HTI: Chapter 12

After Xie Xiu became quiet, Xie Yang continued to send WeChat messages to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: I regret it.

Qiu Xing directly called.

Xie Yang picked up the call.

Qiu Xing’s sombre voice came out. “Xie Yang, I’ll give you 10 seconds to reorganize your language.”


Xie Yang hung up the call and continued to type on WeChat: We can take all the money from the Xie family but there is no need to kill them completely.

Qiu Xing called again.

Xie Yang refused it and typed even more quickly: It is inconvenient to call so let’s chat on WeChat. The 500 million business we discussed previously. Are you interested in talking about it again?

Qiu Xing took seconds to return the message: This is what you regret?

Xie Yang: Otherwise?

After a full quarter of an hour, Qiu Xing finally replied: Say it.

Xie Yang typed his calculations again: In a nutshell, Xie Xiu might be hazardous waste in need of humane destruction but this garbage has rich experience in hotel management and is a hazardous waste that can be recycled. Considering that hazardous waste is a hidden danger and the 300 million deposit has been given out, you will definitely lose a lot if it isn’t recovered. So for the sake of the sustainable development of a harmonious society, it is better not to take back this deposit. Instead, use the build to build a cage of benefits for Xie Xiu and then draw a golden pie for him. Let him playing the cage, not starving but not eating either. Watch him run around desperately to earn everyone some money to spend.

Qiu Xing took a while to return the message but it deviated from the focus. He asked: Are you short of money?

Xie Yang: Yes.

From the moment he made up his mind to go deeper into the plot and stir up a storm, he was in a state of lacking money. The strength of an individual was small. Apart from another golden finger, only capital could fight against a golden finger. To accumulate capital, he needed money, a lot of money, the money that only many people could make.

Xie Yang asked: Do you want to do this business? If so, the profits we earn will be shared equally.

Qiu Xing: I will pay for the resources and then I have to share the profits with you?

Xie Yang: You pay for the resources and I’m the one increasing the reputation of the business. Is there a problem with an equal split?

After a moment of silence, Qiu Xing replied: Wait for me at home.

It was obtained.

Xie Yang put down his phone and gazed at Xie Xiu who still had a dark face. Xie Xiu glared at him fiercely, eyes full of threats and warnings. Xie Yang smiled. Look at this garbage. He had so much spirit that he could give Xie Yang at least 20 years of money.

Jinghe Garden was a new community developed by Rongding’s real estate company a few years ago. The location was relatively biased. There were no large commercial areas around so shopping and entertainment were inconvenient. However, the surrounding environment was good. There were mountains, water and parks. The important thing was that it was very close to two big hospitals in B City. It was a community suitable for the rich to provide for the elderly.

After a full hour’s drive, they finally arrived at Jinghe Garden.

Wu Shui turned the steering wheel and said, “Boss, in front of us is the first gate of the community.”

Xie Yang looked forward and saw that at the bottom of the beautiful low mountain, there was a tall iron gate in the middle of the road surrounded by forest. Next to the gate was a huge stone a few metres high with the sharp and wild characters ‘Jinghe’ carved on them.

“These characters were written by President Qiu.” Wu Shui introduced with pride. “It was in the news when the stone was moved over. Many calligraphy experts praised President Qiu for his good handwriting.”

Xie Xiu hurriedly followed up with praise. “No wonder why I felt it was extraordinary when looking at the characters. It turned out to be written by President Qiu. It is truly soft and strong, a graceful dance, vivid and dynamic, strong in strength and strong in structure.”

Xie Yang stared at Xie Xiu. “You know a lot of idioms.”

Xie Xiu was inexplicably afraid of this kind attitude. His face tightened and he closed his mouth again.

The car drove through the first gate and followed the main road. Then it turned left at the first fork. The deeper they got, the better the greenery. At first glance, it was full of trees and anyone who didn’t know better might think it was a mountain forest.

It took around three minutes and there was another door ahead of them.

“This is the second gate.”

A guard station was built next to the gate. A uniformed security guard opened the gate for them. After heading through this gate, the trees suddenly disappeared and the view opened wide. A large, carefully trimmed meadow spread out in front of them. At the end of the meadow was a quiet lake. The left side of the lake contained a red-brown villa. Even further away, the mountains were rolling and the sunlight shone. It was a scene of natural leisure.

“This area surrounded by a fence is owned by President Qiu alone. There is an observation deck by the lake and a pavilion at the heart of the lake. In your free time, you can sunbathe, fish and stargaze on it. There is a door on the north wall that can lead to the mountain. The mountain roads had been repaired and there is a hot spring at the top of the mountain. President Qiu has built a small hots springs villa at the topic. Boss, if you are interested then you can go there to play.”

Xie Yang asked, “Has President Qiu ever gone there to play?”

“…No, President Qiu only accompanies Mrs Qiu on walks.”

Xie Yang gazed at this almost isolated place and subconsciously pressed the phone unlock button. What was Qiu Xing thinking when he kept himself in such a beautiful, tomb-like place?

The car parked in front of the villa and a professionally dressed woman waiting at the door stepped forward to help open the door for Xie Yang. Then she bent over like she had already received Xie Yang countless times. “Welcome home, little boss.”

Xie Yang examined the woman outside the car and quickly matched her to a character in the original book based on her age and appearance.

Liu Sha, an orphan supported by Mother Qiu who worked hard entered Rongding after graduation to repay her kindness. Later after Qiu Jing married and Mother Qiu got pregnant, Liu Sha resigned and took care of Mother Qiu as a personal assistant. After Mother Qiu was admitted to the sanatorium, Li Sha was entrusted by Mother Qiu and became Qiu Xing’s personal life assistant.

In the original book, Liu Sha looked down on the weak and cowardly Xie Yang, preferring the gentle and generous female lead. The female lead could get close to Qiu Xing many times, giving the ‘only warm to the sick’ Qiu Xing because of Liu Sha’s help. He just didn’t know if Liu Sha’s love for the female lead in the original book was sincere or if it was due to the influence of the female lead’s golden finger.

Xie Yang stopped thinking about it and stepped out of the car. On the other side, Wu Shui helped open the door for Xie Xiu. At this time, Xie Yang could no longer see Xie Xiu’s arrogance. He got off the car and greeted Liu Sha diligently. Xie Yang ignored Xie Xiu’s act and stepped into the villa. His posture was open and natural, as if he was returning to his home. Liu Sha watched him even more.

The father and son were seated in the living room and Liu Sha brought tea.

Xie Yang asked, “How long will it take for Qiu Xing to come back?”

“The boss will arrive in 30 minutes.”

“Then I’ll go outside and explore.” Xie Yang was too lazy to sit here. Xie Xiu stared as Xie Yang got up and left the living room. Liu Sha watched him leave, eyebrows gently raised.

Xie Xiu spoke to Liu Sha, “Sorry, sorry, Yang Yang has been spoiled by me and doesn’t understand the rules. Yang Yang is young. He hasn’t caused trouble for President Qiu living here?”

Liu Sha converged her expression and glanced sideways at Xie Xiu. Her lips curved in a vague meaning and she told him, “Sit here.” Then she left as well.

“……” Xie Xiu’s face was dark as he drank all the tea at once to suppress his anger.

Xie Yang came to the observation deck, walking along the covered bridge to the pavilion in the middle of the lake. He looked at the leisurely koi wandering in the lake from the pavilion railing. Then he sat on the ground, took out his laptop from his backpack, plugged in the headphones and continued to write the music.

It was easy for him to forget the things outside when he was busy. By the time he awakened from a song, the sun was almost setting. He glanced in the direction of the villa and saw Qiu Xing’s car parked outside the gate. He took off his headphones, packed his things and returned along the covered bridge.

Halfway there, he stopped.

On the observation deck ahead, Qiu Xing was dressed in black clothes as he leaned on the railing, slowing throwing a handful of fish food into the lave. The warm evening glow shrouded him and gave him a soft, warm red light. This weakened his sickness and depression, giving him a trace of softness.

He seemed to be aware of Xie Yang’s gaze as he suddenly raised his eyes and looked over. Then he raised his hand and beckoned to Xie Yang. Xie Yang stepped over.

“Where is Xie Xiu?”

“He is confirming the contract with He Jun.’

Xie Yang stood next to Qiu Xing and reached out to him. “Give me some.”

Qiu Xing’s face was indifferent. “It is on a chair in the back. Get it yourself.”

“I don’t want to go. Just give me a little bit.” Xie Yang almost shoved his hand under Qiu Xing’s eyes.

Qiu Xing stared coldly at Xie Yang. Xie Yang was unmoved.

Qiu Xing slammed the fish food into Xie Yang’s hand and turned to lean on the railing. “I gave money to Xie Xiu’s hotel to buy you and then I drew a big cake for him. I asked him to invest the money from the hotel to open a holiday villa with me.”

Xie Yang carefully observed the fish food in his hand as he asked, “Then?”

“Then I told him that the greater the investment, the bigger the profit. Xie Xiu is greedy and wants to occupy the main bulk of the profit but he doesn’t have enough money. I saw he was embarrassed and barely looked at your face, allowing him to take a credit.”

Xie Yang looked up at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing laughed wickedly, “I told Xie Xiu that as long as you are favoured by me, this account can keep being credited. If you can always please me then this account will be fine.”

Xie Yang also smiled. “In order to settle this account, Xie Xiu will definitely flatter me and beg me to hold your heart. At the same time, he will try his best to work on the holiday villa project, hoping to make a big profit and make the Xie family go up higher. Then the money he earns will naturally be used to pay off his credit.”


The two people stared at each other and exchanged a smile that contained the taste of money.

Qiu Xing suddenly froze halfway. His expression inexplicably changed as the corners of his mouth twisted and he turned his head coldly. “The split is 50:50. I’m really losing a lot with you.”

“No loss.” Xie Yang didn’t care about this person’s attitude. He watched the fish gathering under the observation deck and twisted a bit of the fish food with his fingers. “I will earn it back for you in the future.”

Qiu Xing sneered. “Just you? Do you know how much money it is?”

Xie Yang didn’t speak. He twisted the fish food again and suddenly moved his finger to his lips, sticking out his tongue and licking it lightly.

Qiu Xing froze. Then he straightened and grabbed Xie Yang’s hand. “What are you doing?!”

“Nothing.” Xie Yang pulled his hand out and sprinkled the fish food into the lake. He watched the koi competing for it and chuckled. “It is just a memory of bitter sweetness.”

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2 years ago

is this MTL? some very literal translation here. haha

2 years ago

Memory? Maybe XY had eaten fish food in his last life?

2 years ago
Reply to  XAALM

i think so too, cause of the apocalypse and everything maybe?