GHG: Chapter 124 Part 1

On the other side of the phone, Liu Huai’s voice was heard as he tried to suppress some emotion. “Jiayi, can I pick you up now? I want to see you.”

Liu Jiayi’s originally indifferent expression visibly softened and her soft voice filled with joy. “However, the welfare home will organize the matching and open the doors tomorrow. Brother, can you wait for me until tomorrow? We will meet tomorrow!”

“…Someone told me about a tunnel leading to the welfare home and I came here through that tunnel.” Liu Huai closed his eyes, his throat moved and he couldn’t help choking up. “I only have 1 health left. I might not be able to wait until tomorrow. Jiayi, I want to see you before I die.”

Liu Jiayi’s breathing paused and she instantly looked like she had frozen into a block of ice.

She gripped the phone hard and didn’t even notice that Liu Huai had used exploratory words and lied about his health when speaking to her. She directly and quickly asked, “How did it fall so low? Where are you now?”

Shouldn’t Liu Huai stay at the hospital? Even if Liu Huai had given up on hunting her blood and reached a cooperation with Bai Liu to protect the children, Liu Huai’s personal skill meant he shouldn’t fall to this level when facing monsters and Miao Feichi. His skills meant he could run and hide.

Based on Liu Huai’s personality, he hated being controlled by others. Due to her hints, Liu Huai understood that Bai Liu controlled people using goods and needed the consent of the other party. Liu Huai knew the multiple restrictions on Bai Liu’s skill and shouldn’t be easily controlled by Bai Liu.

What the hell happened last night? Why did Liu Huai’s health fall to only 1?

Liu Huai, who had only 1 health left, was like bait deliberately made by an opponent who knew her well to catch her.

This idea flashed through Liu Jiayi’s mind but it was soon interrupted by Liu Huai’s weak voice.

“I’m in the church.”

If she didn’t go and heal Liu Huai tonight, Liu Huai would undoubtedly die. Liu Jiayi quickly realized this.

“Okay, Brother. You stay in the church and don’t move.” Liu Jiayi took a deep breath. She walked around anxiously, forcing herself to calm down. Even so, her hand holding the phone shook badly. “You wait for Jiayi to come over, okay? Jiayi will be there soon!”

Liu Huai’s voice became softer. “Can I really wait for you, Jiayi?”

Liu Jiayi’s eyes were red and she gritted her teeth. “Wait there. Brother, believe in me. I definitely won’t let you have an accident. I will come straight away.”

Liu Huai was quiet for a long time before replying in a soft voice, so soft it was almost inaudible.

“I believe you, Jiayi.”

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath.

After the phone was hung up, Mu Ke leaned in anxiously and asked Liu Huai, “How is it? Does Liu Jiayi suspect you? Will she come?”

Liu Huai shook his head slowly and woodenly. “She didn’t doubt me.” He paused before continuing, “She seemed… panicked.”

“The panic shows that she cares about you. She should come but she won’t be completely unprepared. The church is a safe place for her and she might be less vigilant here.” Bai Liu touched his chin thoughtfully. “I think that based on Liu Jiayi’s vigilance, there might be variables when she arrives at the location, even if she is panicked.”

Liu Jiayi hurriedly walked through the dark welfare home.

The black witch’s robe that symbolized her identity was gone. It was replaced with the very ordinary clothes of the children in the welfare home.

Liu Jiayi opened her system panel and warehouse. The system screen was projected directly to her brain so it could be ‘seen’ by her. After cleaning up her system warehouse and personal panel, her brow furrowed even more.

[System warehouse: Player Liu Jiayi, your visualization function item will soon be emptied. Your demand for this tool is relatively large. It belongs to the daily necessities category. Please replenish it in a timely manner.]

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi, your personal skill is special within Love Welfare Institute. After entering the game, the following restrictions have been placed on you to balance the game—]

[…The cooldown time of your personal skill ‘Antidote’ has been extended from one hour to six hours…]

[…You have universal blood…]

Liu Jiayi had often encountered this long list of restrictions when playing games because her personal skill was special. She would always be restricted by the dog system using various ways.

This dog system needed the death rate to distinguish the difficulty. If the game had her healing skill then the death rate was very bad. Therefore, the system tried every means to kill the witch.

In order to give full play to Liu Jiayi’s skills, the King’s Guild racked their brains to think of many methods, including assigning various control players to Liu Jiayi. They hoped that controlling multiple players to share the death rate would reduce the limitations of Liu Jiayi’s skill.

It was just hard to say how effective it was. They had barely practiced it before Puppet Zhang died.

Generally speaking, Liu Jiayi would skim past these restrictions without changing her expression because she was used to being blocked in the game.

However, this time Liu Jiayi wasn’t so calm looking at these restrictions. Her ‘eyes’ stopped on the first and third one for a few seconds and she couldn’t help cursing. “F*k the system!”

[System notification: Underage players are forbidden to use swear words. ‘F*k the system’ has been shielded for you.]

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath and stopped looking at the system panel that made her angry. Due to the poisonous mushroom buff, she had used the antidote on herself at 5:30 p.m. The cooldown time of her skill was usually an hour.

Yet in this game, the health value was the core clearance data so the system extended the cooldown time of the antidote to six hours.

This meant that the next time she could use it was 11:30 p.m. This was close to the early hours of Thursday morning, the day of serious illness.

Liu Jiayi was upset and worried so she walked even faster.

After 9 o’clock, the deformed children would start wandering around the welfare home. These children were corpses and cold things. Liu Jiayi didn’t have many vision items left so she didn’t use one for the time being. She might not be able to see but her hearing was very good. Moreover, she had lived in the welfare home for some time and was very familiar with this map.

The sounds of these deformed children were very loud when they moved. Liu Jiayi relied on these sounds for positioning. She cocked her head and calmly evaded them. It wasn’t like when she previously looked very confused by these deformed children.

Once she was only 100 meters away from the church, Liu Jiayi hid in a corner to avoid a deformed child.

Liu Jiayi gasped as she leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes and calmed her heartbeat and breathing. In this short rest time before she arrived, she started to doubt the authenticity of the information she got from Liu Huai.

Did Liu Huai really have only 1 health? How did he find this tunnel that even she didn’t know about?

Liu Jiayi had the very strong feeling of being lured into a trap. It was the same as what she felt when Hearts used a tool to lure her into entering the guild.

She knew it wasn’t right but it was her brother in the trap.

The designer of this trap knew her too well. Even if it was a trap, she would definitely jump in.

Yet compared to this trap, Liu Jiayi didn’t want to see another situation. It was that Liu Huai wasn’t the bait of the trap but the participant and leader.

She didn’t want to doubt Liu Huai but she couldn’t control it. The corrosive growth environment was rooted in her bones and blood. It had saved Liu Jiayi’s life in many critical situations and she was naturally suited to this bad game where she couldn’t trust anyone.

Liu Jiayi was undoubtedly the person who wanted Liu Huai to live the most in the world. For this purpose, she could save Liu Huai by risking her life and she could exchange her death for Liu Huai’s life. However, this was on the premise that Liu Huai didn’t take the initiative to harm her.

in the cold wind of the night, Liu Jiayi took deep breaths while frowning deeply. The serious expression on her immature face had a strong sense of disharmony. Liu Jiayi hesitated for a long time before finally placing her hand deep into the pocket of her clothes. She took out a teardrop-shaped glass bottle filled with transparent liquid. There was a line of fancy characters on the bottle.

[System notification: Does the player Liu Jiayi want to use the item Psyche’s Tears? After using it, the item will guide you who is hesitating on how to make a choice. It will guide you to the outcome of the gods.]

[Item rating: Extraordinary tool with the power of fate comparable to the gods.]

[The system has detected that player Liu Jiayi has already used the tool. If you continue to use it, you can strengthen the effect of the tool. Do you want to continue to use it?]

Liu Jiayi’s grip on the bottle slowly tightened. She lowered her head and watched the liquid in the bottle flowing like tears. Her breathing was very rapid as she remembered the hurt and tear-stained face of Liu Huai as he hurt Mu Sicheng after being controlled by Puppet Zhang. She also remembered what that woman, Hearts, had said to her when giving her this item.

Hearts had leaned on the sofa, her arms and legs stretched out lazily as she looked at Liu Jiayi. [Ah, you said that after using this tool, it guided you to do things to hurt Liu Huai so you suspect this tool won’t help you achieve your purpose? Little Witch, this is an extraordinary item given by the system. The effect isn’t wrong. Have you ever heard the story of Psyche?]

Hearts smiled and touched her cheeks. [Psyche was a beautiful woman with many suspicions. She was beautiful enough to make Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, feel jealous. Venus wanted to torture Psyche because she was jealous. She sent her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest beast in the world. Isn’t she a terrible mother? Letting her child do such a thing.]

[With such parents, one has to wonder if this Cupid was also a bad person. It seemed he often turned a blind eye when Venus did bad things and even helped her.]

[Then Cupid seemed to suddenly change. He didn’t want to do this to the innocent Psyche.] Hearts spoke softly. [He saved Psyche and hid her. He was very kind to her but he covered Psyche’s eyes and made her blind in front of him so she couldn’t see what he looked like.]

[This made Psyche doubt if the person who loved her was an ugly beast or a god who came to save her. She was tortured by this suspicion day and night. She didn’t want to remove the cloth that covered her eyes and hurt the Cupid who loved and saved her, but she couldn’t help wondering if he was a beast who pretended to be a normal person and lied to her.]

Hearts got off her seat. She still had a light and elegant smile on her face as she reached out to touch Liu Jiayi’s blurred eyes. [Finally, suspicion defeated Psyche. She took off the cloth blindfolding her and saw Cupid’s true face. However, Cupid was hurt by Psyche’s doubts. He flew back to Heaven and Psyche cried as she was tortured by pain and guilt day and night.]

[Still, do you know how this story ends?] Hearts chuckled as she placed the glass bottle filled with tears in Liu Jiayi’s hands, whispering as if to bewitch her. [Psyche went through hardships and flew to Heaven to bring Cupid back. Then they lived happily together forever.]

Hearts lowered her eyes. She wrapped her white arms around Liu Jiayi’s neck from behind and bent down to gently persuade Liu Jiayi. [Child, suspicion isn’t a big mistake. Psyche and Cupid ended up together. Suspicion is a good method to reveal the other person’s true face. In this way, you can be together without any doubts, right?]

[If you find your suspicions wavering, you can drink the tears and ask Psyche, who gained happiness through suspicion. Psyche who has become a god will tell you what to do.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I am speechless

1 year ago

This girl is so misguided. I…I root for her inner peace and betterment, but at the same time…the games have too many mentally ill and desperate people. I don’t know. The author is too good. All of the characters are so complex.

1 year ago
Reply to  EndlessLove

Except bai liu. Money is the only thing that leads him but not to a desperate point like them. If bai liu wants to die for money then he simply will🤷🏽‍♀️ he knows what he gets himself into. That’s why he’s the most sane one in the novel ig🙃 or maybe it’s tawil…

1 year ago

in fact, iirc psyche was talked into checking cupid’s identity by her sisters who were jealous of her being treated so well by cupid… kind of like how hearts manipulated liu jiayi?

1 year ago

Damn she really did it seems like the moral of the story of psyche was “yep don’t trust anyone, hurting those who love you is just fine.” When it actually means the complete opposite lol