FLBCP: Chapter 5

Zhao Yao thought about going to the doctor to get some sleeping medication prescribed once it was morning. Originally, he wanted to find some variety shows to watch to relieve his boredom. Then he noticed the name of the variety show with the pink cover was ‘Destined to Be With You’. It seemed to be a blind dating show.

He saw this and suddenly thought of some advice from his psychologist in his previous life. The doctor said that his insomnia had certain psychological factors. It might be anxiety caused by too much work or other reasons. Then after several courses of intensive treatment, the doctor unexpectedly put forward a new suggestion.

The psychologist had said, “Mr Zhao, perhaps you can consider falling in love.”

Zhao Yao could be said to be single all his life. He hadn’t fallen in love during his university period. After university, he entered straight into the Zhao Group and didn’t have time to fall in love. It might be due to his family but he rarely trusted others. He only made a few good friends but they didn’t have deep, heart to heart talks.

The businessmen in the business world were all foxes. There were many people who would flatter him on the surface while playing dirty behind the scenes. Zhao Yao couldn’t trust other people and it was hard to establish a stable relationship with them. There were only two trustworthy people. One was Uncle Wang and the other was Yao Bai. The former died of illness and the latter went abroad.

In the circumstances of his previous life, it was difficult for him to make friends, let alone establish trust with others. Falling in love was no better than making friends. A partner was someone who was always by his side. Therefore, Zhao Yao didn’t take the advice of the psychologist to heart.

The male and female ghosts on the cover smiled brightly. Zhao Yao didn’t know what ghost possessed him but he watched it until Uncle Wang went upstairs to see what was going on.

The blind date variety show playing in the living room was very strange in the atmosphere of the night.

“Young Master.” Uncle Wang’s gaze swept toward the TV screen from time to time. “You just got out of the hospital and need more rest and recuperation. The doctor said it is best not to stay up late. Why did you get up to watch a show?”

Zhao Yao nodded but changed the topic. “Uncle Wang, here is a list of books. Please obtain them in the next two days.”

He opened the memo page on his phone and handed it to Uncle Wang.

A list of books? Uncle Wang wondered, “Are the books difficult to find?”

Now there wasn’t nearly as much variety in physical bookstores as there were purchased online. Since they were books he was asked to collect, they should be a collector’s edition of some published book.

[Love Strategy]

[Analyzing the Psychology of Those in Love]

[108 Methods of Interaction]


Uncle Wang fixed his eyes on it. He determined it was right and asked, “Young Master, are you sure you want to buy these?”

They didn’t seem like serious books!

“I didn’t find these books when I looked on Taobao. A few stores took them off the shelves. I can only trouble you to find them through other channels.” Zhao Yao took back his phone and opened a certain Taobao shop page. “Or you can see if you can contact the store owner. I sent a message to customer service but there was no reply.”

After watching the blind date show, Zhao Yao seemed to have found something to do. The suggestions he didn’t take in his previous life weren’t bad in this life. He was young and he didn’t have to work hard. The first priority was to take care of his body and stay healthy.

Uncle Wang took the phone again and saw there was no text after the customer service chat. He was about to share the link with himself when he noticed the store reviews. There were several bad reviews in a row.

[#Garbage# I experimented for a month and will give a bad review. Not only did I fail to please my girlfriend but she also broke up with me because I was too greasy.]

[I confessed to the girl I liked for three years by following this book. Now she has blacklisted me.

[The author has never been in a romantic relationship yet is posing as an expert. The old routine is greasy and the corny love story is awkward to death. It is like an idol drama confession. Do you think your readers are primary school trash?]

[It is recommended that you don’t buy it.]


Uncle Wang was silent for a moment. “Young Master, are you sure about this store?”

“The materials I found have recommended these books. They seem to be rarely available anymore.”

Searching for related books on the Internet was too scattered. He could only use some emotional keywords to find relevant reference books. This store was the purchase website he found in the responses of other people.

Uncle Wang hesitated. “The evaluation of this store doesn’t seem to be very good… do you still want to buy it?”

Zhao Yao didn’t look at the evaluation of the store and pressed the remote control to adjust the next episode of the show. “If the store isn’t good then change the channel. If you can’t find the paper version then change to an electronic version.”

Uncle Wang, “……”

The point was that the bad reviews had a problem with the book. It didn’t seem to have much to do with the store…


Yao Bai was busy for the next two days packing up documents and things for Zhao Yao. Many people called him to ask him about Brother Yao so he was busy from beginning to end. He had no time to rest at all. The Qichen meeting ended up as Brother Yao had expected. There was no result and the matter of the person in charge was put on hold for the time being. Still, based on other rumors in the company, it seemed that the eldest young master, Zhao Changshuo had the upper hand. If there were no incidents, this project should fall to him.

In the past few days, Zhao Zhikai had also been busy cleaning up the mess but his secretary came to find Zhao Yao several times. Brother Yao refused to see anyone. Apart from going to the hospital for an examination, he stayed at home these days.

By the time Yao Bai finally was free enough to go to Zhao Yao’s house, it was already three days after the Qichen meeting. He drove to a wealthy area in the city center and as he reached the door of Zhao Yao’s apartment, he met a delivery man pushing a cart.

Yao Bai had been to this community several times. He knew that this delivery person was from the community’s fixed courier station. He looked at the small cart and thought that Brother Yao couldn’t buy these things. It must be Uncle Wang buying daily necessities?

Uncle Wang came to open the door and saw Yao Bai following the delivery man. He was surprised and asked, “Xiao Bai, you came?”

Yao Bai took out some documents. “As I was sorting through the things, I found a few documents that I need to give to Brother Yao.”  He saw Uncle Wang signing the order and wondered, “Uncle Wang, why are you buying so many things?”

“Help me.” Uncle Wang asked the delivery man to move the packages into the house and explained to Yao Bai, “I didn’t buy these things. They are books bought by the young master. They just arrived today.”

“Books? Yao Bai was surprised. “What is Brother Yao doing with so many books?”

The packages were left in the hallway. Once the delivery man left, Yao Bai looked at them with curiosity. To be honest, he had been dealing with work these days and he really couldn’t figure out what his brother was thinking. He saw that Uncle Wang was unpacking the things and took out a pair of scissors to help. “Uncle Wang, I will help you. What type of books did Brother buy to buy so many at once?”

The packages were soon opened to reveal the foam layer inside.

Yao Bai removed it and saw the brand new book underneath. The words ‘Love Strategy’ were written on it in prominent font.

“My god!” Yao Bai removed the book and read it carefully. “Love Strategy? This store sent the wrong goods, right? Which store was so careless?”

Uncle Wang was silent.

Yao Bai placed the book to the side and unpacked the other ones. The moment a series of books such as ‘108 Methods of Interaction’ and ‘Love Words’ came out, he turned them over in disbelief.

If one book was wrong then it could be that the wrong product was accidentally sent. However, there were so many books…

He looked at Uncle Wang in a daze. “Brother Yao bought all of this? They didn’t send the wrong products?”

“That’s right.”

Uncle Wang nodded. In the past two days, he had been receiving deliveries one after another and even went out to a lot of physical stores to buy them.


Yao Bai heard this and thought his brother had part of his brain removed. Therefore, he took the documents and went straight upstairs to find someone. “I’ll go upstairs to find Brother Yao.”

He walked all the way to the study and got a response when he knocked on the door. “Come in.”

The study was quiet. There were many documents and materials on both sides of the desk. Meanwhile, Zhao Yao was carefully reading something.

Yao Bai held the documents in his hand and spoke while walking in. “Brother, last time you asked me to find the documents and I found I missed a copy. I brought it to you. By the way, President Zhao’s secretary has contacted me several times in the past few days. I helped reject him for you.”

Zhao Yao replied while reading the book. “Put it here. You’ve worked hard.”

Yao Bai put the documents on the table. “I just helped Uncle Wang unpack the deliveries downstairs…”

Zhao Yao placed the documents that Yao Bai had brought on the other side of the stack. Then Yao Bai noticed that there was a book within reach of Zhao Yao. It was colorful with black, green and white on the fancy cover. The top of the book had the words ‘A Brief Discussion on Partnerships’ in white font.

Yao Bai swallowed down his words.

No way? These books were actually brought by Brother Yao? In addition, his brother took them seriously?

Yao Bai wondered, “Brother, why are you looking at these silly love… emotional reference books?” He temporarily changed the name.”

Zhao Yao answered briefly, “I’m just looking.”

Yao Bai thought carefully. There was something wrong after his brother was discharged from the hospital. First, he stood in line with the eldest young master at the meeting and then he put aside his relationship with Zhao Zhikai. Even the follow-up work was arranged and he planned to resign. These things were completely different from the workaholic Zhao Yao from before the accident.

The most amazing thing was that he started reading these strange love strategies?

Based on the way they got along, his brother’s emotional intelligence wasn’t so low!

Yao Bai’s back became cold. He picked up the phone and started to scroll through the contacts list while carefully asking, “Brother, I met a master last time. Should I find someone to come and see you at home?”

“No need.”

Yao Bai stared at Zhao Yao, who was reading the book seriously like it was an important document rather than a book about emotions. Then he had a new idea. “Is it a new project?”

He couldn’t help thinking this. There were many small companies under the Zhao family. Perhaps his brother had other plans. It was just that the companies involved in this field seemed to be on the entertainment side. Was it a secret project?”

“No.” Zhao Yao looked up at Yao Bai. “How many times did Zhao Zhikai’s secretary contact you?”

Yao Bai couldn’t react for a moment at this abrupt question. “Three or four times. They asked to meet you but I refused. Brother, do you want to see President Zhao?”

“No. If Zhao Changshuo’s secretary contacts you then you can make an appointment with them.”

Yao Bai nodded before remembering something. “By the way, I received a call from the old house asking you to go back when you have time.”

“Go back?” Zhao Yao thought about it carefully. There didn’t seem to be this matter in his last life. “Who called?”

“The housekeeper of the old house. It seems to be Mrs Bai’s request.” Yao Bai added, “You told me before to ignore them so I fooled them.”

Mrs Bai was Zhao Qizhen’s mother and the current mistress of the Zhao family.

Zhao Yao replied indifferently, “Oh, don’t care about her.”

Yao Bai looked at the books on the desk and couldn’t understand it. If there was no project, was it possible that he wanted to fall in love after reading these reference books?

“Brother, these books aren’t very reliable. Rather than reading reference books, you must as well try being in a relationship.”

“The reference books are indeed not entirely trustworthy but since they have a wide audience, there must be some truth in them. The concept of a partner is different at different stages of your life. Before doing some things, you have to make certain if it is hormones or other factors. I don’t do things that are uncertain and don’t want to waste my time with inappropriate people.”

Zhao Yao looked at Yao Bai. “Still, you are right. Practice is needed.”

Yao Bai thought to himself that he had guessed right. Wasn’t Brother Yao reading these books for researching strategies before falling in love? However, based on his brother’s conditions, he could be successful without these strategies. Why look at them? Yao Bai couldn’t understand it so he asked, “Then are you planning to be in a relationship?”

“Not at the moment.” Zhao Yao paused for a moment. “Still, I can watch others in a relationship.”

Yao Bai was stunned. Watching others in a relationship? Wasn’t that eating dog food?

Zhao Yao stared at Yao Bai. “Do you currently have a girlfriend?”

“How could I have one?”

Zhao Yao paused. “I don’t mind a boyfriend either.”

“No no.” Yao Bai shook his head frantically. 

“Oh.” Zhao Yao was a bit regretful.

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2 years ago

Haha he wants to eat dog food before serving dog food

2 years ago

Zhao Yao wants to experience eating dog food to gain xp.