HTI: Chapter 104

On the way to the school, Xie Yang would look at Qiu Xing’s hair from time to time. He wanted to reach out and see if ‘hair’ would be lost if he touched it.

Qiu Xing noticed Xie Yang’s small gestures when Xie Yang started to ‘peek’ and adjusted his sitting posture. Finally, he chose the one that he felt was the most handsome. He held his mobile phone in one hand to read company emails while grasping Xie Yang’s hand with the other. He asked without raising his head, “Nervous?”


Xie Yang’s senses returned and he realized what Qiu Xing was asking. Seeing Qiu Xing’s apparent unawareness of his hair loss, he took a few seconds to reply. “A bit.”

He decided to be kind. Once the graduation ceremony was over, he would remind Qiu Xing of the cruel matter of hair loss. Qiu Xing squeezed Xie Yang’s hand when he heard this and appeased like a parent. “Don’t worry, it’s just a graduation ceremony. There is nothing to be nervous about.”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing holding his hand and pretended not to notice that Qiu Xing’s hand was sweating and that he hadn’t turned a page of the email for a long time. Xie Yang wondered, “Are you nervous?”

Qiu Xing smiled and scoffed dismissively. “Only children would be nervous about attending such a small event.”

Okay, Child Qiu.

Once they were 10 minutes away from C University, Qiu Xing finally put down his phone. He thought his reflection in the car window was shining and changed his posture. “It is just a small graduation ceremony. There is no need to be so formal.”

Xie Yang glanced sideways at Qiu Xing and cooperated. “No?”

Qiu Xing put on a calm and domineering expression. “No, after all, it is a relatively simple occasion. It is good to dress casually. Look at this brooch—”

Xie Yang couldn’t hold back. He reached out and grabbed Qiu Xing’s hair.

Qiu Xing immediately sat up, straightened his back and glanced sideways with a frown. “What are you doing?”

“A strand of hair rose.” Xie Yang spoke nonsense and moved his fingers, silently dropping the few hairs into the gap in the car seat. Then he changed the subject. “I think you are very handsome today. You don’t look too grand or too frivolous. It is just right.”

Qiu Xing was distracted. He tried to suppress the corners of his mouth rising up and glanced at the watch on his wrist. “Is it?”

Xie Yang replied, “Yes.”

Qiu Xing scoffed and leaned back in his chair. He no longer picked at his own clothes and held the mobile phone again.

Qiu Xing opened his mouth again when they were five minutes away from C University. “Will there be a lot of media at C University’s graduation ceremony?”

Xie Yang replied, “In fact, there aren’t many. The school only allows a few formal invited media to enter the school. Tabloids and various paparazzi aren’t allowed.”

Qiu Xing calmed down.

Two minutes later, the outline of C University appeared in their field of view. Qiu Xing sat up and straightened his coat.

A minute later, the gate of C University was in front of them. There were crowds of vehicles and people coming and going. A lot of media people holding cameras stood by. Some fans holding celebratory signs and gifts also stood watching carefully from areas that wouldn’t cause a disturbance.

Xie Yang saw some enthusiastic fans holding the ‘Yang’ small flag among these fans. He looked at Qiu Xing next to him. Qiu Xing had obviously noticed the presence of fans. His expression was tense and he raised his hand to tidy his coat. Xie Yang was amused and grabbed Qiu Xing’s hand. Qiu Xing glanced over and held it back.

No outside vehicles were allowed to enter the school. Zhou Miao slowly parked the car in the open space in front of the gate. Wu Shui got out of the car first and helped pull open the car door for Xie Yang. Xie Yang thanked Wu Shui, got out of the car and stood sideways by the car, waiting for Qiu Xing to come down.

The media and fans had noticed the arrival of Xie Yang. The media set up their cameras and took photos while approaching. The fans were pushing each other, hesitating to step forward.

Seeing this, Wu Shui blocked them and made a protective gesture.

Qiu Xing finally got out of the car. His expression was tense and he was frowning. The silver-grey Western shirt on his body diluted the oppressive feeling brought about by his high status, making him cool and handsome.

He turned back and closed the car door. He saw the approaching media, clenched his fingers and reached out to Xie Yang.

“Yang Yang!”

A loud shout strongly split the current harmonious atmosphere at the entrance of C University. Before Xie Yang could react, a plump body holding a bouquet of flowers rushed past the media and toward him and Qiu Xing.

Xie Xiu smiled, placed the flowers in Xie Yang’s arms and shouted happily, “Congratulations on your graduation! Congratulations on your graduation! Dad pushed back a job to celebrate with you. I was in a hurry and finally caught up with you. Look at my sweat.”

The shout was so loud that the media’s cameras immediately moved to Xie Xiu.

Xie Yang, “……”

Qiu Xing, “……”

It was only after shouting that Xie Xiu noticed who got out of the car with Xie Yang. He was sluggish for a second. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but his expression changed. He grabbed Qiu Xing’s hand and called out in a louder voice. “Oh, thank you Mr Qiu for helping me send Yang Yang to school. You have worked so hard. Blame me. I didn’t notice that Yang Yang’s car broke down. I troubled you for nothing.”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Xiu with a murderous gaze and pulled his hand back forcefully. “You came in a really timely manner.”

Xie Xiu was shocked by Qiu Xing and his fat body shook. He laughed wildly and frantically said, “Those who should come should come. Yang Yang is attending his graduation ceremony. As a father, how can I not come?” Then he lowered his voice. “The media is so bad now. If I don’t come then I’m not sure how they will talk about us father and son. Chairman Qiu, you are welcome. This is what I should do. Chairman Qiu, thank you for the additional investment last time.”

Qiu Xing, “……”

The media had already approached but they were blocked by Wu Shui.

Xie Yang hugged the flowers given by Xie Xiu with one hand and took the initiative to hold Qiu Xing’s hand with the other. He told Xie Xiu, “Don’t block the gate. Go in first. The ceremony is about to begin.”

Xie Xiu looked at Xie Yang’s hand with horror. He suddenly pulled Xie Yang’s hand back and grabbed it himself. He smiled apologetically at Qiu Xing and half-pushed and half-pulled Xie Yang toward the school gate. He lowered his voice and scolded, “Why are you so ignorant? Pay attention when outside. You can’t be presumptuous no matter how Chairman Qiu spoils you. Have you forgotten the rules you set at the beginning? Don’t be close to Chairman Qiu!”

He said all this before smiling and actively greeting the media. “Yang Yang is graduating today. You should make him handsome.”

The media had never seen such a cooperative parent of an artist and responded with more intense camera shutter sounds.

Xie Yang, “……”

He raised an eyebrow at Qiu Xing. Did the original owner and Qiu Xing set such a rule in the first place?

Qiu Xing was close and heard what Xie Xiu said. His expression was suffocated and he took two steps to Xie Yang’s other side to protect Xie Yang from being surrounded by reporters. “That was before. It doesn’t apply in the future.” As he spoke, he glanced at Xie Yang’s hand holding the flowers and his expression became more suffocated.

Qiu Xing was low-key and rarely appeared outside so not many people knew what he looked like. These entertainment news media didn’t recognize him at all. After following Xie Yang for a few steps, they let him go and didn’t continue to surround him.

However, after the media left, the fans started coming around. The security guards at the door heard the movements and urged Xie Yang to enter the school to avoid congestion.

Xie Yang had no chance to talk to Qiu Xing anymore. He only had time to respond briefly to the fans and then with the help of the security guards and Wu Shui, he quickly entered the campus with Xie Xiu and Qiu Xing.

The first wave of opportunity for public relations was missed because of Xie Xiu and Qiu Xing’s face was terrible.

Xie Xiu was frightened. “Chairman Qiu, I will educate him and never let him smear your image outside! I won’t let him act towards you!”

Qiu Xing’s face became darker. He was embarrassed to say that he liked Xie Yang’s moves. He only looked at Xie Xiu in a gloomy manner and asked, “Smearing?”

Xie Xiu panicked. “Yes, it isn’t smearing. It is defiling.”

Qiu Xing, “……”

Xie Yang took the initiative to hold Qiu Xing’s hand before Qiu Xing became even angrier. “Don’t be angry.”

Qiu Xing’s expression eased and he held Xie Yang’s hand. He thought of something and suddenly frowned. He removed the flowers from Xie Yang’s arms and said, “This can’t be taken to the ceremony. Let Wu Shui hold it for you.”

Xie Xiu hurriedly explained, “You can bring it in. I asked—”

Xie Yang looked over at Xie Xiu. “It can’t be taken in.”

“…I asked and these flowers really can’t be taken in!” Xie Xiu immediately changed his words. He finally realized something. His gaze shifted between Xie Yang and Qiu Xing and he tried to probe, “Yang Yang, you and Chairman Qiu…”

Xie Yang smiled. “Talk less and be a good background board. If you behave well then I will ask the company’s artists to advertise your resort for free.”

It was the default agreement. Xie Xiu didn’t dare believe it and looked at Qiu Xing again. Then his expression changed and he really quieted down.

The graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium. A group of people walked past and attracted the attention of many students along the way. During this period, Xie Yang discovered that many people were taking photos with their mobile phones. Xie Yang pretended not to see and talked to Qiu Xing normally.

Qiu Xing gradually emerged from his tense and stiff state. He no longer deliberately showed intimacy with Xie Yang and responded to Xie Yang in a low voice.

After arriving in the auditorium, Xie Yang was separated from Qiu Xing and Xie Xiu. Xie Yang went to the designated area to look for the person to receive his graduation clothes and pick up his things. Qiu Xing and Xie Xiu followed the student volunteers into the auditorium and were seated in the family area.

Xie Yang himself had never gone to school at C University and he didn’t have the memories left behind by the original owner in his brain. He was unfamiliar with C University. After arriving at the designated area, he found his class place and stepped forward.

There were graduates busy preparing all around him. It was noisy and Xie Yang didn’t want to attract attention, so he deliberately walked along the edge of his class area.

“Will Xie Yang come?”

Xie Yang heard his name and stopped to look at the source.

In the area where the original owner’s main class was located, two boys who had changed into their graduation clothes were chatting in a corner. Both had their backs turned to Xie Yang and he was unable to see what they looked like.

The conversation continued.

“Yes, didn’t the crew where he is filming reveal that he flew back to B City last night? You can see so many media outside. They should all be coming to film him.”

“Why are they filming him? Senior Tao Yang is also coming to this graduation ceremony. Tao Yang is good at acting, popular and has an excellent family. He also set up his own clothing brand that is famous internationally. How is he not better than Xie Yang? I  think the media are all here to film Tao Yang.”

Tao Yang?

Xie Yang retracted his gaze.

It was another name that appeared in the original book. Tao Yang, the nephew of Feng Qinglin’s stepmother Tao Yi. He graduated from C University from the director department three years earlier than the original owner. After graduation, he didn’t enter the entertainment circle. He went abroad to study fashion design and was noticed by an international director while studying abroad. He acted as the third male lead in an award-winning movie and was called an ‘Oriental Fairy’ by the Western media. He became popular.

In the original plot, Tao Yang returned home for development and was entrusted by Tao Yi to be a stumbling block for Mu Zhouyi, who was married to Feng Qinglin at the time. Of course, this stumbling block failed. After contact with Mu Zhouyi, Tao Yang was moved by her ‘truth, goodness and beauty’ and became friends with her. Instead, he went back to persuade Tao Yi not to mess around. Tao Yi became angry and didn’t want to see Mu Zhouyi. She did more vicious cannon fodder things, which in turn helped Mu Zhouyi gain a foothold in the upper-class circles.

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His father is annoying
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I wonder if fl novel was actually entertaining. I understand that there is market for harem/reverse harem but this, too much men. She also doesn’t seem like a schemer, more like men giving and doing things for her.

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I hope the father isnt in any of his pictures I want them just a couple to have good memories and cute photos and flowers and Oriental fairy am I being too sensitive by being offended by this who the **** will say that 🤨