HTI: Chapter 10

Ke Lan and Tong Jian gathered together to read the score while Xie Yang leisurely ate. A minute later, Tong Jian couldn’t help humming. Two minutes later, the score came to an abrupt end.

Ke Lan and Tong Jian flipped it over in unison and after making sure it was indeed finished, they looked up at Xie Yang together. Tong Jian couldn’t hold back his emotions and leaned over anxiously. “Xie Yang, where did you get this? Which composer’s work is it?”

After the excitement, Ke Lan also showed a hesitant expression and didn’t speak. The song looked great just with the parts available but…

Xie Yang put down his chopsticks, drank his juice and replied, “IUD has always sung their own songs. Now that I’m a new member of IUD, the one I took out to show you is naturally my own work.”

Ke Lan and Tong Jian were really shocked, “You can write music?!”

“Yes, it’s very good as well.” Xie Yang had never been humble in such matters. He put down the juice and looked at the two people. “I can make IUD’s last song or album a classic, letting everyone’s last memory of IUD be the dazzling appearance of you on stage rather than the internal contradictions of the team members but I’m not doing charity.

Ke Lan held back the anxious Tong Jian. “What do you want?”

The mice had been hooked to death by the bait.

Xie Yang leaned back against his chair and stared into their eyes. “I want you to sign to my company when the contract with Wenyi expires. The signing duration is 20 years.”

Tong Jian was stunned. “20 years? Are you crazy? What is the difference between signing and selling ourselves?”

“I’m not crazy. As I said earlier, you have no capital to talk about the conditions and there is no escape route. Now there are only two roads before you. Either you push this away and watch the IUD brand die due to Mo Bin, ruining your past and future, or you and I will cooperate to give IUD a good ending and then work alone for a glorious 20 years. You choose it yourself.”

Ke Lan and Tong Jian were silent. Indeed, they had no retreat. A few minutes later, Tong Jian gritted his teeth and picked up the score on the table. He whispered, “Brother, I want to sing this song. IUD needs it.”

Ke Lan closed his eyes.

He wanted to sing. This song was too amazing and ahead of the times. After it was released, it could take off IUD’s flash in a pan title in one fell swoop and move countless fans. He also knew that he had no way to go back. Compared with Tong Jian, his abilities were mediocre. It would be difficult for him to find a good development after the disbandment of IUD.

However, 20 years. This was almost half a lifetime. Was it really necessary to arrange 20 years of life due to his present conscience?

“Ke Lan, you want to act, don’t you?”

Ke Lan’s heart was shocked and he looked up at Xie Yang.

“What is it so unexpected? I’ve seen your interviews and learned a bit about your affairs.” Xie Yang took off his previous toughness and started the gentleness. “I signed you not to crush you but to make money from you. Tong Jian’s voice is special and his singing skills are excellent. I only need one album and I can make him hot, completely getting rid of the intangible limitations of the IUD frame on him. Ke Lan, you can sing well but your tone is ordinary. You can write words and do arrangements but this is behind-the-scenes work. Only your face can support you in front of the stage, so I will definitely develop the value of your face to the greatest extent possible. You studied acting at university so I am willing to pay for it all. In any case, my plan for your career will definitely be based on respecting your wishes.”

This image was so beautiful that Tong Jian couldn’t help pulling Ke Lan. “Brother Lan, it is acting. You can always act without being a host.”

Ke Lan barely suppressed his heart. “But…”

“Brother Lan, what else is it? You can work hard if you sign with Xie Yang. If you don’t sign, you will have to live for a lifetime wearing a hat that you crowded out a newcomer. Think about what we saw and heard on the way to the box…”

Xie Yang’s eyes moved toward Tong Jian. What they saw and heard?

In this critical moment, Tong Jian grasped the key point. Ke Lan was reminded about the discussions of the ‘little boss’ they heard when they entered Century and his shaky heart instantly became firm. A person who could be called a ‘little boss’ by Century’s top management would definitely have a good background.

“Okay, I’ll sign with you.” He made up his mind. “Tong Jian and I have signed a five year contract with Wenyi which expires in November of this year. Then I will sign with you—”

Xie Yang hurriedly interrupted. “This isn’t urgent. My company hasn’t been built yet and I have to talk to Wenyi about cancelling my contract.”

Tong Jian and Ke Lan exclaimed simultaneously with the same voice, “Your company hasn’t been built?!”

“Not built.” Xie Yang fished out the meat slices without any pressure. “So our words are just a verbal promise for the time being but I believe in your character. Okay, let’s eat. We need to make a good plan for IUD and we can talk while eating.”

Tong Jian and Ke Lan, “……”



Qiu Xing suddenly burst out laughing during a meeting, causing the head of the department making the report to be directly scared and speechless.

After discovering that everyone had looked over, Qiu Xing’s expression changed in an instant. He took off the Bluetooth headset, covered the laptop in front of him and asked, “Why are you looking at what I’m doing?” Then he picked up the planning book next to the laptop, flipped through it and threw it away. “Why are you writing so terribly? Meanwhile, a 20 year old university student is talking about business. Redo this set of plans and submit a new one three days later. “ Then he got up and left the meeting room.

Hu Jun hurried to put away the laptop and materials that Qiu Xing had just used. Then he said farewell to everyone and left. The others secretly looked at Qiu Jingbang, the one who presented the plan. They saw that his face was purple-black and were so scared that they retracted their gaze and left.

“It’s too bad. How many projects of Vice-president Qiu have been killed?”

“Shh, don’t say it.”


Qiu Jingbang couldn’t help smashing his water glass.

After returning to his office, Qiu Xing took out his phone and sent a friend request to Xie Yang on WeChat. He Jun entered the office a few steps behind, placing the laptop and materials on the desk before whispering a report about how Qiu Jingbang had smashed the glass.

Qiu Xing sneered. “Let him smash it. He wants to grab power before I die. It is true that Rongding must be inherited from someone in the family but a cousin who is separate from the family…how can he eat it?!”

A few seconds later, Xie Yang’s acceptance was received.

Qiu Xing: Eat tomorrow night.

Xie Yang: There is no time. I’m starting school and have to go to school.

Qiu Xing’s mouth was pulled down as he stared at his phone for a while. Then he suddenly ordered He Jun, “Have people turn off the air conditioning at Century. Since there is no time to eat with me, don’t eat.”

He Jun, “…..”

A pleasant hot pot meal was forced to be interrupted due to a sudden circuit failure at Century. Xie Yang silently watched the manager apologizing and said nothing. He ate all the hot pot ingredients in the gradually hot temperature and told Tong Jian and Ke Lan to leave.

After reaching the outer corridor, Xie Yang noticed that the monitor indicator light of the camera in the corridor was on. He stepped toward it and raised his middle finger to the monitor.

What was wrong with the circuit? This was obviously someone’s brain failure.


Qiu Xing, who had been using his administrator rights to view Century’s monitoring, slammed his laptop shut.

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Wu Shui is so cute hahahahh

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I am definitely invested with this 😂

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Xie Yang ain’t going to submit ha

the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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lolol i’m enjoying this