HTI: Chapter 100

Compared to yesterday, Xie Yang had more power in his core but he used it in a more convergent manner than yesterday.

It was because he previously hadn’t found Mu Zhouyi in the venue and couldn’t plant the ability on her in advance. If he wanted to prevent her from spreading poison, he had to control the ability himself and probe the ability into her body. He didn’t know if there was any danger so he had to be careful.

The music prelude had started. The song that Mu Zhouyi chose to sing was Yuan Pang’s famous song ‘The Wind in the Distance.’ It was a slow song that was lyrical and required more timbre.

Xie Yang’s fingers moved slightly and he released his ability in a long line. He let it climb along the chair to the floor. Then it wound along the floor toward the stage and finally climbed up Mu Zhouyi’s dress.

Mu Zhouyi had already started singing. Her gentle yet cold voice spread and quickly captured everyone’s attention.

The moment the singing was heard, Xie Yang’s ability core was in a commotion. He paused the movement of his ability, raised a hand to support his head and stabilized his situation. Then he looked around and saw that everyone was showing a focused appearance as they stared at Mu Zhouyi on the stage. Currently, Mu Zhouyi was like a siren seducing sailors into a trap. She was beautiful and dangerous.

Xie Yang withdrew his gaze and continued to move his ability. He controlled it to climb up Mu Zhouyi’s dress to her neck before diving in.

The original book only mentioned that Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger existed in the brain. It was an intelligent system that could grow. It didn’t mention whether the golden finger had a self-protection and attack mechanism.

Xie Yang cautiously didn’t let the ability go to Mu Zhouyi’s brain. He only covered her neck.

The feeling of swallowing something foreign came. Mu Zhouyi’s originally beautiful and intoxicating voice trembled and then the fascinating feeling disappeared. Her original dry and rough voice was heard.

The mood created by the song dwindled in an instant. The audience broke away from their concentrated state and showed doubts.

She should’ve realized that something was wrong. Mu Zhouyi, who was drunk on singing, suddenly raised a hand to touch her neck. Then she quickly put down the hand. It was just after the chorus was sung and there was an interlude. Mu Zhouyi put down the microphone, squeezed out a smile and pretended to want to interact with people as she walked sideways along the stage.

[Redeem a Mermaid Singing skill card.]

[Insufficient system energy, insufficient system energy… asking host to replenish the energy in a timely manner.]

The slightly vague dialogue between a human voice and mechanical voice came intermittently. Xie Yang was taken aback. Then he realized something and hurriedly increased his ability that was penetrating into Mu Zhouyi.

The interlude was coming to an end. Mu Zhouyi was probably in a hurry and another vague conversation was heard.

[Didn’t you get love value for the singing just now? Redeem the card quickly!]

[Love value detection… no increase. Please replenish energy in time… alarm, the host’s body has a rejection reaction to the system…]

Mu Zhouyi walked around the stage and stopped for a moment before continuing.

[Why is it a rejection again? What the hell is the reason for the rejection?]

[Alarm, the host’s body has a rejection reaction to the system.]

The interlude would end in a few seconds. Mu Zhouyi stopped, faced the audience with a slightly stiff smile and slowly raised the microphone. Just as Xie Yang thought that Mu Zhouyi had given up, the vague conversation was heard again.

[Replace the Beauty card with the Mermaid Singing card.]

[Switching will lose the favourite value. Do you want to switch… the host’s body has a rejection reaction to the system… host, please stabilize your situation as soon as possible. Host, please stabilize your situation as soon as possible.]

[Switch the card first!]

[The card has been switched.]

On the stage, Mu Zhouyi was slow for half a beat before singing the second verse of the song. Her singing was more beautiful and catchy than before. The audience was caught again. The eyes watching Mu Zhouyi became more serious and focused than before.

Xie Yang noticed that just after the mechanical ‘the card has been switched’ was heard, Mu Zhouyi’s beautiful glowing feeling disappeared. Her exposed skin became dull and lacklustre. Her face that was originally displaying perfect makeup showed a stiff, dead whiteness. At almost the same time, the ability penetrating Mu Zhouyi’s neck felt a sense of oppression as it was surrounded by something invisible.

Xie Yang narrowed his eyes, moved his fingers again and increased the amount of ability invested. He started to prepare to pour all his ability into Mu Zhouyi’s body.

He had a guess. The vague conversations just now should be Mu Zhouyi communicating with the system in her body. This was really a pleasant surprise. He didn’t expect that Mu Zhouyi’s communication with her golden finger could be detected and heard with his ability.

Based on the conversation just now, he could judge that the system in Mu Zhouyi’s body didn’t have an attack ability. Mu Zhouyi and the system didn’t even detect the intrusion of his ability. Then there was the rejection reaction. He reasonably suspected that the rejection reaction was caused by his ability. It seemed that the ability was like a virus that disrupted the normal operation of the system in Mu Zhouyi’s body.

Did this mean that as long as his ability was strong enough, the system would completely reject Mu Zhouyi and be turned into scrap? Or perhaps it would leave?

Xie Yang was full of thoughts as he strengthened the control of his ability penetrating into Mu Zhouyi’s neck. He allowed the ability to wash through Mu Zhouyi’s neck in a strong manner without giving a chance for the abnormal energy to stay and work.

Mu Zhouyi’s originally beautiful singing became worse again and it happened just as Mu Zhouyi was singing the high note of the chorus. Without the blessing of the skill card, her originally narrow and dry voice couldn’t sing the high note at all.

“The wind in the distance finally brings love—ah——”

The unpleasant sound of nails scraping over a blackboard was transmitted through the microphone to the venue. The people who had been intoxicated by the singing once again returned to their senses. They frowned and looked at Mu Zhouyi on the stage.

Mu Zhouyi visibly became panicked. After her voice broke, she was two seconds slow to continue singing and her voice became dry and astringent. The vague conversation was heard again.

[What’s going on? Quickly redeem another Mermaid Singing skill card.]

[The host’s body has produced a rejection reaction to the system… host, please stabilize your condition as soon as possible. Host, please stabilize your condition as soon as possible.]

[Redeem card! Redeem the card quickly!]

It was probably a relationship of one mind and two purposes. Mu Zhouyi’s singing started going out of tune. It went up and down and sounded extremely ugly. There was a commotion in the audience and many people frowned.

[Redeeming the card… insufficient system energy, insufficient system energy… please collect energy as soon as possible.]

[Starting the forced acquisition of the love value skill.]

Xie Yang frowned.

Forced acquisition? Could the love value be obtained forcibly? This wasn’t mentioned in the original book.

[Skills testing… The forced acquisition of love value skill can only be used three times. It has been used twice. Do you want to use it for the final time? Once this skill is used, the compelled target will have varying degrees of mental damage depending on the physical strength of the target. The system doesn’t recommend the host—]

[Use it!]

Brain damage?

Xie Yang’s eyes became cold and he moved his fingers. He poured all the ability that had only stayed on Mu Zhouyi’s neck into Mu Zhouyi’s brain. Then he used all the ability that was condensed in Mu Zhouyi’s body.

The previously vague mechanical sound suddenly became clear.

[Starting forced… starting interrupted. The host’s body has a strong rejection reaction to the system. Please stabilize your condition as soon as possible! Please stabilize your condition as soon as possible! Rejection rate 50%… 70%… 90%… compatibility is too low. Unbinding is starting… unbinding is starting… a more suitable binding candidate has been captured… unbinding success. The next host binding has started…]

Xie Yang was taken aback. Then he realized something was wrong and hurriedly cut off the connection with the ability in Mu Zhouyi’s body.

On the stage, Mu Zhouyi abruptly stopped singing. She raised her hand and held her forehead. Then she started shouting with an anxious and crazy expression, “No, no, don’t leave… don’t leave! Come back!”

Her shrill voice came through the microphone and the audience, who had been tortured by the singing, covered their ears. Mu Zhouyi had long been unable to care that she was on stage. She just held her head and shouted.

Xie Yang carefully examined his ability core and found there were no problems. He relaxed and looked at Mu Zhouyi. Mu Zhouyi had lost her microphone and was pressing her hand against her head. Her hair messed up by her movements and she no longer looked exquisite and elegant.

The singing had been completely ruined. The organizers sent the host to support Mu Zhouyi off the stage but Mu Zhouyi strongly waved away the host’s hand. She shifted her gaze to below the stage and scanned the people with an expression of killing her enemies. She kept mumbling, “Who is it? Who is it? Who took my things?”

The situation was obviously wrong. Mu Zhouyi was acting like she was crazy. The organizer sent more staff to the stage to help Mu Zhouyi go down while the live broadcast was quickly cut off and no longer filmed the stage. Yuan Pang had brought Mu Zhouyi here and couldn’t sit still. He got up on stage to try and bring Mu Zhouyi down.

There was a commotion in the audience and only Xie Yang remained quiet. He watched the chaotic stage indifferently. Based on Mu Zhouyi’s reaction, did she lose her golden finger? After losing her golden finger, could Mu Zhouyi still be regarded as the female protagonist?

“Let me go! Let me go! Who the hell is it?!”

Mu Zhouyi suddenly pushed Yuan Pang away as he tried to force her off the stage. Her eyes quickly swept over the venue and she suddenly locked eyes with Xie Yang. Xie Yang’s expression was casual. Mu Zhouyi’s eyes suddenly widened like she understood something. Her expression became terrible and she said, “Isn’t it—”

[The system is bound.]

[Starting the confidentiality mechanism.]

[The data related to the previous host is being emptied.]

[The Mute card has been activated.]

A series of clear mechanical sounds rang out in Xie Yang’s brain. Xie Yang frowned sharply and pressed his fingers against the armrest of the chair. At the same time, Mu Zhouyi on the stage couldn’t say a single word. After opening and closing her mouth several times, her eyes rolled and she passed out.


Xie Yang slowly relaxed his fingers. He touched his forehead with a cold expression and pressed gently against it.

[The host’s existing love values are being detected.]

[Detecting… detecting…]

It wasn’t an illusion. The sound was in his brain. The damn love value system had come to him. Xie Yang’s mood fell to its lowest point. He didn’t want this thing that was of unknown origin and would infinitely urge people’s desires.

He tried to speak in his head. [Unbind.]

[Unbinding… the binding fit is 100% and it can’t be released.]


Xie Yang took a deep breath and said: [Shut down the system.]

[Please confirm if you want to turn off the system?]

Xie Yang chose yes without hesitation.

The annoying mechanical voice finally disappeared. Xie Yang sensed his ability core again and found no abnormalities. Then he scanned his body with his ability and still couldn’t find an abnormality. He frowned deeply.

Where exactly was this system bound to? His soul? Did he have to be followed by something of unknown origin all his life?

Xie Yang clenched his fists.

On the stage, the unconscious Mu Zhouyi was being sent down. The host brushed it off and continued the awards ceremony. However, due to this farce, the atmosphere of the awards ceremony was completely gone.

The awards for Best Male Singer, Best Female Singer and Best Album, which should’ve been highly anticipated, were hurriedly announced. Both the Best Male Singer and Best Album awards were won by Ji Zehui and the Best Female Singer was won by another veteran singer.

The awards ceremony ended in a hurry and Ji Zehui came over to leave with Xie Yang and the others. Ji Zehui had obviously won the awards but his face was dark.

“It’s over. The headlines for the Golden Song Awards this time must be Mu Zhouyi. It has nothing to do with us. By the way, what happened to her? It is just like hysteria and she kept asking who it was. Her eyes were so big, strange and terrible.”

Xie Yang didn’t speak. He took out his phone and made a call to Qiu Xing.

The call was answered in seconds. Qiu Xing’s voice was heard and it was obviously holding anger. “What is that awards ceremony? What is yours must be yours! Don’t be angry with those villains.”

Xie Yang was stunned by Qiu Xing’s words. Then he finally reacted and all the unhappiness caused by the forced binding of the system suddenly disappeared. His tone unknowingly relaxed as he asked, “I’m not angry. How is your body?”

He had left an ability ball inside Qiu Xing but he was still worried that Qiu Xing would be affected by Mu Zhouyi’s singing while watching the live broadcast.

There was a sudden silence across the phone. Xie Yang called out doubtfully, “Qiu Xing?”

“I’m fine.” The anger in Qiu Xing’s voice disappeared. “You… don’t be wronged.”


Xie Yang was stunned again.

Xie Yang didn’t speak and it wasn’t known what Qiu Xing was making up in his mind. His tone was cautious like he wanted to coax Xie Yang but didn’t know how. He said, “Don’t participate in this type of broken awards ceremony in the future. It is very dirty. Anyone with ears can tell that your song is much better than that Ge or something.”

Xie Yang smiled as his emotions were vented. “Qiu Xing, I really want to see you.”


On the way back to the hotel, everyone consistently took out their phones to check Weibo. It was as Ji Zehui guessed. Weibo was full of talk about Mu Zhouyi.

#Mu Zhouyi Golden Song awards#, #Mu Zhouyi’s singing#, #Mu Zhouyi Voice Breaking#, #Mu Zhouyi Faints#… numerous topics related to Mu Zhouyi’s singing exploded on the hot search. The snippet of Mu Zhouyi singing had been cut and released by a marketing account. This time, it was at the top of the hot list.

The more Ji Zehui looked, the unhappier he became. He hit his thighs and said, “I won the award for nothing. I worked on the album for three years and as a result, it isn’t as popular as Mu Zhouyi fainting! What the hell happened to Mu Zhouyi? Is she really sick or did she deliberately make a fool of herself? Has Huangtian’s marketing methods become so versatile?”

Qin Cheng just received a call from the media and replied, “She is really sick. After fainting on stage, she didn’t wake up and was taken directly to the hospital by an ambulance. Now the hospital is surrounded by the media and there should be detailed articles soon.”

“She’s really sick.” Ji Zehui pursed his lips and wondered, “What on earth made her act like a lunatic? Qin Cheng, you weren’t there so you didn’t see it. The look she used to stare at the audience was too scary.”

Xie Yang was also reading Weibo. Then after a while, he put down his phone, leaned back and closed his eyes to rest. He was thinking about the words he heard before the system was shut down.

The activation of the confidentiality mechanism and the Mute card. Was this to prevent Mu Zhouyi from talking about the golden finger? How was the data cleared?

There was also the phrase ‘the binding fit is 100% and it can’t be released’. Judging from the fact that Mu Zhouyi was impacted by his ability and the system was constantly reminding her of the rejection reaction until the system finally unbound from her, this binding fit should be affected by his ability.

However, when he was scanning himself with his ability just now, there was no system prompt in his mind. Was it because the system was shut down by him? Or was it that when the ability and golden finger coexisted in the same body, the ability would no longer have an effect on the system?

The more he worried, the more he had to adjust his breathing to calm down his emotions. There was no point in guessing. The result would be known once he tried to turn on the system again. However, if the system had a bad effect on his ability core…

Xie Yang clenched his fingers before relaxing them again. The ability core couldn’t go wrong. Qiu Xing needed to be cured by his ability…

Xie Yang suddenly opened his eyes and sat upright. The talking Ji Zehui and Qin Cheng were startled by Xie Yang’s actions. Qin Cheng looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Yang hurriedly controlled his emotions, said it was fine and leaned back.

The Love Value Exchange System owned by Mu Zhouyi in the original book could almost be called omnipotent. Could such a powerful system contain something to cure Qiu Xing? Xie Yang was excited for a moment before calming down again. No, probably not. In that case, the heroine of the original book would’ve used it on Qiu Xing a long time ago.

In addition, even if there was one, it couldn’t be used. The system was too uncertain to exchange for something unknown for Qiu Xing. What if it backfired after he used it? Or what if something provided by the system suddenly failed?

He still had to rely on himself.

Xie Yang sensed the smoothly running ability core in his brain. His breathing slowed down and his mind became clearer and calmer than ever. Qiu Xing’s life must be saved using controllable means.


Back at the hotel, Xie Yang and Qin Cheng immediately started to pack their luggage according to the original plan. They were preparing to fly to N City to join the crew. Just after packing his luggage, Ji Zehui suddenly came over. “Look at Weibo! Big news, Mu Zhouyi is pregnant!”

Xie Yang and Qin Cheng both stopped their movements and stared at Ji Zehui. Qin Cheng looked incredulous. “She is pregnant? Whose child is it?”

Whose child was Mu Zhouyi pregnant with? Everyone who knew the news was asking this question.

Before Xie Yang got on the plane, the melon eaters on Weibo listed several possible candidates for the father of Mu Zhouyi’s child. Among them, Hong Zhijie’s name was the loudest. After all, there were just rumours of him living together with Mu Zhouyi.

Xie Yang was also more inclined to this option.

A few hours later, the plane landed. Xie Yang took out his phone and found that the direction of public opinion on the Internet had changed. Hong Zhijie’s name was kicked out of the candidate list for the child’s father.

This mouthful of melon was really big and fierce. Xie Yang had difficulty digesting it. Xie Yang called Yang Qing and asked, “Hong Zhijie really has [tn content=”necrospermia”]a condition where there is a low percentage of live sperm in semen[/tn]? Did you release this?”

“Yes.” Yang Qing’s voice was full of joy and relief. “For so many years, I have been taking care of Hong Zhijie’s reputation and wronged myself to let him pretend in the circle. Now that it is released, I finally feel happy. Mu Zhouyi did a good job. I’m thankful to her.”

After the call with Yang Qing, Xie Yang made another call to Feng Qinglin.

The call was quickly connected. Feng Qinglin didn’t wait for Xie Yang to speak as he immediately said, “I already know about Mu Zhouyi’s pregnancy. The baby in her belly isn’t mine.”

Xie Yang paused before saying, “You are so eager to deny doing anything. I didn’t doubt you.”

“Really?” Feng Qinglin’s tone was full of distrust.

Xie Yang took a second to wonder if Feng Qinglin had been stimulated too much recently. Then he got back to the topic. “Do you think Mu Zhouyi’s child belongs to Feng Qingbai?”

“Most likely. However, Feng Qingbai definitely won’t want this child and the Feng family won’t allow him to have an illegitimate child.”

“The Feng family knows about this?”

“They don’t know yet but they’ll know soon.”

Xie Yang heard Feng Qinglin’s meaning and hung up with satisfaction.

It was getting late. The filming location of the crew in N City was located in the suburbs and it took two hours from the airport. Xie Yang glanced at the night scenery outside the window and entered WeChat to check. He saw there was no message sent by Qiu Xing and wanted to make a video call, but he held back.

It was too late and Qiu Xing needed a good rest.

At 12:30 in the morning, the car finally stopped in front of the hotel that the crew had assigned to the actors. Xie Yang had his eyes closed and was resting when they arrived. He was about to reach out to open the car door when it was opened from the outside.

Xie Yang thought it was the hotel’s car boy and lowered his head as he got out of the car. He said, “Thank you.” Then he wanted to head into the hotel.

“You said you wanted to see me like a spoiled child. Now that I’ve arrived, you aren’t even looking at me?”

Xie Yang stopped and turned his head sharply to the ‘car boy’.

Qiu Xing stood beside the car while wearing a dark blue suit. He was tall and had long legs coupled with his outstanding temperament. Once his facial features broke away from the shackles of being sick, he was very handsome. Where could such a good-looking car boy be found?

Xie Yang slowly turned and faced Qiu Xing.

“Why aren’t you talking, silly.” Qiu Xing stepped forward and rubbed Xie Yang’s head. He lowered his voice and gave a few soft reprimands. “It isn’t good. It is just a broken prize and it isn’t worth being unhappy for so long. In addition, is it necessary for you to be in such a hurry? You have only just reached this point. You should be happier.”

Xie Yang remained silent as he stared at Qiu Xing. Then he stepped forward to hug Qiu Xing’s waist, burying his face in Qiu Xing’s shoulders.

Qiu Xing paused before hugging Xie Yang with one hand and using his other hand to block Xie Yang’s face. “Aren’t you afraid of being photographed by paparazzi? Okay, I’m here. It is fine.”

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