HTI: Chapter 103

This time, he went back to B City to attend his graduation ceremony. Xie Yang was fortunate that he didn’t need to ask for special leave from the director. It was because the graduation ceremony coincided with the rest day given to him by the crew.

Xie Yang asked Wu Shui to book a ticket to B City the night before the ceremony and a ticket back to N City on the day of the ceremony. The schedule was very tight but the crew was currently in the process of rushing to film. As the second male lead, he had many parts. He could only do this in order to not delay everyone’s progress.

Qiu Xing disagreed with Xie Yang’s rush but he rationally didn’t interfere with Xie Yang’s work arrangements.

The day before the graduation ceremony, Director Zhou deliberately focused all of Xie Yang’s scenes in the morning and released Xie Yang from work in advance. Xie Yang was very grateful. He thanked Director Zhou and everyone for their congratulations and went straight to the airport. He didn’t even return to the hotel.

Upon arriving at the airport, Xie Yang was lucky enough to change his booking to the next flight to B City. At around 4 in the afternoon, the plane landed in B City. Xie Yang walked out of the airport a few hours earlier than previously expected.

He Jun had secretly sent a car to pick him up. Xie Yang got into the car, took off his mask and asked He Jun, “Qiu Xing?”

“The boss is approving documents. Today, the boss deliberately focused his work into the morning and afternoon. He planned to leave work early to pick you up at the airport.”

Xie Yang glanced at the time. “Then it seems I can go over and pick him up from work.”

“The boss will be very happy to see you, very happy.”

Xie Yang smiled. “I’ll tell Qiu Xing that the plane is late and you try to drag him back. Don’t let him leave work early.”


More than an hour later, Xie Yang arrived at Rongding’s parking lot. He got into Qiu Xing’s car with Zhou Miao’s help and sent a message to Qiu Xing. He said the plane wasn’t late again and he was about to board it.

Just five minutes after the message was sent, Qiu Xing’s figure appeared at the exclusive elevator door. He stepped out of the elevator and strode to the car with a frown. His mood wasn’t very good. Seeing this, Xie Yang lowered his body, pulled out a pen from his back and held it in his hand.

Zhou Miao helped Qiu Xing open the rear door. Qiu Xing didn’t even look inside as he sat down. Xie Yang swiftly rushed toward Qiu Xing, locked Qiu Xing’s neck from the side and pressed the pen against Qiu Xing’s heart. He demanded in a low voice, “Don’t move, hand over your money.”

Qiu Xing’s body had tensed and he raised his hand to attack. He had stretched out his hand halfway when he heard Xie Yang’s voice and quickly relaxed his body. He threw away the documents bag, grabbed the hand holding the pen with one hand and held Xie Yang’s waist with the other hand. Then he pulled Xie Yang into his arms.

Outside the car, Zhou Miao quickly turned his head and pretended he didn’t see anything. He helped close the door of the backseat for the two of them.

Qiu Xing hugged Xie Yang with great strength. After hugging, he looked down at Xie Yang for a few seconds. Then he suddenly raised a hand and pressed it heavily on Xie Yang’s head. “What a fool! Doing this type of joke, what if I really hit you? When did you come back? You deliberately lied to me?”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and asked with a smile like he wasn’t afraid of Qiu Xing’s reprimands. “I lied to you. Don’t you like it?”


Qiu Xing bowed his head and answered with his actions.


Five minutes later, the window was lowered and Xie Yang waved to Zhou Miao waiting outside. Zhou Miao opened the door and got in the car.

They couldn’t kiss or hug. Qiu Xing retreated and grabbed Xie Yang’s hand, squeezing and squeezing while looking for an excuse. He solemnly said, “Why do you seem thinner again? You’re all bones.”

It had only been a few days since the two of them had met. How could Xie Yang lose weight again? He found it funny but instead of holding Qiu Xing’s hand, he squeezed it like Qiu Xing. “Obviously you are the thinner one.”

The treatment placed a burden on his body. Qiu Xing might look better than the last time Xie Yang had seen him but Qiu Xing had indeed lost some weight.

After speaking, Xie Yang noticed that his hand was gripped by Qiu Xing for a moment. Then Qiu Xing scoffed. “It’s just an illusion.”

The car passed by Yang Xing and Xie Yang looked out. There were more advertising endorsement posters on Yang Xing’s outer wall than the last time he had seen it. The quality had also been upgraded to a higher level.

Xie Yang was very satisfied.

After merging with Ka Xu, Yang Xing’s strength in all aspects had been greatly enhanced. Many previously stagnant and clueless actors slowly entered the right track, becoming more like an entertainment company. Moreover, the Golden Song Awards had just passed. It was believed that Yang Xing would rise to the next level soon.

“What are you smiling at? There are none of your endorsements.”

Xie Yang retracted his gaze and saw Qiu Xing frowning with an expression that said ‘what is so good about these?’ and ‘don’t these brands have any insight?’.

He was amused and replied, “I will have it soon.”

Previously, Qin Cheng had been pressing his endorsement work and even the endorsement cooperation with Rongding’s subsidiaries wasn’t accepted. All of it was distributed to other artists. He was just waiting for the Golden Song Awards to pass before doing a big one at once.

Now that the Golden Song Awards had passed, the various resources offered to him had gone up a level just as Qin Cheng expected. Qin Cheng had picked a few he was satisfied with and was currently in contact with them.

Qiu Xing’s expression looked a bit better. He scoffed and continued to squeeze Xie Yang’s hand.

The two of them arrived home just in time for dinner. Master Liao was ordered by Qiu Xing in advance to make a large table of dishes to celebrate Xie Yang’s return home and graduation. The two of them ate and then went upstairs to rest. Xie Yang consciously followed Qiu Xing to the bedroom on the second floor this time.

Qiu Xing looked happy but he had to pretend to be casual. “The closet in the bedroom on the third floor is too small and it is full. You can’t put new clothes in. Isn’t it better for you to put all your clothes in my room?”

Xie Yang asked calmly, “Isn’t this our room already?”


Qiu Xing suddenly grabbed Xie Yang’s hand. He sped up his steps to enter the bedroom. Then he pressed Xie Yang against the door and lowered his head. Xie Yang closed his eyes in response.

After a round of ‘bullying’, Qiu Xing pressed a hand against Xie Yang’s head. “You are too used to lawlessness… go take a shower and rest early. You aren’t allowed to attend tomorrow’s ceremony with dark circles.”

Xie Yang hugged Qiu Xing’s waist and deliberately asked, “Wash together?”


Qiu Xing stuffed Xie Yang into the bathroom and unfeelingly helped Xie Yang close the bathroom door.

Xie Yang chuckled and looked around. He suddenly found that everything in the bathroom had been replaced by new ones. All the bath towels, toothbrushes, wash cups and other things had been replaced with couple models.

He raised an eyebrow, picked up the bathrobe on the shelf and looked at it. Sure enough, he found that even the bathrobe had become the couple’s style. There was a small ‘Xing’ embroidered on the collar of his bathrobe and a small ‘Yang’ embroidered on the collar of Qiu Xing’s bathrobe.

He opened the door and deliberately asked loudly, “Qiu Xing, where’s my underwear? Did you embroider words on them too?”

Qiu Xing, who was standing by the bed and secretly putting pillows, froze visibly to the naked eye. He turned back with a sullen face, pushed Xie Yang back into the bathroom and closed the door.

“There are no words… the clothes are on the shelf. Wash well!”

Xie Yang had enough sugar and was obedient. After both of them lay down on the bed, Qiu Xing took the initiative to hug Xie Yang. Xie Yang was surprised. He was just about to hug back when Qiu Xing changed his posture and mercilessly trapped Xie Yang’s limbs and restless hands.

“Go to bed early and don’t mess around.”


The two of them were hugging face to face. Xie Yang leaned back a bit, looked at Qiu Xing and asked, “Do you dare or not?”


Qiu Xing’s expression changed. He raised a hand to press Xie Yang’s head into his arms and said, “Sleep. Good night.”

A timid and conservative guy.

Xie Yang moved his fingers, placed his hand on Qiu Xing’s waist, closed his eyes and slowly revealed his ability.

The room was quiet. It was unknown how much time had passed when Qiu Xing suddenly spoke. “Xie Yang, you really want to take me to your graduation—”

“Then shall we get the divorce certificate?”


Qiu Xing shut up. He pressed down on Xie Yang’s hand and told him, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Xie Yang took a bite of Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing’s body stiffened. Then he touched the back of Xie Yang’s head like he was soothing him and his voice slowed down. “Good night.”

It was a night without dreams. The next day, Xie Yang was awakened by a rustling sound. He opened his eyes and instinctively touched his side. It was empty. Xie Yang became fully awake and looked at the source of the sound.

At the table in front of the closet, Qiu Xing stood with his back to the bed. He was holding a cup of water in one hand and medicine in the other. He frowned slightly as he took the medicine. After doing this, Qiu Xing moved sideways.

Xie Yang hurriedly closed his eyes. There was a few seconds of silence and then the sound of the water glass and other things being put away. After that, footsteps approached the bed. Xie Yang felt his face being touched and his forehead kissed.

Seconds later, the footsteps walked away and there was the sound of the bathroom door being closed. Xie Yang opened his eyes, sat up and looked at the place where Qiu Xing had ‘hidden’ the medicine. Then he touched his forehead and laid back down.

No wonder why he didn’t see Qiu Xing taking medicine yesterday. It turned out that someone was taking it behind his back.


Xie Yang got up on time. He washed up and found a whole set of ironed casual suits on the shelf next to the closet. There were several open velvet boxes on the small table with brooches, cufflinks, watches and tie pins lined up. Their appearance was restrained and gorgeous. The exquisite materials and workmanship looked low-key but luxurious.

He looked at Qiu Xing, who was standing in front of the full-length mirror and wearing a tie. He saw that Qiu Xing’s clothes were somewhat similar to the suit hanging on the shelf and asked, “Did you prepare these?”

Qiu Xing wore the tie attentively and replied, “It just happened that new clothes were brought there.”

“It is already summer yet spring and autumn suits were sent over as well?”

“…You and I often attend occasions where we can’t wear clothes according to the season.”

Xie Yang smiled and nodded. “That’s it.”

He walked to the shelf and reached out for a shirt on it. He looked at the tie that hadn’t been done in three minutes and put down the shirt. Then he started to unbutton his pyjamas. Qiu Xing paused while tying his tie. “What are you doing?”

“Changing clothes.” Xie Yang took off his pyjama top and revealed his body. Then he picked up the shirt and slowly slipped it on while wondering, “You haven’t tied the knot. Do you want help?”

“…No.” Qiu Xing looked away with difficulty. He paused on the spot for a few seconds before turning around, trying to bypass Xie Yang to go outside.

Xie Yang stepped forward and grabbed Qiu Xing’s arm as he was passing by. Qiu Xing stopped. He stared ahead, his body stiff and his Adam’s apple moving slightly. “What is it?”

“Wait a moment.” Xie Yang walked in front of Qiu Xing, not caring about his own undone shirt buttons. He reached up to untie the tie that hadn’t been tied for a long time. He carefully helped Qiu Xing re-tie it and then adjusted the collar of Qiu Xing’s shirt.

As he adjusted the clothes, Xie Yang noticed a few hairs falling off Qiu Xing’s shoulders. He gently swept the hairs off and smiled at Qiu Xing. “That’s it. Very handsome.”

Qiu Xing’s gaze fell on Xie Yang. His Adam’s apple moved and he suddenly reached for Xie Yang’s waist, pulling the person over. He lowered his head and approached Xie Yang, his voice a bit low. “Xie Yang, do you really think I won’t do anything to you?”

Xie Yang met Qiu Xing’s gaze and patted his chest. “You are welcome to come and do me.”


Qiu Xing took a deep breath, backed up and stared at Xie Yang. “What nonsense—how old are you? Change your clothes!” Then he released Xie Yang and strode away.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing leave. Then he converged his expression, walked to the full-length mirror and glanced at the floor. Sure enough, he found some hair on it. Dr Kirkman’s treatment plan said the side effect of hair loss could start occurring around two weeks after treatment. They were now around two weeks after the first treatment.

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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Nibble Juice
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