FV: Chapter 111

Lin Luoqing and Shi Zheng signed the contract and Lin Luoqing took Lin Fei and Ji Leyu home.

The final exam was approaching, and Lin Fei was very strict with Ji Leyu. He basically took Ji Leyu back to his room to do homework the moment they entered through the door. If Ji Leyu wasn’t doing homework, he had to read books and memorize texts.

Ji Leyu was unwilling and felt wronged, but he was very obedient when it came to Lin Fei. He could only pray that they finished the exam quickly to end this painful exam period. He wanted to take a holiday. He needed a holiday!

Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao found it amusing when they saw his awkward appearance and how he had to study hard every day. One time, they didn’t pay attention and laughed in front of their faces.

Ji Leyu couldn’t believe he was so miserable. His two fathers were laughing at him rather than comforting him!

The grievances in his heart doubled and he ran to Lin Fei to ask for a hug, a touch and to be coaxed.

Lin Fei saw his pitifully drooping eyebrows and felt that he was inexplicably pitiful and cute. Lin Fei pinched his face and coaxed him for a while.

Lin Luoqing took office and was always worried he wouldn’t be able to do well. Ji Yuxiao decided to assign him a secretary in order to help him.

The secretary was called Alice and she was Ji Yuxiao’s personal secretary. She had a strong working ability and soon finished the work she received from Chen Liwei’s secretary. She clearly divided the company’s major and minor affairs and this really helped Lin Luoqing a lot.

It was almost New Year’s Day. Lin Luoqing was thinking about whether he should send some gifts to the employees to win over people’s hearts when he saw Wu Xinyuan hurriedly walking in.

“Have you heard?” Wu Xinyuan said anxiously. “It seems there are rumors that several artists in the company are ready to follow Chen Liwei. Some of them are still on the rise and the development momentum is good.”

Lin Luoqing had been worried about this. So when he heard it, he subconsciously thought of Su Tong. “Who are they? Is Su Tong among them?”

“It is said that he is there.” Wu Xinyuan was still surprised by this. “How can this be? Su Tong and Chen Liwei have always had an average relationship and there is little contact. How can he leave? No, I will take another look.”

“Oh, by the way.” Wu Xinyuan walked to Lin Luoqing’s table, picked up a pen and paper from the table and wrote a few names on the paper. “I heard they are these people. See if you want to talk to them and keep them.”

Lin Luoqing nodded and picked up the paper in front of him.

“Then I’ll go and see what is going on with Su Tong.”


Wu Xinyuan finished speaking and went out.

Lin Luoqing watched him leave and leaned back against the chair.

Artists wouldn’t leave with Chen Liwei for no reason. Lin Luoqing thought it was impossible unless there was a deep relationship between them. Who could Chen Liwei have a deep relationship with apart from Pan Xiangjie? It must be for the sake of benefits.

He called Alice. “I’ll send you a photo on WeChat. Help me check the contracts of these people and see how much their breach of contract penalty fees are. Take a look at Su Tong’s as well.”

“Yes,” Alice replied.

Soon, everyone’s breach of contract amounts was sorted out.

Among them, there were three whose contracts would expire around March next year, but they hadn’t renewed their contract with the company. If they left when the time came then it wouldn’t be considered a breach of contract.

There were also two who signed contracts early. They were amateurs at the time and the signing fee wasn’t high, so the breach of contract fee wasn’t set too high. They had been filming all the time and earned a lot. At the very least, it was more than the breach of contract fee.

No wonder why they didn’t care about this and were willing to go with Chen Liwei.

Finally, Lin Luoqing took a look at Su Tong. Su Tong’s contract would expire next September and it hadn’t been renewed yet. The breach of contract fee was higher than the five people he looked at before, but Su Tong was really popular. If he wanted to leave then money wasn’t a problem at all.

However, with such conditions, why would he leave with Chen Liwei?’

All the people in Xingyi combined weren’t as popular as Su Tong. He was the veritable number one brother of Xingyi. Even if he left Xingyi, there were naturally other entertainment companies with better resources waiting for him. Following Chen Liwei was completely a loss.

Shoot people first or shoot the horse, catch the thief first or catch the king… the most urgent thing was to stabilize Su Tong first and let him renew the contract with Xingyi, ensuring that he wouldn’t leave Xingyi. Otherwise, it was simply a slap in the face if Xingyi’s number one brother left with Chen Liwei the moment he took power. This would affect the hearts of the people even more.

At that time, other artists would inevitably wait and see. If they also wanted to leave, the company’s employees would feel he was inferior to Chen Liwei, which was why he couldn’t keep the company’s number one brother.

It was inevitable that the shareholders of the board of directors would be dissatisfied because of this. They would privately feel that Ji Yuxiao’s appointment of him as CEO was nonsense and he was muddle-headed from love.

Therefore, no matter whether it was for public or private matters or for Ji Yuxiao, himself and Xingyi, he couldn’t let Su Tong go.

It was best if no one left.

Even if Su Tong left, it couldn’t be right after he took office.

Lin Luoqing asked Alice to check Su Tong’s contact information and called him. He had to know Su Tong’s attitude first and see if he was really ready to leave as Wu Xinyuan said.

In the black business car, Su Tong wore sunglasses and slightly closed his eyes. His eyes were covered by black sunglasses. Only his black hair, the straight bridge of his nose and the delicate lower half of his face could be seen.

He was closing his eyes and recuperating when he heard his phone ringing. He lazily took it out and looked at it. He saw that it was an unfamiliar number and directly rejected it.

Lin Luoqing saw that the call signal on his phone screen had ended. He thought about it, changed the number and called his agent.

Su Tong’s agent answered quickly. “Yes, hello.”

“It’s me, Lin Luoqing. I am looking for Su Tong.”

The agent was stunned for a moment. He naturally knew Lin Luoqing. Xingyi experienced the big matter of the CEO changing and every agent and artist of Xingyi had to know him.

“Okay, wait a moment,” the agent replied politely.

He covered his phone and looked at Su Tong, indicating for the assistant to pat Su Tong on the shoulder. “Lin Luoqing is looking for you.”

Su Tong still looked lazy. “Oh.”

“Take it.” The agent handed over the phone.

Su Tong took it and lazily said, “You are looking for me?”

Lin Luoqing heard this voice and thought that he indeed had the capital to be popular. Not only did his face look good but his voice was also good.

He looked at the photo of Su Tong on his computer and said softly, “That’s right. I see that your contract is expiring next year. Do you have time recently? If you have time, go back to the company to discuss renewing the contract.”

Su Tong heard these words and slowly opened his eyes. His sunglasses slid down and revealed his beautiful eyes. He seemed to be smiling. The ends of his eyes were raised and there was a bit of carelessness and elegance. “Oh, I got it. Then let’s do it today.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. Was he so easy to talk to?

Did he really not mean to leave?

Lin Luoqing was a bit confused.

Su Tong returned the phone to his agent. Then he took out his phone and started to send a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao.

[Your wife called me and asked me to renew my contract.]

Ji Yuxiao read it and asked him: [What about Chen Liwei? Did he go and find you?]

Su Tong: [He found me. I said I would consider it.]

Ji Yuxiao: [Then are you going to renew the contract?]

Su Tong: [I just said I don’t know. I didn’t say yes. I will go and see your wife. Then Chen Liwei will be in a hurry.]

Su Tong: [Don’t worry, I will make it clear with him.]

Ji Yuxiao thought about it and suddenly said: [No, don’t make it clear. Pretend that you are really hesitating and thinking about whether to leave or not.]

Su Tong, “???”

Didn’t he become angry and fire the CEO of his own company for the sake of fighting for a beauty? Why did he suddenly become like this at this time?

Did love disappear so quickly?

Su Tong: [If you don’t die then you won’t die. People don’t need to die every day, understood?]

Ji Yuxiao was speechless: [What are you thinking? Just do as I say.]

He explained: [This is the first time he is a CEO and he doesn’t have much confidence. He always feels he isn’t competent but he actually has a lot of potential. When he told me about Chen Liwei, he thought about this matter and was worried there would be such a situation. This shows he has the ability to analyze and solve problems.]

[So I want him to solve this matter on his own to give him confidence. Once he succeeds, he can sit more firmly in this position.]

Su Tong looked at it and felt that Ji Yuxiao was quite worried. Not only did he send Lin Luoqing to the top, but he also established confidence for the others. He was simply a model husband.

In this regard, he was quite similar to his brother. Both of them were very loving.

Once he thought about this, he couldn’t help being reminded of Ji Yuling. The familiar figure appeared in his memory, as if still alive. He should be very happy to see this scene.

He should be relieved. After his lover didn’t enter the company he founded for her, the lover of his beloved brother became the manager of the company.

After all, he had such a good relationship with Ji Yuxiao.

Su Tong closed his eyes and put his phone in his pocket again. “Wait until the company calls me.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at the files on the computer in front of him. He couldn’t bear to read them any longer. He looked outside the window. The sky was still very bright and Lin Luoqing wouldn’t be back yet.

He guessed that Chen Liwei would be unwilling to accept the result when he was kicked out of the company. He also guessed that Chen Liwei would want to create a crisis for the company and leave with other artists.

Therefore, he called Su Tong and told him that Chen Liwei would definitely go to him to persuade him. He told Su Tong not to rush to refuse.

Sure enough, Chen Liwei contacted Su Tong almost the same night that he left.

He didn’t get what he wanted from Ji Mu, which was normal. Ji Mu had his own ambitions and he wouldn’t look at someone like Chen Liwei at all. He wouldn’t influence his plans for Chen Liwei.

Therefore, Ji Mu was happy to see Lin Luoqing becoming the CEO of Xingyi. He even wished that Lin Luoqing could sit in this position for 100 years, reminding Ji Zhenhong at every moment about how unreliable Ji Yuxiao would be once he took power and that it was better to let Ji Mu take the position.

It was because Chen Liwei couldn’t get what he wanted that he wouldn’t let Lin Luoqing be satisfied. If he left, he had to make everyone think that Lin Luoqing was incompetent. The moment he left, all the artists left with him. This would make it clear that following Lin Luoqing had no future.

In order to maximize this effect, provoke the greatest reaction and even alarm the shareholders of the board of directors, making them dissatisfied with Lin Luoqing and hiring him back, he needed to ensure that Su Tong, the number one brother of the company, followed him when he left.

It just so happened that Su Tong hadn’t signed the renewal this year due to his busy schedule and procrastination. This simply gave Chen Liwei the right time and opportunity.

Chen Liwei naturally wouldn’t let it go. As Su Tong promised Ji Yuxiao, he let Chen Liwei dream of an opportunity to step on Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing. He pretended to be really worried about his future in Xingyi and said he had to consider it.

Chen Liwei immediately released the news to win over other unstable artists.

His calculations were good and he was ready for his victory, but he didn’t know that this was all within someone else’s plan.

Ji Yuxiao originally wanted to tell Lin Luoqing about this plan.

Then he changed his mind after receiving Su Tong’s text message.

Lin Luoqing called Su Tong directly, making it clear he wanted to solve this problem himself.

He had always been like this, independent and capable. He was obviously very suitable for this position, but since he had never been exposed to such a position, he wasn’t confident in himself.

Therefore, Ji Yuxiao wanted to make him more confident.

Once he solved this mess and successfully kept these artists, he would naturally feel more at ease and feel that he was capable of this position.

Ji Yuxiao believed he could do it.

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