear of heights, wouldn’t Shen Yan be destined to do twice as much work? Shen Yan was a three time movie emperor and had a large number of fans. If Xie Yang caused the newly recovered Shen Yan to receive the burden of doing twice as much work then Shen Yan’s fans would scold him to death. He always felt there was a problem with this Bei Cheng.

He told them, “Brother Shen, I will try my best to complete my part of the task and not hold you back. In fact, I’m not really afraid of heights. I’m just timid. I can get used to it.”

Shen Yan shook his head. “My cold is fine and there is no problem. Don’t force it. I can do more if needed.”

“It’s fine. I think I can do it.”

Bei Cheng suddenly reached out and patted Xie Yang’s shoulder. “Good ambition! Don’t be afraid! Do your best. In the end, I’ll help you!”

The group’s MC could indeed help the guests complete the task but it wouldn’t look good on the broadcast.

Xie Yang secretly avoided Bei Cheng’s hand and said, “Then start as soon as possible. After a while, the sun will rise and it will be more uncomfortable.”

Everyone was ready. Xie Yang and Shen Yan put on the equipment with the help of the professional cleaners. They adjusted the cleaning agent, identified the various tools and then… went down the wall.

He dangled in the air and Xie Yang glanced at his feet. Bei Cheng had the camera focus on Xie Yang’s face. He leaned on the railing and asked Xie Yang, “Is it okay? Will it be uncomfortable?”

Xie Yang pretended to be nervous and grabbed the safety rope. He decided on the original owner’s fear of heights and looked up at Bei Cheng. “It’s fine. I won’t be afraid as long as I don’t look down.”

“Is it really okay?”

“It should be fine.”

The two people stared at each other. Xie Yang’s eyes were calm and showed no signs of fear. Bei Cheng paused before giving an exaggerated smile of encouragement. “I knew you could do it. Jiayou!”

Then Bei Cheng went to Shen Yan to take a look and interview his mood of going down the wall. After the interview, the task officially began. Bei Cheng announced the start of the three hours countdown and Xie Yang immediately took out his tools to scrub the glass wall.

It was the middle of summer and the glass exterior wall reflected the light. For the people hanging outside, it was like being pressed onto a baking tray. After a while, his clothes and hair were wet with sweat but his expression didn’t change. He worked hard and moved quickly and efficiently. As Shen Yan was still getting used to the feeling of hanging, he had already entered the rhythm. He cleaned an area and moved downward.

Bei Cheng livened up the atmosphere and cheered on the two people separately. He saw Xie Yang’s high efficiency and praised him in an exaggerated tone. Time slipped away little by little. At the 40th minute, Xie Yang found that Shen Yan had suddenly stopped. He raised his head and called out, “Brother Shen, are you okay?”

“It’s fine. I’m just stopping for a drink.”

Xie Yang felt that Shen Yan’s tone was a bit wrong and spoke a few more concerned words. However, Shen Yan always insisted that he was fine. Xie Yang frowned, retracted his gaze and sped up his cleaning action.

An hour and a half passed when Shen Yan suddenly stopped again. There was a motion of arching his back and holding his head. Xie Yang felt it was wrong and hurriedly spoke to Bei Cheng through the microphone, “Brother Shen seemed to be unwell. Pull him up.”

Bei Cheng replied, “Coming up now is equivalent to automatically giving up the task. Shen Yan, are you sure you want to give up the task?”

Shen Yan heard these words and barely straightened up. “It’s all right. I’m just a bit hot.”

Xie Yang didn’t agree. “Brother Shen, your body is important.”

“I’m really fine.” Shen Yan picked up the tools again.

Work continued. Xie Yang was distracted as he observed Shen Yan’s condition. 10 minutes later, Shen Yan stopped again and made a vomiting motion. Xie Yang directly spoke into the microphone. “Brother Bei Cheng, pull Brother Shen up. He is going to throw up.”

“I’m not—”


Bei Cheng probably also heard the weakness in Shen Yan’s voice and was busy pulling Shen Yan up. Xie Yang had almost finished cleaning the area he was responsible for so he lowered his head and sped up his movements again.

A few minutes later, Bei Cheng’s voice came from the earphone. “Xie Yang, Shen Yan has symptoms of heatstroke. I will take him to the doctor first. Is it okay for you to stay here alone?”

“No problem.”

“Don’t be too reluctant. I will go quickly and come back to finish the job for Shen Yan.”

Xie Yang responded positively and urged Bei Cheng to take Shen Yan to the doctor. There was no sound from the headphones.

The sun slowly rose. The feeling of overheating reminded Xie Yang of the days when he was tortured by the various abnormal weather after the apocalypse occurred. He settled down and after wiping his own area, he immediately returned to the top floor. He set up the equipment again and took over Shen Yan’s work.

The countdown was still decreasing and Xie Yang hung on the wall alone, working mechanically. From time to time, he would ask about the countdown through the microphone so as to control the work speed.

Finally, with two minutes left in the three hours, Xie Yang completed the remaining part of Shen Yan’s work. He had hung from the building for too long so Xie Yang almost fell down when he unfastened the safety rope and landed on his feet.

A staff member who came to remove the equipment helped support Xie Yang. Xie Yang thanked him, adjusted his breathing and stood steadily. He thanked everyone and started removing his equipment.

The moment they were removed, Bei Cheng came running back. He placed his hands on his knees and gasped, “S-Sorry, I don’t know where the doctor of the botanical garden went. I looked for him for a while so I was late coming back. Xie Yang, you didn’t finish? I’m sorry, I’m to blame for being too slow. The punishment should partly be left to me—”

“It’s done.”

Bei Cheng choked up and stared at Xie Yang comically. “D-Done? Shen Yan’s part as well?”

Xie Yang pointed to the clean exterior wall next to him and replied, “It’s all done. How is Brother Shen?”

Bei Cheng looked at the exterior wall next to him. After a brief moment of shock, he recovered his professionalism as a MC and replied, “Shen Yan… is good. He is receiving an IV drip. Xie Yang, you are really amazing! Sure enough, youth is capital. Your work efficiency is amazing!”

Xie Yang just smiled and didn’t answer.

After some exaggerated praises, Bei Cheng announced that the program’s recording had entered the penultimate stage—acceptance!

During the examination of the task, Xie Yang was finally able to take a break. Bei Cheng was by his side and looked worried. “If it fails to be accepted then the task isn’t completed.”

Xie Yang drank some water. “It will pass.”

“……”  Bei Cheng shook his fist. “I hope you can pass!”

Soon, the acceptance results came and he had passed. The part that Xie Yang was responsible for was very clean and looked like it was handled by professionals. The part Shen Yan was responsible for was a bit flawed but it still passed.

Xie Yang smiled and looked at Bei Cheng. “Look, I said it will pass.”

Bei Cheng was also smiling but it was somewhat forced. He raised his hand to give Xie Yang a thumbs up.


The recording ended and Xie Yang returned to the car. He relaxed his expression and told Qin Cheng, “Check that Bei Cheng. His performance was really strange during the drawing of the lots and the task. He wanted to make a fool of me and let me be punished.”

Qin Cheng had accompanied Xie Yang to today’s recording and also felt something was wrong. He nodded in response. “I will check it out. Xie Yang, do you want to make an appointment for maintenance?”

“What for?”

Qin Cheng frowned at Xie Yang’s face. “You were in the sun for a few hours today and now your face is red. I’m afraid you will have a sunburn.”

Xie Yang touched his face and shook his head. “It’s fine. It will be okay after a while.” Then he found that Wu Shui hadn’t started driving and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wu Shui glanced at Xie Yang with a slightly guilty conscience. “I am doing my best to delay driving because…”

Xie Yang, “……?”

A familiar black car suddenly parked next to them. The rear door opened and a dark faced Qiu Xing got out. He reached out to open the rear door of Xie Yang’s car, quickly glanced inside the car and told Qin Cheng, “Get out and take my car.”

Qin Cheng got out of the car and left. Xie Yang silently moved to the side. Qiu Xing sat down and told Wu Shui, “Go to Dr Kirkman.”

Xie Yang asked, “What are we going to do there?”

Qiu Xing turned his head to look at Xie Yang but didn’t reply. He just hugged Xie Yang sideways and touched the back of Xie Yang’s head. Then he suddenly backed away and scolded him, “You still want to hide it from me. Can you hide it?! The Internet is full of news that you were hit with a messy thing.. and your face is like a monkey’s butt. What bad job did Qin Cheng accept for you?!”

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