FV: Chapter 112

By the time Su Tong arrived at Xingyi, Lin Luoqing was about to get off work. He looked at the gradually darkening sky outside and wondered what time Su Tong was referring to when he said today.

He waited a long time before finally seeing Su Tong as he was about to get off work.

“There was a traffic jam,” Su Tong said calmly, without any guilt about being late.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t angry when he heard this tone. The number one brother was a true top artist and he naturally had the qualifications to be proud.

He looked at Su Tong with a smile and said gently, “It’s okay. There is no way to do anything about a traffic jam. Sit down.”

Su Tong answered. He sat down on the sofa very casually and took off his sunglasses.

The moment he took off his sunglasses and revealed those beautiful eyes, Lin Luoqing found that he looked even better than in the photos. He had this appearance and it was no wonder he could reach the top.

“Do you want to drink something?” Lin Luoqing asked. “Tea or coffee?”


Lin Luoqing asked Alice to bring a cup of coffee in and said without any hurry, “Do you have any requirements for renewing the contract?”

Su Tong smiled. “Did I say I was going to renew the contract?”

The moment these words came out, Lin Luoqing was inexplicably relieved.

Sure enough, he must’ve talked with Chen Liwei.

“So you don’t want to renew your contract?” Lin Luoqing still had a gentle expression.

“I haven’t figured it out yet.”


Su Tong stared at this person and supported his chin with a hand.

This was the first time he was seeing Lin Luoqing, although he knew there was a person called Lin Luoqing as early as when he found out Ji Yuxiao was married.

However, Ji Yuxiao got married in a hurry and he naturally didn’t know much about Lin Luoqing, let alone why he got married so suddenly.

He had a normal relationship with Ji Yuxiao but paid more attention to Ji Yuxiao due to Ji Yuling. This was especially the case now that Ji Yuling was gone and Ji Yuxiao was injured.

Su Tong himself was already shocked and pained because of this. It was difficult for him to accept. Then Ji Yuxiao, one of the parties involved, would find it even more painful.

Under such circumstances, it was strange that he married Lin Luoqing, a person Su Tong had never heard of.

People who knew a bit about the situation said it was because of love, Ji Yuxiao’s true love. Ji Yuxiao was too despondent now. So once he met someone who loved him, he treated the other person as salvation and loved Lin Luoqing so much that he had no brains.

Su Tong looked confused and felt that the person who said this was brainless. This was Ji Yuxiao, whose pride soared into the sky. After his brother died, he didn’t think about how to raise his brother’s child well and still had the mind to engage in decadence. Wasn’t this a joke?

Su Tong felt that things weren’t so simple. He asked Ji Yuxiao but Ji Yuxiao just said it wasn’t interesting and he didn’t want to waste any more energy. He did seem self-defeated.

Su Tong couldn’t figure it out but no matter what, he felt it was wrong.

Later, he tossed and turned while thinking about it. Finally, he came up with a possibility. If the car accident wasn’t an accident then everything made sense.

Su Tong almost called Ji Yuxiao at that moment to ask if it was an accident or whether everything was premeditated. Yet in the end, he didn’t call Ji Yuxiao’s number. Since Ji Yuxiao chose to act in front of him, it was obvious that Ji Yuxiao couldn’t tell him the truth about the matter.

Therefore, he didn’t ask much. He just quietly waited for the day when the truth would come out.

Ji Yuxiao definitely wouldn’t let go of the murderer who killed Ji Yuling, so Su Tong didn’t need to increase his sense of existence and add chaos to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao isolated everyone outside his walls but he let Lin Luoqing in.

Thus, he became an ally and a comrade.

At first, he thought that Ji Yuxiao was just using Lin Luoqing or they both took what they needed. Then judging from what Ji Yuxiao said today, it didn’t seem to be like that.

He was really thinking about Lin Luoqing and really wanted Lin Luoqing to sit in this position.

It was as if Ji Yuxiao really loved him.

It was just like the rumors.

Su Tong thought of this and couldn’t help looking at Lin Luoqing a few more times. Lin Luoqing was really good-looking. He had a handsome appearance and delicate eyebrows and eyes. Due to his fair skin, he looked sunny and clean, as clear as jade. He seemed to have no sense of scheming and was innocent and harmless. Therefore, he looked very young.

This type of appearance was a good thing for actors because it would attract audience members.

However, it wasn’t suitable for the position of CEO. Looking too young would make him seem immature and it would be difficult to convince the public.

Su Tong replied with thorns, “Why do I have to renew my contract with Xingyi?”

“You were trained by Xingyi and Xingyi has invested a lot in you for so many years. There is a lot of affection for you, which is why I specifically looked for you today. I want to see if you have any other requirements. As long as it isn’t excessive, the company will satisfy you,” Lin Luoqing said sincerely.

“Maybe Xingyi isn’t the only company that can satisfy me,” Su Tong said disdainfully.

“So do you have any other company you are interested in?”

“I’m still thinking.”

He was so straightforward that Lin Luoqing was a bit relieved. He wasn’t afraid when the other person’s heart was straightforward. He was afraid that the other person was deep-minded. If Su Tong was playing him at this time, it would be much more difficult to keep him.

“Chen Liwei should’ve already looked for you, right?” Lin Luoqing said directly. “You are the trump card of the company while he is forced to leave. If he wants to take away the company’s artists, he should find you first whether it’s because of your commercial value or to get revenge on the company. If he doesn’t do this then he isn’t in his right mind.”

Su Tong smiled a bit because these words were quite interesting.

On the one hand, he affirmed Su Tong’s value. On the other hand, he showed that he saw Su Tong’s value and tactfully said that if he really followed Chen Liwei, it wasn’t for his own good but for revenge. If Chen Liwei didn’t look for him then Chen Liwei was extremely stupid.

All in all, Su Tong shouldn’t choose Chen Liwei no matter whether Chen Liwei looked for him or not.

“He looked for me,” Su Tong replied calmly. “I said I would consider it.”

“He doesn’t deserve your consideration.”

Lin Luoqing stood up, walked to the sofa and sat down beside Su Tong.

“If you want to leave Xingyi then I don’t suggest you leave with Chen Liwei. Chen Liwei was fired from Xingyi and hasn’t found another home. If you follow him then it will naturally be best for him. You should be aware of how many companies want you based on your popularity and business value. If you leave with him at this time, it will undoubtedly increase the number of bargaining chips he has when choosing his next home. As long as he shows you as a trump card, there will definitely be companies willing to sign him for you.

“This is equivalent to him being stained with your light, but you will have to work for him. Isn’t it a loss?”

“There is some truth in it.” Su Tong nodded. “But as you said, I know my popularity and business value. I can completely leave Xingyi and go to another company without following Chen Liwei. This isn’t harmful to me, right?”

“Why do you want to leave?” Lin Luoqing asked him, “Resources? Money? Business or traffic?”

“Xingyi can satisfy you with these things. You are Xingyi’s number one brother and you have the best resources in Xingyi. If you want to go to another company, you can’t choose a small company according to your current value. You can only go to a large company. However, it must have its own number one brother or sister. Will that person allow you to have better resources when you have just arrived? Even if you can get it, the other person has an understanding of the company while you don’t have it. The situation you will be facing is far more complicated and troublesome than Xingyi.”

“You are already at the peak of popularity. For the next step, you should be trying to transform and rush to obtain an award. If you want to leave, I suggest you go to this type of company. However, there is still the same problem. Can you obtain the resources? A company with award-winning resources must have other people suitable for winning awards. Can you guarantee that you will get the best resources from these people? If not, wouldn’t leaving be in vain?”

“Xingyi will give you all these resources first.”

“Entertainment companies exist for the artists and for the sake of making stars. Some people like balance, so most people in the company are at the same level and can keep each other in check. Meanwhile, I don’t like this. If the company doesn’t have its own signboard then how can I attract better artists? A company must have a signboard and you are now the signboard of Xingyi.”

“Everyone knows that the top star Su Tong comes from Xingyi so there are other artists who want to come to Xingyi. Now if you want, we can adjust the route and let you aim for an award. This way, when everyone mentions you in the future, it won’t be as a top star but as a Best Actor.”

“You will have more choices for the future while the company will attract more artists because it has a human signboard like you. Isn’t this a win-win matter?”

Su Tong was surprised. The person in front of him looked young and seemed to have no social experience. Unexpectedly, the picture he drew had no falsehood at all. It was very tempting and sounded like this was really the case.

“Then how can I be sure that you won’t pile up the resources on yourself instead of giving them to me? After all, you and I are around the same age. A movie I can accept can also be accepted by you. You can make yourself popular. Isn’t this better for you?”

Lin Luoqing smiled a bit. “You think too highly of me. You are already first-tier and no one will be surprised if you partner with a first-tier female actress or a Best Actress winner. Meanwhile, I am just an unknown actor. If I take your resources, it is simply obvious to others that I am someone who relies on my backing to get resources. I still understand things like avoiding suspicion.”

“To be honest, no one can guarantee that I will be popular after acting in this or that movie. However, you are already popular and every additional opportunity for you will give me considerable income. Constantly seizing your opportunities will make your popularity regress and your value drop. In exchange for the possibility of me becoming popular, it is better to let you keep gaining your high income. As the person in charge of the company, I need you to maintain your high popularity, even if it is for the sake of money. High popularity must be supported by resources. I can still calculate such things.”

“You are a lot more rational than I thought.” Su Tong sighed.

Lin Luoqing’s tone was gentle. “Many times what people hear isn’t necessarily true. I had to find out for myself, just like today when I heard you were leaving with Chen Liwei. I didn’t believe you were such a person, so I came to talk to you personally.”

Su Tong smiled. “There is no need to compliment me. I did think about it but Chen Liwei is too unreliable. That is why I didn’t bother to agree with him.”

“Then can you agree with me?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “Your contract won’t expire until next September. As long as you don’t leave now, you don’t need to give me a reply immediately. There are over eight months left until September. This is more than half a year. Spend that half a year here and see what I do, see if Xingyi is worth you continuing to stay. If it isn’t worth it, you can leave. It won’t be too late.”

Su Tong was silent for a moment before laughing. “Okay, I’ll give you this chance.”

He leaned on the armrest of the sofa and looked at Lin Luoqing with interest. “To be honest, I’m really curious about what Xingyi will become after you are CEO.”

“Then you can take a good look. However, before you take a look, I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

“What is it?”

Lin Luoqing smiled at him, approached and told him the plan.

Su Tong heard this and felt a subtle feeling in his heart. No matter whether it was the husband or wife, both of them thought of a similar plan. They were similar in that they wanted him to be used as bait!

He was the number one brother and a current top star. His appearance fee was so expensive but he had to cooperate with them every day for zero pay. Was this appropriate?

Su Tong felt that he should increase the price. The next time he renewed the contract, he had to add money!

“I got it,” Su Tong said helplessly. “You are really good at arranging things. If I hadn’t agreed to you, who did you plan to let do this?”

Lin Luoqing hurriedly said, “How could you not agree? You said you were thinking about it the moment you came here, which proves you are frank and straightforward. You are willing to give me an observation period of over half a year, which shows you are kind-hearted. The fact that you can do the above two things shows that you also have feelings for Xingyi. You are a person who values affection and righteousness, so you definitely don’t want Xingyi to get into trouble, right?”

Su Tong, “……”

Did he usually talk to Ji Yuxiao like this? He could really talk!

It was pure flattery!

No wonder why Ji Yuxiao was so blind and couldn’t help doing anything for him.

“CEO Lin, you can really talk.”

“I am telling the truth.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “It will be hard work for you. Once the contract is renewed, the company will adjust the percentage of the payment received.”

Su Tong was instantly happy. “Don’t worry, CEO Lin. I will definitely complete the task.”

“I believe in you.” Lin Luoqing patted him on the shoulder.

Once he finished talking to Su Tong, he sent Su Tong into the elevator. Then he went back to his office to pack his things and leave work.

Su Tong stood in the elevator and sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao.

[I finished talking to your wife. He is really talented and quite eloquent. This pie that he drew is no worse than Chen Liwei’s. It might be even more advanced than Chen Liwei.]

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. [How else can I let him go to this position? This is the company that my brother founded. I can’t really let it go out of business.]

Su Tong watched him mention Ji Yuling and some words wanted to come out. He wanted to ask Ji Yuxiao, but he eventually silently deleted them.

Now Ji Yuxiao was still the same as before and he was even less concerned about his image. It was obvious that Ji Yuling’s matter wasn’t over yet. He should wait.

Su Tong: [The two of you really deserve to be a couple. You are playing similar games and both want to use me to sabotage Chen Liwei’s plan. However, your wife is much better at buying people’s hearts than you. He knows to add money to me.]

Ji Yuxiao saw this and became interested. He knew that Lin Luoqing was very suitable for this position.

Ji Yuxiao smiled. [Then listen to him. In any case, he is now in charge of the company and has the final say.]

Su Tong thought, ‘…Tsk, I have a toothache.’

He replied: [Yes.]

He put the phone away.

Ji Yuxiao looked at his phone and felt relaxed and happy.

It was as if a seed had been planted and he was waiting for it to germinate and grow. He carefully observed the changes and was happy that it had broken ground.

He had long passed the age where he would be happy due to the affirmation and praise of others. However, he would be happy because of other people’s affirmation and praise of Lin Luoqing.

He should be affirmed and praised by more people. Sooner or later, this would happen.

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