FV: Chapter 20

Lin Luoqing snorted. He put the book down on the bedside table and supported Ji Yuxiao’s shoulders to move him into the quilt.

Ji Yuxiao naturally adjusted his posture and continued to sleep.

‘…You really sleep comfortably!’

He sat on the edge of the bed and was still displeased. Then he looked up and saw the sticky notes and pen on the bedside table. He picked up the pen and wrote the word ‘liar’ on the sticky note. Then he tore off the note and stuck it on Ji Yuxiao’s forehead.

This liar tricked him into acting but fell asleep before the play was finished. He acted in vain for so long.

Lin Luoqing stood up and walked around to the end of the bed. Then he walked to the other side and lay down.

Lin Luoqing turned off the light and closed his eyes.

Outside the door, Ji Leyu stuck to the wall and quietly listened to the movements inside the room.

Were they asleep? He thought about how there was no light coming out from the crack in the door. The lights were turned off, so they should’ve gone to sleep.

Ji Leyu leaned against the wall and thought about what he had overheard. He felt that his uncle really liked Lin Luoqing and Lin Luoqing also liked his uncle. Therefore, he tiptoed back to his room in a satisfied manner.

Ji Yuxiao woke up the next morning and found he was unusually refreshed and full of energy.

Unlike the drug-induced sleep caused by taking medicine, this time he didn’t have a headache after waking up. He also didn’t have the chaotic feeling of not being able to wake up or having nightmares. He slept very peacefully and with no dreams all night. He was just satisfied and relaxed.

Ji Yuxiao was extremely happy. This feeling was simply too rare for him right now. He thought of Lin Luoqing who brought all of this to him.

He turned to look at Lin Luoqing but as soon as he moved, he found that something seemed to be sticking to his back and his waist was tightly hugged.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao raised his eyes and let out a breath. The sticky note in front of him moved like wings.

He raised his hand and took off the sticky note on his forehead to see one word written in big letters: Liar!

There was no need to guess. It must’ve been written by Lin Luoqing.

However, why was he a liar?

He didn’t lie to Lin Luoqing.

Ji Yuxiao put the note aside and moved his upper body. Lin Luoqing hummed and hugged him tightly. The face that was close to his back clung even tighter.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Was his back so comfortable? He couldn’t even move?

Perhaps it was really that comfortable. Lin Luoqing pressed against his back and rubbed left and right along his back. Then Lin Luoqing hugged him tightly again and clung to his back.

Ji Yuxiao was dumbfounded. He could only tentatively look back, but he couldn’t see the other person’s face clearly.

He carefully reached out to take away the hands that Lin Luoqing had wrapped around his waist but Lin Luoqing grabbed it and rubbed against his back in a dissatisfied manner. “Don’t move.”

The voice was low and contained a sticky sleepiness. He was bold and confident and unknowingly coquettish.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t move any longer and accepted his fate as a humanoid pillow.

Lin Luoqing was his special sleeping pill, and he was Lin Luoqing’s humanoid pillow. It was fair, reasonable and deserved.

It wasn’t until Lin Luoqing turned over and released him that Ji Yuxiao finally had a chance to move and look at the person on the bed.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned around, Lin Luoqing would turn back again and naturally hug the humanoid pillow once more.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t dare to move.

Perhaps it was because he couldn’t find the place he had leaned against before, but Lin Luoqing rubbed forward until he reached Ji Yuxiao’s arms. Then he was satisfied with Ji Yuxiao’s chest and slept peacefully.

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help laughing.

He looked at Lin Luoqing, who was sleeping in his arms with a red face. Then he turned his head, reached out and picked up a sticky note on the bedside table. He wrote on it: Lazy pig.

Then it was torn off and stuck on Lin Luoqing’s forehead.

Lin Luoqing didn’t feel it at all and slept very sweetly.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the sticky note on Lin Luoqing’s head with a smile, the smile on his face becoming deeper and deeper.

It was just that as he looked, his eyes unknowingly moved down and landed on the other person’s fair and crimson face, and then his beautiful lips.

Ji Yuxiao almost instantly thought of the way Lin Luoqing sat next to him last night and his heart trembled slightly. He stared at the person in front of him. The air was very quiet, and he could vaguely hear Lin Luoqing’s clear and shallow breaths.

He was almost out of control. He slowly raised his hand and gently stroked the side of Lin Luoqing’s face.

This person’s skin was very good. It was smooth and delicate, like a fresh dessert. He could feel the sweetness without getting close.

Ji Yuxiao caressed this person’s face while staring at him.

The room was silent, and his heart was racing.

Just then, the door was suddenly pushed open and Ji Leyu’s clear voice was heard behind him, “Dad, this morning…”

Before Ji Leyu could finish speaking, he saw his uncle looking back at him helplessly. His uncle’s right hand was still covering the ear of his future aunt who moved in yesterday and his future aunt was leaning into his uncle’s arms and hugging his waist.

Ji Leyu quickly raised a hand to cover his eyes. “I didn’t see anything.”

He finished speaking and quickly ran out.

Ji Yuxiao was amused by his appearance. Then after a while, he saw Ji Leyu running back.

He reached out and held the doorknob to kindly close the door for him, saying considerately, “You keep sleeping, keep sleeping.”

His voice was very low like he was afraid of disturbing Lin Luoqing on the bed.

Ji Yuxiao was really dumbfounded now. Where did this child learn these things? He was really a mischievous child!

He was shaking his head when he heard Lin Luoqing murmur in a sticky manner, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Yuxiao coaxed him. “You continue to sleep.”

Lin Luoqing unknowingly rubbed against Ji Yuxiao’s arms until the sticky note fell off. He hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly and said, “I won’t sleep. It is time to get up.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded, picked up the dropped sticky note and stuck it on the other person’s hair.

“Then shouldn’t you leave the arms of your male god first?”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

Lin Luoqing looked up at him in a confused manner. Ji Yuxiao pointed to his head and Lin Luoqing looked down. One second… two seconds passed before he sat up in a hurry as if he realized something.

Ji Yuxiao approached him and whispered in his ear, “Is the waist and abdomen of your male god comfortable to hug? You hugged me all night.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“There was also the morning,” Ji Yuxiao added.

The author has something to say:

Luoqing: !!!

Luoqing covered his face: How can this be! So shameful!

President Ji: It’s okay. Your husband let you hold it~

Xiao Yu: You guys continue, continue!

Xiao Yu—mistakenly entered the candy scene by mistake. Politely ate sugar and thoughtfully closed the door. Continue, continue, don’t be disturbed by me.

In order to commemorate the situation, Xiao Yu wrote a poem of the scene when he grew up titled: ‘Like a dream, the CP I support is real.’

I often remember the sunrise at the Ji house. I don’t know what to eat in the morning. Doubtfully enter the main house and mistakenly entered the depths of sugar. Eat sugar, eat sugar and startle the mandarin ducks!

President Ji: ……

Xiao Yu: ^_^

Proofreader: Wei

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2 years ago

Thank you so much! They are so cute!

2 years ago

This story is too cute, I can’t get enough. Thank you!

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Omnomnom~ I like sugar :3

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

1 year ago

LOL so cute!! What a sweet baby :’D So far I’m definitely excited about the two kids, even more than about the actual main characters lololol

Also I know exactly which Li Qingzhao poem Xiao Yu is riffing off of and that just makes it more funny

1 year ago

LMAO, smart baby Yu XD XD
Thanks for picking this up <3 <3 I read this till 100-ish via Google Translate, so I was really happy to see this one <3

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