HTI: Chapter 114

On the way to the Elder Tao’s birthday party the next day, Xie Yang was bored and went to Weibo, only to unexpectedly find that he was once again on the hot search. This hot search was very friendly. The content was #Xie Yang’s heartbeat moment#. He clicked into the topic and the first one was a video posted by a Xie fan.

Setting Sail: Ahhh, Yang Yang is even more beautiful than the photos! His skin is super good! Long eyelashes! Sob, so envious. Come and look at this! It is the annual heartbeat! P.S. Yang Yang’s boyfriend is also very handsome and good to him. He was always careful to guard Yang Yang (I also feel that he is eating our fan’s vinegar. Hahaha, the moment someone confesses that they like Yang Yang, he will look at them coldly like he is holding back his anger). In any case, I’m supporting it! Locked up! Please get married!

This post was accompanied by a five seconds video.

Xie Yang clicked on the video to look at it. Not surprisingly, it was the scene where he turned his head and asked the fan where they got the news about him finishing shooting. This video not only captured his expression but also Qiu Xing’s profile.

He paused the video and took a close look at Qiu Xing’s profile in the video. Then he turned to look at Qiu Xing beside him.

Since they were going to a birthday banquet, Qiu Xing specifically wore a softer coloured shirt and his hair was looser. It was simply fixed in place with hairspray and he looked refreshing and gentle. Sure enough, Qiu Xing in reality was more handsome.

Qiu Xing had just finished the call with He Jun when he noticed Xie Yang’s gaze. He glanced over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Yang shook his head and retracted his gaze. Then he looked at the comments below the Weibo post.

The comments area was lively and the total number of comments had exceeded 20,000. The hot comments were unsurprisingly occupied by the licking screen party and the sugar eating party. There were many Xie fans who noticed Qiu Xing’s ferocity. They inferred from various details that ‘Qiu Xing loves Xie Yang very much’. Their ability to pick out sugar was very strong.

There were also people who tried to control the rhythm and make some sour comments. However, this didn’t work. They were all buried by the excited sugar eaters and didn’t dare to appear again.

Xie Yang wanted to like some of the fun comments but he resisted. He turned off the comments and checked the trending posts. Then he unexpectedly found that it wasn’t just that scene that was on the hot search. Later, he and Qiu Xing were ready to get into the car. The fans asked Qiu Xing to take good care of him and the scene where Qiu Xing replied, ‘I will naturally take good care of my person’ was also filmed and posted on Weibo. It had already become a hot topic.

The comments on this Weibo post were also very interesting. They were all screams, lemon emojis and parodies of the boss’ domineering tone. Xie Yang found it very interesting. One hand reached over and pinched Xie Yang’s face.

Xie Yang controlled his smile and turned to look at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing was satisfied when he saw Xie Yang. He removed his hand on Xie Yang’s face and told him, “You will follow me in a while. If someone says something difficult to listen to then don’t worry about it. You can answer whatever you want.”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, you just need to make sure that you aren’t bullied. I will handle the rest.”

Xie Yang understood and nodded. “I know.”

30 minutes later, the car stopped at the door of a five star hotel. A staff member stepped forward to help open the door. Qiu Xing got out of the car first and then turned around to help Xie Yang.

There were guides arranged by the Tao family waiting at the door. They were stunned for a moment when they saw Qiu Xing appear. Then the leader was the first to come to his senses and guided them to the party venue.

After entering the elevator, the guide secretly looked at Xie Yang standing next to Qiu Xing through the reflection of the elevator door. Qiu Xing shifted his gaze from the elevator door to the guide and he asked coldly, “What are you looking at?”

The guide was taken aback and hurriedly withdrew his gaze. Then he awkwardly replied, “Sorry for being rude. I just… I just thought this gentleman is somewhat unfamiliar.”

Qiu Xing withdrew his gaze and sneered. “It seems the Tao family’s invitation wasn’t very sincere. He is my partner and Rongding’s vice-chairman yet you actually feel that he is unfamiliar.”

Partner and vice-chairman? The guide was taken aback. He didn’t know if he should be shocked by Qiu Xing’s introduction of Xie Yang or frightened by Qiu Xing’s attitude.

The elevator arrived and Qiu Xing didn’t wait for the guide’s mind to return. He directly took Xie Yang’s hand and walked out of the elevator. He walked along the red carpet to the entrance of the party venue.

Elder Tao’s eldest son Tao Huazhang and his grandson Tao Yang were standing at the door of the party venue to greet the guests. They saw Qiu Xing leading Xie Yang and both of them froze for a moment. Then Tao Huazhang smiled happily while Tao Yang frowned, his gaze sweeping over Qiu Xing’s hand holding Xie Yang.

Tao Huazhang smiled and came forward to greet Qiu Xing. Since it wasn’t clear what identity Xie Yang was using to accompany Qiu Xing, he skillfully addressed Xie Yang vaguely when greeting him.

Qiu Xing wasn’t satisfied with this ambiguity. He exchanged polite words with Tao Huazhang before introducing Xie Yang. “Chairman Tao, this is my partner Xie Yang. Xie Yang, this is chairman Tao, Tao Huazhang.”

Xie Yang nodded politely towards Tao Huazhang. “Hello.”

A partner. This was the same as the will and it wasn’t a boyfriend. So he was serious?

Tao Huazhang had various calculations in his heart but his face didn’t show it. He smiled and greeted Xie Yang with a more polite and solemn attitude than before. Then he invited the two of them into the hall.

“Wait a minute.” Qiu Xing suddenly called out to Tao Huazhang. Then he glanced sideways at Tao Yang who had been quiet in the background, his tone not good. “Tao Yang, there is something I hope you can pay attention to. According to seniority, your father and I are of the same generation and Xie Yang is my partner. It is really inappropriate for you to call him ‘junior brother’. Considering that Xie Yang is younger than you, if you feel that calling Xie Yang by his name is too rude then you can call him vice-chairman Xie in the future.”

Just then, another group of guests arrived. They heard Qiu Xing’s words and stopped, staring at Qiu Xing and Xie Yang with surprise.

Recently, the love affair between Qiu Xing and Xie Yang had enthusiastically spread and the entire upper class circle basically knew about it. For this reason, everyone did their homework and learned about Xie Yang’s situation. As far as they knew, the only position where Xie Yang could be called ‘chairman’ was the chairman of Yang Xing. Now Qiu Xing asked Tao Yang to call Xie Yang as vice-chairman?

What vice-chairman? What was he the vice-chairman of? A certain guess emerged and the atmosphere became strange as everyone stared at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang ignored the crowd’s attention and smiled at Tao Huazhang and Tao Yang. “You don’t need to call me vice-chairman. Senior Tao Yang can just call me by my name.”

Tao Huazhang had immediately figured out what was wrong when Qiu Xing finished his words. Now he heard Xie Yang saying this and he hurriedly pulled at Tao Yang secretly before smiling. “We can’t mess around with seniority. We should still maintain the formalities, Xiao Yang.”

Tao Yang’s fingers tensed but his face showed an apologetic expression as he replied, “I didn’t think about it properly. Chairman Qiu… Vice-chairman Xie, thank you for attending my grandfather’s birthday party. Please come inside.”

Tao Huazhang was satisfied and once again invited Qiu Xing and Xie Yang to enter the venue. He sent a look to Tao Yang, telling him to go receive the other guests behind them.

Tao Yang bowed his head and walked past Xie Yang.

Xie Yang glanced at Tao Yang’s clenched fists and smiled. He also walked past Tao Yang and entered the party venue with Qiu Xing.

It was very lively in the party venue. The guests had basically almost all arrived and were gathered in groups to talk. The old birthday star was in poor health and didn’t have the energy to greet guests personally. Therefore, he stayed in a small reception room deep in the party venue to rest. Qiu Xing and Xie Yang were led by Tao Huazhang to the reception room to say hello to the birthday star.

Xie Yang noticed that on the way to the lounge, all the guests who saw Qiu Xing showed a dull and surprised expression. Some of them even looked like they had seen a devil.

Was Qiu Xing so terrible? Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing. Obviously he was a harmless and handsome man. Qiu Xing sensed Xie Yang’s gaze and took his hand to help block the eyes of others. He glanced at the guests peeking at them and asked, “You aren’t used to being seen?”

Xie Yang shook his head.

“Have you vented your anger?”

Xie Yang was puzzled and then realized that Qiu Xing was talking about what happened at the door. He smiled and replied, “It is vented.”

Qiu Xing snorted and didn’t look satisfied. “Where did your anger go?”

There were many of the Tao family members and relatives gathered in the small reception room. Elder Tao was dressed in a red Chinese suit and sitting on the sofa in the middle of the room. His hair was completely white and his figure was skinny. He was surrounded by relatives but his expression wasn’t joyful. He was slightly deaf, his eyes were unfocused, his complexion bad and he looked a bit weak.

The moment Tao Huazhang entered the door, he raised his voice and said, “Dad, chairman Qiu and his partner have come to see you.”

This sentence was very loud and was obviously to remind people in the reception room. There was silence as everyone’s eyes fell on Qiu Xing and Xie Yang.

Qiu Xing didn’t look at the others as he took Xie Yang forward and politely congratulated Elder Tao on his birthday. Elder Tao saw Qiu Xing and was surprised for a moment. Then he insisted on getting up and exchanging a few words with Qiu Xing, behaving very seriously and politely.

After this, Qiu Xing was prepared to leave with Xie Yang. Elder Tao asked Tao Huazhang to entertain them well. Tao Huazhang responded affirmatively and was ready to take Qiu Xing and Xie Yang to the guest seats outside.

Seeing that the commercial birthday show was coming to a perfect conclusion, a middle-aged man sitting on a side couch suddenly spoke and broke the surface harmony of the reception room.

“There are some people who don’t even say hello when they see their brother-in-law.”

The room fell silent again. Tao Huazhang’s expression changed and he hurriedly spoke loudly to try and cover up the man’s voice. Elder Tao also frowned. He looked at the middle-aged man, wanting to say something but he could only cough loudly.

The Tao family members hurriedly patted his back and gave him water.

Harmony was completely broken.

Xie Yang stopped walking and looked at the identity of the middle-aged man. He quickly matched up the identity of this man with his knowledge. This person who called himself ‘brother-in-law’ should be Feng Qinglin’s scumbag father, Feng Dian.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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