FV: Chapter 22 Part 2

Lin Fei followed Lin Luoqing out of the car and entered the mall. They came to a jewelry counter and Lin Fei found that what Lin Luoqing wanted to buy was a jade pendant.

He turned to look at Lin Luoqing in a somewhat puzzled manner.

Lin Luoqing picked him up, put him on the chair in front of the counter and asked him, “Which one do you like?”

“I’m fine,” Lin Fei replied to him, “Uncle Ji gave it to me.”

“Uncle will buy you another one.”

Lin Fei really didn’t want it. “I have one.”

He had a jade pendant and didn’t need another one.

Lin Luoqing listened to these words and saw the firmness in Lin Fei’s eyes. He thought about it and carried Lin Fei to the gold counter.

“I will buy you a luck transfer bead and make it into a bracelet so you can wear it on your hand.”

“What is a luck transfer bead?” Lin Fei asked him.

Lin Luoqing pointed to the small beads of different shapes on the counter. “This is it. Put on the luck tranfer bead and you will be lucky~”

Lin Fei couldn’t believe it. There was 30% doubt and 30% disbelief in his eyes.

“Try it,” Lin Luoqing told him, “Choose one.”

“I don’t want it,” Lin Fei calmly answered.

“Why? Don’t you like it?”

Lin Fei shook his head.

“Then why not?”

Lin Fei blinked and whispered, “It isn’t necessary.”

“Why isn’t it necessary? Uncle Ji has given you a gift, so I also want to give you a gift.”

Lin Luoqing pretended to be wronged. “Are you being biased? You wanted it when Uncle Ji gave you a gift, but you don’t want it when I give you one. I am so sad.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei wanted to say something, but he felt that he couldn’t speak clearly. He lowered his head and looked at the luck transfer bead on the counter.

Lin Luoqing also lowered his head to look. He wanted to choose one that suited Ji Leyu. This way, both children would have one and he would also be giving a gift to Ji Leyu.

Lin Fei examined them one by one before pointing to one. “Little fish.” (The Yu in Ji Leyu’s name = fish)

Lin Luoqing fixed his eyes on it. It was really a fish-shaped luck transfer bead.

He asked the lady at the counter to take out the luck transfer bead. He held it and carefully observed it with Lin Fei.

“It is pretty cute. Isn’t this a good one for Xiao Yu? Uncle Ji gave you a gift and I should give Xiao Yu a gift as well.”

Lin Fei nodded.

“Then you can choose one you like. It is just right. You and Xiao Yu will have one each.”

Lin Luoqing ‘touched’ his head. “Look, I’m not being biased.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei looked at the different beads in front of him but couldn’t choose any of them.

He didn’t need the luck transfer bead. How could good luck be brought by a bead? He

He just wanted a flowerpot, a flowerpot that could be used to contain a dandelion.

“Can you give me something else?” Lin Fei looked up at him. “I don’t want this. Can I change it to something else?”

“What do you want?” Lin Luoqing was curious. It was too strange for Lin Fei to actively want something.

“I want a pot of flowers,” Lin Fei answered seriously. “It isn’t a big flower pot. It is just a small one.”

Lin Luoqing looked surprised. “Do you want to grow flowers?”

Lin Fei shook his head.

He didn’t want to grow flowers. He just wanted a flower pot, a flower pot with something in it.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t thought that Lin Fei liked to raise flowers. However, Lin Fei could express his preferences. This surprised him.

“Okay,” he replied to Lin Fei. “I will take you to buy flowers in a moment. I will buy you whatever flowers you like.”

“Thank you.”

“There is no need for thanks.” He touched Lin Fei’s head. “However, flowers are flowers and the luck transfer bead is the luck transfer bead. There is no need for an exchange.”

He stared at Lin Fei and spoke in a gentle tone, “Gifts aren’t limited to one. I like you and I’m willing to give you a lot of gifts. There is no need to replace this with that. You can have every one.”

Lin Fei was surprised that it could still be like this. His long eyelashes half blinked and he looked quiet and ignorant.

Lin Luoqing put his arms around the child and carefully examined the luck transfer bead on the counter. He looked very carefully and after a long time, he pointed to a tiger shaped bead. “This one is good. The tiger is the king of a hundred beasts and is very powerful. Once you grow up, Uncle believes that you can also be this powerful.”

Lin Fei glanced at the tiger. There was indeed a small ‘king’ character written on it. He turned his head to look at Lin Luoqing and thought, ‘Does he want me to grow up to be as powerful?’

His uncle believed he could be as powerful as a tiger?


Was he really like this in Lin Luoqing’s heart?

Lin Fei wasn’t sure.

He used to think that he knew Lin Luoqing very well, but now he felt that he didn’t know Lin Luoqing at all.

‘Maybe it is just that I’m too young,’ Lin Fei thought. ‘I will understand more once I am older.’

He nodded and made a soft ‘hmm’ sound.

It didn’t matter if Lin Luoqing really believed he would become a tiger when he grew up. Lin Fei hoped that when he grew up, he could become very powerful, a tiger that could protect himself and live on his own without relying on others.

Lin Luoqing saw that Lin Fei agreed and asked the lady at the counter to take out the tiger luck transfer bead.

He examined it seriously to determine if there were any flaws. Then he handed the tiger and small fish in his hand to the lady. “Take a black rope and weave it.”


The employee calculated the money for him, and Lin Luoqing swiped his card in a refreshing manner, ready to take Lin Fei to buy flowers.

He thought that the bracelets would be ready by the time he came back from buying flowers.

“What flowers do you want?” Lin Luoqing asked Lin Fei.

Lin Fei saw the dazzling array of flowers and flower pots. He thought about it before shaking his head. “I don’t know.”

Lin Luoqing helped him think about it. “Okay, a scarlet kafir lily, asparagus fern, narcissus, rose… or sunflowers?”

Lin Fei’s eyes swept over the flower pots. Finally, he walked to a pot of cactus.

Lin Luoqing followed him and asked in surprise, “Do you like a cactus?”

Lin Fei reached out and touched the cactus’ thorn. It was sharp and prickly, like a needle.

He looked at the small cactus in front of him and then the brick red flower pot with a cactus planted in it. Then he raised his head and asked Lin Luoqing, “Is this okay?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing didn’t have an opinion. “It is a gift for you. It is fine as long as you like it. See what else you like and buy a few more pots.”

Lin Fei shook his head. “One is enough.”

He only needed one flower pot. One small cactus in a flower pot was enough.

Lin Luoqing saw that Lin Fei only needed this one and felt that he was easily satisfied.

He looked at Lin Fei’s little cactus, which was small and verdant. The thorns on it were long and hard but it wasn’t sharp and stinging when his fingers pressed against it.

It was just like Lin Fei, who was still growing up.

“Okay, just buy it.”

Once he finished speaking, he thought of something again and consulted with Lin Fei, “Buy a pot for Xiao Yu as well. You can raise it together, just like the two of you will grow up together and be each other’s companions.”

Lin Fei thought for a moment and nodded.

Lin Luoqing’s voice was gentle. “Then choose a pot for him. You can give it to him when you go back.”

Lin Fei blinked. He lowered his head and looked at his little cactus for a long time. Finally, he chose a small cactus that was petite and cute.

He picked up the pot of cactus and placed it next to his little cactus. Then he looked at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing said, “It is very cute. It is good.”

Lin Fei’s face revealed some lightness. He looked at the flower pot and cactus in front of him and his heart was relaxed and happy.

He didn’t feel lonely, nor did he feel lonely about his own growth. He was accustomed to growing up alone and he also had his own world and peace.

Even so, he didn’t reject Ji Leyu.

It was the first time he was living under the same roof with someone his age who was cute and well-behaved. He thought that Ji Leyu was very good so he hoped they could get along in harmony.

There was no need for Ji Leyu to like him. It was fine as long as Ji Leyu didn’t hate him.

In essence, Lin Fei’s needs were very low, no matter whether it was material or emotional needs. He didn’t need the liking of others, just as he wouldn’t easily like others.

Lin Luoqing paid the money and asked the boss to help him put the cacti in the bag. Lin Fei consciously lifted the two pots of flowers. Lin Luoqing saw his small arms and legs and helped carry Ji Leyu’s pot. Then he returned to the mall with Lin Fei.

Proofreader: Wei

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So cute!! My heart is always so warm whenever I read a chapter from this fic :’) Lin Fei is precious!!!

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One small cactus in a small flower pot was fine. Why are you so cute Xiao Fei? Let me hug you baby!

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