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FV: Chapter 42

Ji Yuling was stunned for a moment, as if not expecting him to ask this. Then he sighed helplessly, grabbed Ji Yuxiao’s shoulders and walked toward the stairs.

“Dad intends to make me the chairman,” he replied.

Ji Yuxiao was pleasantly surprised. “This is a good thing.”

“What is so good?” Ji Yuling looked at him. “You are obviously more suitable than me and you should be the one taking over the company. I already rejected him once but he wants to persuade me. I was so angry that I yelled at him.”

He looked at Ji Yuxiao and his tone returned to the previous gentleness. “You are my brother and you are more talented than me. He shouldn’t make such a hasty decision. It isn’t fair to you.”

“That is why you don’t want me to know.”

“I am afraid you will feel uncomfortable.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed. He felt that his brother was really thinking too much. “How can I feel uncomfortable about this type of thing? I would only be so happy that I hang two firecrackers at the door, okay? You should know that I don’t want to take care of the company. If you leave a seat for me, aren’t you afraid of my displeasure?”

Ji Yuling helplessly tapped him on the head. “Then you can’t be happy for the rest of your life.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled, leaned over and whispered to him, “Then I’ll tell you one thing. Don’t tell anyone else.”

“What is it?” Ji Yuling was puzzled.

“I’m actually a president now.”

Ji Yuling, “???”

“Didn’t you keep asking me what I was so busy with during my senior year that I didn’t go home or go to the company? I said that my classmate asked me for help with something but in fact, I was busy starting a business.”

Ji Yuling was shocked.

“Why didn’t you tell me all this time?”

“I didn’t want to lose face. What if it failed? I was too ashamed to tell you unless I made some achievements.”

Ji Yuling raised an eyebrow when he heard this. “Then it seems that you have some achievements now.”

“The listing was successful this year,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile.

Ji Yuling looked at him with more relief.

He always felt that Ji Yuxiao’s ability was far above his own. It was just that due to his own existence, Ji Yuxiao avoided the Ji Group out of fear of taking his position.

Ji Yuling actually didn’t care. He wanted Ji Yuxiao to sit in a higher position and show his talents, but Ji Yuxiao had already assigned the Ji Group to him.

Ji Yuling looked at his younger brother with relief and gentleness. “Okay, you have created your own company with your own hands so I won’t force you.”

“You said it.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him happily. “Then you have to go back and tell Dad later that you agree. You should’ve become the chairman a long time ago. If you don’t do it, Ji Mu can’t wait to become the chairman himself.”

Ji Yuling smiled at him. “Don’t worry.”

Back then, Ji Yuxiao really thought that Ji Yuling was just arguing with their father over the position. Now it seemed that this might not be the case.

It wasn’t something that he couldn’t know, otherwise Ji Yuling wouldn’t have told him after he asked.

However, the tone in which he spoke the sentence in the study was extremely stern like never before. He had always been gentle and had never spoken to their father in that tone. Was it really just because he felt their father was being unfair?

The more Ji Yuxiao thought about it, the more terrible it became.

After that accident, he doubted many people. All the relatives in the Ji family, everyone around his brother and even the rival companies. He had just never doubted his father.

This was his and his brother’s biological father, a relative who shared the same blood.

How could he possibly doubt his father?

Every time he spoke out against his father, he just used his real dissatisfaction to highlight his current moodiness and sense of defeat so that others could see it.

But was his father really innocent?

Ji Yuxiao didn’t dare to say yes.

On this day, he finally became suspicious of his father.

He sat in the water that was no longer warm and vaguely felt a piercing coldness.

The night was very dark. Ji Yuxiao felt that perhaps his long night was just about to begin.

Ji Leyu waited until Lin Luoqing returned to his bedroom before coming out of his room. He closed the door and turned to enter Lin Fei’s bedroom.

He still wasn’t at ease and wanted to ask Lin Fei what Lin Luoqing had said to him and if Lin Fei had said anything that shouldn’t be said.

Lin Fei was already sleeping. Once he heard the movement, he guessed who it was and turned on the light. He looked at Ji Leyu standing at the door with 40% helplessness, 30% calm and 30% saying ‘it really is you.’

Ji Leyu smiled at him with no embarrassment. He walked to Lin Fei’s bed, blinked and asked, “I can’t sleep alone. Can I sleep with you?”

Lin Fei had already slept with this person once before so he didn’t refuse and moved to the side.

Ji Leyu hurriedly took off his shoes and went to the bed.

He quickly lay down, looked at Lin Fei wrapped in the quilt and asked him, “What did your uncle say to you?”

Lin Fei looked over. Ji Leyu’s eyes were bright and full of anticipation.

Lin Fei didn’t want to tell him what Lin Luoqing said. Ji Yuxiao didn’t like others to doubt Ji Leyu. If Ji Leyu knew that Lin Luoqing suspected him, he might tell Ji Yuxiao. At that time, Ji Yuxiao might quarrel with Lin Luoqing because of this.

He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to be scolded for this matter so he couldn’t say it.


“Really?” Ji Leyu was suspicious.

“What do you think he would say to me?” Lin Fei wondered.

Ji Leyu cocked his head and thought about it. Yes, Lin Luoqing always believed in him. Lin Luoqing just talked to him about this matter out of fear he was unhappy. Therefore, Lin Luoqing naturally wouldn’t ask Lin Fei about the truth of the matter.

“I thought he would remind you that the next time you encounter this type of thing, you must protect yourself and help others.”

The moment Lin Fei heard this, he knew it was what Lin Luoqing had told Ji Leyu.

He raised his hand to turn off the light and lay down again. “You are the one who saved the person, not me. He wouldn’t remind me about this.”

‘That’s right,’ Ji Leyu thought.

“So you didn’t tell him?” Ji Leyu tentatively asked.

Lin Fei felt this question was very meaningless.

“If you don’t believe me, you won’t believe it if I said I didn’t tell him. If you do believe me, I promised you when I first came back and there would be no need for you to ask again.”

He closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Ji Leyu listened but couldn’t sleep.

He stared into the dark night with his eyes open while thinking that Lin Fei should be trustworthy.

He previously promised not to tell Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing so he didn’t say anything.

Then he probably didn’t say it this time as well.

Besides, Lin Fei was in the meeting room at that time and helped him.

“Thank you for this evening,” Ji Leyu whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Lin Fei’s voice was as calm as ever.

Ji Leyu turned sideways to look at the other person. Lin Fei was lying flat on the bed and his expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

“You turn around,” Ji Leyu told him.

Lin Fei had no choice but to turn around and face him.

Ji Leyu stared at Lin Fei. The night was very dark and he couldn’t see Lin Fei’s face clearly, but he could vaguely feel his breath.

Ji Leyu moved closer, wanting to speak but not knowing what to say.

Lin Fei wasn’t as emotional. He saw that Ji Leyu didn’t speak so he closed his eyes again and prepared to sleep.

A long time passed before he heard Ji Leyu asking him in a soft voice, “Do you know what a bearer of ill luck is?” (characters used here can also mean comet).

Lin Fei sighed and replied to him, “A comet.”

“That’s not it.” Ji Leyu explained it to him. “It is someone who will kill the people around them. This type of person is called the bearer of ill luck.”

Lin Fei heard him say this and opened his eyes with some doubt. He naturally knew that this phrase also had this meaning but how did Ji Leyu know it? Ji Leyu was so young and didn’t like to read books.

Yes, the time they had lived together wasn’t long but Lin Fei had already seen that Ji Leyu, the kindergarten child who lived in the room next door, didn’t like to read, let alone do homework.

“Oh,” he replied quietly.

There was some sadness in Ji Leyu’s tone. He seemed to hesitate before saying, “I am a bearer of ill luck.”

His voice was soft yet heavy.

“You’re not,” Lin Fei retorted.

Ji Leyu hadn’t expected him to say this and was a bit surprised.

“I am,” he insisted. “Ji Xin’s grandmother and mother said so.”

“You’re not.” Lin Fei’s voice was firm.

Ji Leyu didn’t understand why Lin Fei felt he wasn’t one. Ji Leyu obviously already thought he was one.

“My family was in a car accident. My parents died, my uncle was injured and only I was fine.” He repeated Ji Zhencai’s words to Lin Fei. “This is a bearer of bad luck, who specializes in harming others. Therefore, I will kill others but I myself won’t die. My life is very resilient.”

“So I am.” He finally concluded.

Lin Fei felt helpless. “You’re not.”

“The car accident was an accident and what happened to your parents and uncle was an accident. Do you know what an accident is? It happened suddenly and no one expected it.”

“Then why was I okay?” Ji Leyu asked him.

Lin Fei couldn’t know why he was fine.

He was silent for a moment before deciding to explain the matter to Ji Leyu in a different way.

“My parents are dead too,” Lin Fei said calmly. “I am still alive but I’m not a bearer of ill luck. So you aren’t either, do you understand?”

Ji Leyu asked curiously, “How did your parents die?”

“My mother was sick and my father had an accident. I’ve never met him but my mother said he died.”

Ji Leyu nodded but soon found new doubts. “Your uncle wasn’t injured so you aren’t a bearer of ill luck. My uncle was injured so I am.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei had grown so big but this was the first time he felt tired at heart.

Therefore, he thought about it again and told Ji Leyu, “My grandfather is dead but your grandfather is still alive.”

“Your grandfather is also dead?” Ji Leyu was surprised.

How come another person was dead?

Then Lin Fei had one more person who died than him.

“Yes.” Lin Fei was very calm. “My mother said my grandparents are dead.”

His grandmother as well!

This was one more!

Ji Leyu was simply shocked!

If he was a bearer of ill luck then Lin Fei must be a big one who could kill so many people!

“My mother said that birth, old age, sickness and death are normal. This is life.”

Ji Leyu couldn’t understand it very well. “Isn’t life just living?”

“No, it is fate.” Lin Fei glanced at him and said with disgust, “You read too few books.”

He added, “My grandparents were old so they died. My mother was sick so she died. My father had an accident so he died. This has nothing to do with me, just as your parents and uncle’s deaths and injury have nothing to do with you. If you don’t believe it, you can ask your uncle tomorrow and see what he has to say.”

Ji Leyu relaxed due to the words and asked softly, “Really?”

“Yes,” Lin Fei answered calmly.

Ji Leyu couldn’t help laughing and there seemed to be a gentle shaking in his heart.

“Then I’m not a bearer of ill luck?”

“Of course not.”

“I didn’t kill my parents or hurt my uncle.”

“Of course.”

“Then I won’t kill others in the future?”

‘This isn’t necessarily the case,’ Lin Fei thought to himself.

“As long as you don’t push people in the water.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu snorted angrily, puffed up his little face and turned to ignore Lin Fei.

Lin Fei smiled, closed his eyes and prepared to sleep.

Ji Leyu waited a while. He secretly looked over and saw that Lin Fei didn’t speak or move. Therefore, Ji Leyu had to turn around again and say angrily, “I didn’t want to kill him. I told you, I just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

“However, he could’ve drowned.” Lin Fei closed his eyes. “This can’t be done next time.”

Ji Leyu pursed his lips and remained silent.

It was only then that Lin Fei opened his eyes and asked him, “Do you understand?”

Ji Leyu understood but he didn’t really want to agree.

“Isn’t it okay as long as I don’t want to kill him?”

“My mother didn’t want to die when she was sick. The doctor didn’t want her to die, I didn’t want her to die and neither did my uncle. Even so, she still died.”

Lin Fei’s voice was empty. “It isn’t that he won’t die even if you don’t want him to die. No one can say for sure when it comes to death.”

Ji Leyu was silent for a moment.

He seemed to think of his parents and Ji Yuxiao. His father was protecting his mother when he was dying, just like his uncle protected him. Even so, his mother was still dead.

His father didn’t want his mother to die but it didn’t work.

“I understand,” Ji Leyu answered softly.

He just pouted in an unwilling and reluctant manner after speaking.

Lin Fei remembered what Lin Luoqing had told him when he was taking a bath and continued, “You can’t push people into the water and you can’t do anything else. You can quarrel and fight, but you can’t do anything other than these two, understand?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that this person was asking too much!

He snorted fiercely and expressed his dissatisfaction with physical action.

“Can you do it?” Lin Fei asked him.

“Isn’t it fine as long as I don’t push people into the water?” Ji Leyu bargained with him. “I’ll be more careful next time and won’t be discovered.”

‘…Being discovered or not isn’t the problem!’ Lin Fei thought.

This was something that shouldn’t be done at all!

“Don’t touch water, don’t touch fire and don’t touch knives and other tools,” Lin Fei stressed.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that this was simply making it difficult him!

“I don’t want to,” Ji Leyu refused.

Lin Fei didn’t try to persuade him. He had given a reminder and Ji Leyu didn’t accept it. He had no solution.

Lin Fei said, “Oh.” Then he stopped talking.

Ji Leyu watched the other person for a while and realized that Lin Fei really didn’t plan to continue persuading him.

He looked at Lin Fei in shock. Was this the end?

Just an ‘oh’?

What did an ‘oh’ mean? Did it mean he knew?

Was this the end?

Ji Leyu was inexplicably not happy.

He turned over angrily and slammed his body on the bed. The sound was muffled and it was like an unwilling small fish flicking its tail and slapping water. It was a pity that Lin Fei was the same after hearing it.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu turned around angrily and asked in a dissatisfied manner, “What are you doing? Is this the end of it?”

“Otherwise?” Lin Fei felt this person was a bit noisy.

Ji Leyu puffed up. “Can’t you persuade me a bit more?”

Lin Fei, who had never persuaded others a second time in his entire life, “……”

He opened his eyes helplessly and cocked his head to look at Ji Leyu.

The night was deep and Lin Fei couldn’t see Ji Leyu’s expression clearly. He just guessed that Ji Leyu’s cheeks should be puffed out like a grumpy cat.

“Don’t do what I just said, can you?” Lin Fei asked again.

Ji Leyu flattened his mouth and wondered with disgust, “Do you just persuade people like this?”

He boldly said, “You have to coax me. How can I agree if you don’t coax me?”

…He is really naive!

Very childish!

It was the same as Lin Luoqing.

Fortunately, Lin Fei felt that he already knew how to coax people.

Therefore, he reached out and touched Ji Leyu’s head. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu felt a bit more comfortable now and reluctantly said, “You asked too much. You can change it to something simpler.”

Lin Fei thought about it. “Then tell me before you do something bad. If I don’t agree then you can’t do it.”

Ji Leyu, “???”

“Do you know what a bad thing is? If I tell others in advance, is this still a bad thing?”

In addition, why can’t I do it just because you said I can’t?!

“You also know that it is a bad thing,” Lin Fei calmly said.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Fine, good boys really shouldn’t do bad things.

“Then do I have to call and talk to you first before doing something bad at school?”


Ji Leyu held his forehead.

“There is no need when you quarrel or when you fight,” Lin Fei added.

“…I thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Lin Fei said calmly.

Ji Leyu snorted fiercely again in a very dissatisfied manner.

However, he didn’t refuse even though he was dissatisfied.

Lin Fei felt that this person should’ve agreed and withdrew his hand. He closed his eyes again and prepared to sleep.

However, he was doomed to be unable to sleep peacefully.

After a while, Ji Leyu started to make trouble again.

He lay on the bed. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he had suffered a loss.

Lin Fei didn’t promise him anything while he was good and agreed to Lin Fei’s rules. The more he thought about it, the more unfair he felt it was and the more reluctant he became.

Ji Leyu turned his head and saw Lin Fei lying on his back without moving, as if he was about to fall asleep. This made Ji Leyu even unhappier.

He raised his body, leaned close to Lin Fei’s ear and deliberately let out a fierce snort.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei opened his eyes to look at him. “Aren’t you sleeping?”

Sleep sleep sleep!

You just want to sleep!

Ji Leyu felt that he was angry again!

The type that must be coaxed by Lin Fei!

“I haven’t promised you yet,” he deliberately said.


“I’m angry.” Ji Leyu’s voice was dissatisfied.


“What is with the oh?” Ji Leyu was angry due to him. “Shouldn’t you coax me at this time?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that the other person was too awkward.

Awkward, childish and naive. He was very different from Lin Luoqing.

Moreover, didn’t Lin Fei coax him just now?

Lin Fei helplessly raised his hand and touched Ji Leyu’s head. “You are good.”

Was that it?!

“Is that all you can do?” Ji Leyu complained.

Lin Fei was very honest. “Yes.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu sighed. “You can hug me.”

He wondered helplessly, “Why are you so stupid?”

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