FV: Chapter 113

Lin Luoqing came home from work and told Ji Yuxiao about Su Tong.

“I don’t think he will leave. He seems to have been convinced by me.” He stood in front of Ji Yuxiao with a glass of water. He wasn’t completely certain but he was 80% confident.

Ji Yuxiao replied, “That’s good.”

“But I took a look. If he renews the contract, we have to change the commission between him and us. This contract was signed by him when he first entered the company and he wasn’t so popular at the time. Right now, the company is taking a lot of his payment. Now he is a top artist and many companies want to recruit him. If the percentage division is still the same as before, he will speak up. It is really unfair when considering his ability to earn money.”

“Employees working in the company will inevitably hope the company will treat them preferentially, see the value of their abilities and give them corresponding feedback. Based on Su Tong’s current worth, we can’t keep him with such a profit division. If he can have both popularity and awards in the later stage, I think it is appropriate to give him some share dividends. In this way, he will feel that he belongs to the company and that he is making money for himself. This way, the company wouldn’t have trained him for so long, only to watch him leave after becoming famous.”

“OF course, we can only give him a bit of the share dividends and it is just the dividends. He will have no right to make decisions.”

Ji Yuxiao listened to this and smiled. “You have thought a lot.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and was a bit embarrassed. He felt that he really seemed to be playing with a broadsword in front of Lord Guan, displaying his slight skill in front of an expert.

“I just thought about it casually. Perhaps it isn’t very mature. After all, I’m not a professional.” He felt a rare shyness.

Ji Yuxiao shook his head and affirmed it. “No, you are going in the right direction. There might be some places that can’t be done according to what you said, but it generally isn’t wrong. In any industry, it takes more money to retain those at the top. This is the same for actors. It isn’t just a need of life but also an affirmation of others. For most people, money is the best affirmation. It means they are worth this value. It is only when you affirm the other person that the person knows their contribution is seen and will be willing to continue to work hard.

“You aren’t wrong. You are doing a great job.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was happy. “That’s good. I was worried since I privately told Su Tong that I would adjust the percentage for him when you hadn’t agreed. In that case, I would’ve adjusted the percentage down a bit less.”

“No. Since Xingyi is entrusted to you, I believe you can do it well. You should believe in yourself more and be bolder in everything.”

Lin Luoqing looked at him and his heart couldn’t stop rejoicing. It was like he raised a nest of small magpies that constantly jumped in his heart.

He wanted to kiss Ji Yuxiao, but he was inexplicably embarrassed. He seemed to have some hazy thoughts and his heart was shy.

“I will go and see Fei Fei and Xiao Yu,” he said softly.

After speaking, he turned around and prepared to leave Ji Yuxiao’s study.

Yet after taking a few steps, he wasn’t very willing. He turned his head again and quickly walked to Ji Yuxiao’s side.

Ji Yuxiao was puzzled. “Why…?”

He couldn’t express the next two words. Lin Luoqing quickly lowered his head and kissed him on the face. Then he quickly turned his head like he hadn’t done this and left.

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help laughing as he watched Lin Luoqing walk away without looking back.

Lin Luoqing leaned against the wall outside the door and felt that his face was very hot.

What should he do? Recently, the more he looked at Ji Yuxiao, the more handsome he thought Ji Yuxiao was!

Lin Luoqing covered his face while feeling that his heart was beating louder and louder. Each sound was deafening.

The moment Su Tong returned home, he received a call from Chen Liwei. This person obviously knew that Su Tong had come to see Lin Luoqing and was worried. “Xiao Tong, have you thought about it?”

“Not yet,” Su Tong said calmly.

“What else is there to think about?” Chen Liwei persuaded him. “Do you really want to continue staying in Xingyi? Lin Luoqing is a young man in his 20s who came from an unknown place. He can’t manage the company at all. I’m afraid he won’t even work anymore after a few days. If he is the CEO like this, do you think he will be a good one?

“Meanwhile, Ji Yuxiao doesn’t think of anything and just casually gave him the position of CEO to make him happy. Ji Yuxiao obviously doesn’t care about whether this company is dead or alive. If you don’t leave at this time, your value will be depreciated once Xingyi goes bankrupt. Even if you want to leave at that time, you won’t be able to leave.”

Su Tong listened and pretended to believe it. “It seems to make some sense.”

“Can I still hurt you? I saw you become popular with my own eyes and promoted you with my own hands. How can I bear to let you end up on the streets because of Lin Luoqing? Besides, Lin Luoqing is around the same age as you and has entered Xingyi. How can you have any resources in the future? He will be busy making himself famous and becoming the new number one brother.”

Su Tong sneered while thinking this person had a really big face.

The person who signed him was Ji Yuling and the one who brought him to Xingyi was also Ji Yuling. What did Chen Liwei have to do with him from beginning to end? It was his agent who chose his works and he was the one who filmed. It was also his fans who supported him. What did Chen Liwei have to do with it?

He was quite good at painting gold on his face.

“But…” Su Tong pretended to be hesitant.

“What else do you have to consider? I will go to your house later to talk about it with you. Are you at home? We can have an interview,” Chen Liwei suggested.

He was really too worried. If Su Tong didn’t leave with him then it didn’t matter if others left. It wouldn’t be able to impact Lin Luoqing at all. If he wanted to affect Xingyi to the greatest extent then Su Tong had to leave.

Chen Liwei could promise anything as long as Su Tong left.

“I’ll go and find you now,” Chen Liwei said anxiously.

“Don’t be so anxious.” Su Tong still looked lazy as he said, “I’ll rest for a while. You can come over around 10.”

“Okay,” Chen Liwei said.

Su Tong yawned and slept. After waking up and waiting a while, he heard Chen Liwei’s knock on the door.

He opened the door and let Chen Liwei in. “Wear shoe covers.”

Chen Liwei put on the shoe covers very cooperatively, sat on the sofa and asked, “Have you thought about it yet?”

Su Tong took out an orange and peeled it patiently. “You have to bring a lot of people with you this time, right?”

“Of course. Xingyi is like this now. Who can feel reassured staying here?”

“Then how can I be sure that you will support me after I leave with you?”

Chen Liwei laughed and soothed him. “You are a star and you are so popular. How can I support others instead of you? How is that possible?”

“But I think it is dangerous.” Su Tong took a bite of the orange and said slowly, “I am taking such a big risk leaving with you but you are bringing others with you. If you favor someone else then I will be at a disadvantage.”

“I won’t do that,” Chen Liwei promised.

“I need your sincerity.” Su Tong looked at him. “If you want me to go with you then you have to give up the others. If you want to take others with you then I definitely won’t go with you. Chen Liwei, I am the number one brother. If I leave with you then I must be absolutely safe and sincere. We can talk if you are willing to do this. If not, there is no need to talk any longer.”

Chen Liwei was shocked. He hadn’t expected Su Tong to put forward this condition.

“Xiao Tong, you aren’t very good. Everyone is in the same company as you. Why are you…?”

Su Tong raised his hand and made a stop gesture. “The door is over there. You can go.”

“Xiao Tong, you…”

“Do you want me to call the security guard?” Su Tong said indifferently. “I told you, if you can’t do it then there is no need to talk.”

Chen Liwei hadn’t expected him to be so resolute. Seeing Su Tong about to stand up and open the door for him, Chen Liwei could only grit their teeth helplessly and say, “Okay, I promise you. I won’t bring anyone else. I will only take you.”

Su Tong chuckled. “Really?”

“Now you can believe in my sincerity.”

“You made this choice quite quickly. I thought you cared about them but it seems that isn’t the case.”

Chen Liwei had no way. Su Tong had to be taken away. If the others had conflicts with Su Tong then he could only choose Su Tong.

He sighed and spoke to himself. “Now you believe in my sincerity.”

Su Tong nodded. “Okay, I know. Go back first. I have to sleep.”

“You should agree to me this time, right?”

“I said that we can talk if you can do this, not that I will agree to you if you can do it. It is normal for me to think about it carefully.”

Chen Liwei, “……”

Chen Liwei couldn’t do anything about him. He couldn’t scold Su Tong out of fear that he would stay in Xingyi. Then Chen Liwei would suffer a big loss.

“Then you rest first. Xiao Tong, you have to believe me. You really won’t have any future if you stay in Xingyi. I won’t harm you.”

“Yes.” Su Tong raised his chin and gestured in the direction of the door. “Go slowly. I won’t send you off.”

Chen Liwei had to stand up and leave his house.

Su Tong heard the sound of the door closing and turned over the phone that had been placed face-down on the table.

The screen showed a WeChat group chat with an ongoing voice call.

“Did you hear?” Su Tong said indifferently. “I told you that you are worthless compared to me. If there is a conflict with me, Chen Liwei will throw you away without mercy.”

The people in the group didn’t speak. They seemed immersed in Chen Liwei’s sentences just now. ‘Okay, I promise you. I won’t bring anyone else. I will only take you.’

They naturally knew the gap between themselves and Su Tong, but Chen Liwei didn’t say this when painting a big pie. He saw he would support them, value them, give them better resources and let them be the protagonist in the future. All these promises were broken by this sentence.

He made the decision so quickly. Before Su Tong could say much, he already abandoned them without hesitation. He didn’t even refute Su Tong’s sentence of ‘I thought you cared about them but it seems that isn’t the case.’

It could be seen that they were really insignificant. As long as they had a small conflict with Su Tong, they would be abandoned. Then what was the point of following Chen Liwei to leave?

Leaving a familiar company and going to an unfamiliar company was originally for a better future. Now they hadn’t even started this future, but they could vaguely see the end of their future.

The five people in the group couldn’t help feeling a bit sad.

They had thought it was strange when Su Tong first pulled them into the group. After all, he was the number one brother of the company and usually had no dealings with them. Why would he take the initiative to pull them into the group?

Then they saw Su Tong ask them: [Are you all going to leave with Chen Liwei?]

No one had left yet so no one would take the initiative to expose it. They all pretended to be stupid. [Brother Su, what are you talking about? Hahaha.]

Su Tong didn’t care about them pretending to be stupid and said directly: [He won’t take you away. He has been poaching me recently. If I decide to go with him, I definitely won’t let you all come together.]

Everyone was silent in an instant.

Su Tong continued: [Do you think Chen Liwei will agree? I guess he must. After all, you have little value to him. I am different. My value is clear to everyone.]

[He doesn’t care about you at all, so it is normal to abandon you.]

[You don’t believe it? If you don’t believe it, listen well at 10 o’clock this evening.]

Everyone read this and their hearts were uneasy.

They desperately comforted and persuaded themselves that Chen Liwei wouldn’t do this to them. He said he would give them better resources and a better future.

Then at 10 o’clock in the evening, they heard Chen Liwei abandoning them with their own ears. It was without hesitation or care as if they were abandoned children.

Su Tong hung up the voice call. The five people in the group were worried and didn’t know what to do.

If Su Tong knew everything then… did Lin Luoqing know?

If he also knew, what should they do now? They obviously couldn’t and didn’t want to board Chen Liwei’s ship, but would Lin Luoqing allow them to stay in Xingyi?

At this time, they regretted it. They regretted that they listened to Chen Liwei’s ghostly words and regretted that they were obsessed with nonsense.

As for Su Tong, he leisurely finished his orange, washed his hands and sent Lin Luoqing a WeChat message: [It is over.]

[Did they hear it?] Lin Luoqing asked him.

Su Tong: [I heard it very clearly. To prevent them from being unclear, I even repeated it.]

Lin Luoqing sent him a clapping emoji. [Nice job.]

Now that this came out, these people naturally wouldn’t leave. Not only would they not leave, but they would be grateful when he talked to them tomorrow and let them stay.

After all, they must be worried about their future now.

Ji Yuxiao saw his smiling mouth and asked curiously, “What are you thinking about that you are so happy?”

Lin Luoqing thought about it and couldn’t help telling Ji Yuxiao about his plan.

“When comparing options, aren’t I much better than Chen Liwei? Not only am I better than him but regardless of the previous suspicions, they should be a bit grateful to me. They will calm down and work hard.”

Ji Yuxiao had heard from Su Tong that Lin Luoqing had similar thoughts to him, but he still felt happy when hearing Lin Luoqing say it.

He looked at Lin Luoqing, who had a smug expression and shining eyes. It was as if he was waiting for Ji Yuxiao’s evaluation. Then Ji Yuxiao praised him without hesitation. “Good job.”

Lin Luoqing was a bit embarrassed and couldn’t help asking him happily, “Is that so?”

“Of course. You are now completely in the active position and they are in the passive position. You have taken the initiative. The situation has reversed from you hoping they won’t leave to them hoping you won’t drive them away. The situation is reversed in an instant, so you did a good job.”

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