FV: Chapter 22 Part 3

The lady at the counter had finished braiding the bracelet. She saw they had returned and politely handed over the boxes containing the bracelets. “Do you want to wear it now?”

Lin Luoqing looked at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei looked down at the cute tiger in the box, serious and quiet.

He seemed to like it very much. He reached out to touch the luck transfer bead in the box. However, he shook his head and didn’t let Lin Luoqing help put it on his wrist.

“Put it in a bag,” Lin Luoqing told the employee.


Lin Fei was still looking at the luck transfer beads in the boxes. He glanced at his little tiger and then Ji Leyu’s little fish.

Lin Luoqing stood beside him. He seemed to think of something and suddenly laughed. “I actually chose a pairing of a cat and a fish. A big cat and small fish, the big cat eats the small fish.”

Lin Fei looked up at him with obvious doubt in his eyes.

“Tigers are big cats,” Lin Luoqing explained, “Cats eat fish and big cats can also eat little fish.”

Lin Fei nodded. “Oh.”

“However, you can’t eat Xiao Yu.” Lin Luoqing touched his head and bent down. “You have to get along with Xiao Yu.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt helpless. “Why would I eat him?”

He glanced at Lin Luoqing and sighed with a bit of frustration and helplessness. “People can’t eat people. I know this.”

Lin Luoqing saw him saying these childish words in a serious manner and smiled.

“You know a lot.”

Lin Fei didn’t show it on his face but he felt some pride in his heart. ‘That’s right.’

The employee brought a bag and put the two boxes inside. Then Lin Luoqing dragged Lin Fei out of the mall and headed back.

He was waiting for the taxi when he suddenly thought of something and looked down at Lin Fei. “Do you think I’m too good to Xiao Yu?”

Lin Fei looked up, as if wondering why he was asking this.

“In two days, I am going to marry Uncle Ji. At that time, I will be considered as Xiao Yu’s father.” Lin Luoqing’s voice was always gentle and slow when talking to children. He seemed to want to express his emotions clearly through his own words. “Still, no matter whose father I am, I am still your uncle. My favorite child will be you. Do you understand?”

Lin Fei’s eyes were obviously confused, and he didn’t understand. It was natural that he didn’t understand. How could he be Lin Luoqing’s favorite child? He didn’t understand this at all.

Lin Luoqing saw his ‘confused’ eyes and immediately guessed what he was thinking. Lin Luoqing said with some embarrassment, “I really didn’t treat you well before but that has passed. We are now the closest people in the world. I will like you the most and treat you the best.”

Lin Fei didn’t say anything.

He stared at the cactus in his hand. The cactus was still very small and hadn’t grown up yet.

He lowered his eyes for a long time before whispering a small “Hmm’ as if to say that he understood.

Lin Luoqing saw him acting like this and didn’t say anything else. He just hoped that Lin Fei wouldn’t think too much and wouldn’t feel that he was partial to Ji Leyu. He was thinking about Lin Fei when he bought everything.

Now it seemed that Lin Fei really didn’t think about it—because he didn’t think Lin Luoqing liked him at all.

Ah, blame the original owner of the body. Trash original owner!

The car came and Lin Fei got into the car with Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing still hugged him when getting into the car. Physical contact would shorten the distance between people. He always wanted to use this method to make Lin Fei get used to him, accept him, trust him and like him earlier.

Lin Fei was indeed used to it but this didn’t affect his distrust of Lin Luoqing.

He was a very smart child. He knew a long time ago that people saying they liked him and giving him all types of gifts didn’t necessarily mean they really liked him.

He had personally experienced the dislike of ‘Lin Luoqing’ toward him. There was scolding and disgust. It wasn’t for a day or a month, but a long period of almost half a year. Therefore, he didn’t believe it at all when Lin Luoqing said, ‘I like you, I like you the most.’

He just didn’t care so he let out a low hum before getting in the car.

‘It isn’t a big deal,’ Lin Fei thought, ‘He says he likes me, but I don’t believe it. There is no need to waste time on the rest.’

The two of them returned home in the car.

Lin Luoqing went back to Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom and put away the bracelet. He planned to give it to Ji Leyu later.

Lin Fei knocked on the door and according to Lin Luoqing’s instructions, he delivered the cactus to Ji Leyu.

“For you.”

Ji Leyu blinked, amber eyes beautiful and innocent. “For me?”

Lin Fei nodded. “My uncle bought it.”

“Oh.” Ji Leyu reached out and took it. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Fei turned and left the room after he finished, leaving Ji Leyu staring helplessly at the cactus in his hand.

Why give him a cactus? Ji Leyu didn’t understand it.

He put the cactus on a corner of the table in disgust. Who would like a stupid plant like a cactus?

It had already exposed its own thorns before others approached. Who would dare to approach and touch it unguarded?

So stupid!

Ji Leyu shook his head. He still liked roses. Roses were very clever and hid their sharp thorns under the magnificent flowers. Everyone could only see the beauty of the flower from a distance. Then once they reached out, they would be stabbed by the thorns hidden under the flowers.

It was smarter than a cactus.

Ji Leyu grabbed his tablet and continued to watch the animation.

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs Zhang prepared the meal. Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao accompanied Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to eat a little bit. Then they saw that the time was almost up and prepared to go out.

Lin Luoqing was worried about Ji Leyu, the villain. He was afraid Ji Leyu would reveal his ‘devilish’ ways when the two adults were gone so he reminded Lin Fei, “Call me if there is anything.”

He added in a whisper, “You don’t want the big cat to be eaten by the small fish.’

Lin Fei felt helpless. Ji Leyu? This soft little goldfish could still eat him?

“Why don’t you worry about me eating him?”

“You wouldn’t do so.” Lin Luoqing trusted him very much. “You are so good.”

“He is also very good.”

‘I hope so,’ Lin Luoqing thought.

“In any case, don’t let yourself suffer.”

He finished speaking, patted Lin Fei and walked out the door.

Lin Fei watched him leave before continuing to look down at the book.

Lin Luoqing returned to his room, changed his clothes and pushed Ji Yuxiao out the door.

Xiao Li had already prepared the car. He saw Ji Yuxiao coming out and took the initiative to help with the door.

Lin Luoqing saw this and asked Ji Yuxiao, “Can you…”

Get in the car by yourself or should I carry you into the car?

Ji Yuxiao unceremoniously opened his hands.

Xiao Li walked over quickly and was about to take the wheelchair. Ji Yuxiao thought this person was going to carry him and withdrew his hands in disgust. “Not you.”

Xiao Li thought, ‘…I just want to put away the wheelchair, okay? Don’t be so disgusted!’

Lin Luoqing smiled. The corners of his lips had just curved up when he heard Ji Yuxiao’s voice. “What are you doing standing still? Xiao Li is more active than you!”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing had to let go of the wheelchair, bend over and pick up Ji Yuxiao.

Xiao Li took the opportunity to fold the wheelchair. He picked it up and glanced at Ji Yuxiao meaningfully. ‘Did you see it? This is my goal!’

He held the wheelchair in his arms and walked to the trunk with his head held high. Then he put the wheelchair away.

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…No, why are you holding a wheelchair so proudly? It isn’t your wife.’

Ji Yuxiao held onto his wife and felt very proud.

The car drove quickly, and they arrived at their destination at 7:30.

Lin Luoqing pushed Ji Yuxiao into the hotel and followed his instructions to the private box.

Zhuang Yue and Wei Junhe had arrived early. They were eating fruit while chatting about Ji Yuxiao’s fiance.

“Is it really not fake? He suddenly has a fiance. Where did this person come from?”

“Who knows?” Wei Junhe poured a cup of tea and said in a low voice, “It is even a fiance. Is he planning to get married? When will they be married?”

“Does he still want to get married?” Zhuang Yue was even more puzzled. “Is he still in the mood to get married now?”

“How can I know this? Still, it is a fiance, not a boyfriend. Isn’t this rushing to get married?” Wei Junhe took a sip of the tea.

Zhuang Yue held his cheeks and asked in a confused manner, “Do you think he likes this fiance?”

“He must like him or there would be no need to invite us for dinner.”

“What if he came to complain?” Zhuang Yue guessed.

Wei Junhe, “……”

“Then he wouldn’t come with his fiance! Why are you so stupid? With this IQ, you can basically bid farewell to inheriting your company.”

Zhuang Yue, “!!!”

Zhuang Yue was so angry that he had to take two bites of cantaloupe.

As Lin Luoqing opened the door and entered, he saw this person eating a melon vigorously. The skin was eaten together with the melon. Lin Luoqing secretly thought that this melon should be very sweet.

He was thinking this when Zhuang Yue put down the melon in an embarrassed manner, revealing an embarrassed but polite face.

Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Yuxiao saw this and said, “Wei Junhe and Zhuang Yue.”

He raised his finger and introduced them to Lin Luoqing.

Then he pointed to Lin Luoqing and introduced Lin Luoqing to his friends.

“Hello,” Wei Junhe said politely.

“Hello.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

They were talking when the door opened again, and Qu Yingzhe walked in.

Lin Luoqing habitually raised his head to look in the direction of the door. He happened to meet Qu Yingzhe’s eyes. He keenly realized that Qu Yingzhe was stunned after seeing him before frowning.

The movement wasn’t large. It was fleeting but Lin Luoqing noticed it.

“Why are you so slow?” Zhuang Yue complained.

“There was a traffic jam.” Qu Yingzhe sat down next to Wei Junhe. He looked up and seemed to inadvertently glance at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was confused by this small action. What was this for? Had they seen each other before? Otherwise, how could this person be so weird?

It was just that Qu Yingzhe didn’t know him so Lin Luoqing couldn’t ask.

Wei Junhe introduced them. “Lin Luoqing, Yuxiao’s fiance.”

Qu Yingzhe nodded before glancing at Ji Yuxiao. “Fiance?”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao answered calmly.

“The one where you are going to get married?”

“That is natural.”

Qu Yingzhe pursed his lips. He was hindered by the fact that everyone was present so in the end, he could only say, “Congratulations.”

The moment he spoke, the door slammed open. Everyone looked surprised as Qu Siwen walked in full of anger.

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1 year ago

The rose and the cactus, either way they have thorns to protect themselves. Sad. Thank you for the translation!

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