FV: Chapter 83

The next morning, Zhang Xiaosong reluctantly apologized in front of the class along with Ding Ding and Haohao. Then the three of them went to the punishment area in the teacher’s office.

He Ni admitted in the office that she bullied others and messed around, deliberately making things difficult for Lin Fei. Ding Ding and Haohao’s mother were with her.

They lowered their heads, humiliated in their hearts. Then they left in a hurry, none of them daring to look back.

Zhao Lei told the students in the class that Lin Fei was going to transfer to another school. The reason was that he was poached by another school due to his excellent grades. These students were a bit surprised, but they weren’t too surprised. After all, they had an average relationship with Lin Fei and just knew that Lin Fei’s grades were really good. This reason was easy for them to accept.

The mothers of Ding Ding and Haohao also brought their child to Ji Yuxiao’s house. The three of them knew each other. Zhang Qing’s father had an incident and the fathers of the other two children were also afraid of being implicated. They couldn’t wait to let their wife and child apologize.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t receive them. He just had them stand for an afternoon like He Ni and Zhang Xiaosong and made them write reviews. Then he sent them away.

Since they left early, they didn’t meet Ji Leyu when he came home from school. This could be regarded as invisibly escaping a catastrophe.

At this point, the incident of Lin Fei’s school conflict could be considered to have come to a complete end.

Lin Luoqing heard about these things from Ji Yuxiao’s mouth and was taken aback for a moment. He never expected Ji Yuxiao to do so many things in a place he didn’t know.

“You are quite resolute…” He sighed emotionally.

Ji Yuxiao sighed with relief. “I thought you would think I meddled in your business.

“How so?” Lin Luoqing asked with a smile. “I’m Fei Fei’s uncle and you are also his uncle. You have other ideas and want to help him out. This is normal.”

After all, everyone expressed their love differently.

If he also had Ji Yuxiao’s wealth and social status, he might’ve repaid them in another way.

“But you are right.” Ji Yuxiao stared at the moon outside the window. “Fei Fei doesn’t seem to care about this. They came and he didn’t even bother to see them.”

“Still, he will know that you are doing it for his own good, so he will be happy,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

“You know your nephew very well.”

“Yes, but I still want to thank you,” Lin Luoqing told him. “Not only did you let the other party apologize to him but more importantly, you let him feel your care. Now even when I’m not at home, he should be very relaxed and natural.”

Ji Yuxiao thought of the hug he had with Lin Fei that day and chuckled. “Hopefully.”

He really hoped that Lin Fei would feel this was his home and his most comfortable place, even in Lin Luoqing’s absence. It was just as he hoped that no matter where Lin Luoqing went in the future and no matter how long he left, he would come back here to their home.

Ji Yuxiao sat on the balcony and the wind blew through the curtains. He looked at the cacti placed side by side in front of the window and felt he seemed to miss the other person again.

At a time when we are looking at each other but not hearing each other, I hope the moonlight will shine on you.

On the third day after Lin Luoqing returned to the crew, he heard Wu Xinyuan say that Ma Bozhong was finally about to be discharged from the hospital.

He nodded and thought to himself that it was around time to be discharged from the hospital.

Lin Luoqing felt that Ma Bozhong was a bit miserable. He had a relapse of an old disease not long after he arrived at the crew. Then once he finally got better, the change of seasons caused him to get a cold. It had been over ten days and he finally got better. He was a bit pitiful when looking at it.

It was fortunate that Ma Bozhong wasn’t the male lead and didn’t have too many scenes, or Director Zhang might have a big headache at this time.

Just as Lin Luoqing was thinking this, he heard someone shouting, “Shi Zheng, come here and try this move.”

Lin Luoqing followed the sound and saw the figure that he had glanced at in a hurry last time.

He was very sure that he had never seen this person before and he didn’t have this person in his original memory. So why did he feel that this name was inexplicably familiar?

“Shi Zheng…?” Lin Luoqing asked Wu Xinyuan.

“A supporting role.” Wu Xinyuan didn’t know much about it. “He doesn’t have many scenes and his name isn’t printed separately in the schedule sheet. It should be an unimportant supporting role.”

Soon, Wu Xinyuan’s words were confirmed.

Shi Zheng was indeed a less important supporting role. He played the bodyguard of the male lead’s father Sun Huo. He obeyed Sun Huo’s orders and occasionally reported Sun Zheng’s situation to Sun Huo. This scene was where Sun Zheng came to confront his father, but was stopped by the bodyguard. The two of them clashed and Sun Zheng left angrily.

Lin Luoqing stared at Shi Zheng and Li Hanhai. The more he looked, the more he felt that Shi Zheng’s acting skills were much better than Li Hanhai’s.

His bodyguard didn’t have a name and the personality was even less detailed. He looked like a tool person who reported the situation. However, Shi Zheng’s performance made the bodyguard look helpless and tolerant to the young master who provoked him. He looked at Sun Zheng in an obviously expressionless manner and seemed very cold, but there were occasionally some details or micro-expressions that made people think he seemed to like Sun Zheng quite a bit.

This type of liking was like an adult looking at a child who was having a temper tantrum. There was nothing he could do, but he wouldn’t criticize Sun Zheng and even turned a blind eye to him.

Shi Zheng’s acting skills were so layered. Was he really just a supporting role?

Then why did his name seem so familiar?

Lin Luoqing was thinking about this matter in his heart and couldn’t let it go. Seeing that Shi Zheng was about to finish the scene and was called by the scenes manager to help, he immediately walked over and stopped Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng heard someone calling him and looked back to find it was Lin Luoqing.

He naturally knew Lin Luoqing, or it should be said that he knew every actor with a name in the crew. In addition, this was Lin Luoqing, who the director praised the most.

But why did Lin Luoqing come to him?

Lin Luoqing quickly gave him the answer to the question. “Teacher Shi, I just saw the scene between you and Brother Hai. Your fight scene was so beautiful. It just so happens that I have a few fight scenes later and the martial arts teacher is busy. Can you help me see my movements?”

His words weren’t a lie. Meng Hua was a character who could face Sun Zheng and he was naturally good at fighting. There were four or five fight scenes later, but the martial arts instructor was indeed busy guiding Zhang Quan. Every word was true, but his fight scenes were still later on. There was no need for him to get fighting guidance now.

Shi Zheng glanced toward the martial arts instructor and saw that Wu Zhi and his apprentice were busy teaching Zhang Quan. So he replied very cheerfully, “Okay, but Teacher Lin, you don’t have to call me that. You can just call me Brother Zheng.”

“Yes, thank you Brother Zheng. Then Brother Zheng, you can call me Luoqing.”

“Yes.” Shi Zheng said. “But you have to wait a bit. I am going to help Brother Yang move something. I’ll go to you after moving.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing said while taking out his phone. “Then let’s add each other on WeChat.”

“Yes.” Shi Zheng added him on WeChat before continuing to move forward.

Lin Luoqing slowly returned to his rest area while wondering where this familiarity came from.

Soon, Shi Zheng came to Lin Luoqing after moving things.

Lin Luoqing quickly recalled the actions that Wu Zhi had previously guided him through and compared it with Shi Zheng.

After all, he had a lot of experience in acting. His movements weren’t proficient but he still looked good. Shi Zheng saw it and praised him. Then he tentatively corrected two places for Shi Zheng. It was only after seeing that Lin Luoqing had no objections that he let go of his worry and pointed out suggestions for improvement in several other movements.

Lin Luoqing cooperated with his guidance and asked Wu Xinyuan to record the comparison of his before and after movements while practicing. It was only after watching this that he realized his changed movements were indeed smoother and more beautiful.

“Brother Zheng, you are quite skilled.”

Shi Zheng smiled brightly, with a bit of a heroic spirit. “I have done martial arts before and have a bit of experience in this area. No matter whether it is martial arts or a good fight scene, it is actually just a set of movements. The key intersection point remains unchanged. Other small movements can be slightly adjusted according to your own habits. Your overall movements are very good and you can change it to be a bit more casual.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “You were also a martial artist?”

Shi Zheng nodded with a smile on his face.

Lin Luoqing was curious. “Then Brother Zheng, how long have you been in this circle?”

“Almost five years,” Shi Zheng replied.

For five years, he could only play unnamed supporting roles. This meant he had no one behind him and couldn’t encounter big opportunities, so he could only be silent here.

Lin Luoqing instantly thought of himself before he transmigrated here. He was similar to Shi Zheng but he hadn’t done any martial arts. The joy of a martial arts stand-in required some skills. From this perspective, Shi Zheng was stronger than him.

Shi Zheng saw that Lin Luoqing had stopped talking after hearing him say five years and felt that Lin Luoqing probably didn’t know what to say.

After all, it was indeed embarrassing to still be a dispensable extra for five years without making a name for himself.

He smiled and asked Lin Luoqing, “Is there anything else I can help with? If not, I’ll leave first.”

Lin Luoqing subconsciously didn’t want him to leave like this, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Are you busy? If you aren’t busy, can you help me practice my lines? My lines for the next scene aren’t right yet.”

“You want me to practice lines with you?” Shi Zheng pointed to himself.

He was an extra and even ten lines in a scene was a lot for him.

Now Lin Luoqing wanted to practice with him?

Lin Luoqing really thought highly of him.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “My next scene is with Teacher Su Hong. Teacher Su Hong hasn’t come yet. I can’t practice with her and everyone else is busy. Can you help me?”

Then once he finished speaking, he remembered that Su Hong’s role in this scene was his mother and was afraid Shi Zheng would think he was embarrassing him. Therefore, Lin Luoqing added, “However, forget it if you are busy. I’m sorry, I’m really presumptuous.”

Shi Zheng didn’t think he was presumptuous. He didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing suddenly wanted to practice lines with him, but he didn’t have anything to do. If Lin Luoqing really needed it then he was quite willing to rehearse together.

He had been with so many crews and this was the first time someone wanted to practice lines with him.

Shi Zheng actually thought it was quite fun. He either thought Lin Luoqing was funny or this matter was funny. How dare Lin Luoqing let someone who didn’t even have ten lines in a scene act opposite him? Lin Luoqing was really young and unusual.

“Okay,” he said. “It just so happens that I am free. If you need it, I will check your lines with you.”

Once he finished speaking, he reached out and asked Lin Luoqing for the script.

Lin Luoqing quickly asked Wu Xinyuan to hand over a script and gave it to Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng read it seriously.

This scene was actually very simple. Mother Meng found that something seemed not right with Meng Tao, so she asked Meng Hua if his sister was in love.

Meng Hua covered up for Meng Tao. Mother Meng couldn’t do anything and finally said seriously that it was possible for Meng Tao to fall in love at this age. She didn’t need her daughter to find a good and rich boyfriend. She just needed her daughter to be happy. She seemed to think of something and was quite moved. Then she shook her head and said, “I’ll stop talking. Just tell your sister it is fine if she likes someone. Mother has no opinion.”

Meng Hua looked at her and felt that she had a secret hidden in her heart.

Lin Luoqing had already memorized the lines for this scene. Shi Zheng was reading it for the first time, but he wasn’t the one who needed to act it out. This meant he didn’t need to memorize the lines. He just needed to have an impression of them and read them without any mistakes.

He read it for a while and almost remembered it. Then he said to Lin Luoqing. “I can do it.”

“Then let’s start,” Lin Luoqing told him.

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Should be because Luoqing said he had no recollection of meeting Shi Zheng (meaning OG memories, he is trying to match name with face). I bet he only read lines of this name thus he felt familiar but looking at the face, he drew blank (you know how we each reader imagine a character differently despite same description lol). I bet when he finally recognized the origin, he will observe Shi Zheng and be like, “Yes, the heroic type”, “manly”, “good actor” kinda thing and think why didn’t I realised it sooner 😂😂.

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