GHG: Chapter 165

Forget a child like Liu Jiayi. Even an adult like Bai Liu had his shirt soaked in sweat. He crouched down to regain his strength. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat dripping on his right cheek before looking down and counting the flowers in the sacks of the two of them.

“There are less than 1,300 flowers.” Bai Liu lifted the sacks and shook them. “According to the reference of 2 g, the two of us worked together for an hour without rest and only picked less than 3 kg.”

Liu Jiayi was resting with her hands behind her back. Once she heard Bai Liu’s estimate, she sat up and exclaimed, “Do we have to work for 15 hours without sleep before we can get a bottle of low-grade perfume?!”

She had played many level three games but this was the first time she encountered one that really made her do hard work. Liu Jiayi was a rare healer supported by her entire team before. She was mostly responsible for intellectual work or resisting high end skills i.e. a nurse or support.

She didn’t expect that she would encounter such a hardcore underworld worker plot the first time she played with Bai Liu.

Liu Jiayi fell back in a frustrated manner and stared at the night sky with dazed eyes. “When will this f*king end? We still have to work until we become the factory manager! Until what year will we have to work here?”

“I asked myself this every day when I went to work,” Bai Liu quietly told her. “Then I learned there is only one end to working. It is death or even worse, being laid off.”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

How much of a shadow had the life of a corporate drone and layoffs left on Bai Liu?

Liu Jiayi sat up and sighed sadly. “How can we get it now? That perfume should be a key item. There will definitely be problems in the follow-up if we don’t get it.”

“I don’t think there is a need to talk about follow-up.” Bai Liu took off the black gauze mask. There was a delicate rose bud stretching out its green leaves in his right eye. “We have been polluted in the process of picking the roses.”

Liu Jiayi was startled and quickly lowered her head to take off her gloves and examine her hands. Her eyes were gray from blindness and it couldn’t be seen if there was a rose blooming inside. She couldn’t use this method to determine if she was polluted or not.

However, there was another way to determine if she was polluted.

Liu Jiayi took off her gloves and held her breath at what she saw.

The back of her hands and fingertips could clearly be seen. There were black cracks like rocks spreading over her wrists and connecting in the shape of petals on her palms.

“I thought we wouldn’t be contaminated until we used the perfume for the first time.” Liu Jiayi pursed her lips. “We wore masks throughout the picking process and didn’t have direct contact with the roses. Apart from when we were in the factory, we didn’t smell a very obvious aroma of roses and we weren’t polluted when we came out of the factory. Then we were indeed polluted in the flower field but the aroma from the flower field is far less intense than that of the factory.”

Liu Jiayi put on gloves to cover the cracks that were still growing and expanding on her skin. Then she looked up at Bai Liu. “Why? Shouldn’t this thing’s contaminating method be through the scent?”

“Judging from our situation, it might not be spread by scent,” Bai Liu answered.

In Bai Liu’s right eye, a rose bud was quietly growing. Black lines spread out along his eye socket while his left eye was still a normal black eyeball.

Liu Jiayi frowned and stared into Bai Liu’s eyes. “It is so strange. Your left eye is intact but your right eye has a rose. What does this mean? Are you half contaminated along the vector line? Meanwhile, both my hands are withering.”

Bai Liu slightly lowered his eyes, half-covering the rose bud in his right eye as he said softly, “I don’t know. Let’s look at it again.”

-Don’t use your right eye to release desire.

This was what Tawil told him, as well as to beware of the roses.

Bai Liu’s eyes fell on the large roses in the flower field.

These roses were quiet and beautiful, swaying gently under the pure white moonlight. They didn’t even have the usual thorns growing on them, as if to facilitate people picking them. They were delicate and elegant without the slightest aggression.

It seemed that in addition to being used as the raw material to extract the perfume, this rose was harmless to the point of intoxication. It should be the most unlikely thing to actively harm players in this instance.

Indeed, Bai Liu had just picked so many roses and these roses didn’t trigger the monster book or actively attack them.

Bai Liu put on the black mask that was stained with dust and glanced sideways at the field of roses in the night. “At this rate of contamination, we might not last 15 hours before we start to wither.”

“Not only are we withering but we are also being alienated.” Liu Jiayi opened her panel and saw that the health and mental values on it were declining. The mental value was falling much faster than her health

Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi stared at each other silently before taking out a bottle of mental bleach at the same time to use.

[System notification: In this game, mental bleach is ineffective for restoring your mental value.]

[In the Rose Factory game, there is the one and only Rose Dry Leaf Gas perfume that can play a role in restoring the player’s mental value. If the player can’t complete the task within the specified time and get the Rose Dry Leaf Gas perfume, the player will start to receive an addiction attack with a decline in mental value, turning into a monster that can’t think rationally at all.]

Liu Jiayi looked solemnly at Bai Liu. “The mental value is forcibly stuck.”

The rose in Bai Liu’s eyes trembled majestically as the first petal opened. The cracks around his eyes deepened but his tone was still casual. “The perfume is indeed a key item.”

The other side of the flower field.

Tang Erda was squatting down on the flower field to catch his breath. His mask had been casually thrown aside by him and there were already roses in both his eyes. A black texture like cracked soil started to appear on his face, snaking on his skin one by one.

At first, Tang Erda thought that the mask could slow down the speed at which he was contaminated. Then after finding out that this mask was useless for blocking the aroma of the dry leaf roses, Tang Erda simply threw away the mask to increase his speed.

He put his hands on his knees and drank a bottle of physical strength recovery agent. He wiped his mouth and looked at the bulging sack at his feet.

It looked like a lot. There were only 8 kg of roses but the sack was already full.

If he wanted to refill it, he would have to unload it at the small tent. It was because the workers would settle the weight of the roses picked overnight by each flower picker the next day. The filled sack could only be unloaded there first.

A worker had told Tang Erda that the place to empty the sack was the small tent in the flower field where he was located. At that time, the worker told Tang Erda to be wary of the vagrants who would come to steal roses at night.

“The roses in the tent aren’t always safe.” The worker looked disgusted as he said this. “There are always greedy and lowly people who go crazy and steal it.”

However, Tang Erda was an experienced player of level three games and long had a strategy to deal with such a situation: It was his considerable game inventory.

He was a player who had traveled through many timelines. Based on the quality and quantity of Tang Erda’s level three game item inventory, there was probably no guild in the entire game apart from the Killer Sequence who could match Tang Erda’s items library in terms of magnitude and level.

Based on this rewarded items library that synthesized all the timelines of the games that Tang Erda had passed, Tang Erda had the strength to beat most low level guilds. This was why many high level guilds were willing to spend a lot of money to hire him to join their team. In addition, it was also inseparable from why Tang Erda’s individual combat strength was so excellent.

Tang Erda poured the roses into the small tent, bent down and walked out of the tent. He turned around and threw a Rubik’s Cube. A water-like barrier rose from all sides from the ground to the top of the head, forming a tightly closed tetrahedron.

[System notification: Player Tang Erda has used the item Magic Space, which is currently under the player’s control. Only those that the player allows can enter and exit freely.]

After putting away the item, Tang Erda nodded and walked away without looking back. This item might not have succeeded in trapping Bai Liu (6) in reality but apart from Bai Liu (6) who could find a solution, the ordinary monsters in a level three game could never find a way to enter or exit.

After Tang Erda entered the game, it wasn’t that he didn’t try to find Bai Liu (6). The problem was that in this game map, there were so many lush flower fields and countless small tents stationed on the edges. It wasn’t easy to find a player who was good at hiding and running away, especially Bai Liu (6) who was good at playing with his opponent.

After all, he hadn’t even met up with the other three players of the King’s Guild. The map was so big and it was easy to get lost based on the way it was designed.

In particular, there was a situation where their mental value was dropping rapidly and there was no way to restore it quickly. Normal people walking through this map were like someone who drank 96 percent vodka walking in a rotating red kaleidoscope. It was dizzying, disgusting and they wanted to vomit. They would be completely unable to find any sense of direction and it was at an optical pollution level.

Tang Erda had encountered a type of similarly designed game before. It was a very dangerous thing to walk around in this type of game. It was because once they left the place where they were assigned to do the task and strayed into the territory of a monster, it would be difficult to find their way back. It was likely that before they found their way back, they would already be crazy due to endless loss.

It was clear that this was a game that focused on mental attacks.

Tang Erda knew very well that he couldn’t play against Bai Liu (6) when it came to finding people so he decisively chose to give up. He decided to complete the task first and wait for Bai Liu (6) to finish entering the factory.

It was better to find people in the factory than the flower field.

Tang Erda never doubted that Bai Liu (6) would complete the game task beautifully. He was confident that Bai Liu (6) could pass a level three game, especially this Rose Factory game which was related to the perfume in reality.

Tang Erda looked at his palm that was cracked to the bone without a trace of blood flowing. His dark blue eyes that were like the sea were swollen with light colored roses that were gradually blooming. The second petal stretched out and the end of the first petal had turned dark red.

[System notification: Player Tang Erda’s mental value has dropped to 89…]

The author has something to say:

2 (Erda): Bai Liu will definitely be able to complete the task. I have to hurry up and complete the task before him!

(Hum hum hum picking flowers)

6: Liu Jiayi, do you think we can finish it?

+1: I don’t think so.

The two people started to drink tea and watched the show on the shore, wearing sunglasses (goggles) and watched worker 2 work to get rid of the san value.

2: ????? Aren’t you afraid of your value dropping?!

6 (decisive): There is nothing in this world that can make me drop the san value other than working.

+1: ……

Proofreader: Purichan


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