GHG: Chapter 177

Bai Liu’s face was full of sincerity. “We have a high labor coordination ability. One person can be one hundred people.”

Liu Jiayi nodded continuously. “Yes!”

No matter how much the processing worker didn’t believe it and no matter how unwilling he was, the 200 kg of roses were really placed in front of the tent. The processing worker couldn’t deny it.

The processing worker glared at them with hatred and threw them four bottles of low-grade perfume. He dragged the huge sack containing the roses and turned while giving them the ‘follow me’ gesture.

“You have been promoted to a processing worker.” The processing worker said coldly. “The competition in this line of work is very fierce. If you don’t do well, you can be pushed down at any time to return to being a low level flower picker. Now follow me to learn how to become a qualified processing worker.”

[System tip: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for over-completing the side mission.]

[Quest reward: Player Bai Liu will get four bottles of low-grade perfume and get the progress of the main quest: promoted to processing worker.]

Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi glanced at each other and followed. They once again stepped into the Rose Factory that worked day and night.

This was the second time that Bai Liu stepped into the open square outside the Rose Factory.

The rose petals collected in the open square were arranged on thick plastic film to be sorted and dried. The processing workers who came and went wore tight protective clothing. Next to them were several huge cauldrons where the petals were dried.

“The processing worker is responsible for collecting the freshly picked dry leaf roses from the low level flower pickers.”

The processing worker led the two of them inside without looking at them and explained while walking, “After the collection, it is simply cleaned and dried in the open air square and on the roof. After removing the branches, leaves and stems, the fresh petals should be placed to dry for 12 hours in the sun and moonlight respectively before proceeding to the next step.”

The processing worker pointed to the cauldrons in the corner and the workers pouring flower petals into the cauldrons.

“Once the petals are well dried, pour the petals into this pot and stir or dry until the petals become a light pink color similar to the inner edge of the petals. At this point, the dry leaf roses have been pre-treated. You need to hand over the processed dried roses to the formal factory workers who will do the next processing.”

The processing worker led them to the long corridor they had first walked through. However, instead of going straight, they turned right as they passed the exhibition hall and entered another corridor.

There were prison-like rooms on the left and right side of the corridor with serial numbers. At the end of the corner was a staircase.

“This is the processing workers’ dormitory. You don’t need to stay in tents.” The processing worker pointed to these rooms. “Generally speaking, our dormitories are eight people rooms located on the first, second and third floors. You can use this staircase to go up. Beyond that is the factory worker’s rooms. These rooms are two people rooms. Then the top floor is the perfumer’s room. It is a bright and spacious single family apartment structure and you can’t go up there.”

“The top floor is the perfumer’s room. Then what about the factory manager’s room?” Bai Liu asked.

The processing worker was choked up by the question from Bai Liu, who seemed to have a problem with his brain. He angrily rebuked Bai Liu, “The factory manager’s room isn’t something you can go to!”

Bai Liu looked at the processing worker innocently. “However, I have to at least know where the factory manager’s room is so I can avoid it. Otherwise, what if I accidentally break into the factory manager’s room?”

The processing worker’s expression froze slightly and he sneered. “The factory manager’s room isn’t something you can break into just by walking around casually.”

“Okay, I’ll move onto the rest.” He skipped the topic. “Turn right at the front stairs and it is the infirmary. We allow employees to take sick leave here but in order to avoid you being lazy, you must come to the infirmary after taking sick leave. In addition, you must go back to work immediately after taking sick leave.”

“Finally, let’s talk about the salary of a processing worker.” The processing worker turned to look at Bai Liu. “After you become a processing worker, you are considered half a regular employee of the Rose Factory. You just need to complete the basic task every day and you can get the basic salary of three bottles of low-grade perfume.”

Bai Liu asked, “What is the basic task?”

“Each of you has to process 240 kg of fresh dry leaf roses every day and hand them over to the factory workers.”

Liu Jiayi slowly raised her hand and asked in a stagnant tone, “…How many kilograms of roses did you just say?”

The processing worker sneered at her. “240 kg. Your work includes screening, drying and processing these 240 kg of roses. This is just the most basic task. If you can’t get the final salary then you will be eliminated by other promoted flower pickers after three days.”

“For you new processing workers, working overtime all night is the norm in order to complete the task. The dormitory is just a decoration for you.”

The processing worker patted the shoulder of the silent Bai Liu. “Oh yes, you knowing this is useless but I will still tell you that the May Rose Festival is coming. Recently, the factory has an incentive mechanism for the processing workers. After completing the basic task, every additional 60 kg of roses will give you a bottle of intermediate rose perfume as a reward.”

“Do a good job.” The processing worker sneered sarcastically. “Don’t just keep thinking about the factory manager. If you can’t complete the basic task then you might become a vagrant after three days.”

“Based on your current badge, you can collect roses from the flower pickers. Remember, you can collect as many roses as you want but the roses won’t be fresh after half a day. The roses wasted will be deducted from your wages. There is the place to get the processing worker’s uniform. Change clothes and start working.”

The processing worker pointed out where to change clothes. Then he dragged the roses and left, hurrying to work in the open-air factory.

[System notification: Triggered the side quest – get a bottle of intermediate Dry Leaf Rose Perfume.]

Liu Jiayi was silent for a long time before saying, “The daily task is 240 kg and there is a reward for every extra 60 kg. It is a total of 300 kg of processed roses. Even if we do it for 24 hours without sleeping, we will have to handle 12.5 kg per hour…”

“No, it is more than that. It is because it takes a day and a night to dry from the time it is collected.” Bai Liu touched his chin and fell into thought. “It means that we can’t start work on the first day. According to the words of the processing worker just now, we will be replaced by upgraded flower pickers if we can’t complete the basic task in three days. In general, our average task volume in the next two days should be 360 kg. If the daily reward task is added…”

Bai Liu continued very calmly, “Well, this is the normal overtime routine for a corporate drone. I can still accept it.”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

Liu Jiayi started to fear life after entering society in advance.

Bai Liu went to get the uniform. Normally, they should go to the flower field to collect roses according to the instructions but Bai Liu had Liu Jiayi collect 720 kg of roses alone. He waved his hand and said he had something to do.

Liu Jiayi was speechless. “I can’t handle so much alone. You had better come back soon.”

“I know.” Bai Liu smiled as he looked down at the four bottles of perfume in his hand. “Aren’t I going to find people to help deal with it?”

Liu Jiayi saw that Bai Liu was turning to leave and shouted at him, “Wait!”

Bai Liu raised an eyebrow and looked back.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has spent 200 points to open the ‘small TV mute’ service.]

Liu Jiayi looked around for a moment to make sure no one was nearby. Then she frowned and whispered to Bai Liu, “Last night, I told you that three of the four players that you attracted are high level players of the King’s Guild, right?”

Bai Liu nodded.

“I think it was the hunter who cooperated with the people of the King’s Guild.” Liu Jiayi’s frown deepened. “The hunter’s target is obviously you. As for why the King’s Guild is cooperating with the hunter, I think their target is probably me.”

Liu Jiayi pursed her lips and was silent for a moment before speaking, ”Hearts… the queen regards me as very important. She trained me as a team tactician. If I betray the guild, it will have a great impact on the guild’s league team this time…”

“You blatantly brought me into this game so this group of people should’ve come for you. Based on the queen’s previous approach, she definitely thinks I will return to the King’s Guild as long as she kills you…”

Liu Jiayi pulled the oversized protective suit on her body a bit uncomfortably. Her fingers behind her back twisted together and she quickly said a few words, “Sorry, I am the one who got you into trouble.”

Liu Jiayi had a reason for saying this. If Bai Liu simply wanted to save Liu Jiayi and heal the injuries on her body, he could directly throw Liu Jiayi into a level three game on her own, letting her pass the game and come out.

In this way, it would not only avoid Bai Liu being directly targeted by Hearts but it would also allow Liu Jiayi to quickly heal herself and come out after passing the game. It might seem like he had no conscience but it was indeed the best way.

However, this method meant Liu Jiayi would definitely be surrounded by the people of the King’s Guild alone.

The people of the King’s Guild wouldn’t harm Liu Jiayi but they would definitely find ways to restrict her freedom and trap her in the King’s Guild to play in this league.

Hearts had a set of brainwashing skills. Combined with the various mental value items stored in the guild, it wasn’t difficult for Hearts to control Liu Jiayi to serve the King’s Guild.

Liu Jiayi thought of this and didn’t want to go back at all. She was starting to be a bit afraid of the queen. Liu Jiayi was afraid of changing back to the Little Witch who was caught in the whirlpool of doubt under Hearts’ seduction.

Bai Liu had obviously followed Liu Jiayi in to protect her. He stood up and diverted attention by making himself a target. He was willing to directly confront the King’s Guild for her.

Liu Jiayi wasn’t a fool. On the contrary, she was very smart. She understood that Bai Liu was going to this trouble entirely due to herself so she apologized.

She might’ve saved Bai Liu once and blocked the gun for him, but it was only to pay him back.

Little Bai Liu (6) saved her once in the welfare home and Bai Liu desperately saved her at the church.

Now she owed Bai Liu again—Liu Jiayi was a bit annoyed. She felt that she and Bai Liu wouldn’t be able to settle accounts for a while.

After this subtle apology, Liu Jiayi secretly raised her head and tried to ‘inadvertently’ glance at Bai Liu’s reaction. Then she heard Bai Liu calmly tell her, “Do you want to apologize to me so quietly?”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

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