FV: Chapter 85

Ma Bozhong came back. Lin Luoqing finally met this outstanding actor, who was more famous than the male lead, for the first time.

He had been in the hospital for over ten days but it didn’t look like it at all. His face was healthy and he was very energetic. He was obviously around 50 years old but he looked to be 40.

It could be seen that his self-maintenance was very good.

Director Zhang was concerned about his body, which had just recovered and didn’t want him to face Li Hanhai and Yao Momo as soon as he came. It might affect his rest if there were constant NGs. Therefore, he specially brought forward the timing of Lin Luoqing’s scene and let him act against Lin Luoqing first.

Li Hanhai and Yao Momo had no objections to this. They were even curious about whether Lin Luoqing could take on Ma Bozhong’s acting.

“Teacher Xiao Lin, jiayou. I have seen Teacher Ma’s acting and it really puts a lot of pressure on people.” Yao Momo sighed.

Li Hanhai also agreed. “However, this is an idol drama, not a movie. Teacher Ma shouldn’t be too serious. It should be fine.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know Ma Bozhong very well and couldn’t comment on him. He just read the script seriously.

It didn’t matter if Ma Bozhong was serious or not. He just had to act well in his own scenes.

He had already memorized his lines very well. He recited them silently once more before being called over by Director Zhang.

“Teacher Ma, this is Lin Luoqing who plays Meng Hua. He might be a newcomer but his acting skills aren’t bad.” Director Zhang took the initiative to introduce him. He obviously had a good impression of Lin Luoqing.

Ma Bozhong raised an eyebrow and examined the other person. Lin Luoqing smiled at him politely. He was sunny, honest and clean, like a student who hadn’t graduated yet. Ma Bozhong was a bit surprised for a moment and said with a smile, “The temperament is quite good.”

“I feel it too,” Director Zhang agreed. “It is quite close to the role of Meng Hua.”

Ma Bozhong knew the script very well, so he nodded and hummed in agreement.

They exchanged a few pleasantries and were ready to start filming.

Soon, Li Hanhai, Yao Momo, Zhang Quan, Wu Jia and even Su Ying surrounded them.

Especially Su Ying, she hadn’t participated in the fight to be the competitive king because she hadn’t acted with Lin Luoqing before. This was until she had a scene with Lin Luoqing and became stuck at least ten times. It was almost to the point she moved the same hand and foot together. Then she found that everyone else successfully cleared the scene within an amount that could be counted on one hand.

Su Ying felt like she was bald as she stood in the middle of the crowd.

However, she had obviously been on the same level as everyone?

What was going on?

Then she found out that apart from her, the male lead, female lead, second male lead and third female lead were all quietly having make up lessons in the crew.

Su Ying thought, ‘…We obviously agreed to grow old together but you secretly used treatment on your hair!’

Therefore, she was forced to join the competition for the competitive king. She became the last student to enter Lin Luoqing’s beginner’s class.

At this time, she looked at her young Teacher Xiao Lin and the obviously experienced Teacher Ma. She was deeply worried about herself. She also had a rivalry scene with Ma Bozhong. If Teacher Xiao Lin couldn’t bear it then wouldn’t she NG even more times?

Su Ying felt it was too difficult for her. It was really difficult for a slacker whose acting skills weren’t superb enough.

In the midst of all this attention, the first scene between Lin Luoqing and Ma Bozhong finally began.

In fact, Ma Bozhong didn’t really put Lin Luoqing in his eyes. He was a movie star with achievements and a reputation. He just acted in this idol drama to make money. The crew gave too much and Ma Bozhong naturally wouldn’t refuse any money that was sent to the door.

Besides, wasn’t it easy to film an idol drama? There was a lot of money and little work. It was just that it wasn’t close to home.

So at this time, Ma Bozhong wasn’t too serious. How good could the acting skills of a young, new actor be? Besides, Lin Luoqing’s appearance was like a handsome, young star. It wasn’t that he looked down on handsome young stars, but they were indeed not good at acting. Being a bit perfunctory was good for everyone.

Ma Bozhong thought so and did so, but the moment the lines were spoken, the emotions in Lin Luoqing’s eyes became deeper and Ma Bozhong slowly became serious.

Meng Hua was young, impulsive and frivolous. Sun Huo, played by Ma Bozhong, was calm and arrogant. Meng Hua aroused his anger and he provoked Meng Hua’s anger. Lin Luoqing’s emotions were released and Ma Bozhong’s aura was low. For a while, the onlookers didn’t dare to speak.

It wasn’t until the end of the scene when Director Zhang shouted, “Okay, perfect!” that Lin Luoqing withdrew from Meng Hua’s anger.

He took several deep breaths to calm himself down. Ma Bozhong looked at him, surprised that he had such acting skills at this age.

Was he 20 years old?

A student of a film school?

“How old are you?” He asked.

Lin Luoqing had just taken a cup of water from Wu Xinyuan and took a sip. Once he heard this, he was about to answer. However, he choked on the water and coughed badly. Xiao Wang quickly patted him on the back.

Wu Xinyuan replied, “He is 22 years old.”

Lin Luoqing nodded hurriedly. His face was a bit red from coughing and he seemed a bit shy. He looked even more youthful.

Ma Bozhong asked with a smile, “How many works have you acted in?”

“Three works.” Wu Xinyuan answered before adding, “The previous two movies were all jokes. He just entered the circle and his acting wasn’t good. This one is his actual first work.”

The Internet had a memory. Wu Xinyuan didn’t intend to erase the existence of Lin Luoqing’s previous two dramas. Moreover, it was impossible to erase it.

Fortunately, he had fewer scenes in those two dramas and few people had watched them. Therefore, the impact wasn’t too great.

After all, everyone had a newcomer period. It was understandable.

However, Ma Bozhong couldn’t understand something. What he couldn’t understand wasn’t how bad Lin Luoqing’s acting skills were in the previous two dramas. According to Wu Xinyuan’s words, this was his first drama in the true sense. Then it meant his acting skills were too skillful.

Was he a talented actor?

He had rarely seen talented actors at this age.

Ma Bozhong looked at Lin Luoqing with a slight smile in his eyes.

Shi Zheng returned to the set after he finished work, only to hear everyone say that Lin Luoqing and Ma Bozhong had just acted out a scene.

“I didn’t know that Teacher Lin’s acting skills were so good. He can actually keep up with Teacher Ma’s acting.”

“Yes, it was also a one time pass. It is normal for Teacher Ma to pass in one go. I didn’t expect Teacher Lin to be able to pass in one go as well.”

“Teacher Ma seems to appreciate Teacher Lin quite a lot. He was smiling when talking to him just now.”

“It is normal. Doesn’t Director Zhang appreciate Teacher Lin? Teacher Lin looks good and his acting skills are good. When this drama is aired then he will definitely be popular.”

Shi Zheng listened and his footsteps stopped slightly. He looked toward Lin Luoqing and saw that Lin Luoqing was talking to Li Hanhai and the others.

Li Hanhai hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing would be able to act against Ma Bozhong. It was no wonder that Li Hanhai was inferior to him. This was too normal.

He had never been someone who wanted to dominate at the top, so he didn’t feel that Lin Luoqing was so threatening that he couldn’t let Lin Luoqing rise. There were so many people in the entertainment industry and new people were emerging every day. Watching them pop up and hitting them one by one was like playing whack-a-mole. There would be new people who popped up while he wasn’t paying attention.

There was no need. In this situation, it was better to ensure that he didn’t fall behind.

“If you have a chance in the future, you will definitely be popular with your acting skills,” Li Hanhai said sincerely.

“Yes,” Yao Momo agreed. “Weren’t you nervous? I was nervous just watching you.”

“It was okay,” Lin Luoqing answered calmly.

He really wasn’t nervous. Previously when he was playing unknown supporting roles, he played small roles such as a eunuch and a guard without many lines. He had to stand next to some big stars, watching the big star’s aura and acting skills. After a long time, he was used to it.

There were also some big stars who had a good temper and were willing to give advice when acting with him. Therefore, Lin Luoqing wasn’t nervous about Ma Bozhong.

He had been unknown for so many years and experienced too much disappointment and loss in the entertainment industry. Now he was very content and had long calmed down.

Lin Luoqing thought about Shi Zheng, who was still unknown now, and looked up to look for his shadow on the set. He quickly found it and smiled at Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng saw his smile and smiled back. He didn’t speak and didn’t bother Lin Luoqing. He turned around to do other things.

Ma Bozhong’s return put a lot of pressure on Li Hanhai and Yao Momo, the two actors acting opposite him a lot. They knew that their acting skills were average. In addition, he had just been discharged from the hospital and they didn’t dare to trouble Ma Bozhong. They ran to Lin Luoqing diligently and practiced the scenes they had with Ma Bozhong.

Lin Luoqing didn’t refuse and continued to give them careful counseling and patient teaching.

If he had free time, he would go to Shi Zheng to check his lines and talk a bit, trying to get closer to him.

Shi Zheng was quite dumbfounded about this. He felt that Lin Luoqing had too high an opinion of him. How could he practice lines with someone who didn’t even have 30 lines every time? Wasn’t he afraid of Shi Zheng dragging him down?

Lin Luoqing smiled. “No, your lines and acting skills are pretty good. You can’t bring me down.”

Shi Zheng heard these words and saw that Lin Luoqing felt no annoyance. It was only then that he realized Lin Luoqing’s words were serious.

Lin Luoqing really thought his lines and acting skills were good.

This type of recognition momentarily caused Shi Zheng to feel at a loss.

He hadn’t been affirmed by someone in so long. In the beginning, people would tell him, “Shi Zheng, your acting skills are very good.” Later, his lines became fewer and his roles smaller. No one paid attention to him any longer.

Once people started to be forgotten, they would find that it seemed like the whole world had forgotten them.

Directors he once filmed with no longer thought of him, actors he had acted with no longer remembered him, a friend who had started off on the same starting line would ignore him when meeting again.

He was like a pedestrian in a hurry, rushing from one crew to the next. However, no one would remember the appearance of the person passing by and no one would remember that they once rubbed shoulders with this person.

Now someone grabbed him by the shoulders, smiled at him and told him, “Your lines and acting skills are pretty good.”

It was obviously the season of autumn chills but Shi Zheng felt that today’s sunshine seemed very bright.

There could still be good weather in autumn.

Lin Luoqing’s filming went smoothly while Ji Yuxiao helped Lin Fei choose a suitable school.

“The First Elementary School. It is affiliated to the First Middle School in the city. Fei Fei will be able to go to the First Middle School for middle school and high school. I have seen that the First Middle School has been in the limelight for the past two years. For the past two years, the province’s number one student in the university entrance examination has belonged to their school. It can be seen that their school places great emphasis on learning and grades. This is just right for Fei Fei. What do you think?”

Ji Yuxiao sent the corresponding information to Lin Luoqing and made a video call with him.

Lin Luoqing trusted him completely. Therefore, he replied without hesitation before even opening the relevant materials, “I don’t think there will be any mistakes in your choice. Just pick that one.”

“You haven’t even seen it yet,” Ji Yuxiao smiled.

“Then I believe in you.” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “You are so powerful that you must choose the best.”

“Then I’ll arrange for Fei Fei to report there in two days.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing was a bit regretful. “It’s just that I can’t take a leave of absence to send him to school.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take him there,” Ji Yuxiao said.

Lin Luoqing opened his mouth when he heard this but no words emerged.

Asking Ji Yuxiao to send his child to school was indeed making trouble for Ji Yuxiao. However, it was the first day after being transferred and he hoped a parent could accompany Lin Fei. Ji Yuxiao probably thought so as well.

“Then it will be hard work for you,” Lin Luoqing told him gently. “Jiayou, good uncle!”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “If you don’t come back soon, Fei Fei will like me more.”

“You can try it~” Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile, unafraid.

Ji Yuxiao discussed it with Lin Luoqing and then told Lin Fei the news.

Lin Fei had no opinion. It was fine as long as he could go to school. As for where he went to school, he never cared about it.

However, even if he didn’t care, someone else cared.

Ji Leyu heard Ji Yuxiao say to him, “In a few days, your brother will continue going to school.” He let out a happy ‘yes’, feeling that he finally wasn’t the only one at home who left early and returned late, which was too pitiful.

Then in the next second, he heard Ji Yuxiao say, “However, your brother’s school is too far away from your school and it isn’t on the same road. So when the time comes, he won’t take the same car as you. He will take Uncle Li’s car.”

Ji Leyu, “???!!!”

“Didn’t we go along the same way before?” He wondered.

“Previously, there was a section where the road was the same and it only became different in the second half. Now the two of you are going to school in the east and the south. They are two completely different directions so you naturally can’t go to school together any longer.”

Ji Leyu pouted while looking reluctant.

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