HTI: Chapter 109

Xie Yang quickly saw Qiu Xing’s initiative.

During the entire process of eating breakfast and going to the filming set, Xie Yang held his mobile phone in his hand and kept refreshing Qiu Xing’s Weibo page. Each time he refreshed, Qiu Xing’s page had one or two more likes and forwarded posts. He received notifications that Qiu Xing liked and forwarded all his Weibo posts without exception.

After arriving at the set, Xie Yang refreshed for the last time and found that Qiu Xing had actually changed the default avatar set by the system and replaced it with a photo of him.

He didn’t know when Qiu Xing had taken the photo. In the photo, Xie Yang was sitting cross-legged on the grass by the lake and looking at the lake. His hands were stretched forward like he was going to touch the water.

Xie Yang was amused. This photo obviously echoed the photo of Qiu Xing feeding the fish and watching the lake that he had posted before. Why was Qiu Xing’s thinking so cautious in this regard?


The initiative didn’t stop.

During the next period of time, Qiu Xing would send warmth to the crew at intervals. Sometimes it was food and sometimes they were items to be used. They were all practical things that wouldn’t burden people.

The crew members were bombarded by the intensive sugar-coated bullets. They quickly digested it and became used to the fact that Xie Yang wasn’t single. Their attitude changed from politeness to gossip and then to jeering. Some of them were lively and would occasionally make fun of Xie Yang.

On the Internet, Qiu Xing’s actions hadn’t stopped. He finished liking all the photos of Xie Yang on Weibo and then started to post photos with low frequency. Sometimes it was twice or day or sometimes it was one every two days. All his posts were photos of the two of them at the graduation ceremony.

Qiu Xing’s Weibo fans continued to increase. The style of the netizens’ comments changed from ‘come to meet the handsome boss’ to ‘come come come, eat dog food’.

The fans who were sad about their idol announcing his love affair quickly defected under such an intense bombardment of photos. They ran to check in and eat dog food every day. If Qiu Xing didn’t post photos then they would make trouble.

The enthusiasm of the romance announcement passed and marketing accounts started to try and dig out Qiu Xing’s illness and the relationship between the two. There were sour comments about how Xie Yang developed so well by hugging Qiu Xing’s thigh.

Qin Cheng quickly noticed this trend and immediately reported it to Xie Yang. As a result, the moment that Qin Cheng’s call was complete, Qiu Xing directly forwarded the Weibos of these marketing accounts and told them to contact Rongding’s law firm.

By the time Xie Yang opened Weibo to check the situation, the marketing accounts collectively deleted the content and a bunch of deleted forwards were seen on Qiu Xing’s page. Then Qiu Xing posted his second Weibo since the relationship announcement with text.

[Qiu Xing: Oh.]

It was irony.

Xie Yang couldn’t help laughing. He immediately switched to his main account and liked Qiu Xing’s post. Then Qiu Xing’s WeChat immediately sent a message.

Qiu Xing: Is it time to rest?

Xie Yang replied: Yes, the next scene is in 10 minutes. Are you going to sleep?

Qiu Xing: I will go to bed straight away. I asked people to send drinks to the crew. The temperature in N City has risen again. Be careful not to get heatstroke.

He was sending something cool again. Xie Yang smiled and sent a kissing emoticon over. The typing prompt appeared in the chat box and disappeared after one minute.

Qiu Xing: kiss kiss.jpg

Qiu Xing: I’m sleeping. Good night. You should also remember to go to bed early.

He actually stole the emoticon.

Xie Yang smiled and said good night back.


The crew finished shooting in N City and moved back to J City to continue filming the scenes in the Su house. From here on, Xie Yang’s role was drastically reduced. After several days of intensive filming in J City, Xie Yang had a few days of free time. He immediately booked a flight back to B City to sign an endorsement contract with a brand and to shoot the advertisement for the endorsement product.

After a period of negotiation and considering that Xie Yang had announced his love affair with Qiu Xing, Qin Cheng finally gave Xie Yang the endorsement of a luxury clothing brand. Qin Cheng went to the airport to meet Xie Yang and explained to him, “I originally discussed a watch endorsement but I gave up when considering that the watch you and Mr Qiu usually wear is much better than the one who invited you.”

Xie Yang didn’t care much about this. “Then you arrange it.”

They got into the car and Xie Yang took off his hat and mask. Qin Cheng read over the schedule and continued, “Signing the contract plus taking the ads and poster photos will probably take three days. In addition, I helped pick up the cover shot of V Group for you. This is your first cover for one of the top five magazines so you should do well.”

Xie Yang nodded.

Qin Cheng reported some small things and then put the schedule down. He asked, “Your birthday is coming soon? How do you plan to spend it? Do you want to celebrate with the fans?”

Xie Yang was taken aback and repeated, “Birthday?”

“Surely you weren’t so busy that you forgot your birthday?” Qin Cheng was amused. He took out his phone and clicked on the calendar. “July 6th. Xie Yang, you will be 21 years old soon.”

His birthday.

Xie Yang was suddenly in a trance. He hadn’t celebrated his birthday in so many years and he almost forgot about it. His own birthday… seemed to be in July too. He couldn’t remember clearly.

“I won’t spend that day with the fans.” His senses returned. He thought for a while before adding, “Hold a lucky draw and give the fans some benefits.”

Qin Cheng nodded and took note of it.


Signing the contract, shooting the advertisements and the poster photos, returning to meetings at Yang Xing… Xie Yang was busy for three days and finally ushered in his last job before returning to J City. It was shooting the magazine cover for the V Group.

Xie Yang arrived at the studio early. To his surprise, he actually met someone he knew here.

In the large room where the clothing was placed, Tao Yang was smiling and talking to the stylist of V Group next to the clothes rack. The stylist was still holding a piece of clothing. Tao Yang saw Xie Yang walking in with the fashion director of V Group and his words paused.

Xie Yang stopped moving after he noticed Tao Yang.

The director noticed this and followed Xie Yang’s gaze to find Tao Yang still in the room. He frowned before controlling himself. He forced a smile and said, “Tao Yang, you’re still here. It just so happens that I forgot to give you something. Xie Yang, I heard that you and Tao Yang know each other so I won’t introduce you. Next to Tao Yang is Fei Ya. She will be responsible for your styling today.”

Xie Yang controlled his thoughts. He first greeted Fei Ya before looking at Tao Yang with a smile. “Senior Tao, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Tao Yang also smiled. “It is quite a coincidence.”

Both of them were smiling but the atmosphere was a bit strange. The director secretly glared at Fei Ya and after a few more words, he invited Tao Yang to leave with him. Tao Yang nodded at Xie Yang and left with the director.

After the two of them left, Fei Ya hurriedly called for the assistant to measure Xie Yang’s height and body shape before choosing the clothes for Xie Yang to wear.

Xie Yang was invited by the staff to sit down in the rest area while the clothes were being picked. Not long after Xie Yang sat down, Tao Yang actually came back and sat down right next to Xie Yang.

The people in the room who noticed this all stared at them. They thought of the previous incident between the two on Weibo and inwardly cried. Fei Ya regretted allowing Tao Yang to stay and chat more.

Xie Yang looked at Tao Yang.

Tao Yang smiled at Xie Yang. Then he took the initiative to pick up the teapot on the coffee table and pour a cup of scented tea for Xie Yang. He sighed and said, “I didn’t expect that the artist shooting the cover today would be my junior. It is less than a year after your debut and you only have a few works, yet you were invited to be on the cover of one of the five major magazines. It seems that the V Group really likes you.”

This wasn’t good.

Xie Yang didn’t answer and asked instead, “I forgot to ask. Senior, why are you here?”

Tao Yang put down the teapot and replied. “I came here to send some clothes. I opened my own clothing brand and plan to promote my design concept by providing clothes to the magazine.”

Xie Yang nodded. “A small brand that just opened can send clothes to the V Group. It seems that the V Group also likes Senior Tao.”


Tao Yang smiled. “Junior, you are really humorous.”

“It is just learning from Senior.”

Tao Yang twisted the ring on his finger and seemed to casually mention, “The Xie family has developed well this year.”

Xie Yang also casually mentioned, “The Tao family has developed well in the past five years.”

The smile on Tao Yang’s face disappeared and he raised his eyes to stare at Xie Yang carefully. It wasn’t known what his mind made up but he suddenly changed to a solemn expression. “Junior, I have always wanted to find a chance to apologize to you and Mr Qiu face to face about the Weibo post some time ago. It is a pity that Mr Qiu is too busy and I haven’t found the opportunity. I posted such a thing hastily and caused the public to misunderstand the relationship between you and Mr Qiu. I’m sorry.”

Xie Yang smiled. “You don’t need to apologize in person. I have to thank Senior Tao. If it wasn’t for your post, Qiu Xing and I wouldn’t have found a small problem when getting along. However, I hope that the next time you encounter a similar situation, you can verify it with the parties involved before speaking. Everyone is a public figure and it is easy for their words to become bigger. Qiu Xing and I are smart. We know that Senior wrote that Weibo post for our own good. If it was switched to a stupid person then they might suspect Senior’s intentions.”

Tao Yang listened carefully. Then he apologized again like he didn’t hear the meaning in Xie Yang’s words. “Junior, you are right. I was reckless before. I’m really sorry.”

Xie Yang replied, “It doesn’t matter.”

Fei Ya walked over with the selected clothes and Tao Yang smartly got up and left. Xie Yang watched Tao Yang leave with cold eyes.

During the styling, Fei Ya seemed to say unintentionally, “The clothes sent by Tao Yang are for the models on the inside pages. The director specially told me that I have to choose the best clothes for you.”

She gave a specific explanation. The people in this circle were truly experienced.

Xie Yang watched Fei Ya through the mirror and answered politely.


On July 1st, after more than a month of publicity, ‘Crazy Musician’ was officially released. Due to the incident with Mu Zhouyi some time ago, this movie received a high amount of attention as soon as it was released.

Countless people entered the movie theatre with the mentality of ‘look at Mu Zhouyi’s last work’. Then they were captured by the movie’s plot and the protagonist Yun Jia. They walked out of the movie theatre full of wonder and shock.

On the night the movie was released, the promotional video of Xie Yang playing the violin once again became popular and was accompanied by the topic #Fairy music#.

Critics published their review of ‘Crazy Musician’ one after another. In their evaluation, they all mentioned the song ‘Unawakened Dream’ written by Xie Yang for the protagonist Yun Jia as well as Yun Jia’s piano and violin performances in the movie. They indicated that the soul of Yun Jia’s role was given by Shen Yan and the music.

Qiu Xing, who hadn’t posted on Weibo for two days, finally appeared again. He liked the evaluation of ‘Crazy Musician’ by a certain netizen.

Sunshine is so Happy: I declare that I am a fan of Xie Yang from now on! ‘Unawakened Dream’ is so nice. I used to not feel anything about Xie Yang’s musical talents but this time I really enjoyed it. Kneeling to pray for Xie Yang’s album! The marketing accounts who previously said that Xie Yang became popular because of his boyfriend truly have broken eyes. How can Xie Yang not become popular with his talent?!

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Seikyoku S.
Seikyoku S.
2 years ago

“Sometimes it was twice or day or sometimes it was one every two days“

—> twice [a] day

2 years ago

dam i feel so single

2 years ago

Hahahah….I thought I was given subtle dog food near the end of the last chapter but their confessions were too sweet I thought it was my imagination.

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i would like to know if the music in this novel is real or fake.