HTI: Chapter 105

The two people over there were still chatting. Xie Yang listened to a few more words and learned that Tao Yang was attending this graduation ceremony as a family member for someone graduating. He had just retracted his attention and was prepared to go receive his bachelor’s degree clothing when the topic of the two people turned back to him.

“Compared with Tao Yang, Xie Yang is a nouveau riche.”

Xie Yang stopped and turned sideways to face the two speaking people.

“In fact, I feel this way too. They are both rich but Tao Yang is graceful, modest and elegant. Xie Yang… well, I think Xie Yang is ridiculous. He tries so hard to package himself as being part of the upper class circle but he isn’t part of that circle at all. If you look at Tao Yang’s usual contacts and then Xie Yang’s contacts, you will see the difference between a real wealthy family and a nouveau riche.”

“Xie Yang is indeed well packaged. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have been his classmate for several years, I really would believe that Xie Yang is the favoured son of a wealthy family. I pity those fans who have been fooled and think that Xie Yang is a real young master.”

“The entertainment industry is always this way. It can only be said that the blind cat Xie Yang succeeded in meeting a dead mouse. However, a person’s character setting will always fall. There is also Yang Xing—”

“What about Yang Xing?”

The two men were startled and turned their heads. Xie Yang stood a step behind the two of them. He met their eyes and raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with Yang Xing? Tell me about it?”

They were caught speaking badly by the person and their expressions changed. The boy who spoke the most had a guilty conscience and tried to turn it around. “Xie Yang, you really have no quality. You actually eavesdropped on us.”

Xie Yang laughed. “The volume of your conversation means it can be heard clearly from five steps away. Do I still need to eavesdrop? How many people have noticed that I’m here and how many people noticed what you were talking about? As a result, no one came to remind you that I have come. What do you think is the reason?”

The two boys hurriedly looked around. All the people in the area who were secretly paying attention to the movements here looked awkward when they heard Xie Yang’s words. They saw the two boys looking over and turned their heads, pretending not to pay attention.

Xie Yang told them, “It is better to be kinder. If you gossip too much then you will lose friends.” After warning these two people, he passed through the stiff crowd to the counselor to sign in and collect his things.

Later, the atmosphere of Xie Yang’s class became very weird. Everyone was looking at Xie Yang but no one took the initiative to come forward and talk to him.

Xie Yang was quiet and happy. He put on the clothing and walked to the position where he needed to stand when entering the auditorium. Then he took out his phone and looked at Weibo.

The topic #Xie Yang Graduation# was already on the Weibo hot search list.

He clicked in and found that all of the media had focused on him and Xie Xiu when publishing their articles. The contents of the articles were about him and his father Xie Xiu and even most of the photos showed both of them. On the other side, Qiu Xing was so tall and handsome yet he and Wu Shui were reduced to the background. Finally, a few clear photos of Qiu Xing appeared but Qiu Xing’s face was blocked by the bouquet of flowers from Xie Xiu and his appearance wasn’t clear.


Xie Yang looked through it unwillingly. Finally, in a set of photos just released by the media, he found a frontal photograph of him and Qiu Xing. Both of their faces were showing and a closer look revealed that he was holding Qiu Xing’s hand.

He clicked on the comments area below and quickly glanced at the comments.

Comment 1: The suit is so handsome! Yang Yang’s style today receives a full score! Ahhhh!

Comment 2: Yang Yang’s father is too happy. I’m afraid that Yang Yang will become a little fatty like his father in the future [laughing and crying]

Comment 3: Fu*k! Who is this person standing next to Yang Yang? So handsome!

A netizen replied to comment 3: I heard from my sister who went to C University today that this handsome guy is a friend invited by Yang Yang’s father to help! It is said that the car Yang Yang was riding broke down halfway to the ceremony. Yang Yang’s father asked this friend who happened to be on the way to send Yang Yang to school.

Comment 3’s reply to the netizen: Wow! What a great friend! He looks so young. I thought he was Yang Yang’s older brother. [Laughing and Crying]

The netizen replied to comment 3: Hahaha, it isn’t his brother. It is Yang Yang’s father’s friend. You should call him Uncle.

Xie Yang, “……”

Xie Yang couldn’t help it. His fingers moved to take screenshots of these comments and he sent them to Qiu Xing through WeChat. It took several minutes for Qiu Xing to reply.

Qiu Xing: What is this mess?

Qiu Xing: Don’t look at it.

Xie Yang wanted to laugh and reply when he noticed something. He locked his phone and looked to the side.

A handsome boy who was about to pat Xie Yang’s shoulder was startled by his sudden turn of the head. He hurriedly retracted his hand and smiled at Xie Yang in a slightly embarrassed manner. “Xie Yang, long time no see.”

Xie Yang didn’t know this person and just nodded politely in response. “What is it?”

The boy said, “That… I previously posted on the forum that you would be dropped out of school. I’m sorry.” He looked around, approached Xie Yang and lowered his voice. “I did something wrong at that time and I apologize. I’m about to sign with a company soon. I hope you don’t… In any case, some people in the class want to have a good relationship with you and then sign to Yang Xing. It is better if you don’t sign them. They usually talk about you behind your back. Some people even say that they want to become friendly with you and then slowly tear down your character setting after signing with your company.” He smiled stiffly at Xie Yang before turning and walking away.


Xie Yang watched the boy leave, glanced at the students around him and put away his mobile phone. It seemed the handsome boy who just came here was the original roommate who once wrote the post ‘Tell you about my roommate Y who suddenly became popular’.

Now this roommate came to him specifically to take advantage of this graduation time. Did he want to exchange this secret for getting rid of the grudge? It was an ‘elite’ person suitable for mixing in the entertainment circle.

When lining up, three boys and one girl took the initiative to talk to Xie Yang. One of the boys happened to be right behind Xie Yang. He sighed, “Xie Yang, I haven’t seen you in a year and you’ve really changed a lot. Don’t think I’m talking too much. I want to tell you sincerely that I think you’re much better now than before. Before… well, people are really good at being deceived. Previously I wanted to help you but I didn’t know how to help.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Then I’ll tell you the truth.”

The boy looked friendly as he put on a ‘please say it, I’m listening’ appearance. “What is the truth?”

“I’m not going to sign any of my classmates to Yang Xing. Classmates are precious and it is better not to mix interests.”

The boy’s expression froze and the noisy area suddenly seemed to quiet down. Xie Yang pretended not to notice these abnormalities and continued, “Thank you for your care for me in the past few years. I’ll remember it in my heart.”

It was written in the novel that the original owner had a very low presence in class due to his personality and grades. In the past few years of studying, the original owner wasn’t bullied by his classmates but he had been ridiculed and secretly ostracized. All in all, the original owner didn’t like this group of students very much.

The moment Xie Yang finished speaking, he turned his head back to the front and stopped talking.

The boy behind Xie Yang fell silent. After a while, the surrounding silence was replaced by noisy voices again. The atmosphere seemed to return to normal but no one took the initiative to talk to Xie Yang again.

All the preparations finished and everyone entered the auditorium in order. The family viewing area became lively after seeing the graduates enter the venue. The parents cheered and applauded to send blessings to the graduates.

Many graduates waved hello to their parents sitting in the viewing area. Xie Yang also turned to look at that area and soon saw Xie Xiu waving to this side from the front row. Sitting quietly next to him and staring this way was Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing and waved at him with a smile. Qiu Xing’s senses returned. He turned his gaze sideways and moved back. His legs shifted but in the end, he only nodded slightly toward Xie Yang in response.

The burden was really heavy.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow, retracted his gaze and went to sit down in his class area.

The ceremony followed the normal schedule. Xie Yang looked in Qiu Xing’s direction when he came to the stage to receive his graduation certificate. He smiled again at Qiu Xing’s straightforward gaze and shook his graduation certificate toward him.

The corners of Qiu Xing’s mouth curled up. He quickly restrained it and changed his sitting posture, once again assuming a serious look.

Once the certificates were handed out, the leaders of various departments gave speeches. Many graduates were crying due to the sensational speeches from the leaders. Xie Yang’s heart was as calm as water and he even wanted to take out his mobile phone. After the leaders’ speeches were finally finished, the graduation ceremony ended and everyone was allowed to move freely.

Xie Yang got up immediately, walked out of the class area and toward the viewing area for family members.

There were too many graduates leaving and his sight was obscured by the crowd. Xie Yang finally saw Qiu Xing again when he reached the row where Qiu Xing was located. As a result, he found that he was actually talking to a stranger.

It was a man who looked very elegant and gentle. He had classical facial features, white skin and light brown hair that was slightly curly. He stood in the row behind Qiu Xing, his hands propped on the back of the chair as he leaned closer to Qiu Xing while speaking with a smile.

Qiu Xing stood in front of the chair and listened to the other person’s words. He was frowning and there was suppressed impatience on his face. He probably noticed Xie Yang’s gaze and abruptly turned his head to look over. Then Qiu Xing said something to the young man and strode toward Xie Yang.

Xie Yang stood there and waited.

The moment Qiu Xing reached Xie Yang, he raised his hand and pressed it against the graduation cap on Xie Yang’s head. He couldn’t hide the pride in his eyes but his mouth was disgusted. “How old are you? You can’t even wear your clothes well. The collar here is crooked.”

Xie Yang smiled and was about to speak when the young man came over and smiled at Qiu Xing. “Mr Qiu, is this the child of your family who graduated?”

Child who graduated?

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing with narrowed eyes. Qiu Xing’s expression was stiff while he rubbed Xie Yang’s face after helping him tidy up the collar. Then he said to the young man. “He isn’t the child at home. He… is my…”

Xie Yang just watched Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing’s expression became sharp and he pressed down on Xie Yang’s hat again. Then he frowned at the young man. “He is Xie Yang, my person. Xie Yang, this is Tao Yang, the child of one of my business partners.”

This was actually Tao Yang? Xie Yang glanced at Tao Yang and took the initiative to reach out a hand. “Hello, it is nice to meet you.”

Tao Yang was obviously taken aback by Qiu Xing’s introduction but he quickly converged his surprise. He shook Xie Yang’s hand and simply said, “Hello.”

Xie Yang keenly caught Tao Yang’s distance disguised as politeness and took his hand back. Then he told Qiu Xing, “It isn’t good to stand here and block the aisle. Let’s go out first.”

Qiu Xing nodded and said goodbye to Tao Yang. As he left, Xie Yang found that Tao Yang’s gaze was on him so he turned back to meet the other person’s eyes. It was too late to converge the expression on Tao Yang’s face. He paused before smiling at Xie Yang. Xie Yang also smiled back.

After the graduation ceremony ended, it was time for the class photo session. Xie Yang took Qiu Xing and Xie Xiu to the place where the class photo was being taken. He let them rest as he took the group photo. Then he returned to Qiu Xing and Xie Xiu. “It’s over.”

Qiu Xing glanced at the graduates gathered together in a lively manner not far away. He frowned like an unhappy old father discovering that his child was being excluded and asked, “Don’t you want to take a few more photos with your classmates?”

“No need, I’m not familiar with them.” Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing. “Moreover, I want to take photos with you more than them.”

Qiu Xing paused. His expression eased and he instinctively raised a hand to tidy his clothes. “Then take it… where do you want to take it?”


This was the first time the two of them were taking a photo together since they met. Qiu Xing was obviously very nervous. His expression was tense and he tidied his clothes from time to time. Xie Yang took Qiu Xing to a place with few people. He handed the camera he brought to Wu Shui, who came over after buying water. Then he asked Wu Shui to take a photo of him with Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang and Qiu Xing stood shoulder-to-shoulder, staring at the camera together.

Xie Yang suddenly asked, “What’s my last name?”

Qiu Xing’s nerves were tense. His eyes were fixed on the camera and he didn’t blink as he instinctively replied, “Xie—”

Xie Yang smiled.


Wu Shui pressed the button.

Qiu Xing reacted and looked sideways at Xie Yang. Xie Yang told him, “Let’s go to the next place.”

“…” Qiu Xing suddenly smiled. He reached out to gently pull the tassel of Xie Yang’s hat and relaxed.


The two of them took dozens of photos together. Half of them were of Xie Yang wearing the graduation clothing and half was after Xie Yang took it off and only wore a suit. Qiu Xing’s posture became more relaxed when taking photos. Later, he actively put his hands on Xie Yang’s shoulders or behind Xie Yang’s waist.

Once the photos were taken, Xie Yang returned the graduation clothing and the group left the school to go to dinner.

Just as they left the school gate, Xie Yang found the media waiting outside the school gate surrounding someone for an interview. Someone had attracted the attention of the media and Xie Yang returned to the car easily and smoothly.

As the car started to leave, Xie Yang looked outside and saw that the media circle had finally dispersed. Tao Yang walked out under the protection of two bodyguards. Xie Yang thought of something and turned his head to ask Qiu Xing. “Are you cooperating with the Tao family?”

Qiu Xing was looking at today’s photos on the camera. He hurriedly pressed down his smile and replied, “Yes, the Tao family is a good breakthrough to defeat the Feng family.”

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