HTi: Chapter 115

Xie Yang looked Feng Dian up and down.

Feng Dian had good facial features. He was of a medium height and looked relatively young. Among his facial features, his eyes were the most outstanding. They looked gentle and affectionate, so even if he put on a disgusting expression, it wasn’t offensive. It was easy for him to pretend to be gentle.

Xie Yang suddenly felt that Feng Qinglin who looked like Qiu Xing was more pleasing to the eye.

Feng Dian frowned and coldly asked, “What are you looking at?”

Qiu Xing had stopped just after Xie Yang. He was about to look sideways at Feng Dian but Xie Yang raised a hand to his face and didn’t allow him to turn. Xie Yang’s gaze was still on Feng Dian but he was speaking to Qiu Xing and his voice wasn’t low. “Ah Xing, don’t turn your head. There is something dirty over there that will hurt your eyes.”

Everyone was stunned. What did this young man call Qiu Xing? Ah Xing? In addition, did he just say the word ‘dirty’?

The coldness in Qiu Xing’s eyes after he paused dissipated. He smiled and held Xie Yang’s hand as he glanced lightly at Feng Dian. “It’s fine. After seeing it for so many years, I am used to it.”

“You might be used to it but I don’t want you to continue to suffer.” Xie Yang finally retracted his gaze and told Qiu Xing, “I think it is better for us to go out quickly. There is always trash who is obviously sitting on the sofa of their wife’s parents’ home but completely refuses to give any face to their wife’s parents. I don’t know if it is the trash who regrets becoming the son of the Tao family and wants to curry favour with you or if the Tao family doesn’t welcome you at this birthday party so they want to politely drive you away.”

It wasn’t polite to say this at all. Cursing a person, putting the hat of trash on them and clearly instigating the relationship between the Tao family and Feng Dian.

The room was completely quiet and everyone’s gazes toward Xie Yang changed. They thought this young man was just holding onto Qiu Xing’s thighs and selling his looks. Yet it turned out he was different from what everyone thought? After watching Xie Yang, they glanced back at Feng Dian while holding back their fire.

All of those present here were part of the Tao family or were relatives. They knew that Feng Dian just wanted to stab Qiu Xing and didn’t mean to bring down the Tao family’s reputation. They might understand it rationally but it was difficult for them to accept it emotionally.

If it wasn’t pointed out then they could barely care about Feng Dian and pretend to be stupid. However, now Xie Yang said these words. If they pretended to be stupid, wasn’t it just letting Feng Dian step on their reputation?

Many people looked at Elder Tao and Tao Huazhang. As the oldest patriarch of the Tao family and the current leader of the Tao family, it would be inappropriate if Elder Tao and Tao Huazhang didn’t speak at this time.

Feng Dian was utterly shamed by Xie Yang and was looked down on by everyone. At the same time, he realized that he shouldn’t have said those words just now. His heart was upset and worried. He just wanted to say something to save himself when Elder Tao recovered his strength and opened his mouth.

The old man’s voice was very cold as he commanded, “Huazhang, the seats are about to open. Take the guests to sit down first. Feng Dian, come over. I have a few words to say to you. Lan Lan, you go outside to see why your aunt hasn’t come back. In addition, help me ask her whether she is here to celebrate my birthday or to bring her worthless son on a blind date!”

The elder in the family had spoken and the other Tao family members rushed to follow suit. Tao Yi, the second wife of Feng Dian, came and scolded Feng Dian harshly.

Feng Dian had no chance to speak again.

Tao Huazhang also stared coldly at Feng Dian. Then he took a deep breath to suppress his temper, smiled at Qiu Xing and Xie Yang and expressed a few words of negligence and apologies. He once again invited Qiu Xing and Xie Yang to sit outside at the guest table.

Qiu Xing had a smile on his face after seeing what happened to Feng Dian. He didn’t embarrass Tao Huazhang any longer and walked out holding Xie Yang’s hand. Xie Yang moved closer to Qiu Xing and lowered his voice. “Have you vented your anger?’

Qiu Xing squeezed Xie Yang’s hand and snorted.


The VIP guest seats all consisted of the most respectable people in the business circle of B City. There were only three tables in total. Tao Huazhang deliberately bypassed the table where the Feng family was sitting and led Qiu Xing and Xie Yang to the table on the right.

The guests sitting in the VIP seats were all smart people. The guests saw Qiu Xing bringing Xie Yang over and took the initiative to greet Qiu Xing while showing a kind attitude towards Xie Yang. Some of them winked and deliberately teased Qiu Xing, asking him when he was planning to have the wedding.

In the face of these people, Qiu Xing had a milder attitude. He took a seat with Xie Yang and replied, “The timing of the wedding depends on when Xie Yang decides.”

He admitted to there being a wedding while deliberately lowering himself and giving the power to his other half. Everyone understood and sincerely or falsely congratulated him while expressing their expectations for the wedding wine.

The scene was full of false enthusiasm and prosperity. Xie Yang sat next to Qiu Xing with a smile. He faced the teasing remarks of when he was going to decide and responded generously, “It depends on Qiu Xing’s performance.”

Qiu Xing scoffed lazily. “You just don’t want to eat a loss.”

The people on the table saw Qiu Xing’s expression and Xie Yang, who was generous yet tough from beginning to end. They exchanged looks with each other and their attitude towards Xie Yang became more polite.

There were a few people at the table who were polite to Qiu Xing and Xie Yang so there were naturally some who weren’t polite.

Everyone exchanged a round of greetings and then someone close to the Feng family suddenly asked Xie Yang, “I heard that Mr Xie is a singer? My son was also infatuated with a singer some time ago and took him to play abroad. Young people these days, alas.”

The table fell quiet and everyone secretly watched Xie Yang, wanting to see how he answered this sentence.

Xie Yang didn’t seem to notice everyone’s eyes full of gossip. He gently pressed Qiu Xing’s hand to signal for him not to be angry. Then he looked at the questioner and replied with a smile, “Chairman Hu, don’t be too pessimistic. You should teach your son slowly instead of being arbitrarily disappointed with all young people and singers. I believe that many young people in this room are excellent and perhaps some of them are the children of good singers. Don’t be discouraged. If you are really troubled, maybe you can learn from the other outstanding parents here?”

It was a really good mouth.

Everyone withdrew their gazes and had a basic understanding of Xie Yang’s temperament in their hearts. Sure enough, the person who won Qiu Xing wouldn’t be easy.

Chairman Hu was red-faced. The people who had a good relationship with him tried to change the subject but Chairman Hu himself wasn’t happy. He frowned. “Who told you that my son isn’t good? Mr Xie, you can’t talk nonsense.”

The quiet Qiu Xing suddenly sneered and asked, “He is still relying on his family to make a living at the age of 27. Is this considered good? Yang Yang started a company and wrote songs at the age of 20 without the help of his family. What was your son doing when he was 20? What were you doing when you were 20?”

Chairman Hu was choked up and couldn’t respond. He couldn’t sit down any longer and got up, leaving the table. The others on the table were busy talking about other topics. Chairman Hu didn’t come back after he left and the position was left empty.

Soon, the birthday party began. Tao Huazhang took a group of Tao family members to the small stage in the middle. He smiled and thanked everyone for their support. He invited the birthday star, brought out a big cake and asked the old man to cut the cake after a small speech. Everyone under the stage clapped and sent blessings to the old man.

Once the cake was cut, there were a few more birthday events. Then the old man was helped away by his family to rest and eat while the Tao family dispersed separately to toast the guests. The table where Qiu Xing was sitting were all distinguished guests. It was naturally Tao Huazhang who came to toast them. Tao Yang was beside him and it showed how much he valued Tao Yang.

Tao Huazhang toasted everyone while Tao Yang walked around to Qiu Xing alone. He bent over and toasted Qiu Xing with a smile. “Thank you Chairman Qiu. I haven’t been able to find an opportunity to apologize to you in person for the last Weibo incident. I’m sorry.”

Qiu Xing reacted coldly. “There is no next time.”

Tao Yang maintained the smile on his face while slowly retracting his hand with the glass. He straightened up slightly and replied, “Of course there is no next time.” Then his voice suddenly softened and he continued, “I thought Chairman Qiu wouldn’t come at first. Last time I called you—”

Qiu Xing interrupted Tao Yang’s words. “You should go. Your father is looking for you.”


Tao Yang saw Qiu Xing’s cold appearance and finally stood up completely. He looked at Xie Yang who was peeling shrimp next to Qiu Xing. His head was turned to the side and he didn’t seem to care what Tao Yang and Qiu Xing were talking about. Tao Yang smiled again and said goodbye.

Qiu Xing turned sideways and looked at Xie Yang beside him. Xie Yang put the peeled shrimp onto his plate and praised him. “Good performance.”

“Who is giving a shrimp?” Qiu Xing disliked it with his mouth but he grabbed the shrimp with the chopsticks. He deliberately dipped it into the vinegar dish in front of Xie Yang and brought it to his mouth to eat, commenting, “It’s sour.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow at Qiu Xing, wiped his hands and took out his mobile phone. In front of Qiu Xing, he opened the declining Grey Sheep CP super topic and logged into his side account.

Qiu Xing, “……”

He stared at Xie Yang, grabbed his hand and confiscated his mobile phone. Xie Yang smiled, used his chopsticks to eat Qiu Xing’s food and commented, “It’s really sweet.”

“……” Qiu Xing glared at him again but his strength this time was much lighter. His lips were slightly curved up in a smile as he used his chopsticks to pick up the shrimp again. “How can this shrimp be sweet? Is your tongue broken? Concentrate on eating. Don’t play with your mobile phone… Do you still want to eat shrimp?”


Qiu Xing started to peel the shrimp.

The guests sitting next to the two of them and heard the entire conversation, “……”

It seemed like… they discovered something.

After the main event, there would be a small party for everyone to socialize and there were also performances on the small stage. Everyone could move around freely and those who didn’t want to socialize could leave first without being rude.

Qiu Xing didn’t like this type of occasion. He attended the birthday party this time to help establish Xie Yang’s identity. Now the goal had been achieved. He could leave so he naturally chose to leave immediately. He got up to say goodbye to the table guests and led Xie Yang to the exit of the party venue.

However, he was too naive. The chairman of Rongding rarely attended social occasions. How could everyone let him go so quickly? He had barely taken two steps when a Rongding partner who used to have a good relationship with Father Qiu blocked Qiu Xing and talked to him.

Qiu Xing had to stop to greet the other person. He barely solved this problem and had only taken a few steps when another boss who cooperated with Rongding came up to him. This time, he was accompanied by two friends who obviously wanted to have a business relationship with Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing dealt with six waves of people like this and frowned impatiently. “I should’ve brought Qiu Jingwei with me.”

Xie Yang soothed him. “We are almost at the exit. There should be no more people—”

“Chairman Qiu!”

Xie Yang shut his mouth and turned his head. He saw Tao Yang trotting through the crowd. Once he reached the two of them, he tidied his messy hair in an embarrassed manner and told them, “Fortunately, you haven’t left yet. Chairman Qiu, my grandfather wants you to come over and talk. I don’t know if it is convenient for you?” He lowered his voice and added. “He wants to talk about the Feng family.”

Qiu Xing frowned and looked at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang said, “Go. It is the old man’s birthday and you have to give the birthday star some face.”

Qiu Xing nodded at Tao Yang, held Xie Yang’s hand and told Tao Yang, “Lead the way.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” Tao Yang glanced at Xie Yang. “…Thank you Vice-chairman Xie as well.”

“You are welcome.” Xie Yang smiled. “In fact, I have something I want to ask Senior. I don’t know if I can chat with you alone when Ah Xing goes to see your grandfather?”

It wasn’t good to be harassed by a person from time to time. No matter what Tao Yang meant, Xie Yang decided not to get used to the other person.

Tao Yang raised his eyes and stared at Xie Yang for a few seconds. Then his smile deepened and he replied, “Of course you can.”

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2 years ago

Feels like a male white lotus

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Looks like he’s trying to get with the ML.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

Ahhhhh, I always love it when the ML completely shuts down any saboteur’s attempts at being friendlier towards them–especially when it obviously reeks of other intentions. 😌

Also, lmao, they both gave each other a chance to vent at their personal eyesores. Always love how they treat each other equally and have each other’s backs when the going gets tough. 🥺