FV: Chapter 8

Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei were preparing to eat at this time.

“What do you want to eat?” Lin Luoqing asked Lin Fei while flipping through the menu.

Lin Fei felt that this person was really wrong these days. Otherwise, why else would Lin Luoqing pick him up and ask him what he wanted to eat? Didn’t Lin Luoqing always order what he liked?

“Sweet and sour tenderloin?” Lin Lin Luoqing asked him. “Children seem to like this sweet and sour flavor. Do you like it?”

Lin Fei nodded.

“What about kung pao chicken?”

Lin Fei continued to nod.

“Steamed pork and plum vegetables.”

Lin Fei nodded.

“Pumpkin pie.”

Lin Fei still nodded.

Lin Luoqing abruptly closed the menu and looked at him with a smile. “Wow Fei Fei. You are a sweet little child. I didn’t expect you to look so cool but to actually be so sweet.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei silently shifted his gaze and looked out the window.

Lin Luoqing smiled slightly and stopped teasing him. He asked the waiter to come over and added boiled beef and mapo tofu to the other dishes before placing the order.

He looked at Lin Fei’s little face and held this child’s cheeks. “Let’s go to the supermarket in a while.”


“To buy something.” Lin Luoqing said, “The refrigerator is empty. I have to buy things to fill it up.”

Lin Fei had long wanted to fill the refrigerator but he had no money. ‘Lin Luoqing’ stayed home all day long and didn’t care if there was anything in the refrigerator. Thus, the refrigerator became a decoration.

He looked at Lin Luoqing and thought to himself that this person was really different these two days.

Was Lin Luoqing sick?

Was he dying?

That’s why he suddenly became like this.

Lin Fei was a bit worried all of a sudden. He might not like Lin Luoqing but Lin Luoqing was his guardian. What should he do if Lin Luoqing died?

His mother once told him that a child couldn’t grow into an adult alone. He must be watched by an adult in order to grow into an adult safely. Thus, he had to be obedient and Lin Luoqing couldn’t leave him.

What if Lin Luoqing died?

“Are you going to die?” Lin Fei asked him.

Lin Luoqing almost spat out his tea.

“Why are you asking that?”

“My mother was sick and died. You are her younger brother. Are you also sick? Will you also die?”

“Everyone will die,” Lin Luoqing answered calmly. “However, everyone’s death time is different. I won’t die for the time being.”

“Then when will you die?”

As long as you don’t abuse me and JI Leyu doesn’t want me to be with a dog, I will definitely live to be 100 years old!

Lin Luoqing was very ambitious. “It will be around 80 years later.”

Lin Fei heard this and sighed with relief. It was okay. This person wasn’t about to die.

At least before he grew up, he didn’t want Lin Luoqing to die. If Lin Luoqing wanted to die, it should be after he grew up.

Lin Fei resolved the doubts in his heart and stopped paying attention to this person. He quietly looked out the window.

Lin Luoqing watched him and wondered how Lin Fei could be so good-looking as a child. Good guy, he should be a child star!

This beauty!

He would be the most handsome when placed in the child star circle!

So regretful!

It was as if he missed out on hundreds of millions!

Not long after he regretted it, the waiter came over and started to serve them one dish after another.

Lin Lin Luoqing grabbed a piece of tenderloin and placed it in Lin Fei’s bowl. “Eat.”

As he spoke, he gave Lin Fei other dishes.

This was the second time Lin Fei had enjoyed this type of treatment from him. The first time was last night and now was the second time. Lin Fei really wasn’t used to it.

Lin Luoqing left some snacks and noticed that Lin Fei wasn’t picky, just like yesterday. His taste was just a bit sweeter. He probably really liked sweets. Lin Luoqing thought that he could buy Lin Fei a small cake or something when he went back later.

He paid the bill and asked the waiter to pack the leftovers. Then he went to the supermarket with Lin Fei.

The two of them returned from the supermarket and had just got out of the elevator when Lin Luoqing saw someone standing in front of his house.

This person was dressed very richly. Her dark hair was coiled up behind her head and there were 10 hairpins in total, all of which were precious jade. She looked like a peacock who had opened its tail.

Lin Luoqing stood silently while wondering who this was. Did he know her?

He saw the woman turn her head. Her eyes started twitching the moment she saw him.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that she had probably come to the wrong door. Looking at the strength and frequency of the twitching, the place she should really want to go was the ophthalmology department.

Before he could remind the other person that the ophthalmology department wasn’t in this building, he saw the other person shout ‘Luo Luo’ and rush toward him.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly took a step back and dodged her attack.

The woman’s legs were slightly bent and her hands were lowered. IT was a bit like the posture of a palace maid saluting in ancient times.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling and he told her, “You may rise.”

The other person, “……”

Lin Luoqing watched her stand up quickly and the corners of her eyes started to twitch again. It looked like she wanted to cry but there were no tears. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something. This age, this clothing and calling her Luo Luo—this was probably the narrow-minded stepmother of the original owner.

Then he probably knew her purpose for coming here. After all, the original owner eavesdropped on her words and heard that he was going to replace Lin Luojing to marry Ji Yuxiao.

Her appearing here at this time was for only one reason. It was to let the original owner replace her son to marry Ji Yuxiao!

Really, it was just on time.

Lin Luoqing opened the door and let Chen Feng, the original owner’s stepmother, enter the house.

“Sit casually,” he said politely.

Lin Fei glanced at Chen Feng when changing shoes but didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing waited for him to change his shoes before pulling him into the kitchen. Lin Luoqing opened the refrigerator and placed the things they bought inside in batches.

“In the future, you can come here directly to get food if you are hungry. However, you are still young so don’t use the stove too easily. Eat some bread and biscuits first when hungry and wait for me to come back and cook for you.”

Lin Fei looked up and had a clear doubt about the sentence ‘wait for me to come back and cook for you.’

Lin Luoqing saw his eyes that contained 30% doubt, 30% disbelief and 40% confusion. Then he reached out and pinched Lin Fei’s face while thinking to himself, ‘How can he start drawing a chart again without paying attention? If this goes on, I will be a professional chart reader!;

“Trust me!” He shook the flesh on Lin Fei’s face that he was pinching.

Lin Fei let out an ‘oh’ sound and didn’t bother to argue with him over this.

It was only then that Lin Luoqing let go. He saw that Lin Fei’s face was a bit red from his pinching so he smiled and rubbed it. Lin Fei slightly dodged but couldn’t avoid it. He could only let it be.

“Let’s go.” Lin Luoqing stood up and held his shoulder. “You should do your homework after eating.”

Lin Fei didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing sent him back to the room. He leaned against the door frame and told Lin Fei, “I will talk to Grandmother outside. You can come out again once we are done talking.”

Chen Feng who wasn’t far away: ??? Grandmother? How did she become a grandmother?

Chen Feng sent Lin Luoqing an angry look. It was just that she had something to discuss with him today so she endured it.

Lin Fei nodded and sat down at his desk.

Lin Luoqing saw him taking a book out of his school bag so Lin Luoqing closed the door and walked toward Chen Feng.

Yet the moment Lin Luoqing left, Lin Fei put down the book.

He had seen this grandmother before. He remembered that she came to his house previously. It wasn’t known what she said to his mother but in the end, his mother’s eyes were red.

So why was she here this time?

Was it related to him? Did it have anything to do with his mother?

Lin Fei thought so and stood up. He quietly walked to his bedroom door and lay against it. He wanted to hear the noises outside the door.

Lin Luoqing walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa opposite Chen Feng.

He looked at Chen Feng and asked with a smile, “Auntie, why are you here?”

Chen Feng heard this and smiled gently. “Luo Luo, I’m here today because I have something good to tell you.”

“What good thing?”

“Of course, it is your marriage.” Chen Feng said. “Your father has decided that you will replace Xiao Jing and marry Ji Yuxiao. We all know what type of family the Ji family is. You being able to marry Ji Yuxiao is really marrying into a wealthy family. Your future glory and wealth will be inexhaustible.”

Lin Luoqing smiled casually while thinking to himself, ‘Are you really here to play with me?’

To put it bluntly, before Ji Yuxiao was disabled, Chen Feng and Lin Luojing saw that Ji Yuxiao had a distinguished status, a handsome appearance and was wealthy. They wanted to climb high using him. Now Ji Yuxiao had an accident and was disabled. He was willing to give Chen Feng and Lin Luojing a chance to climb up high but they were unwilling.

They didn’t want to marry a disabled person but they didn’t dare to publicly offend Ji Yuxiao. They also wanted to marry into the Ji family and enter the upper echelons of a wealthy family. This made them think of Lin Luoqing who had been expelled from the Lin family earlier. They wanted him to marry instead of Lin Luojing.

The original owner of the body heard this and acted first. He went to Ji Yuxiao and clearly told Ji Yuxiao that he was unwilling and humiliated Ji Yuxiao. This completely cut off the path of the Lin family’s retreat.

Lin Luoqing looked at the woman in front of him. He had already made up his mind.

He took a sip of water without rushing and said calmly, “I don’t have the nerve to fight with my brother for such a good thing. You can let Xiao Jing and Ji Yuxiao get married.”

Chen Feng said hurriedly, “It’s fine. Your father and I have agreed and Xiao Jing has no objections. You can rest assured and marry Ji Yuxiao.”

“However, Ji Yuxiao is now disabled.” Lin Luoqing hesitated. “I am now a star. How can I marry a disabled person?”

Chen Feng silently rolled her eyes in her heart while thinking, ‘What type of star are you now? Even the Internet celebrities live broadcasting are more popular than you!’

“He might have disabled legs but he had money.”

“Am I short of money?” Lin Luoqing looked disdainful. “I am a star and I will be rich in the future.”

Feng Chen, ‘…I said that Internet celebrities are more popular than you. Where did you get the confidence that you will have money?!’

“In any case, your father has already decided on this matter. Luo Luo, you don’t have to think too much. You just need to show up on time and go to get the certificate with Ji Yuxiao.”

Lin Luoqing laughed mockingly. “What does my father’s decision have to do with me? Is he getting married to Ji Yuxiao? If I don’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, can he pretend to be me? If I don’t go to the wedding, can he exchange rings with Ji Yuxiao?”

“Wow~” Lin Luoqing thought of this and was a bit interested. “This scene must be very beautiful. I’m looking forward to it.”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng looked at his unrelenting manner and said angrily, “So you don’t want to?”

“Of course, I don’t want to.” Lin Luoqing folded his arms across his chest. “What celebrity will get married so early? I will consider getting married when I get three gold trophies.”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng felt that she probably couldn’t wait for this for the rest of her life!

Lin Luoqing being able to take three gold trophies was like a toad driving a jeep!

She saw that this trick didn’t work so she had to soften her expression. She decided to change her way.

Lin Luoqing saw her eyelids twitching again. She frowned as her eyes twitched, her expression becoming sadder.

…Did she want to perform a crying scene but she couldn’t cry? So it was just thunder and no rain, right?

This was truly displaying one’s small skill before an expert, using a broadsword in front of Lord Guan, etc.  What did she think she was doing?

Chen Feng tried for a long time without squeezing out tears and finally gave up. She said sadly, “Please, Luo Luo, please help your brother. You can marry Ji Yuxiao. You are bringing a child with you and he also has one. The two of you can get in touch with these children!”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Chen Feng’s eyes twitched a few times. “I know you don’t like him but as long as you marry Ji Yuxiao, your father is willing to let you go back to the Lin family. Isn’t that a good thing for you? Don’t you want to go back to your father?:

He really didn’t want to.


“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Lin Luoqing looked at her curiously. “Can I ask, are you trying to cry?”

Chen Feng: …Um.

“You can’t do this.” Lin Luoqing shook his head helplessly. “Come, watch me and learn from me.”

After he finished speaking, he blinked and pursed his lips. His expression instantly saddened as he looked at Chen Feng. Tears slowly emerged in his eyes and his eyes looked wronged and innocent. “It is my father who doesn’t want me. It isn’t that I don’t want him. Why should I come back to him again? I don’t care.”

Then the tears fell down. Lin Luoqing turned his head and raised his hand to wipe away the tears, looking stubborn and pitiful.

Chen Feng, “……”

“This… your father was wrong back then for throwing you out but…”

“Did you learn it?” Lin Luoqing turned his head and looked at her again.

“It is necessary to act like this in a crying scene. Tears follow emotions. They can’t fall at the beginning. It shows the main character’s sorrow and grievance. Then it slowly slides down, showing sadness and stubbornness. Don’t twitch the corners of your eyes like you. I didn’t know anything and thought you had cramps in your eyes. I wasn’t moved at all. I just wanted to persuade you to see medical attention and get well soon.”

Chen Feng who thought he was really crying, “……”

Chen Feng who was now so embarrassed that she was furious, “!!!”

However, Lin Luoqing was still continuing his acting teaching. “Come on, do it again. This time, you must be full of emotions and have tears in place. Don’t just twitch and don’t let it pour down. You won’t be able to infect people with emotions and the director will call for a cut.”

Chen Feng, “!!!”

“Lin Luoqing, that’s enough!” Chen Feng exclaimed angrily. “What are you doing?”

“Cut.” Lin Luoqing raised his hand and clapped. “The tone is impatient and the expression is too ugly. You are like a villain. Come again.”

Chen Feng, “???”

“Do you think this is interesting?”

“Cut.” Lin Luoqing continued to clap the board. “The emotions aren’t rich enough and the timbre is too poor. You aren’t good at this line. Do it again.”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng was going to be furious with him. “I’m telling you, don’t do this. You and Ji Yuxiao are going to get married!”

Lin Luoqing was dissatisfied. “Cut cut cut! After talking for so long, look at your tears! You are really the worst student I have ever taught!”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng was so angry that she couldn’t wait to turn around and leave. However, she wanted to throw this marriage to him so she could only grit her teeth and look at him full of anger.

Lin Luoqing saw that Chen Feng had stopped talking and slowly said, “In fact, it isn’t impossible for me.”

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up in an instant. What did he say again? Repeat it!

“Three million. Give me three million and I promise you that I will marry Ji Yuxiao.”

“You are dreaming.” Chen Feng refused. “You are getting married and you still want me to give you three million. You are thinking too beautifully.”

“Then let Lin Luojing marry the disabled person.”

Chen Feng, “……”

“300,000.” Chen Feng gritted her teeth. “300,000 and you will marry Ji Yuxiao.”

“Five million.” Lin Luoqing said calmly.

“What did you say?” Chen Feng was shocked. “Lin Luoqing, aren’t you demanding an exorbitant price?”

“Then you can let Lin Luojing marry him and become a father directly. You can hug your grandson with one step. Are you happy?”

Chen Feng, “……”

“One million.” Chen Feng gritted his teeth.

“Ten million.” Lin Luoqing didn’t blink. “If you continue to bargain, I will continue to increase it. In any case, it doesn’t matter if it is successful or not. Do you care?”

Chen Feng had never found this person so difficult to deal with before. She looked at the person in front of her and her teeth were about to break, but it was useless.

“Okay!” After a long time, Chen Feng finally made up her mind. “It is three million as you said in the beginning. I will give you three million so tomorrow, go to Ji Yuxiao and say you like you. You want to marry him instead of Xiao Jing!”

“Deal.” Lin Luoqing smiled and slowly took a bank card out of his wallet. “Dear stepmother, write down my card number and send the deposit to my account. Then I will go to JI Yuxiao.”

Chen Feng was annoyed but she had no choice but to take his bank card and take a photo. Then she returned the card to him.

She looked at Lin Luoqing and vaguely felt that he seemed different from before. However, she was so angry that she didn’t want to talk to him any longer. Thus, she stood up and walked out.

Lin Luoqing waved at her. “Walk slowly. I won’t send you off. Come here often if you have time~”

Who would come often? Chen Feng complained in his heart. She would be annoyed whenever she saw him.

She slammed the door shut and went downstairs angrily.

Lin Luoqing smiled and glanced at the bank card in his hand. He was in a very good mood. He earned three million the day after he transmigrated. It was really cool.

It would be great if he woke up every morning and got three million.

Lin Fei listened for a long time and only heard the word ‘marriage.’

He knew that Lin Luoqing was going to get married so he didn’t take it seriously. He returned to the desk and continued to read.

Once Lin Luoqing knocked on the door and came in, he saw that Lin Fei was cleverly writing his language homework.

“You are really good.” Lin Luoqing said while putting the washed and cut apples on the desk.

“That grandmother is gone?” Lin Fei wondered.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing replied positively. “She told me about my marriage before leaving.”

Lin Fei nodded. He just thought that Lin Luoqing really wanted to get married and didn’t think much of it.

Lin Luoqing saw that the child was busy with homework and didn’t bother him. He just rubbed Lin Fei’s head and left the bedroom.

He went back to his bedroom, planning to pick out the clothes to go out tomorrow. After all, he was going to see Ji Yuxiao’s family and he had to make a good impression on them.

Lin Luoqing opened the original owner’s closet, looked at all the clothes filling it and pondered on it for a while. Finally, he clicked on WeChat.

Lin Luoqing: [Are you asleep, Brother?]

He waited for two minutes before receiving a reply from Ji Yuxiao: [Not yet.]

Lin Luoqing immediately took out a set of clothes, took a photo and sent it. [Can I wear this tomorrow?]

Ji Yuxiao looked at it and commented: [It is too serious.]

Seeing the parents was a serious matter. Lin Luoqing thought this in his heart but he didn’t worry too much about it. He quickly chose the second set of clothing and sent it to Ji Yuxiao again.

[This one isn’t serious, right?]

[It is too plain.] Ji Yuxiao was critical.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing had to choose another set of clothing. [What about this? It isn’t that plain or that serious.]

Ji Yuxiao: [That’s true but if you wear this, there might not be a ten meter long red carpet on my doorstep for you to act.]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that this person was too picky!

He tapped on the keyboard and sent out a question: [So dear, you are planning to let me go home with you tomorrow without any clothes to meet your parents?]

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