FV: Chapter 123

New Year’s Day was over. Ji Leyu and Lin Fei went back to school and Lin Luoqing went back to the company.

Chen Liwei still couldn’t persuade Su Tong to leave with him and had to leave in despair.

Lin Luoqing laughed at this but had no intention of pestering Chen Liwei. He had already used Chen Liwei to achieve the effect he wanted. This was enough.

Su Tong came to Lin Luoqing and told him about the renewal of his contract.

“Would you like to continue now?” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised. He thought Su Tong would wait until the end of the contract period in September this year before deciding whether to renew the contract or not.

“I was just procrastinating before and was too lazy to come. I don’t actually want to change jobs,” Su Tong said lazily.

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “Then you were deliberately scaring me when you said you were thinking of going to another company?”

Su Tong looked at him and sighed helplessly. “Ji Yuxiao didn’t want you to know, but I don’t think there is anything you can’t know. From the beginning, he told me about Chen Liwei. He said that if Chen Liwei really had such thoughts, I should follow along. So I cooperated with Chen Liwei’s plan and his plan.”

He looked at Lin Luoqing. “Originally, he planned to tell you when you talked to him about Chen Liwei. However, you called me before you talked to him. Ji Yuxiao felt that you wanted to handle the matter independently and also felt you were capable, so he didn’t let me say it.”

“He thinks you are suitable for this position, but you lack a bit of confidence. He wanted you to handle it successfully on your own so you will believe in yourself more. Isn’t this considerate? I naturally couldn’t spoil the care between your little couple,” Su Tong said with a smile.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected this. “So what you said to me when you came to the office that day was false?”

“Not entirely,” Su Tong said. “My praise toward you was true. I really didn’t want to leave, but if I had planned to leave, I would’ve stayed after hearing your words. After all, the pie you drew was really good. There is also a wait-and-see period, which is indeed very tempting. This means Ji Yuxiao was right. You are indeed very suitable for this position. You should have more confidence in yourself.”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help laughing.

He liked being affirmed, especially by Ji Yuxiao.


“You have a good relationship with Ji Yuxiao?”

“It is ordinary. It is mainly because he is Ji Yuling’s younger brother.”

“So you had a good relationship with his older brother?”

“Not really.”


Su Tong stood up. “People not only have feelings but also kindness, understand?”

Lin Luoqing understood.

“I’m going.” Su Tong finished signing his name, put down his pen, and walked out the door of Lin Luoqing’s office.

Lin Luoqing looked at his back in a puzzled manner. Once he returned home, he asked Ji Yuxiao, “What type of favor was there between your brother and Su Tong?”

Ji Yuxiao thought for a long time, “If you ask like this, then it was probably the kindness of recognizing his worth and employing him.”

“Recognizing his worth and employing him?”

Ji Yuxiao hugged him. “Su Tong is the little young master of the Su family, and his family is good. However, he wasn’t interested in their family industry and entered the entertainment industry to develop. He didn’t let his family help him and wanted to make achievements to show his family he could do it without relying on anyone. However, he was young at the time and a young master with a serious temper. Such a little unknown person with no name was almost sold by his agent within a few days. Su Tong beat up the person, ruined the situation, and ran away alone. He wasn’t happy when he ran out and sat on a bench on the side of the road drinking. The more he drank, the more wronged he became. He was like a stray puppy.”

“Later, my brother happened to pass by and picked him up when seeing him. Then he entered Xingyi. That’s it.”

“Then shouldn’t he have a good relationship with your older brother? Why did he say it was nothing?”

Ji Yuxiao explained, “At that time, my brother already knew that my sister-in-law didn’t want to appear on the screen. He handed over the company to Chen Liwei and didn’t care much about it. He still had business in the group, and it was already good for him to go to Xingyi three to five times a year. Su Tong himself was busy and kept working with his feet never leaving the ground. He wanted to reach the top when he changed companies, so the two people didn’t have much time to communicate. They naturally weren’t too close.”

“I see.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “I understand. He respects your brother and always remembers the way your brother helped him when he was more confused. For this, he has always stayed in Xingyi.”

“Maybe.” Ji Yuxiao remembered when he just woke up after the accident. There were many calls from Su Tong in the missed call records of his phone and his WeChat.

The WeChat said: [Remember to reply to me when you wake up.]

At that time, he must’ve cared about Ji Yuxiao’s brother very much.

Ji Yuxiao sighed. It was almost the Spring Festival. Unfortunately, he was destined not to be able to reunite with his family this year.

In front of a window not far away, Su Tong was also looking at the moon outside the window.

In fact, he had almost forgotten the time when he first entered the entertainment industry. After all, it wasn’t a good memory. Even so, he always remembered the day when he met Ji Yuling.

The moon was also very bright that day. He hit someone, overturned a wine table, and rushed out of the clubhouse angrily.

Slowly, the anger in his heart turned into grievances. He bought alcohol and drank one can after another. The more he drank, the more he doubted himself. In the end, he even wanted to give up.

Then he heard someone laughing. “Why are you drinking here rather than going home?”

Su Tong turned his head and saw that it was Ji Yuling.

He naturally knew Ji Yuling. This person stood so tall, and his father and brother also mentioned him. They had introduced him with the words, ‘This is Ji Yuling, the CEO of the Ji Group. Xiao Tong, you can call him brother.’

“No reason,” He whispered and did not want to deal with the person in front of him. He felt a bit embarrassed.

“I heard you want to film. Do you want to come with me?”

“Did my brother tell you?” Su Tong was angry.

“The little young master of the Su family wants to enter the entertainment industry. Is there any need for your brother to tell me specifically? I didn’t want to hear it, but I saw someone mention it when I looked at my Moments.”

Su Tong ignored him. He stood up and prepared to leave, but he heard Ji Yuxiao’s unhurried tone. “Don’t you look down on yourself too much? Do you think I want to sign you because I know your brother? Can’t it be due to your own charisma?”

He drank alcohol and was provoked by Ji Yuling like this. Anger really was aroused in him, and he turned to glare at this person.

Ji Yuling stood in the moonlight facing the light. “If you want to prove yourself, you must have a stage where you can prove yourself. There are good judges of talent in the world, and then there are fine steeds. There are many fine steeds, but there aren’t many good judges of talent. You should know such a simple thing, right?”

“I know, but what about it?” Su Tong angrily and helplessly threw a tantrum. “Who knows where my talent scout is? It isn’t certain if they are alive or not?!”

Ji Yuling saw his aggrieved and stubborn eyes and said gently, “If you want, there is one in front of you.”

Su Tong was stunned for a moment.

Ji Yuling walked to the car and opened the door. “Let’s go. It is so late. I have to go home and accompany my wife.”

Su Tong, “……”

Su Tong struggled for a short time but still followed him into the car.

At that time, he was young and vigorous. To prove that he was indeed a fine steed, he constantly seized opportunities and looked for opportunities. Then he did it. Within two years, he became popular.

At the Xingyi annual meeting, Ji Yuling looked at him with a smile. “You are really good, little fine steed.”

He never thought that the person who said this to him with a smile on his face would never appear in front of him again.

Of course, he wouldn’t leave Xingyi. He never thought of leaving Xingyi, especially now that Lin Luoqing had become the person in charge of Xingyi. He was Ji Yuxiao’s partner, and his taking over Xingyi was equivalent to Ji Yuxiao taking over Xingyi. To Ji Yuling, he and Ji Yuxiao were almost indistinguishable from each other.

So staying to support Ji Yuxiao meant continuing to support Ji Yuling.

Su Tong didn’t want to forget this person who glimpsed his future. He admired and was grateful to this person. If Ji Yuling lived, then he would have repaid Ji Yuling with his career. If he was gone, then Su Tong was willing to give his support to the person Ji Yuling cared about most.

He hoped Ji Yuxiao could quickly find out the truth behind his death.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t realize until before going to bed that Lin Luoqing didn’t seem to pursue the fact that Ji Yuxiao hadn’t told Lin Luoqing about his and Su Tong’s plan.

“You aren’t angry,” he asked Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was held in his arms and leaned against him, obedient and intimate. “I’m not angry. You were doing it for my own good. You wanted me to have more confidence. Su Tong understood this, and I naturally understand it.”

Ji Yuxiao sighed with relief. “Baby, you are so considerate.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “It can be seen how lucky you are.”

“I am really lucky.” Ji Yuxiao kissed him.

“Since you are so considerate, Baby, I naturally have to be considerate and thoughtful as well.”

Lin Luoqing was puzzled. Then in the next second, he knew what Ji Yuxiao meant by being considerate.

This was really considerate and thoughtful. Not a single word was wrong.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t laugh or cry as he was kissed on the lips by Ji Yuxiao again.

In one night, Ji Yuxiao personally taught him what it meant to stick to a body. Lin Luoqing simply couldn’t understand where he got so much energy.

“Are you staying home all day and not going out just to recharge your energy and bully me at night?”

“It wasn’t the case before, but now I can try it.”

Lin Luoqing angrily pinched him, but Ji Yuxiao hugged him and kissed him.

It wasn’t until 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning that he closed his eyes sleepily.

Ji Yuxiao saw him leaning against his shoulder, gently kissed him on the forehead, and fell into a dream with Lin Luoqing in his arms.

In the end, Alice was Ji Yuxiao’s secretary. She was only temporarily loaned to Lin Luoqing for the convenience of his work because Lin Luoqing had no secretary or assistant due to the sudden incident.

However, Ji Yuxiao also had many things going on, and Alice couldn’t stay for long. Ji Yuxiao dug up a new secretary for Lin Luoqing from elsewhere in a few days. He also helped Lin Luoqing find a vice president.

“This is my senior, Qin Meng. From no one, he will be the vice president of Xingyi. You can ask him anything you don’t understand,” Ji Yuxiao introduced Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Brother Qin.”

Qin Meng smiled. “You are just like Yuxiao. Call me Senior.”

“Yes. Then, Senior, I will have to bother you a lot. It is hard work.”

“It’s okay,” Qin Meng said with a smile.

The three of them had a meal together. The next day, Lin Luoqing met his new secretary Zhou Wanwan.

Zhou Wanwan had been working in this industry for many years and had rich work experience. She soon received the handover work from Alice and officially took up the job.

At this point, Lin Luoqing’s CEO work in Xingyi had completely stayed on track.

On January 17th, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu ushered in their final exam that took place once a semester.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were very calm.

One thought it was no big deal. It was just an exam, and it was very simple.

One felt that it had nothing to do with him anyway. He was already going to take the exam. What did it have to do with him?

These were different psychological states but the same state of mind.

On the contrary, Lin Luoqing was a bit nervous after becoming a father for the first time. “Take the exam well, jiayou!”

“I know, Dad. Goodbye.” Ji Leyu waved at him.

Lin Fei also said, “Goodbye.”

Lin Luoqing watched the two of them enter the school. Then he turned his head and asked Ji Yuxiao. “Do you think Fei Fei can get first in the exam?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Aren’t you usually quite confident in Fei Fei?”

“It is because I am very confident. He is also very confident, so I am worried that he won’t pass the exam. Will he be sad?”

“No,” Ji Yuxiao comforted him. “I am sure he can pass. Even if he doesn’t pass, he will analyze the reason, find the problem, and take first place in the next exam.”

“Rather than worrying about Fei Fei, it is better to worry about Xiao Yu.”

Ji Yuxiao sighed at the thought of his carefree youngest son who didn’t like to study and changed schools halfway. “He shouldn’t be first from the bottom, right?”

“Otherwise, one will be first, and the other will be first from the bottom. Once you go to the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher’s expression must be very subtle.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Can’t you be nicer to your nephew and your current adopted son?’

First from the bottom?!

Was there a father like this?!

“Xiao Yu won’t get that result. Xiao Yu is so smart, and he must be in the upper ranks. It is absolutely impossible for him to be first from the bottom!”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Being in the upper ranks is hard for our son. It is good for him to be in the middle or upper ranks.”

Lin Luoqing snorted coldly. “You wait. Once the time comes, Xiao Yu will definitely slap you in the face with his own results.”

Ji Yuxiao was looking forward to it. “Then I can’t ask for more.”

Luo Jia thought, ‘…So why am I here now?’

He shouldn’t be in the car, he should be under the car!

He hated clingy dog couples the most!

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