HTI: Chapter 112

Xie Yang went back and praised Qiu Xing’s Weibo post. Then he called Qiu Xing and asked, “A henpecked husband?”

“……” Qiu Xing’s tone had a forced calmness as he analyzed. “This time, someone should’ve made trouble on purpose. Don’t look at this mess. I’ll deal with it.”

Xie Yang also believed that someone was making trouble on purpose. These sour words might be sent by passerby accounts but they were well spoken. They only guided people and didn’t spread rumours. This made people unable to grab their tails. Moreover, they appeared on a large scale. This was the handwriting of a water army.

Xie Yang was in a good mood. He heard the words and said, “Okay, you should deal with it. However, you aren’t allowed to get angry because of these comments.”

Qiu Xing sneered. “These tricks are worth my anger?”

So confident? Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and felt completely assured. They chatted a bit more before he hung up the phone.

Before long, Xie Yang saw Qiu Xing’s actions.

On the hot search, the topic #Qiu Xing henpecked husband# directly lowered the #Xie Yang seeking a hug# topic. The Weibo post that Qiu Xing liked and the one he posted also went to the popular list, suppressing the previous popular posts.

The Xie fans, who had been furious from the sour remarks, found their backbone and flocked to the Weibo posts of Qiu Xing and the little girl to leave excited comments.

Xie Yang smiled. He logged into his main account and also praised the young girl’s post.


The day after the hot search incident, the luxury endorsement advertisement and still photo posts taken by Xie Yang were released by the brand and the spokesperson was announced. Qin Cheng immediately forwarded the brand’s Weibo post using Xie Yang’s account.

The circle shook again. There were only a few top luxury endorsements. Xie Yang had barely debuted for a year yet he actually won one?

The Xie fans were all stunned. They had secretly been feeling anxious that Xie Yang didn’t have a single endorsement. They were happy since Xie Yang was usually ridiculed by the fans of some fresh young stars with good fashion resources.

However, D brand? He started off so strong straight away?

The earthquake was much more than this.

In just one day, posters of Xie Yang were hung up at all D brand stores across the country and on the outer walls of shopping malls. The advertisement shot by Xie Yang also appeared on the screens of popular apps and the advertisement screens outside the shopping malls.

In the blink of an eye, everyone could see Xie Yang as long as they used their mobile phones to go shopping.

Countless people examined the advertisement and posters taken by Xie Yang with a critical eye. Then they reluctantly admitted that Xie Yang’s fashion expressiveness was really superb. The D brand clothing was famous for acting as a mirror to show fashion yet they looked like they were tailor made for Xie Yang.

There were a total of seven sets of clothing. There were three formal suits, two casual suits, one retro suit and one modified riding outfit. Xie Yang could perfectly control each set and he showed a different temperament for each one.

One of the posts showed Xie Yang wearing the modified riding outfit and playing with a violin bow. He squinted at the camera and looked elegant and wild. He was handsome enough to make people’s legs soften.


At the studio, Xie Yang’s phone vibrated wildly as Qiu Xing sent over many messages.

Qiu Xing: What is ‘I can’? Why do they keep shouting ‘I can’?

Qiu Xing: They can’t!

Qiu Xing: What is ‘Yang Yang is not allowed to refute my bed’? Ha!

Qiu Xing: Can you control your fans? Is this how they like you?

Qiu Xing: This is s*xual harassment!

Qiu Xing: You aren’t allowed to play the violin in the future when you take photos. What are you playing at? If you’re going to take photos then you should take good photos!

Qiu Xing: Xie Yang, are you pretending to be stupid again?

Xie Yang had just gone to drink water and was accused of pretending to be stupid when he came back. He was amused and directly sent a voice message. “I will only go to your bed.”

Qiu Xing was instantly quiet. The prompt about him typing appeared, disappeared, appeared and disappeared again. After five minutes, Qiu Xing finally replied to the message.

Qiu Xing: Don’t talk nonsense.

Qiu Xing: Film well.

Xie Yang smiled and felt distressed. He didn’t want Qiu Xing to continue sulking so he opened Weibo, logged into his main account and told everyone to pursue stars rationally and to not make outrageous comments.

The moment he finished posting, the special attention section told him that Qiu Xing had also made a post. He clicked in immediately.

[Qiu Xing: Chase stars rationally. Don’t use words to take advantage of idols.]


Xie Yang laughed and liked Qiu Xing’s post.


Two days before the Tao family’s birthday banquet, Xie Yang finally ushered in his last scene in ‘I See Xuanyuan’. He put on special effects makeup, walked through the ruined Su house and finally stopped in the room where he had learned the piano when he was a child. He found tools and carefully repaired the broken piano.

The set was very quiet and there was only the slight noise of the camera running.

Xie Yang had repaired a piano like this before.

In his fourth year of the apocalypse, he found a broken piano in an abandoned school. It was a rare sunny day and the surroundings were very quiet. The sunlight shone diagonally through the window frames, reflecting traces on the rope.

At the time, he repaired the piano but he didn’t play it because sound would be dangerous. Now he could play.

After the piano was repaired, he sat down in front of the piano and found that there were some window frame markings on it just like in the past. He paused and broke away from the script. He got up, walked to the window and carefully raised the window.

The screenwriter and several assistant directors frowned. Director Zhou stared at the camera footage without shouting ‘Cut’.

The not-so-bright sunlight came in and the traces on the piano were gone.

Xie Yang was satisfied and returned to the piano. The piano sounded and everyone gradually sank into the music.


The sound of the piano gradually ceased and Su Jingmo’s life ended in a sad and silent manner. The flames rose and gradually covered Xie Yang’s figure.

Director Zhou raised his hand up high. “Cut! It is over!”

The applause and cheers of congratulations weren’t heard as expected. There was just faint crying. Before everyone broke free from the feelings brought about by the piano, a figure suddenly stepped past the crowd. He frowned, kicked away all the fire making equipment and entered the field. He pulled Xie Yang, who was sitting in front of the piano, and directly wiped the tears from Xie Yang’s face with his shirt sleeves. “What are you doing sitting here so stupidly? Don’t you know how to come out after filming? What if you choke?”

Xie Yang emerged from the scene. He stared at the dark-looking Qiu Xing in front of him and in a rare manner, he was stunned. “Qiu Xing?”

Qiu Xing was obviously unhappy. He glared at Xie Yang and led him out of the flames. Then he took the water handed over by Wu Shui, opened it and gave it to Xie Yang.

Xie Yang finally recovered. He took a sip of the water and asked happily, “Why did you come?”

“I came because I wanted to come. If I didn’t come, I wouldn’t have known how you are filming and what a bad expression you can have.”

Speaking of filming, Xie Yang remembered how he added something on his own to the scene. He hurried to Director Zhou and apologized. “Director Zhou, I just added a section by myself. Will it have an impact? Do you need me to shoot another version?”

Director Zhou had repeatedly watched the scene several times. The more he looked, the more relaxed he became. He waved his hand casually and replied, “No need to shoot again. Just do a few close-ups later. The section you added wasn’t bad. The shadow of the window frame can be seen as society’s restraint on the development of music at the time… um, not bad. I will add a few more close-ups later.”


Qiu Xing was miserably ignored by Xie Yang and walked forward to Xie Yang’s side with a dark expression. Everyone’s minds had returned and they all secretly glanced at Qiu Xing. Director Zhou finally noticed Qiu Xing and exchanged a few words with him.

Xie Yang discovered that Qiu Xing had been brought in by Director Zhou. He looked at Qiu Xing. When did this man make contact with Director Zhou?

Qiu Xing noticed Xie Yang’s gaze and frowned. He raised his hand and wiped the scar and disfigurement makeup on Xie Yang’s face with a very disgusted look. “Come on, the filming is done so take it off… What is this makeup? So thin and stupid. The skin is bumpy and ugly.”

Xie Yang hurriedly pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand. “Don’t wipe it. The makeup teacher spent several hours doing this.”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang again. He held his hand tightly and was still dissatisfied. “Don’t take this type of disfigurement role in the future. What are you thinking? If you play this type or role, aren’t you afraid the audience will have a psychological shadow in the future?”

Director Zhou, “……”

Xie Yang went to film the close-ups before Qiu Xing completely offended Director Zhou.

At 6:30 in the evening, Xie Yang’s personal scenes finally came to an end. The life director booked a room at a nearby restaurant and gave Xie Yang a small finishing party.

Qiu Xing attended the party as a family member. He spoke very little throughout and declined all toasts. He just sat beside Xie Yang as a background board and served him vegetables and soup from time to time.

He didn’t show anything deliberately and he didn’t have any expression on his face during the entire process. However, anyone with eyes could see how he took care of Xie Yang. Eyes couldn’t fool people. These were true feelings.

The crew had guessed from the gifts sent occasionally that the chairman of Rongding treated Xie Yang very well. It was only now that they got the ‘Ah, these two are lovers. Qiu Xing loves Xie Yang’ type of feeling. Many of the crew members who had fallen for the online brainwashing silently slapped themselves and sighed with an envious lemon flavour.

Xie Yang noticed the changes in everyone’s expressions. He stared at the seemingly serious Qiu Xing next to him and smiled. His mouse actually took the initiative to come and brainwash everyone. How meticulous.

During the party, Xie Yang went to the bathroom. Once he came back, he found that Man Feidi had changed positions with the life director. He was sitting next to Qiu Xing, leaning forward and saying something to him. He held a bottle of coconut milk in one hand.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow, walked over and patted Qiu Xing’s shoulder. “Change positions.”

Qiu Xing didn’t ask anything. He sat down in Xie Yang’s previous position. Xie Yang took Qiu Xing’s position and looked at Man Feidi. “Senior, have you been eating well? Where is Director Huang?”

Man Feidi looked embarrassed and dodged his gaze as he replied, “Director Huang is drunk. He has already left… This is what Director Zhou asked me to do. He said that if Mr Qiu doesn’t drink alcohol and other juices, he might like this. Then you guys should talk.” Man Feidi got up and left.

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing again.

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang. “This is the person who tried to take advantage of your heat? What little milk dog and little wolf dog? I can’t see it clearly. How is he handsome? Do the fans have eyes?”

Xie Yang froze for a moment before laughing. He ignored the bottle of coconut milk and poured a glass of water for Qiu Xing. “Drink more water to get rid of the sour taste.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

QX didn’t forget about Man Feidi 😂😂

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
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“He was amused and directly sent a voice message. “I will only go to your bed.”

Why is this only shounen ai… 😩😩😩