HTI: Chapter 11

Before leaving, Xie Yang asked Ke Lan for Xu Chenhao’s contact information. In the previous conversation, the three of them agreed that IUD without Xu Chenchao was soulless and decided to invite him back.

Tong Jian hesitated. “Is it really possible to invite Brother Hao back? He was so determined to leave. He said he was tired and didn’t want to fight in the entertainment circle anymore.”

Ke Lan had thought a lot in the past few days and he shook his head. “No, he wasn’t tired, he was protecting us. He is smart and should’ve seen Mo Bin’s mind a long time ago. He knew that IUD would’ve fallen apart soon or later. He feared that chaos would come and made himself the sinner who broke us up. Unfortunately, Mo Bin failed to live up to his efforts. He didn’t have the courage to speak about breaking up in that situation and dragged things out like this.”

Tong Jian was confused.

“Tong Tong, the thing Mo Bin cared about from beginning to end wasn’t IUD but the success that IUD could bring him. We understood it too late.”

Tong Jian clenched his fists, rubbed his eyes and stopped talking.

Ke Lan looked at Xie Yang again. “I will first tell Chenhao about the current situation and let him take the initiative to contact you. You can rest assured that he will definitely come back.”

Xie Yang nodded.

Once this matter was over, Xie Yang turned and left. He had just taken two steps when he stopped again, returning to Tong Jian and Ke Lan’s car and knocking on Ke Lan’s window. Ke Lan lowered the window and asked, “What’s the matter? Have you forgotten something?”

“I just missed a little thing. I’m curious. What did you hear before I came to Century?”

Ke Lan paused before replying, “As we were taken to the box by the waiter, we heard that the floor was vacated for you today. They also said you were the little boss and they should be careful. Xie Yang, don’t worry. Tong Tong and I won’t say anything about your background.”

In the front passenger’s seat, Tong Jian hurriedly followed suit to promise.

“…Thank you.” Xie Yang thanked them and watched them leave. He thought about the title ‘little boss’ and smiled. In the original book, Qiu Xing had never given the cannon fodder such an identity. It seemed that he, the butterfly, had started to play a role in the plot.

There might be paparazzi around the dormitory so Xie Yang didn’t want to go back. He had Wu Shui change the route to C University and decided to report one day in advance. On the way, he took the time to look at the direction of public opinion on Weibo.

After a night of fermentation, the hot search of #IUD self-destructing# had steadily squeezed into the top 10. The focus of the fans’ controversy gradually shifted from ‘Xie Yang pretending to be sick’ and ‘Xie Yang discrediting IUD’ on the Hello Holiday program last night to ‘Why did Wenyi sign Xie Yang, such a bad newcomer’, ‘wondering if Xie Yang has a background’ and ‘Does Xie Yang regard IUD as a springboard for debut.’

The fans conspired to understand Xie Yang’s performance student identity and determined that Xie Yang joined IUD to gain some of the heat of IUD’s fifth anniversary. After that, he would fly solo and turn to acting.

It wasn’t just Xie Yang. The fans also thought that Hu Biao was conspiring. They suspected that Hu Biao was no longer satisfied watching IUD and wanted to use IUD to support a few newcomers. They scolded Hu Biao for forcing Xu Chenhao away so that IUD could happily break up.

Xie Yang saw these posts about Hu Biao and raised his eyebrows with surprise.

The rhythm on Weibo was all Mo Bin’s handwriting and now the rhythm was aimed at Hu Biao. Did this mean that Mo Bin, who was hiding behind this rhythm, wasn’t just trying to disband IUD? He also wanted to change his agent?

Did Hu Biao know what Mo Bin thought? If Hu Biao knew…


Xie Yang woke up from his thoughts and turned to look at Wu Shui. “What is it?”

“President Xie is here.”


Wu Shui signalled in front of them. “Your father, President Xie.”

Xie Yang put away his phone and looked forward. He saw Xie Xiu standing in front of the gates of C University like a doorman, hands on his hips and eyes wandering back and forth among the students reporting to school.

Wu Shui asked euphemistically, “Do you want me to go down and deal with it?”

Xie Yang remembered that he had promised Qiu Xing to help speed up the bankruptcy of the Xie family and shook his head. “No, ask President Xie to come over. By the way, has he seen you before?”

“He’s seen me.”

“Then go. He’ll come with you.”

Wu Shui nodded, found a place to park, got out of the car and walked toward Xie Xiu.

A few minutes later, Xie Xiu came to the car with a diligent smile. He saw that Wu Shui wanted to open the door for him and quickly reached out to stop Wu Shui. “No need, I’ll do it myself. I didn’t expect to meet President Qiu here. I really feel sorry that I didn’t get to meet President Qiu last time. For the past two days, I’ve been thinking—how are you here?”

“Of course it is me. Xie Xiu, what are you doing standing in front of my school?”

Xie Xiu saw Xie Yang and all the irritability and anger that had accumulated in the past few days erupted. He reached out to grab Xie Xiu. “Why do you think I’m standing at the gate of your school? If I could get through to your phone, do you think I would come here? What did you say to Qiu Xing? Why won’t he answer my calls anymore? The cooperation we previously discussed has also disappeared. Get out here!”

Xie Yang didn’t get out. Instead, he easily grasped Xie Xiu’s hand and cooperated with Wu Shui to ‘help’ Xie Xiu into the car.

Xie Xiu fell onto the seat and became even angrier. He reached out to hit Xie Xiu but before he could, Xie Yang pressed him back against the car and gave him a hard pat on the back of the head. He spoke coldly, “Haven’t you heard? Domestic violence must be fatal.”

Xie Xiu was confused and then furious as he started to struggle hard. “Xie Yang, I’m your father. You dare to hit me!”

“It is you who wants to fight. Xie Xiu, do you want to see Qiu Xing?”

Xie Xiu’s struggle stopped and he looked up at Xie Yang, calming down with much difficulty. “Xie Yang, what do you mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything. If you want to see Qiu Xing then I’ll take you to see him.” Xie Yang released Xie Xiu, rearranged his messy clothes and ordered Wu Shui, “Go to Rongding.”

Wu Shui started the car.

Once Xie Xiu was released, he quickly sat down and rubbed his aching wrist. He wanted to hit Xie Yang but he finally held back and asked, “Can you really take me to see Qiu Xing?”

Xie Yang ignored him and pulled out his phone. Xie Xiu stared at Xie Yang with hate, wanting to teach him a good lesson like before. However, he was afraid of the driving Wu Shui and suppressed it.

Xie Yang ignored Xie Xiu’s gaze and clicked on Qiu Xing’s WeChat to send him a message: Do you have time?

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: No time.

Xie Yang: I’ll give you money.

Qiu Xing: Oh?

Xie Yang: Xie Xiu is now in my car and I’m on my way to Rongding.

After a while.

Qiu Xing: Xie Xiu went to see you.

Xie Yang: Yes.

Qiu Xing: Go home.

Xie Yang sent a polite question mark.

Qiu Xing didn’t reply. A few seconds later, Wu Shui’s phone next to the steering wheel rang. Wu Shui answered and Qiu Xing’s voice was heard. “Take Xie Yang back to Jinghe Garden. I will go there immediately.”

He hung up before Wu Shui could answer. Wu Shui gazed at Xie Yang through the rearview mirror. “Boss.”

“Listen to Qiu Xing.”

Wu Shui immediately changed lanes and was ready to turn around.

Xie Xiu saw these things and couldn’t help exclaiming angrily, “No wonder why you didn’t answer my call and treated me with this attitude. It turned out that you are favoured. I used to think that you were an honest child. Now I understand that you’re a restless white-eyed wolf, just as your mother said!”

“Which mother?” Xie Yang looked at him sideways with a smile. “Is it my biological mother who couldn’t stand your domestic violence and committed suicide or the mistress who became my stepmother? Then she knows me well. After all, I have a father like you. It is a waste of this life experience not to be a white-eyed wolf.”

Xie Xiu choked and his face twitched. He wanted to refute it but didn’t know what to say. Finally, he had a dark face and stopped talking.

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