FV: Chapter 22 Part 1

Lin Luoqing drank porridge, ate the pot stickers and savored Mrs Zhang’s breakfast. He exclaimed, “It is really delicious.”

“Mr Lin, if you like it then I’ll change to a different flavored porridge and pot stickers tomorrow.” Mrs Zhang looked at him with a smile.

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing replied.

He put down the spoon and stood up. “I will go out and digest.”

Ji Yuxiao’s tone was melodious. “Be careful not to vomit it up.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked back at him. “So, you’ll just sit here and won’t move?”

Ji Yuxiao thought about it. This was indeed inappropriate.

Therefore, he raised his hands and clapped. “Jiayou.”

“That’s it?”

“Do you still need the encouragement of love?”

“What is the encouragement of love?” Lin Luoqing was curious.

Ji Yuxiao gestured. Lin Luoqing hurriedly walked over and bent down to look at him curiously.

Ji Yuxiao raised a hand to lower this person’s neck, gently pressing his head down. Then Ji Yuxiao’s lips lightly touched the side of his face.

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing stood up straight in an instant, shocked beyond belief.

Ji Yuxiao saw his frightened appearance and was in a good mood. “Now you should be able to handle it very easily.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Go.” Ji Yuxiao raised his chin and gestured to the door.

Lin Luoqing stared at this person for a while before finally turning around and walking out the door.

The sunlight was gentle while Lin Luoqing’s face was a bit hot. In particular, the place where he had just been kissed by Ji Yuxiao was almost burning.

He raised his hand to touch the place where Ji Yuxiao had just kissed. He couldn’t understand it. Why did Ji Yuxiao suddenly kiss him?

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t like him, right?

Wasn’t it poverty alleviation?!

Then why kiss him if Ji Yuxiao didn’t like him?

Lin Luoqing pressed his hand to his face and walked to the closed iron door.

Qu Siwen saw it was him and his face darkened with anger. “Why are you here?”

Lin Luoqing was dumbfounded. “I’m his fiance and we are going to get married. Isn’t it normal to live together?”

“Aren’t you going to drop this fiance thing? I asked around and no one knows about your marriage. This is simply fake, and you are deliberately lying to me.”

“…You are overestimating yourself too much.”

As he spoke, he instinctively pressed down on the place where Ji Yuxiao had just kissed.

“What are you doing? Were you beaten by Yuxiao? Why do you keep covering your face when meeting people?”

“This…” Lin Luoqing lowered his hand and revealed the reddish skin on his face. “Before I came out just now, he insisted on kissing me. I was afraid of irritating you so I kindly covered it up.”

Qu Siwen, “???!!!”

“What did you say?!”

“You came at the wrong time.” Lin Luoqing looked at him and said with disgust, “We both just got up. How can we have time to entertain you? This doesn’t mean we wanted to let you wait.”

Qu Siwen, “!!!”

“What do you mean by you just got up? Did you sleep together?”

“Otherwise?” Lin Luoqing looked innocent. “We will be newlywed husbands. Why can’t we sleep together?”

Qu Siwen was furious. “I want to see Ji Yuxiao.”

“You probably won’t be able to see him. He is too tired.” Lin Luoqing stared at him with an expression that said, ‘You understand.’

Qu Siwen stared at this person. The small yellow car in his head was dirty as it ran over his brain, making a deafening sound.

He looked at Lin Luoqing with disbelief and Lin Luoqing ‘revealed’ a slightly shy and embarrassed expression. “We are both men. We are in the prime of youth, vigorous, filled with a raging inferno and like each other. Who can control this? In any case, he can’t control it.”

“His legs are hurt!” Qu Siwen roared with agitation.

“I’m not the one who didn’t control it,” Lin Luoqing retorted. “We both hit it off immediately and we became ‘villains who collude together’. We are compatible and the work isn’t tiring.”

Qu Siwen, “………”

Qu Siwen stared at this person, gritting his teeth but unable to do anything.

“If you don’t have anything else, I’ll go back first?” Lin Luoqing stated in a clear voice. “My waist is still sore. I have to go back and have him massage it.”

Qu Siwen, “!!!”

“Then I’ll be going first.” Lin Luoqing finished speaking and turned to walk into the house.

As he walked, he rubbed his waist in an exaggerated manner and muttered, “He really bullied me.”

Qu Siwen, “………”

Qu Siwen felt both angry, hateful and aggrieved. Ji Yuxiao could actually do such a thing with Lin Luoqing. He hated Ji Yuxiao’s ruthlessness toward him and felt aggrieved that his love for Ji Yuxiao was without results.

He turned back to his car and hit his steering wheel several times in disgust.

Lin Luoqing entered the door and saw Ji Yuxiao sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“Have you finished?” He raised his head to look at Lin Luoqing.

“It’s done.” Lin Luoqing clapped his hands together. “It is a small matter.”

Ji Yuxiao applauded. “Awesome.”

Lin Luoqing helplessly approached him. “Do you want to go upstairs? I am going to find Fei Fei.”

“You go. I’ll go to the study in a moment.”

“So, you don’t need me to help you?”

“No. By the way, are you doing anything at night?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

“No, what are you doing?”

“Take you to meet my friends and invite them to dinner.”

Lin Luoqing organized his thoughts. Just now, Qu Siwen had said that he didn’t know about this matter after asking around. No, now he should know.

“How many?”

“Eight or so.”

“Okay,” he replied. “I’ll go out for a bit, and I’ll come back before 8.”

“Then I’ll give you Xiao Li’s phone number.”

“No, no need.” Lin Luoqing quickly refused. He was going to buy a gift for Ji Leyu. How could he let Xiao Li see it? What if Xiao Li turned around and said something?

“I’m going to try and see how long it takes to catch a taxi here.”

Ji Yuxiao was puzzled. “Xiao Li can’t drive you?”

“Yes, but I still want to try it,” Lin Luoqing said. “In this way, if Xiao Li takes a leave of absence one day, I can take a taxi in time to send Fei Fei to school.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him and wanted to tell him that even if Xiao Li took a leave of absence, there was still the driver who picked up Ji Leyu. There was no need to take a taxi.

However, Lin Luoqing said he wanted to try it, so Ji Yuxiao didn’t stop him. Ji Yuxiao just nodded. “Okay, I wish you success.”


Lin Luoqing stared at the man in front of him and lowered his head. “Do you really not want me to send you to the study?”

“No, you go and find Fei Fei. I’ll go up by myself in a moment.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing stood up straight up before turning and walking toward the stairs.

A large piece of sunlight shone in and illuminated his thin back. Ji Yuxiao looked at it and felt that this person seemed full of light. He was gentle and sincere.

It was completely different from what was written in the investigation data.

It was almost like two different people.

Lin Fei heard Lin Luoqing say they would go out after lunch, and he was suspicious and confused. “Where are we going?”

“Go shopping,” Lin Luoqing answered.

Lin Fei didn’t ask anything else and only wondered, “Do I have to go?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing pinched his face. “You are Uncle’s little baby, so naturally you should be with Uncle.”

Lin Fei sighed but helplessly admitted his fate. “Okay.”

Lin Luoqing looked at the new section of the fan-shaped statistical chart that was unlocked. He felt that Lin Fei seemed to have some different emotions about his current self.

It seemed that their uncle and nephew love was just around the corner!

“Fei Fei is really good. I really like Fei Fei.” He approached Lin Fei and rested his forehead against Lin Fei’s.

Lin Fei leaned back in disgust and pushed him, thinking this person was very corny.

After lunch, Ji Yuxiao went to the study to deal with documents. Ji Leyu went back to his bedroom to sleep while Lin Luoqing pulled Lin Fei to go out.

The weather was fine at the moment. The sun was shining but it wasn’t hot. The two of them walked along the shades of the trees for a long time before reaching the taxi stop here.

Lin Luoqing looked at his watch and sighed. “It has been 40 minutes.”

‘We have been here a long time,’ Lin Fei thought to himself.

He looked at the wide road. He looked to the left and right. They were all private cars.

It seemed it wasn’t easy to catch a taxi here.

As a child, Lin Fei could see it so Lin Luoqing had naturally seen it a long time ago.

He waited patiently for a long time and felt that waiting for a taxi was unreliable. Therefore, he made a booking on the app.

30 minutes later, a taxi appeared in front of them.

“Where are you going?” The driver asked.

Lin Luoqing got into the car, put his arms around Lin Fei and answered, “The city center.”

The driver stepped on the accelerator and headed toward the center of the city.

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A kiss! They’re making some progress. Thanks for the update!

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That Qu guy is really…. do you call it shameless? :’D
Now I’m curious how that meeting with the friends will end.

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