GHG: Chapter 122 Part 2

The building behind the welfare home, the second to last handicrafts classroom on the first floor.

Little Miao Gaojiang walked in front in a trembling manner.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang followed behind him but their expressions were extremely ugly. Miao Gaojiang’s ankle was still bleeding, which made him walk slowly and leave marks. Even so, they didn’t dare to stop. The monster child’s attack was too strong.

Miao Feichi was gasping. He never imagined that he would be chased in a duel with a newcomer who had only participated in two games. It was to the extent where he didn’t have time to stop and tie a bandage. He had nearly died.

Miao Gaojiang had previously commented ‘Don’t you think he is scarier than those league players?’ about Bai Liu. Miao Feichi had thought Miao Gaojiang was too much but now when he thought about Bai Liu’s blood-stained smiling face in the dark tunnel, Miao Feichi only felt the panic of escaping death.

The monster child who chased them through the tunnel was clearly Bai Liu’s child. He didn’t know what skills Bai Liu had used to manipulate the child who had turned into a monster but the child was clearly dead. Under this premise, Bai Liu only had the investor path to choose from.

There was only a tiny bit of health left and one hand cut off by him. Bai Liu was finished as long as he was hit once. Yet unexpectedly, he dared to chase after them alone and almost successfully wiped out their two-man team that was very popular in the league!

If he could leave this game alive, Miao Feichi didn’t want to run into this lunatic again!

Miao Feichi thought up to here and looked at little Miao Gaojiang who was walking in front. He became a bit impatient due to fear. “Tell me, where that hell is that brat Miao Feichi? You said he was in the handicrafts classroom with that blind kid, right?”

Little Miao Gaojiang lowered his head and nodded slowly, but his fists clenched tighter and sweat slipped down his face.

He knew that there was a problem with Liu Jiayi. The very small blind girl should be the one who killed Miao Feichi and Bai Liu (6). Her ability would even frighten these investors.

However, he didn’t tell this to the two investors who forced him to come. Liu Jiayi had a problem but this was his only chance to escape. As long as Liu Jiayi fought these two investors, he could find a chance to escape!

He didn’t want to have his blood drawn to the death by these strange investors!

Little Miao Gaojiang stopped in front of a handicrafts classroom opposite the toilet. “Miao Feichi and Liu Jiayi slept here last night.”

Miao Feichi kicked open the door. There was nothing inside except for dust and the smell of blood. Miao Feichi went in and looked around, only to stop in front of a colorful box full of cut cloth. The bloody smell came from this box. There were two cloth dolls directly above the cut cloth. One had his limbs and head torn off and looked like Bai Liu. The other one was full of needles all over his body and had an expression of fear. It looked like a doll of little Miao Feichi.

There was a strange, cold feeling down his back that made Miao Feichi slowly move away these cut pieces of soft fabric to reveal the extremely frightened face of little Miao Feichi pierced with needles underneath.

It wasn’t known how long he had died but his skin had started to swell and his face grew mushroom-like corpse spots. His body was twisted at a very strange angle in the cloth box like a soft doll and his mouth was stuffed with cloth.

Miao Feichi froze in front of the cloth box. Miao Gaojiang walked up and also stood still when he saw it.

The two people stared at each other with ugly expressions for a while. Then Miao Feichi gritted his teeth and opened his mouth. “Who took the blood of this child?!”

Miao Feichi waved his hand in an irritated manner. “Father, you draw the blood of your child first. Go back to the hospital, raise the blood ganoderma lucidum and pass the instance.”

They had brought blood drawing equipment with them because Miao Gaojiang had attacked the nurse. They didn’t know if there would be any consequences on the hospital side such as no longer helping them, not drawing blood for them etc. Therefore before they went down into the tunnel, they had grabbed some syringes and infusion tubes from the ICU.

Seeing that the investors were going to draw his blood, little Miao Gaojiang panicked. He took two steps back and tried to run. Unexpectedly, the door of the classroom was locked. He saw Miao Feichi approaching with a syringe and backed away. Once his back touched the wall, little Miao Gaojiang collapsed and roared, “I know who drew Miao Feichi’s blood! It was Liu Jiayi!”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang exchanged looks. “Liu Jiayi? What does she want with the blood of other children?”

Little Miao Gaojiang gulped with his back to the wall. “She should be trying to save her brother. She is waiting for her brother to come pick her up to draw her blood. In order to prevent the incident of her blood not being enough, she seemed to have drawn Miao Feichi’s blood. She also killed Bai Liu (6).”

After leaving the hospital’s illusions that affected his mental value, Miao Gaojiang had slightly sobered up. He heard little Miao Gaojiang’s words and narrowed his eyes while speaking to himself, “How can Liu Jiayi, a child, know that one person’s blood isn’t enough? It sounds more like an old player who is familiar with the rules of a level two game.”

“Yet didn’t Liu Huai say that Liu Jiayi is playing the game for the first time?” Miao Feichi wasn’t good at thinking about these twists and turns and had a headache. “Even if Liu Huai and Bai Liu are now cooperating, Liu Huai didn’t seem to be lying at the time.”

“That’s right.” Miao Gaojiang thought about it while his eyes fell on the strange doll. “In addition, if this Liu Jiayi is their person then she wouldn’t kill the child Bai Liu (6). I am a bit familiar with this killing action but I can’t remember where I saw it…”

If it was a league player, Miao Gaojiang would repeatedly watch the other person’s small TV videos. This doll attack skill method was so special that Miao Gaojiang would never forget it as long as he had seen it. However, Miao Gaojiang had no such impression from the league players which showed that Liu Jiayi wasn’t in the league.

If there were no bright spots then Miao Gaojiang wouldn’t spend energy watching the other person’s small TV or have any memories of it. In addition, none of the players he watched were blind at all…

There was the vague feeling that he had seen this doll but the doll didn’t seem to be a key item. Combined with his current poor mental state, Miao Gaojiang couldn’t remember it at all.

Miao Gaojiang was still thinking about it with a frown but Miao Feichi interrupted him. “Does it matter if she is an old player? I have no impression of this type of little girl who plays with dolls. She shouldn’t be a strong player. The key point now is where did she run to with my child’s blood?”

“We have to find this blind child to get the blood back and draw her blood. Then we are guaranteed to clear the instance!”

Then Miao Feichi’s eyes fell on little Miao Gaojiang. He had a gloomy expression as he extended his double knives and placed them against the child’s neck. “Say it! Where is Liu Jiayi hiding in this welfare home?!”

“I-I don’t know!” Little Miao Gaojiang broke down. “She might not be able to see but she was the one who found our escape route and the teachers’ movement patterns. She is very familiar with this welfare home, more familiar than us. The teacher’s keys that were previously grabbed when running away are also on her. She can go into any room or classroom. If she wants to hide, she can hide in any of the rooms in the welfare home!”

“If you want to find her, you can only contact the teachers and have them open the doors one by one.”

“F*k!” Miao Feichi burst out swearing. “How long will this take?!”

Miao Gaojiang’s expression was very dark. “There is no way. Your child’s blood is with the blind girl while Mu Ke is in their hands. They have the monster child and we can’t easily steal from them. The amount of blood we have isn’t enough. We can only go to the welfare home’s teachers. If we use our investor status then they should cooperate with us to search for this blind child.”

The father and son didn’t know that the channel connecting the welfare home and hospital would be closed after 9 o’clock in the morning. Bai Liu (6)’s terrifying combat effectiveness had made Miao Gaojiang more vigilant after he was hit by the other person’s whip.

Miao Gaojiang had used his S-grade defense skill in the explosion last night and his physical strength gauge was exhausted. Before it was restored tonight at 9 o’clock, his defense couldn’t increase to 10,000. Therefore, Miao Gaojiang had to be more cautious against opponents with high attack power.

Even if he guessed this channel might close, who knew if the monsters inside could come out during the day or not?

After all, the church was obviously a children’s sanctuary. What if these dead, deformed children received the same protection effect? Thus, Miao Gaojiang couldn’t easily turn to face Bai Liu. Miao Feichi was also very frightened by the small monster Bai Liu (6) and wouldn’t easily go back.

Then their only way to clear the instance was to find Liu Jiayi who was carrying Miao Feichi’s blood.

It was obviously a very safe clearance plan based on various trade-offs but… Miao Gaojiang always felt that something was wrong.

He felt that he had missed some important details, but his mind really wasn’t clear now. It was like he was thinking about the truth through a foggy sheet of plastic. He just needed a needle to pierce this plastic and let him see what was making him so tense.

However, he couldn’t grow the needle that would pierce all the obstacles. It was caught by his fear.


Bai Liu’s group came to this handicrafts classroom after Miao Gaojiang. After opening it, Bai Liu went in and like Miao Feichi, he sniffed and soon found little Miao Feichi’s corpse in the box.

Little Mu Ke resisted the urge to cry out and big Mu Ke’s expression also wasn’t very good. Only Bai Liu crouched down thoughtfully and looked at little Miao Feichi’s face that was full of needles. Then he raised his eyes to look at Liu Huai who was supported by Mu Ke. “Based on this method of killing, Liu Huai, your sister has a slightly stronger sense of hatred.

Liu Huai smiled bitterly.

Little Miao Feichi wanted to eat her flesh so she would drain all his blood.

It was Miao Feichi who intervened. Otherwise, Liu Jiayi’s original plan was to draw little Bai Liu (6)’s blood. However, Little Witch eventually released Bai Liu (6). Based on Little Witch’s cruel killing style, it was more realistic for her to directly drain Bai Liu (6)’s blood and cut off Bai Liu’s way to live.

Yet she didn’t do it in the end.

Liu Jiayi let Bai Liu (6) leave the handicrafts classroom with his blood, which was like leaving Bai Liu with one last chance to live. Of course, it was possible that little Mu Ke’s knock on the door attracted the teachers and she let Bai Liu (6) go because she didn’t have time to draw his blood and leave the classroom.

People’s thinking was complicated, especially an eight year old girl who was intelligent and precocious. Bai Liu never underestimated a child’s ability. He couldn’t completely determine the psychological motivation behind Liu Jiayi’s every step. He just knew that Liu Huai was very important to Liu Jiayi.

Bai Liu stood up and looked around. “Liu Jiayi isn’t here in the classroom. Mu Ke child, do you know where Liu Jiayi might be hiding?”

Little Mu Ke shook his head slowly and thoughtfully. “There are too many places where she can hide. It will be difficult to find her.”

In addition, Miao Gaojiang was currently looking for Liu Jiayi. If they met on the road, the other party would find they had lost Bai Liu (6)’s help and it wasn’t certain who would live or die.

Based on the comprehensive information analysis, Bai Liu didn’t feel it was a good idea to search for Liu Jiayi in the welfare home. His eyes fell on the weak Liu Huai.

They didn’t need to look for Liu Jiayi at all. As long as Liu Huai was here with them, Liu Jiayi would come to them.

“Go back to the church. This is the safety area for children. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang shouldn’t want to go back through the exit of the statue. It is the exit of the monster children and will be relatively safe for us.” Bai Liu made the decision calmly. “We will go back and wait for Liu Jiayi to come to us.”


It was twilight and night spread from the edge of the horizon to the welfare home like black fog.

It was already 8:30 p.m. It had been 10 hours since the Miao Feichi duo had come out of the passage. Miao Gaojiang hadn’t yet recovered his physical strength so they rested for an hour and a half at noon. Then under the leadership of the teachers, they spent the rest of the time searching through the welfare home for Liu Jiayi.

Yet they still hadn’t found this brat!

This child seemed to know magic. She had completely disappeared from the welfare home and there were no signs of her anywhere.

Proofreader: Purichan

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