GHG: Chapter 123

Every classroom, bedroom and men and women toilets on every floor had been checked. They almost dug at the ground but the Miao Feichi duo didn’t see a hair of the blind child. It wasn’t known where she was hiding!

Miao Feichi leaned against the wall and gasped. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead and cursed. “F*k, where is this blind child hiding? My searching items are used up and there are no traces. If I hadn’t known that this blind girl definitely couldn’t get out of this welfare home, I would really wonder if she had escaped.”

If Liu Jiayi ran out of the welfare home and cleared the instance, the system would issue a clearance reminder. The Miao Feichi duo hadn’t received the reminder of any player clearing the instance, which showed that Liu Jiayi was in the welfare home.

“There is only the church left.” Miao Gaojiang gasped. He couldn’t drink the physical strength recovery agent and his face showed obvious fatigue. “However, we’ve been hanging around the road to the church. We would’ve seen it if she passed through.”

“Bai Liu is guarding the church and Liu Jiayi killed Bai Liu’s child.” Miao Feichi said. “She would be crazy to go to Bai Liu’s side and give him her head.”

However, Liu Jiayi had to go to the church. It was because after midnight, Thursday would arrive and Liu Huai would enter the state of serious illness. His health would start to decline. In addition, Liu Huai had only two points of health left. If Liu Jiayi didn’t treat him in time, he would die tonight.

It was just that the Miao father and son didn’t know that Liu Huai had come with Bai Liu. After all, Liu Huai’s arms had been cut off by Miao Feichi. Bai Liu had no reason to take Liu Huai, this burden.

Once midnight came, the one who would die before Liu Huai would be Bai Liu with 0.5 health.

Therefore, Miao Gaojiang was waiting. He was consuming time waiting for midnight to come and harvest Bai Liu’s life.

“I told you not to worry. Don’t worry about Bai Liu.” Miao Gaojiang looked at Miao Feichi tiredly. “Wait for Thursday. Our health and resistance are higher and the consumption of health will be less. Bai Liu’s group will die first.”

Miao Gaojiang was ready to say a few more words to Miao Feichi but the moment he saw Miao Feichi’s face, Miao Gaojiang’s pupils shrank and his hand heading to pat Miao Feichi’s shoulder stopped in mid-air.

Miao Feichi turned his head but his original handsome face was gone. It had been replaced by an old, seriously ill and bloodless woman’s face. The woman smiled strangely and opened her mouth to him. There were still drops of boiling water, smoking and bubbling at the corners of her mouth.

[System notification: Player Miao Gaojiang’s mental value is unstable. There is a concussion-style decline! Please restore your mental value as soon as possible!]

Miao Gaojiang’s breathing became urgent. His hands shook as he lowered his head and took a quick sip of mental bleach. He told himself that this was all an illusion. It was caused by the aftereffects of a forced decline in his mental value.

Meanwhile, Miao Feichi looked at Miao Gaojiang with strange eyes. “Father, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been weird since the beginning. What are you doing in such a flustered manner?”

Miao Gaojiang barely calmed down. He squeezed out a smile and looked at Miao Feichi. “…What did you just ask me?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Miao Feichi waved casually. “I just don’t understand Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi who want to die for each other. It is too stupid. I wondered if they have another purpose.”

“Aren’t they brother and sister? Even if it is a bad relationship, they are still blood relatives.” Miao Gaojiang murmured.

“Family? In any case, I can’t do such a stupid thing.” Miao Feichi sneered disdainfully. “If I were Liu Jiayi, I would definitely escape by myself regardless of Liu Huai’s life or death.”

Miao Gaojiang started breathing quickly again. His eyes were a bit red as he lowered his head and took another sip of mental bleach. “…We will continue looking for Liu Jiayi.”

The church, 8:47 p.m.

Liu Huai rested against the wall and glanced at the time, his eyes filled with a hidden worry. “Jiayi won’t be found by them, right?”

“I don’t think it is likely.” Little Mu Ke shook his head. “Liu Jiayi is too familiar with the welfare home. She is even more familiar with it than the teachers. If she wants to hide then it won’t be so easy to find her.” His lips pursed and his trembling eyelashes hung down as he whispered, “This kid can kill Bai Liu (6) and Miao Feichi without making a sound at all. Don’t underestimate her too much. Her heart is ruthless and it isn’t known who will die if you meet her.”

Liu Huai heard this and the expression of anxiety on his face faded away. “…That’s right.”

She was the famous Little Witch whom the King’s Guild had paid a lot to invite. She had many life-saving means and items.

Bai Liu agreed with little Mu Ke’s view. “We will wait. This welfare home should be like an amusement park for Liu Jiayi. It is a map she knows well. She has healing skills and Miao Gaojiang’s state is obviously wrong. He was actually hit by little Bai Liu (6), a newcomer. I think Liu Jiayi is very careful and she shouldn’t be found so easily.”

Mu Ke looked anxiously at Bai Liu. “Then should we do nothing and wait here? Liu Jiayi doesn’t even know we are in the church. After midnight, you will enter a serious condition! Your health will be wiped out in an instant!”

Liu Jiayi would surely heal Liu Huai and Mu Ke and little Mu Ke still had each other to save their lives.

Other people still had hope of clearing the instance. Only Bai Liu with 0.5 health had no way out.

If Liu Jiayi didn’t heal Bai Liu before midnight then the welfare home would be Bai Liu’s last game.

Bai Liu’s eyes fell on the statue of the god in the church. “Isn’t there still 0.5 points?”

Mu Ke was stunned.

Bai Liu retracted his gaze to look at the startled Mu Ke and smiled in an unhurried manner. “Isn’t 0.5 a lot? 0.5 is the gap between life and death. This 0.5 allows me to still be alive. The game isn’t over yet. Why be so anxious?”

Bai Liu shook his wrist and continued. “I have an item that can resist damage and I can live until at least midnight tonight. Even so, I think that Liu Jiayi will take the initiative to call after 9 o’clock.”

“Still, isn’t it hard for Liu Jiayi to actively heal you?” Mu Ke frowned and pushed little Mu Ke in front of Bai Liu. He looked directly at Bai Liu and said solemnly, “The underground tunnel will open again at 9 o’clock. You have Bai Liu (6)’s phone for safety. You can take Bai Liu (6)’s blood and my child back to the hospital. Let Bai Liu (6) escort you back and first use their blood to make a blood ganoderma lucidum to heal yourself. Your health is too dangerous!”

Liu Huai also sat up a bit and looked at Bai Liu. “This is indeed a safer method for you.”

“Then leave you with low attack power here?” Bai Liu’s eyes swept over Mu Ke’s face and Liu Huai’s missing arms. “Miao Feichi can easily sweep up the two of you.”

Mu Ke wanted to speak but Bai Liu calmly interrupted Mu Ke’s words. “In addition, you want little Mu Ke to go with me. The previous figure of 1.6 children’s blood was just a theoretical inference of the minimum mortality rate of investors. It is that an investor’s blood ganoderma lucidum requires at least 1.6 children’s blood, not that 1.6 children’s blood will definitely save me.”

“What if the death rate of this game is 75%? If all of little Mu Ke’s blood is needed to save me, will you let him bleed?”

Mu Ke pouted and lowered his head without answering. Obviously, Mu Ke had already thought about this situation. Even so, he wanted to bet that little Mu Ke and Bai Liu could both survive.

Bai Liu saw that Mu Ke was like this and had a small headache. He thought that Mu Ke hadn’t learned anything from following him which was why he had to bet on this.

Little Mu Ke’s face after being pushed out was already pale. His hands were twisted together and he looked at Bai Liu in a trembling manner.

“Liu Jiayi is the key in this game so the system tried to limit her. Her healing skill allows children to live even when some of their blood is drawn.” Bai Liu calmly analyzed it. “We can only pass the instance alive if she is on our side.”

The window of the dean of the welfare home’s office, the third floor.

Liu Jiayi wore a black veil and ‘looked’ at Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang who were searching for her below. The office door behind her was giving off the strange fluctuations of a barrier. The door looked blurred, as if it would disappear at any time.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used the special item ‘Magic Space.’]

The two people had come up to the dean’s office once but they hadn’t found her. They were blocked by Liu Jiayi’s item.

Liu Jiayi had learned from Bai Liu (6) that the NPC dean had died last night. Therefore, the dean’s office was a space where no one would set foot in to search for a long time. There was no better place in the welfare home to hide than here.

She had indeed deceived the father and son by staying here.

“The items that Hearts gave me were really very useful.” Liu Jiayi spoke to herself with no emotions on her face. “They are worthy of being the top goods from the warehouse of the King’s Guild. Why must my brother follow Mu Sicheng? I had Hearts recruit you but you refused to join… you just wanted to follow a dangerous figure like Mu Sicheng.”

“If you were with him, you could only be an assassin who helps block weapons and damage. You will get yourself killed.”

[Jiayi, I have a friend!]

[His name is Mu Sicheng and he is my roommate. He knows that I didn’t have a very good time growing up. I told him everything since I should be honest as a friend. However, he didn’t mind my origin! He is a very good person! He just has some small habits but I can accept it! We understand each other. Hahaha, I am very happy that we can play games together!]

“Silly brother, how can there be good people in this world? We have never met good people.” Liu Jiayi’s long eyelashes lowered as she whispered, “Mu Sicheng isn’t worth your attention. Has he ever given you anything? Why were you so hurt by betraying him and suffered so much?”

Isn’t it obviously the same way you betrayed me thousands of times?

Have you ever felt pain for betraying me, Brother?

Liu Huai’s crying face appeared in front of Liu Jiayi. He held Liu Jiayi and cried until he was emotionally exhausted.

[I don’t have any friends, Jiayi. I did something wrong to protect you!]

Liu Jiayi slowly clenched her fists and soon calmed down her emotions. She touched a watch on her wrist with the casing removed and her fingers fell on the clock hands. “It is 9 o’clock.”

Liu Jiayi took out her phone. Her cold tone was instantly covered with a layer of honey, becoming small and soft. Liu Jiayi couldn’t help wrapping her finger around the coil of the telephone. “Brother, are you there? We can’t escape today. Can you come and pick me up tomorrow?”

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