HTI: Chapter 119

“What’s going on? What is this?”

Qin Cheng reacted and hurriedly protected Xie Yang behind him while looking down at the bottle on the ground and the spilled liquid. An overbearing and strong stench drifted over. Xie Yang patted Qin Cheng on the shoulder and spoke calmly. “It’s okay. Wu Shui is going to catch them. Don’t be nervous.”

As he spoke, he reached out and waved to the chaotic fans to indicate that he was fine. The fans calmed down a bit and the staff rushed over to restore order. The program’s MC, director and other guests had gathered after hearing the movement and they looked at the water bottle on the ground.

The second male lead of ‘Crazy Musician’, Wang Haoyu frowned and asked, “What is this? It stinks.”

The second female lead of ‘Crazy Musician’, Feng Ziya had a wrinkled face and she reached up to pinch her nose. “It smells really bad. It is getting more and more smelly… ugh.”

The director motioned for everyone to spread out and to not get too close to the unknown liquid. Then he took out his phone to call the police.

One of the MC’s, Bei Cheng shook his head and sighed. “These black fans are really becoming too exaggerated. Today’s filming will definitely be delayed. By the way, are you okay Xie Yang?”

He was so certain that a black fan did it?

Xie Yang looked at Bei Cheng and said, “I’m fine.” Then he stepped forward into the space vacated by the group, took off his sun protection clothing, wrapped it around his hand and picked up the bottle.

Another MC, Yin Ru hurriedly tried to stop him. “Don’t touch it. What if it is something dangerous? We should wait for the police to come.”

“It’s okay. It is just some smelly water for pranks.”

The group spoke in one voice, “Smelly water?”

“Yes, it is harmless. It just stinks.” Xie Yang had already explored the liquid with his ability and only took it after making sure it was okay. He took the bottle cap to close the bottle and then wrapped it in the sun protection clothing. He told the director, “Give this to the police once they come. In addition, rinse the ground with clean water and disperse it. The smell shouldn’t affect the shooting. Sorry for causing a commotion.”

The director had just finished reporting to the police and his expression was much better. “I am the one who should apologize. I didn’t do a good job with the security measures.”

Xie Yang shook his head and spoke a few polite words.

For safety, everyone went inside the security circle. After this was settled down, Xie Yang went to the spot where the Xie fans were gathered to soothe his fans. Qin Cheng had some lingering fear and was afraid the black fans would still be mixed in. He tried to stop Xie Yang with a few words but it was useless. Therefore, he simply followed Xie Yang and stood next to him.

“Yang Yang, are you okay?”

“Yang Yang, are you hurt?”

The fans were concerned. Xie Yang patted Qin Cheng who was half blocking him and smiled at the fans. “I’m fine. It is just some stinky water used for a prank, nothing else. Don’t worry.”

The people became angrier when they heard it. Today, Xie Yang came to record the show and a bottle of stinky water was actually thrown. This was saying that they didn’t want Xie Yang to record today’s show! Unacceptable! Seeing that the fans were still angry, Xie Yang took the initiative to sign his name for everyone before going back to the centre of the circle.

Some time later, Wu Shui squeezed through the crowd and reproached himself. “There is a construction site over there with many people and objects. I lost the person.”

Xie Yang took the uniform vest that the program’s staff had issued from Qin Cheng and said, “I expected it. There are too many people here and it is easy for the other person to escape. The director has already called the police. You follow up with them.”

Wu Shui nodded.

Qin Cheng saw that Xie Yang was so calm and couldn’t help saying, “Fortunately, you were alert just now or you would definitely face a loss. If that hit your body and caused skin allergies then it would be even more troublesome. These black fans are really wicked!”

It seemed that everyone had decided it was a black fan.

Xie Yang tidied his vest, looked at the staff outside the circle who were washing the ground with clean water and then the direction the water bottle was thrown from.

At that time, he had been surrounded by people. The fans and onlookers were a few metres away, separated by a fence. The conditions for attacking him were actually very poor but the water bottle crossed the crowd and accurately headed for him.

He asked Wu Shui, “If it was you, would you be able to accurately hit me with a water bottle when you are so far away and so many people are blocking your view?”

Wu Shui understood the meaning of Xie Yang’s words and replied, “I can do it but it is very difficult for untrained, ordinary people.”

“Once again, follow up when the police arrive.”

Wu Shui nodded again.

A few minutes later, Shen Yan’s car arrived along with the police car. Xie Yang followed the director to talk to the police. Shen Yan got out of the car and asked Xie Yang, “What happened?”

Xie Yang mentioned a bit about what just happened. Shen Yan frowned.

More than 10 minutes were spent talking to the police before everyone returned to the circular space prepared for shooting in order to start filming today’s show.

In the car, Xie Yang had seen the general script. In this episode, the guests would experience three jobs: a building exterior wall cleaner, a takeout delivery man and a children’s playground caretaker.

There were a total of six guests and they would be divided into three groups by a draw. Then each of the three groups would send a representative to determine the profession each group would experience.

The program would set a mission goal for them. The more groups that completed the goal, the more money the program would donate to a charity organization. So even if it was just to look good, the guests would try their best to complete the tasks of the program.

During the final preparations, Qin Cheng suddenly approached Xie Yang and spoke in a low voice. “The program’s staff know you are afraid of heights and gave us a bit of face. They arranged for you to do one of the other two professions.”

Afraid of heights? It took a few seconds for Xie Yang to remember that the original owner of the body was indeed afraid of heights. Still, how did Qin Cheng know about this. He asked, “How do you know that I’m afraid of heights?”

Qin Cheng was speechless. “It is written in your artist profile. Who doesn’t know it?”


He almost forgot there was an online profile for artists. Hu Biao had made it for the original owner when he debuted and the preferences in it were all filled out according to the original owner’s preferences. He would go back and find time to change it.

“It’s fine. I’m not afraid of heights. It isn’t good to walk through a back door.”

“This isn’t a back door. Variety shows are scripted and the staff will try their best to cooperate with guests. For example, Feng Ziya doesn’t want to run outside so they arranged for her to go to the children’s playground. The staff saw that she is a girl and can’t really let such a thin and small girl clean an outer wall or deliver food.”

Xie Yang didn’t say anything else and listened to the arrangements. The program soon started recording. In the beginning, everyone promoted the movie. Xie Yang took out the violin to accompany Shen Yan who was singing ‘Unawakened Dream’.

Finally, it was about time to form groups. It wasn’t known if it was arranged by the staff or perhaps Xie Yang was lucky enough to be assigned to the same group as Shen Yan, the only person he knew. Among the remaining four, Wang Haoyu and Feng Ziya were in a group and the other two supporting actors were in a group.

After that, there was the draw to decide the profession. Based on the principle of ‘ladies first’, Feng Ziya’s team got the first draw. As expected, she was the caretaker of the children’s playground. Feng Ziya showed a surprised expression and cheered. She said that she liked children the most while Wang Haoyu exaggeratedly said he never had anything to do with children.

The remaining two groups didn’t draw one at a time. They would send a representative to draw it together. Shen Yan smiled and pushed him forward. “Go, I hate making choices.”

Xie Yang knew that Shen Yan was giving him more time in front of the camera and walked up to the MC. The representative of the other group also came over. The two of them looked at each other and then the cards in the MC’s hand.

Qin Cheng said there would be a small black spot on the lower corner of the back of the card for the exterior wall cleaning. Xie Yang looked over but found that the corners of the two cards were pinched by the MC Bei Cheng’s fingers and he couldn’t see clearly. He raised his eyes to look at Bei Cheng but Bei Cheng was making fun of another guest.

Bei Cheng seemed to perceive Xie Yang’s gaze and looked at Xie Yang, winking. “If you bribe me then I will give you a hint.”

Xie Yang smiled. He waited until the other representative reached for a card before grabbing the other one. “I believe in my luck.”

The card was pulled out and shown. The words ‘building exterior cleaner’ were revealed.

Bei Cheng announced the result in an exaggerated manner. Standing on the sidelines, Qin Cheng frowned and the director was surprised. However, there were too many fans and onlookers. It wasn’t easy to change.

Xie Yang took the card and examined it. He found there wasn’t a black spot on the card. He walked back to Shen Yan, held the card up for Shen Yan to see and asked, “Brother Shen, I got this. Are you afraid of heights?”

Shen Yan shook his head. “I’m not afraid of heights but I heard you are. Do you want to change it?”

“No, my fear of heights isn’t serious and I’m gradually overcoming it.”

Shen Yan didn’t believe him. “Really?”

Xie Yang confirmed it.

Therefore, the grouping and work assignments were finalized. There was another process and the MC of each group was also finalized. The three groups of guests got on the bus to head to the locations.

It wasn’t known if it was a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement but Shen Yan and Xie Yang’s group happened to get the lively Bei Cheng. Bei Cheng walked up to Shen Yan and Xie Yang and smiled. “I will take care of you today.”

Shen Yan answered, “I am the one who has to ask you to take care of me and Xie Yang.”

“Yes, leave it to me and I promise to take you to perfectly complete the task!” Bei Cheng answered and looked at Xie Yang. “I heard that Xie Yang’s physical fitness is very good. I think our group will definitely be the first to complete the task today!”

Shen Yan answered first for Xie Yang. “Don’t fight for first place. We will just try to complete it. Xie Yang is a bit afraid of heights.”

“Afraid of heights?” Bei Cheng looked surprised and then his expression suddenly changed. “That isn’t good. We just changed the rules this episode. You will be punished if the personal task isn’t completed.”

Something flashed in Xie Yang’s mind and he asked, “What punishment?”

Bei Cheng made an expression of ‘That’s bad, I leaked something.’ He raised his hands to cover his mouth and waved his hand. “I can’t say it. This can’t be revealed until you go to the location.”

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