FV: Chapter 9

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao almost spat out a mouthful of water. He coughed twice before putting down the water glass in his hand and replying: [You should be more reserved.]

I know that your dream will come true and you are about to get rid of poverty, but you should be more reserved!

Lin Luoqing snorted and took out a new outfit again. [Is this okay?]

Ji Yuxiao looked at the basic white shirt and jeans in the photo and felt there was nothing wrong with it.

[Yes.] He replied.

Lin Luoqing was satisfied. He put away the clothes, took a shower and lay down on the bed.

At noon the next day, he returned home after dropping Lin Fei off and caught up on some sleep. Not long after he fell asleep, he received a call from Ji Yuxiao.

“I’m downstairs. Come down.”

Lin Luoqing sat up quickly. He changed his shoes and ran down. Then he saw a Rolls-Royce parked downstairs with the license plate number that Ji Yuxiao had told him.

“Wow” Lin Luoqing exclaimed slightly. “A rich person.”

He walked to the back seat, opened the door and sat inside.

Ji Yuxiao seemed to be closing his eyes to rest. He opened them when he heard Lin Luoqing sitting inside.

He looked Lin Luoqing up and down and nodded. “Yes.”

“That’s right. You picked it yourself,” Lin Luoqing replied to him.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and took out a box from beside him. He handed it over.

Lin Luoqing took it curiously, opened it and found a watch. “This is…”

“Put it on,” Ji Yuxiao said concisely. “I’m giving it to you.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at the brand on the box and wondered if this was the beginning of the poverty alleviation work.

Was he going to take the first step toward a well off life today?

It was really efficient, fast and powerful!

Ji Yuxiao saw that the other person was holding the watch and not moving. Therefore, he reached out, pulled Lin Luoqing’s hand and helped put the watch on his wrist.

“If you are asked, say I gave it. We are getting married. As your fiance, I can’t do nothing, right?”

Lin Luoqing nodded before whispering, “Then I will return it to you after seeing your parents.”

“No need.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t care at all. “It is just a watch. It is nothing.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and didn’t care about it any longer. He just felt that this was really generous and worthy of being a professional of poverty alleviation.

The car drove very steadily for an hour or so before it finally arrived at the Ji old house.

The driver helped Ji Yuxiao take out the wheelchair. Lin Luoqing watched as Ji Yuxiao supported himself on the driver’s arm and moved himself to the wheelchair with his strength.

He thought, ‘Yes, Ji Yuxiao’s legs are inconvenient. He can’t get on and off the car normally. He needs help.’

Thinking of this, he immediately got out of the car. He walked behind Ji Yuxiao’s wheelchair and held onto the handle of the wheelchair. “I’ll come.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao had no objections.

The driver saw this and returned to the car.

Lin Luoqing was pushing Ji Yuxiao to the door of the old house when he heard Ji Yuxiao say, “I might say some unpleasant things in a while. Don’t mind it.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

What did this mean?

Even so, he nodded cooperatively. “Yes.”

In any case, he was accompanying Ji Yuxiao to meet the parents. Naturally, he would be happy no matter what Ji Yuxiao said.

Ji Yuxiao raised his hand to open the door. Then he leaned back against his wheelchair, looking sick.

Lin Luoqing was busy pushing him in and didn’t notice the change in expression.

He pushed very seriously and looked around Ji Yuxiao’s parents’ house while pushing.

The villa was very large but the decorations were a bit retro. At this time, the large living room was empty. The hallway was also empty under the moonlight.

It was really rich. Lin Luoqing couldn’t help sighing again. He also wanted to live in this house.

He was just thinking this when he heard someone say with surprise, “Young Master, you’re back.”

Lin Luoqing looked around when he heard it and saw a chubby middle-aged woman who looked like a cook.

The middle-aged woman walked over with a smile and asked Ji Yuxiao, “Why did you come back so suddenly without saying anything? I didn’t prepare your favorite meal. What do you want to eat? I’ll do it now.”

“No need,” Ji Yuxiao answered indifferently.

The cook saw his tiredness and wanted to say something, but she eventually just said, “Master, Miss Tang and the others are eating in the dining room.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao still had that world-weary expression.

The cook sighed. Then she looked up and seemed to notice Lin Luoqing. She asked suspiciously, “Who is this?”

Lin Luoqing’s lips curved as he smiled slightly. This was a good question. He wanted to ask something. Ji Yuxiao was taking him to meet the parents but didn’t tell his family?

What did this mean?

Lin Luoqing vaguely felt that his fiance seemed to want to make trouble.

“My boyfriend,” Ji Yuxiao replied calmly.

He turned his head to look at Lin Luoqing. He saw that there was no turbulence on Lin Luoqing’s beautiful face and said with peace of mind, “Push me to the dining room.”

Lin Luoqing let out an ‘oh’ and followed his guidance to enter through the door of the dining room.

Father Ji was talking to Ji Yun and Ji Huai. He saw Ji Yuxiao coming in through the door and was surprised. “Why are you back, Xiao Xiao? Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten.” Ji Yuxiao answered coldly, “I came to tell you that I am getting married.”

Father Ji was shocked. Ji Yun and Ji Huai next to him also put down their chopsticks.

They seemed to notice there was another person behind Ji Yuxiao and silently focused on Lin Luoqing’s face.

Lin Luoqing could only smile again and cooperate. “Uncle, Sister, hello. I am Yuxiao’s boyfriend.”

Ji Yuxiao heard the words and looked back. He thought on this ‘Yuxiao’ and felt that Lin Luoqing really couldn’t wait.

Even so, there was a rare smile on his face as he let out a human of agreement.

Ji Yun and Ji Huai looked at each other.

Father Ji spoke angrily, “Nonsense. You didn’t discuss such a big thing with your family in advance. I don’t know anything like your boyfriend’s surname and what he does. You are coming back now and saying you are getting married. What is this? A notification?”

Ji Yuxiao replied lazily, “Oh, this is indeed a notification for you.”

Father Ji, “……”

Father Ji looked up at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing could only smile again and take the initiative to say, “My name is Lin Luoqing. I’m an actor.”

“Really?” Father Ji’s voice was cold. “I haven’t heard of you.”

Ji Huai added in a low voice, “I also haven’t heard of him.”

“It is because I’m not popular yet.” Lin Luoqing said frankly. “You will hear it when I become popular.”

Father Ji sneered and turned to look at his son. “You have been arrogant and proud for so many years. You don’t like this one or that one. Yet in the end, you fell in love with such an unprofessional actor?”

Ji Yuxiao sneered while still looking sickly. “Do I still have something to be proud of? Don’t you see what I am like now? I am a waste person. It is good if someone likes me. What else do I want to care about?”

“What are you talking about?” Father Ji was dissatisfied. “It is your legs that are a waste. Does losing a pair of legs affect you?”

“Just a pair of legs?” Ji Yuxiao looked at him, voice full of coldness and self-deprecation. “Father, you said it so easily. Do you want to try breaking a pair of legs?”

Father Ji, “……”

Father Ji turned his head angrily.

Ji Yuxiao leaned back against his chair and spoke calmly, “Since I am here today, I’ll just settle everything at once. I won’t go to the company and I’ve already sent my resignation to your email. I will only be in charge of Xingyi in the future and I won’t be involved in the rest.”

Ji Yun and Ji Huai were both stunned when they heard the words. Ji Yun asked in a shocked manner, “Brother, what do you mean by this?”

Father Ji couldn’t help scolding him, “What are you talking about? You don’t want the company now that you have hurt your legs? Then what do you want to do with Xingyi? Why not do both?”

Ji Yuxiao calmly pointed to Lin Luoqing. “My spouse is an actor. Xingyi is kept for him. Otherwise, what do I want to do with an entertainment company?”

Father Ji, “……”

Ji Yun, “……”

Ji Huai, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at the three people in front of him. He once again showed a gentle and polite smile and said softly, “Thank you, Husband. My husband is so nice.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yuxiao patted his leg. “I feel wronged to have you follow me. I will compensate you with this entertainment company.”

Father Ji couldn’t stand seeing his son like this and said angrily, “I don’t agree. Either you come back to the company to work or you don’t want anything at all. Finding such a person and giving him an entertainment company is simply giving up and looking down on yourself.”

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “Do I have something to look up at myself? What does it mean for me to be alive now? It is better for me to die in the car accident with my brother.”

He looked at his father. “I didn’t fight with my brother when he was alive and I won’t fight with him after death. I said it before. I don’t want to be the general manager of the company. I said so when he was alive and I still say so now.”

Father Ji heard him mention his dead eldest son and fell into a rare silence.

The room was silent. Lin Luoqing looked at the person in front of him and thought, ‘What is he trying to do?’

During the two times they met, Ji Yuxiao was in the study. He was completely unrestrained and calm, without a trace of decadence. Even if he was tired, he would make himself look confident, proud and charming.

Yet right now, he was acting in a manner that Lin Luoqing had never seen before. He was decadent, tired, world-weary and self-deprecating.

What was he trying to do?

Or was he putting on his act to make his father do something?”

“I just want Xingyi.” In the silence, Lin Luoqing heard Ji Yuxiao’s clear and cold words. “Louqing is still a newcomer but he is my person. I hope his future will be smoother so this is the only thing I want.”

Father Ji didn’t speak but he didn’t become angry again.

JI Yun and Ji Huai watched the father and son uneasily, not daring to speak.

Lin Luoqing saw this and decided to give Ji Yuxiao some support. He took the initiative to say, “It’s fine, Brother. I don’t care. I don’t need Xingyi.”

“You do,” Ji Yuxiao said gently.

Lin Luoqing cocked his head and leaned toward him, voice soft, “It is enough for me to have you.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his curved eyes and squinted slightly, thinking, ‘You can stand still at this time. You don’t need to be loyal to your character and show your acting skills.’

Father Ji couldn’t stand seeing his son and this person who wanted nothing, so he stood up and told Ji Yuxiao, “Come with me.”

Ji Yuxiao was lazy. “I am in a wheelchair and I can’t go up the stairs. I can’t go to your study.”

Father Ji, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at the father and son who weren’t speaking again and actively broke the ice. He took the initiative to say, “It doesn’t matter. Brother, I can carry you up.”

Once he finished, he seemed to be afraid that Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t believe it. He bent directly and directly picked up Ji Yuxiao. “Like this.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing glanced at Father Ji in a gentle and polite manner. “Uncle, let me carry him up.”

Father Ji, “……”

Father Ji saw his own son being held in another man’s arms, even relaxing and leaning back against the other person’s body quite naturally. This caused Father Ji’s expression to darken.

“Come down for me? Don’t you have any shame?”

Ji Yuxiao ignored his father. He hooked one arm around Lin Luoqing’s neck and squeezed Lin Luoqing’s jaw with the other. “Baby is really good.”

Then he looked at his father, his words full of disgust. “How will I go upstairs if I come down? Will you carry me?”

Ji Yuxiao snorted. “Then I’d rather let Luoqing carry me.”

Father Ji, “……”

Father Ji turned around and stormed out of the dining room.

The author has something to say:

Father Ji: I’m so angry. Incompetent and furious, Crazily hitting the table!

President Ji: Hehehe.

Luoqing: Hehehe.


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