FV: Chapter 10

Lin Luoqing saw Father Ji leave without saying a word and looked down at Ji Yuxiao. “Are you still going up?”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Go up.”

He hooked his arms around Lin Luoqing’s neck and felt the steady embrace of the other person. He suddenly found that his fiance was quite strong. Not only was he strong but he was quite long-lasting.

It was three floors up but Lin Luoqing’s legs didn’t soften at all.

He really couldn’t tell!

His fiance was great!

Lin Luoqing followed Father Ji up the stairs and carried Ji Yuxiao into the other person’s study.

He put Ji Yuxiao down on the couch and looked at him. “I’ll go get your wheelchair.”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao responded warmly.

Lin Luoqing raised his head, nodded slightly at Father Ji and went downstairs to get Ji Yuxiao’s wheelchair.

Ji Yun and Ji Huai were talking about what happened in the dining room just now when they saw the person in question appear and quickly shut up.

Lin Luoqing didn’t say much. He smiled at them and pushed the wheelchair out of the dining room.

This time, he was a bit hesitant to send it up immediately. He was afraid of hearing something that shouldn’t be heard and disturbing Ji Yuxiao and his father.

Then he thought about it. Ji Yuxiao currently had difficulty moving around. If he didn’t bring the wheelchair up, Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t be able to slam the door and leave if they quarreled.

After thinking of this, Lin Luoqing no longer hesitated. He took the wheelchair upstairs, knocked on the door and sent the wheelchair in.

Father Ji obviously wanted to talk to his son alone. The moment  Lin Luoqing entered, he turned around and stopped talking.

Ji Yuxiao sat back on the wheelchair. He looked at Lin Luoqing, who seemed to be asking him if he needed company. He squeezed Lin Luoqing’s face and said, “Go downstairs and turn right. The third room is my room. Go to rest. I will call you in a moment.”

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing responded.

“You are so good.” Ji Yuxiao laughed.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Then I will go first.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw Father Ji’s speechless expression and smiled politely. Sure enough, he saw Father Ji’s disgusted eyes.

Lin Luoqing felt there was no need to do this. His son had taken his fiance home. Whether he liked it or not, he had to give some face or he would embarrass his son.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing deliberately turned to Ji Yuxiao and bent down to hug him, saying sweetly, “Husband, come to me after you finish talking~”

Father Ji, “……”

Father Ji almost lost his temper.

Ji Yuxiao smiled, slightly raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully, “I know, Baby.”

“You are really clingy,” he whispered.

Father Ji felt his ears were starting to hurt.

Lin Luoqing was satisfied so he reluctantly walked out and headed toward the staircase.

There must be a problem between Ji Yuxiao and his father, Lin Luoqing thought. He didn’t know what the problem was but Ji Yuxiao was obviously hiding his true self after being injured.

What did he want to do? Keep a low profile?


Lin Luoqing suddenly remembered Ji Yuxiao’s words. ‘What does it mean for me to be alive now? It is better for me to die in the car accident with my brother.’

He remembered the reason why Ji Yuxiao was disabled and why Ji Leyu was with him was due to a car accident.

In that accident, there were four people in the car. Ji Yuxiao’s brother and sister-in-law both died. Only two people survived, Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu. From that day on, Ji Yuxiao lost his legs and Ji Leyu lost his parents.

So was it related to the car accident?

However, hadn’t the driver who caused the accident already been arrested?

Lin Luoqing leaned against the stairs while thinking about it silently.

He didn’t want to go to Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom to rest. He was worried that Ji Yuxiao would argue with his father. His legs were inconvenient. Even if he had a wheelchair, it wasn’t good for him to go down the stairs. Therefore, Lin Luoqing wanted to wait here in case they really argued and Ji Yuxiao left in anger.

Lin Luoqing took out his phone and looked at his inbox. The crew he auditioned with before didn’t send another email.

He took the initiative to ask his agent, but his agent was probably busy and didn’t reply to him.

Lin Luoqing had to open Anipop and started to patiently play it.

He was playing when he heard a sound from not far away.

“What is going on with our cousin? Why is he acting like this all of a sudden?”

“I heard Brother Mu say that our cousin seems to have been like this after the car accident. He saw the death of his older brother with his own eyes and his legs were ruined. Therefore, his entire heart is gone and he became bitter, mean and self-destructive.”

“No wonder why he hasn’t been to work lately.”

“What type of work can he do? Our cousin looks like that. He is now obsessed with love and he doesn’t want to fight any longer.”

Ji Yun heard her sister say this and thought of the man she had just seen. “That Lin Lin Luoqing—is he called Lin Luoqing? Aside from a better looking face, what is so good about him?”

Lin Luoqing touched his face. He thought that a good-looking face was nice. What was so bad about a good face?

However, the two people downstairs obviously didn’t think so.

“I don’t know what our cousin likes about him but I just searched for him on the Internet. He has been in two web dramas. They are both supporting roles and bad movies. Tang Ruo is so popular and has been chasing our cousin for so long yet our cousin never looked at him. Now he is looking at an 18th tier. It is really outrageous.”

“Yes, he obviously isn’t from our circle. He has no background and no fame. I don’t know what our cousin sees in him.”

Lin Luoqing held his cheeks and felt this was quite right. He didn’t know what Ji Yuxiao saw in Lin Luoqing that made him actually agree to the marriage.

Not only did he easily agree but he also promised to replace Lin Luojing. What was he trying to do?

Was it really targeted poverty alleviation?

“If you ask me, he is the one doing things. You saw just now that he isn’t ashamed at all when he talks and does things. He directly hugged our cousin in public. He must be good at coaxing people. He caught our cousin at a time when our cousin is physically and mentally exhausted, letting him take advantage of this gap.”

Ji Yun sighed. “Then I hope he really likes our cousin.”

“How can that be?” Ji Huai smiled. “I have seen many stars like him. There is an 11 out of 10 chance that it is for money. No, they aren’t married yet and he had our cousin help him get Xingyi. Xingyi might be ordinary at the moment but it is still an entertainment company. He will be the boss’s spouse when he goes there and can choose any resources.”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help exclaiming ‘wow’ in his heart. This made sense and he felt really relieved.

Ji Yun hesitated. “No, our cousin is so good. He can’t just be doing it for money, right?”

Ji Huai laughed. “It isn’t a question of whether he is excellent or not. Sister, think about it. Our cousin is excellent but he is now a disabled person. Would you be willing to marry a disabled person?  In addition, once he is popular and sees more people, will he be willing to continue to guard a disabled person?”

“Also.” Ji Huai’s voice slightly lowered.

Lin Luoqing curiously listened more closely and heard Ji Huai say, “Our cousin is like this now. He can’t get up in bed and drive a car. A man is an animal who thinks with the lower half of his body. Now our cousin can’t think. Can Lin Luoqing do it? In particular, there are many fake dramas when filming. There are lively dragons over there while over here is a pool of stagnant water. It isn’t that I’m looking down on our cousin. It is just that he is like this and he can’t expect someone to really love him. In particular, his partner is a man.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and he couldn’t help laughing.

He didn’t restrain his laughter and it was particularly loud in the empty stairwell.

Ji Yun and Ji Huai, who were chatting against the railing of the stairs, were stunned. The next second, they rushed up and saw Lin Luoqing standing at the top of the stairs on the third floor.

Ji Yun was embarrassed in an instant but Ji Huai immediately became annoyed and angry when she saw Lin Luoqing reclining against the railing of the stairs with an obvious smile. She looked up and asked, “What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?”

She sneered. “I have seen many stars like you. Others might know what type of person you are but can I not be clear about it? Don’t you want to marry my cousin for the sake of being popular? Once you become popular, can you still be at ease with a waste like my cousin? At that time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to wait to mention divorce.”

Lin Luoqing looked at her.  The smile in his eyes slowly faded and finally turned into a smiling, faintly mocking look.

He looked condescendingly at the girl in front of him, slowly straightened up and walked toward the other party.

He didn’t get very close. He just went down a few steps and maintained a downward looking posture. “Is that how you see him?”

Ji Huai was stunned for a moment and wondered, “What?”

 “You keep saying that you don’t look down on your cousin but you keep talking about his disability and calling him a waste. Is this how you respect him?”

Ji Huai sharply retorted. “Isn’t what I said the truth? He is disabled. Am I wrong?”

Then she laughed mockingly. “He gave up himself. He gave up and hid at home every day, not daring to go out. Why fight for injustice here?”

“That is his life. He can squander or give up on his own life but you aren’t qualified to evaluate other people’s lives.” Lin Luoqing said calmly. “With a relative like you, Ji Yuxiao is severely disabled when it comes to relatives.”

“Still, it’s fine.” He laughed. “You aren’t his sister after all. It is normal for you to be mean, stupid and ignorant.”

“What do you mean?!” Ji Huai was angry. “You are the one who is mean, stupid and ignorant!”

Lin Luoqing dug at his ears and said softly, “Sister, the way you look now is a very vivid interpretation of those words.”

Ji Huai, “!!!”

Ji Huai opened her mouth and was about to say something when she heard Lin Luoqing say with a smile, ”By the way, let me tell you something.”

“Your cousin might’ve injured both legs but the key part isn’t damaged. Not only can we drive on the road but we also had a very pleasant journey. How do I put it? It is probably as quiet as a pillar of the sky, moving like a dragon in the abyss, powerful like vast thunder, fluttering like feathers and ascending like an immortal. It can be said to wish for life or death and we can’t stop ourselves!”

“I quite like it.” Lin Luoqing concluded.

The moment he finished summing things up, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind him. “What do you mean by wishing for life or death? We can’t stop ourselves?”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing looked back stiffly and saw Ji Yuxiao sitting in the wheelchair, holding his head and smiling at Lin Luoqing with squinted eyes.

‘..F*k, how did he come out so quickly?’

Father Ji, can you do it or not?

The author has something to say:

President Ji: He can’t do it but I can!

President Ji: [Smile.jpg]

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2 years ago

Annoying relatives are annoying :3

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

1 year ago

Even if I’m tired of flower metaphors for bg sex, this author really loves overdoing it with their motor metaphors for sex ad nauseam

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