GHG: Chapter 178

Liu Jiayi raised the poison with a blank expression.

Bai Liu saw the glass bottle filled with poisonous mist in Liu Jiayi’s hand and quickly changed his words. “It might’ve been whispered but I heard it. It is really a great apology. It is worthy of Liu Jiayi.”

“……” Liu Jiayi held her forehead. “You don’t tell me anything and then do dangerous things on your own. I’m telling you this because I want to ask you if you have a method.”

This guy Bai Liu never communicated any plans in his head with his teammates. He seemed to be smiling and talking well but he was a dictator when it came to executing his plans. He only needed the people below him to act as his pawns and they couldn’t question his decisions. It was because he wouldn’t change his plan so there was no need for him to tell them.

After all, the mentally ill king was always on the front lines, implementing his own dangerous layout.

“There is a way to communicate well with your teammates.” Liu Jiayi was a reserve tactician with advance league training so she was very troubled by Bai Liu, a rather chaotic and nonvocal team member. “If there are any unexpected changes in your plan, I can also do some flexible layouts to help you.”

Bai Liu watched Liu Jiayi quietly and didn’t open his mouth.

Liu Jiayi raised her head and looked directly at Bai Liu. “I know why you don’t tell others your plans. It is because your plans are too extreme. The fault tolerance rate is low and there is almost no room for rescue if unexpected changes occur. So there isn’t much difference between telling and not telling.”

“You know games very well so you win every time you gamble with a plan. However, you will win just one game.”

“In the league, this is the most unsuccessful tactical layout.

Liu Jiayi sternly told him, “What you are fighting against isn’t a fixed mode game but five players with high coordination and mobility. If you still pursue this type of ‘high efficiency will determine the outcome’ plan then you will lose very badly. A team changes a lot more than a game changes.”

“Don’t underestimate your future opponents.” Liu Jiayi took a deep breath, clenched her fists and stepped toward Bai Liu. “Don’t underestimate your chosen teammates.”

“Tell me about your plans.”

Bai Liu locked eyes with Liu Jiayi, who didn’t avoid his gaze and stared at him directly.

Liu Jiayi’s words were actually correct. Bai Liu was indeed accustomed to thinking about combat methods alone and would only give orders to players who cooperated with him rather than them cooperating with each other.

The players he cooperated with before rarely had ideas that could keep up with him. It was because their intelligence value was relatively low, such as Mu Sicheng, or they had ideas that could keep up with Bai Liu but their dependence on Bai Liu and the psychological barrier factors were too strong, such as Mu Ke.

Neither type of player had the means to enter the negotiation stage of Bai Liu’s plan because the opinions put forth by them didn’t have too much of a reference. According to Bai Liu’s own game style, it was easy to result in either ‘get rich overnight’ or ‘destroying the entire group.’

It was just that this tactic obviously wasn’t acceptable in a multiplayer league.

Once the emotional factors were removed from her, Liu Jiayi was the first player Bai Liu had encountered with excellent combat quality and confrontational thinking.

Liu Jiayi was even more mature and stable than Bai Liu in terms of the number of games, the training she had received and her knowledge of the games.

It could only be said that Liu Jiayi deserved to be a player trained as the pillar of the league team for the King’s Guild. The players that Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu met before weren’t on the same level at all.

In the last game, Liu Jiayi was able to play against two league level players in the presence of her emotional weakness, Liu Huai. She finally triggered the main mission to save Bai Liu and after coming out, she calmly found Bai Liu. She was also the first to detect that Tang Erda wasn’t right and blocked the gun for Bai Liu.

All in all, Liu Jiayi was a teammate worthy of a good conversation in all aspects.

Her advice to Bai Liu was very objective and effective.

To Liu Jiayi’s surprise, Bai Liu crouched down and looked at Liu Jiayi while simply admitting his mistake. “You are right. I didn’t think about it comprehensively. I should’ve discussed my plan with you.”

Liu Jiayi was startled.

Bai Liu sat cross-legged on the ground, lowering his height to prevent Liu Jiayi from looking up at him. He clicked on his panel and explained his plan without reservation. “My plan is like this…”

“…Their main purpose is to kill me and take you away. If so, we can…”

Liu Jiayi listened intently and simply retorted, “No, this means you alone will be bait. It is too risky for you to catch five people alone. You can’t run away if the car overturns and you will die.”

Bai Liu humbly asked, “Is there a way to reduce the risk?”

Liu Jiayi thought about it for a while. Then she clicked on her system panel, rummaged through her items warehouse for a long time before finally finding an A of Hearts playing card.

“…This is a card containing her skill that the queen gave to me. It is an item to protect me and can only be used in one game.” Liu Jiayi slowly let out a breath and handed the playing card in her hand to Bai Liu. “According to the plan you made before, I think you can use this item to reduce your risk.”

Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at the A of Hearts card.

“…Jiayi, you want to make both of us equally attractive bait.” Bai Liu finally stretched out two fingers to grab the card and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. “Still, I trust your escape ability as bait. This has given me a very good tactical inspiration.”

“Are there any members among those four people who have a very good relationship with you?” Bai Liu casually slipped the card into the pocket of his pants and stood up.

Liu Jiayi paused for a moment. “…Yes, Qi Yifang. I saved him more than once.”

“Oh, I just heard the processing worker introduce the work flow of the processing staff. This reminded me that Qi Yifang’s personal skill is very unique. If used properly, it will be very useful in the workflow.”

Bai Liu, who was standing up and walking, immediately stopped when he heard these words. He turned around and the gentleness on his face was unbelievable. “Is that so? Can you tell me more about him?”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

Bai Liu’s happy expression that said ‘wow, another worker has been sent to the door’ sent a chill down her spine.

‘I’m sorry for you, Qi Yifang.’ Liu Jiayi silently apologized in her heart.

Qi Yifang sneezed, rubbed his nose and continued to struggle with the black protective suit on his body, jumping on one foot to put his boots on.

The other two players from the King’s Guild were changing their clothes with a frown.

They hadn’t played many level three games but they had watched a lot of videos in order to learn. This was the first time they had encountered such strange instance rules.

240 kg of dry leaf roses—this workload was more like a part-time job than a game!

“Brother Qi, it is very difficult for us to continue to be promoted with this workload.” The two other King’s Guild members said. “The three of us will have to screen, dry and concoct 720 kg of roses every day and there isn’t enough time.”

Qi Yifang finished dressing and patted the thick protective suit that made him a bit uncomfortable. He recalled the operation points of the process that he had just seen in the open square.

Screening out the stems and branches, drying in the air, drying over a stove, concocting…

Qi Yifang kept these few processes in mind and didn’t panic at all. He casually patted the shoulders of the two worried players and gave them a thumbs up while revealing a confident and bright smile.

“There is nothing I can do about picking roses but leave all these processes to me!”

The players exchanged looks and suddenly remembered Qi Yifang’s skill.

Oh yes!

Qi Yifang’s skill was very useful when it came to this type of thing!

He was a weather observer!

Tang Erda pulled the tight collar of the protective suit while his ankles below were exposed. He moved a bit uncomfortably. The zipper at his neckline and the waist of the protective suit was too tight. The protective clothing was a bit small for him.

The factory worker who brought him here scratched his head with a bit of a headache. “This is already the largest protective clothing. Wait for me, I’ll go and see if there is an extra large one.”

“You’re too tall…” The factory worker’s eyes swept subtly over the forearm of the protective suit that stretched tightly over Tang Erda’s body. “Your muscles are also too well developed…”

This new processing worker exercised very well…

Tang Erda ignored the factory worker’s gaze, took off the protective clothing and politely handed it to the factory worker. “I have to trouble you.”

“Still, it is good to be muscular.” The factory worker smiled and took it. “After all, processing is very physical work. Do a good job and you will rise from a processor to a factory worker. You will become a regular employee and won’t be easily dismissed.”

The factory worker was about to turn around and leave when the silent Tang Erda suddenly opened his mouth. “I want to ask, do all the processing workers work together?”

The factory worker was surprised. “This isn’t the case. The open-air squares for the dry leaf roses are divided into four areas: the east, west, north and south. The drying sites are very wide. You can also dry near the flower fields but you need to be guarded in case they are stolen by the vagrants. Therefore, it is best to dry the roses in the factory.”

“However, new processing workers have no way to grab a drying space in the factory.” The factory worker shook his head. “Those old processing workers will squeeze you out and you can only dry the roses outside the factory.”

“Is there a place where all the processing workers will work together?” Tang Erda asked again.

The factory worker thought about it for a moment. “Yes, after drying, they need to be weighed together at the factory entrance in the north.”

“By the way, I will give you a reminder.” The factory worker who brought the clothes back to Tang Erda suddenly seemed to remember something. “Pay attention to the weather when drying roses. You will be in trouble if it rains. The roses that can’t be dried will become moldy. If the roses become moldy, the factory will punish you for wasting roses.”

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