HTi: Chapter 113

At 11 o’clock the next morning, the plane that Xie Yang and Qiu Xing took landed in B City. The two of them walked out of the exit while talking.

“Ahhhh! Yang Yang!”

“Xie Yang! Xie Yang!”

A sudden burst of screams rang out. Xie Yang stopped, looked up and turned to the direction of the sound. He saw a densely packed crowd of fans holding signs outside the exit. At a glance, there were probably dozens of people.

Xie Yang lifted a hand and the fans became more excited. They started to shout Xie Yang’s name again. Many people took out their phones to take photos of Xie Yang. Qiu Xing frowned and immediately held Xie Yang’s hand while blocking Xie Yang behind him. “Your itinerary was exposed?”

Xie Yang pulled down the mask on his face and replied, “It should be.”

Their conversation made the fans notice Qiu Xing’s existence and a new round of screaming and cheers erupted. It was useless to talk anymore. The fans were here and it was impossible to avoid them. If the fans kept surrounding the exit then it would affect other travellers.

Xie Yang squeezed Qiu Xing’s hand and took the initiative to take the mask off his face. He waved to the excited fans before placing a finger to his lip, signalling them to be quiet and not disturb other passengers. The fans were fairly obedient. Seeing Xie Yang’s actions they restrained themselves, lowered their voices and consciously moved out of the way to avoid blocking other passengers.

Wu Shui, who followed behind Xie Yang and Qiu Xing, stepped forward in time to protect Xie Yang’s side. Qiu Xing protected Xie Yang from the other side. The three of them went out.

This wave of fans who came to pick him up at the airport were organized and disciplined. Xie Yang walked over and everyone moved aside obediently. They restrained themselves and kept a distance away from Xie Yang. Then they followed him outside the airport.

The closest fans spoke excitedly to Xie Yang.

“Yang Yang, filming was hard work! When will you release a new album?”

“Yang Yang, you’re too thin. Eat more!”

“Yang Yang, your advertisement and posters are super handsome!”

“Yang Yang, congratulations on finishing the movie shooting!”

Xie Yang looked at the fan who said congratulations and raised an eyebrow. “How did you know that I finished shooting?”

The handsome young man looked up from under the brim of his hat. His long eyelashes slightly obscured the expression in his eyes, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved up, his skin was flawless at this close distance, his side profile was perfect and his voice sounded sweet and sultry… a heart attack!

Most of the Xie fans had never seen the real Xie Yang before because Xie Yang was ‘not dedicated’ and attended few commercial events. The Xie fans had no chance to meet the real person. It was hard to even see a road shot because Xie Yang’s itinerary was always confidential. All the people chasing him were very lonely.

Now this group of Xie fans who had never seen the ‘world’ suddenly came into contact with Xie Yang in private and were watched by him…

The surroundings were strangely quiet for a moment before the atmosphere visibly became warm again. The fan who was asked the question blushed and shouted, “Everyone knows! Someone sent a photo of a chance encounter at your ending part yesterday. They heard you say that you will return to B City today! Yang Yang, you have worked hard while filming! I-I will always support you!”

A chance encounter at the party? Yesterday’s party was clearly enclosed. How was there a chance encounter? Could it be that someone in the restaurant revealed the news?

Xie Yang smiled at the fans. “It isn’t hard. Thank you for your concern.”

The fans were taken aback and then exploded. Some were in a daze due to Xie Yang’s handsome smile.

Qiu Xing saw such a Xie Yang and his lips pressed together in a flat line.

They walked smoothly outside the airport. Zhou Miao was already waiting by the car. He saw Xie Yang’s group walking out surrounded by fans and was stunned. Then he hurriedly opened the door and stepped forward to help separate Xie Yang from the fans.

As they were getting into the car, a Xie fan who had been afraid to talk to Qiu Xing finally raised the courage and shouted to Qiu Xing, “Mr Qiu, please take good care of Xie Yang!”

Qiu Xing turned to look at the fan and the vinegar that had been restrained spread out a bit. “I will naturally take good care of my person.” Then he turned around, stuffed Xie Yang into the car, sat in it himself and closed the door.

Their ears were finally quiet.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing with amusement. “You also drink the vinegar of fans?”

Qiu Xing had a noble and cold expression as he crossed his legs and remained silent.

Xie Yang leaned over Qiu Xing and lowered the window. He waved to the fans outside, thanked them for picking him up and told them to be safe when going home. Then he said goodbye.

The fans responded cheerfully. The car started and drove away. Xie Yang raised the window and wanted to straighten up, only to be held down by Qiu Xing. Xie Yang looked up at him.

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang condescendingly. He pinched Xie Yang’s ear and said in a strange manner, “Thank you for your concern? Pay attention to safety? When have you become so considerate?”

Xie Yang smiled and deliberately replied, “They are my parents paying for my food and clothing. I have to be considerate.”

Qiu Xing’s expression darkened. “In the past, I was the parent who paid for your food and clothing. Why weren’t you so considerate to me?”

“So you want to be my parent?”

“……” Qiu Xing was angry and glared at Xie Yang. “Don’t blur the point!”

Xie Yang pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand and kissed his palm.

Qiu Xing’s fingers contracted and he couldn’t stop staring into Xie Yang’s eyes. He reached out to cover Xie Yang’s eyes and rubbed his hair vigorously.


The car was about to enter the city when Wu Shui spoke from the front passenger seat. “There is a car following us.”

Xie Yang had been discussing with Qin Cheng about the leakage of his itinerary. He immediately stared into the rearview mirror and inquired, “Which car is it?”

“The silver van on the back right.”

Xie Yang searched for it and found a silver van. Qiu Xing also discovered the silver van and instructed with a frown, “Get rid of it.”

Zhou Miao responded by accelerating and quickly changing lanes. In the rearview mirror, the silver van seemed to have discovered that it was spotted. It actually accelerated and tried to get parallel to their car.

As the two cars got closer, the rear window of the van suddenly lowered, revealing a few young girls whose faces were tightly covered with masks and hats. They held cameras and pointed them at this side, waving and shouting something.

Wu Shui could read lips. “They are calling out the boss’ name.”

Qiu Xing frowned fiercely and ordered again, “Find a way to get rid of them.”

Zhou Miao responded by once again flexibly changing lanes. He slowly pulled away from the van. However, the silver van actually caught up again and even stuck to their car.

Qiu Xing’s expression was completely cold. This time, he didn’t have to give a command. Zhou Miao changed lanes and accelerated again. He relied on his excellent driving skills and finally threw the van off completely when passing a complicated fork in the road.

The van might’ve been thrown away but the relaxed atmosphere in the car had disappeared. Qiu Xing asked Xie Yang, “What’s wrong with these people?”

Xie Yang replied, “They should be obsessive fans.”

“What are obsessive fans?”

Xie Yang explained the meaning.

Qiu Xing smiled coldly after hearing this. “They are still fans? They are just perverted stalkers. Wu Shui, do you remember the license plate of the van?”

“I remember.”

“Call the police.”

Wu Shui took out his phone and looked at Xie Yang first.

Xie Yang nodded. “Report it.”

Wu Shui dialed the reporting number.

Zhou Miao drove directly to the police station. After registering the report information, Qiu Xing left his lawyer’s number and took Xie Yang back to Jinghe Garden.

On the way back, Qiu Xing’s face was always stiff.

Xie Yang soothed him. “Don’t worry, this type of fan is in the minority. I wouldn’t have encountered them if my itinerary wasn’t leaked this time. It is a small probability event.”

“I will arrange two more bodyguards for you.” Qiu Xing wasn’t comforted at all. He squeezed Xie Yang’s hand tightly and his tone was cold. “Why did you choose this career? Let Qin Cheng protect your schedule information in the future.”

Xie Yang nodded and held Qiu Xing’s hand to appease him.


Later, the police station sent feedback. The owner of the van was a scalper who lived by selling the travel information of celebrities. Facing the police’s questioning, the scalper only admitted that he had accidentally discovered Xie Yang’s car. He didn’t admit that he followed Xie Yang with fans. He implied that everything was a coincidence.

The scalper didn’t admit it and the police couldn’t do anything. The car chase didn’t cause any actual harm. Even if there was surveillance to prove that the silver van was following Xie Yang, the police could only impose a penalty on the scalper for reckless driving and detain him for a few days. They couldn’t do anything else.

Once Qiu Xing got the results, he was so angry that he ate less than half a bowl. Xie Yang coaxed Qiu Xing to eat more. Then once Qiu Xing went to wash up after the meal, Xie Yang took out his mobile phone and looked at the information that Qin Cheng found about the Weibo that leaked his schedule.

It was posted by a small, unknown passerby account. This person said that he was eating out yesterday when he ran into the crew of ‘I See Xuanyuan’. He heard the crew mention that the second male lead part was finished and the actor would be flying back to B City tomorrow morning.

It was accompanied by two photos, both of which showed crew members leaving the restaurant after the dinner. Qin Cheng also sent other information he had found.

Qin Cheng: The Weibo was sent out early this morning and the news quickly spread to several of your senior fan groups.

Qin Cheng: In fact, the fans said at the beginning that they wouldn’t pick you up. Everyone thought you must be very tired from filming and that it wasn’t good to disturb you. Then someone mentioned that you left B City on the same flight as Xue Xian. Xue Xian will have fans to meet him off the plane but you won’t. Then the marketing accounts will write about how you envy Xue Xian. The fan said that it has been a year since your debut and they haven’t given you any decent support. You must feel wronged.

Qin Cheng: In this way, there were some distressed fans who were moved and temporarily organized this pick up event. The result was that some obsessive fans received the news and ran to chase you in a car.

Xie Yang read the messages from Qin Cheng several times.

Looking at it this way, the incident seemed to be caused by an ordinary itinerary leak but Xie Yang had to consider it some more.

In the novel, the original owner of this body died because of a car accident. Coincidentally, the cause of the original owner’s accident happened to be another car. However, unlike him, the car was driven by a drunk man, not fans.

This was a book world that might turn back to the original plotline at any time. He had to be vigilant about any similarity and dig deeper.

Xie Yang sent a few messages to Qin Cheng asking him to carefully check the source of the scalper and the itinerary leak. He should also screen the fans who drove the rhythm about the pick up event in the fan groups.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Just a mob passin by~
Just a mob passin by~
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