HTI: Chapter 111

Xie Yang’s heart was moved as he repeated, “The future vice-chairman?”

Qiu Xing gently rubbed Xie Yang’s ears and asked in a teasing manner, “Do you want to come to Rongding?”

Xie Yang was expressionless. “No.”


Qiu Xing frowned at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand and spoke coldly. “I don’t want to watch you stay abroad for over two weeks in order to appease shareholders, investors and partners.”

Qiu Xing stopped frowning and continued to squeeze Xie Yang’s ear. Finally, he squeezed Xie Yang’s face and lowered his hand. “It is enough to deal with these troublesome shareholders once. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just set up an empty position for you first. Wait for me to take you up and I’ll give you a regular job.”

Xie Yang let himself be touched like a toy. “You will take me?”

“Yes.” Qiu Xing rubbed Xie Yang’s hair again and his gaze fell on his hair. It was as if there was something on it that attracted him. He didn’t look at his face as he continued, “In the later stages of the treatment, I might not be able to take care of the company. At that time, you will have to keep an eye on it. If you start slowly now then it won’t be so urgent in the future. Will you do me this favour?”

The later stage of treatment—this should be before and after surgery.

Xie Yang nodded. “Okay, I’ll help you. However, I still have Yang Xing. I can’t help you for too long. You need to get better as soon as possible.”

Qiu Xing lowered his gaze and they stared at each other. He touched Xie Yang’s face before placing his fingers on Xie Yang’s chin and lowering his head.


Later, Dr Kirkman came into the ward with the results of Qiu Xing’s examination this time. His face was full of excitement and surprise as he quickly analyzed the condition. In summary, the treatment was very effective and the tumour in Qiu Xing’s brain showed signs of shrinking.

Dr Kirkman was happy but he couldn’t believe it. “This is a miracle. The actual treatment effect is much better than previously expected. Mr Qiu, you were right to take this step. According to the current progress, you will be ready for surgery after two courses of treatment at most.”

Two courses of treatment would take around a year.

Xie Yang flipped through the checklist and saw that Qiu Xing had lost some weight compared to the last treatment. He inquired, “Can his body tolerate it if we continue to treat him like this?”

The burden of drugs on the body was unavoidable. Qiu Xing might look good now but he had been losing weight. As the treatment deepened, Qiu Xing’s body would only accumulate more and more drugs. His original physical fitness already wasn’t good. If he continued to be so thin, what would he be like in the end?

Dr Kirkman’s excitement decreased when he heard this. He explained, “This is what I’m thinking about. Mr Qiu, you have to find a way to maintain your body. Your work intensity must be lowered. You must eat, sleep and exercise properly. In addition, your stomach has improved after looking after it for so long. You can eat more according to the recipes I give you. Remember to eat small meals.”

Reducing the intensity of work was easy to say but hard to do. Rongding was a big group and there were countless matters sent in every day. Qiu Xing was surrounded by a bunch of pig teammates and a group of wolves staring at him. He couldn’t relax even for a moment.

Xie Yang’s expression turned cold when he thought of this. Suddenly, his hand was grabbed. Xie Yang returned to his senses and looked at the quiet Qiu Xing beside him. Qiu Xing turned back to Dr Kirkman. “I see. Thank you Dr Kirkman.”

Dr Kirkman nodded and left the two men alone in the ward.

Qiu Xing looked over at Xie Yang. “You aren’t happy?”

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing with narrowed eyes. “The cause of the past is the fruit of today. You used to be kind to those relatives and hesitant to the Feng family. Now you can’t rest even if you want to.”

Qiu Xing knew he was in the wrong so he kissed the corner of Xie Yang’s eye and held him in his arms.


On the evening that the treatment ended, Xie Yang returned to J City by plane. His personal scenes in ‘I See Xuanyuan’ were coming to an end. It was just that he needed to catch up with the schedule and didn’t have much time to rest.

They headed to the airport and Xie Yang remembered one thing in hindsight. He examined Qiu Xing’s hair that was currently still thick and reached out a hand.

Qiu Xing quickly grabbed Xie Yang’s hand. “What is it?”

“Dr Kirkman forgot to tell us about the side effects of this treatment.”

“The side effects are still the same.” Qiu Xing answered the question while casually placing Xie Yang’s hand on his knee. “In fact, there is nothing to say.”

Xie Yang understood and wondered, “Your hair loss symptoms have become serious?”

Qiu Xing froze.

“Are you wearing a wig?”

Qiu Xing was angry and glared at Xie Yang. “What wig? No!”

Xie Yang was very empathetic. “Should I prepare a wig for you? According to your current hair volume and the rate of hair loss, your hair will become thinner after a month at most.”


Xie Yang comforted him. “I will buy you the best wig and then ask a stylist to cut it for you according to the current hairstyle. I will make sure it looks like real hair and no one else can see it.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed. He grasped Xie Yang’s hand and stared straight ahead as he replied dully, “No need.”


“…I’ve already arranged it.”

Xie Yang smiled and took the initiative to lean over and kiss Qiu Xing in comfort. “It’s fine. I will also shave my head to accompany you.”

Qiu Xing immediately turned to frown at Xie Yang, his eyebrows moving close together. “Don’t shave it!”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Why? Do you think I will be ugly if I shave my hair? Will you hate me for having no hair?”

“…Nonsense.” Qiu Xing’s expression relaxed and he rubbed Xie Yang’s head. “Don’t shave… you must always look the best.”


The plane landed in J City. Xie Yang left the airport, got into the car and switched on his phone. Qin Cheng’s call came right on time.

“You and Mr Qiu are on the hot search.”

Xie Yang noticed that Qin Cheng’s tone wasn’t right. “The hot search isn’t very good?”

“The rhythm is a bit bad. You can take a look first. I have the public relations team staring at it. Discuss it with Mr Qiu and then tell me.”

Xie Yang agreed and hung up. He first sent a message telling Qiu Xing that he was safe and then opened Weibo.

The topic #Xie Yang seeking a hug# was hanging in the middle position of the hot search.

Seeking a hug? What was this?

Xie Yang clicked onto the topic. It jumped to the page and many sour Weibo posts were seen.

Love a Sunny Day: #Xie Yang seeking a hug# Xie Yang fell in love with an old man who is going to die. However, he can’t take the initiative to make the old man happy so he can inherit the old man’s large inheritance? I’m laughing at those Xie fans who are saying it is sweet. Can’t you see the obvious reversal of losing money instead of being paid? The rumour that he was sold to an old man for 500 million is probably true. I want to tell the Xie fans to stop digging up when the two of them fell in love. How can it be good to dig out the truth when it is so embarrassing?

Baby Yi: #Xie Yang seeking a hug# Another soul has fallen for money. Those Xie fans who find sweet points such as the name of Xie Yang’s company and the location of the company, I can only say… emmmmm, is it the love between an actor and a rich man or a love with a rich man who is seriously ill? Are you still blessing it?

Stripe Control: #Xie Yang seeking a hug# Looking at Xie Yang’s initiative, I don’t see any love. Xie fans, don’t say that Xie Yang’s family has money and doesn’t need to do things for money. In front of Rongding, the Xie family can only be regarded as a small shrimp. The difference between a top rich family and a small rich family is still very big.

Gu Gua Gua: #Xie Yang seeking a hug# I originally liked Xie Yang but he actually… well, I advise everyone to say less. Everyone knows it well. If you say too much then be careful about being sent a lawyer letter. It is really uncomfortable. Now I start to feel physiologically uncomfortable when I see Rongding’s products.

Xie Yang’s gaze fixed on the fourth post. Then he cut to the popular list and looked at it. There must be a reason it suddenly went on the hot search…

He found it. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow as he looked at this second most popular Weibo post.

Awesome Awesome Handsome Spiral: Oh my god, look at what I have photographed. The new husbands who were on the hot search some time ago! Xie Yang took the initiative to hug ahh! I thought he was cold and domineering. I didn’t expect him to be so sweet when he fell in love. The contrast is good hahahaha.

There were several photos attached to the post. It was exactly the scene where he took the initiative to hug Qiu Xing yesterday at the airport.

There were more than 20,000 comments on this post. The first two hot comments were envying the chance encounter and shouting about how it was sweet. Then starting from the third hot comment, the style gradually became crooked.

Melon Seeds Smacking the Lips: Is Xie Yang so active? It looks a bit… uh…

Lens Are Never Wiped Well: Xie Yang came back to celebrate his birthday with Qiu Xing. I’m drunk, what’s so sweet about this? If you want to have a birthday together, shouldn’t Qiu Xing take the initiative to find him? Xie Yang is too humble. During the previous media visit, Xie Yang said that his scenes in ‘I See Xuanyuan’ are coming to an end. Isn’t he in a hurry to film? If Qiu Xing really likes Xie Yang then he should take the initiative to go there.

Special Cockroach Killing Slippers: Am I the only one who thinks that Qiu Xing looks a bit reluctant? His expression is so ugly when waiting for Xie Yang. He doesn’t look like he is waiting for a lover.

Their sourness was over the limit.

Xie Yang closed the comments and was about to switch back to his Weibo account to make people more sour. Then he received a WeChat message from Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng: Mr Qiu posted on Weibo.


Xie Yang hurriedly went to Qiu Xing’s page. There were two new updates on Qiu Xing’s Weibo page. One was a like and the other was something posted by Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang first look at Qiu Xing’s post.

[Qiu Xing: En.]

Huh? Just ‘en’?

Xie Yang was puzzled and looked at the post that Qiu Xing liked.

Gu Gu Gu Summer Vacation: Sisters, I’m going to switch from a fan to a CP fan! I ran into Yang Yang and his boyfriend at the airport yesterday. They are so sweet! I thought that Mr Qiu was a super fierce and cold person. He might look fierce but he is actually super gentle and caring! After I blessed him and Yang Yang, he actually took the initiative to give me an autograph. After knowing that I was flying alone, he sent a bodyguard to accompany me to check in! There is a small detail that shows that Mr Qiu is absolutely very good to Yang Yang. I was really scared of Mr Qiu when I was asking for the signature. Then Yang Yang asked Mr Qiu to turn his head in order not to scare me. Mr Qiu really turned his head! Ohh, I hope that Mr Qiu won’t see this. I feel that Mr Qiu is a henpecked husband.

This post had a photo attached to it. On two pages of the notebook paper printed with dark flowers, Qiu Xing and Xie Yang’s names were close together. One was domineering and wild while the other was sharp and vigorous. There was a type of inexplicable harmony.

Xie Yang went back to Qiu Xing’s post and wanted to laugh.

Qiu Xing sent an ‘En’. Did this mean that he really was a henpecked husband?

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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