FLBCP: Chapter 25 Part 3

“In any case, just wait for my side to investigate clearly. Brother, you shouldn’t go to the crew during this period.” Yao Bai thought of his brother rushing to save a person and became more afraid. “After the observation ends in a few days, go home and stay. If you are idle then you can go to Huihua. If that isn’t good, we can go to the live observation room of that relationship variety show you usually love to watch to see the recording.”

There were many interesting things in the city. It was better to go to dangerous places like the crew last frequently.

Zhao Yao was silent for a while before telling Yao Bai, “Leave the investigation of the crew to the others. This matter has nothing to do with us.”

The other two people were very surprised when these words came out.

Uncle Wang asked in a puzzled manner, “Young Master, if someone in the group or a competitor is behind this matter then we might miss something if we don’t check it.”

“If it was against me, there are better ways. There is no need to take such risks. Moreover, Pei Mingzhan was acting all morning. The hook connecting the steel wires is more likely to be above Pei Mingzhan.” Zhao Yao knew that this accident didn’t involve him in his previous life so the target must be Pei Mingzhan. He thought it was just a regrettable accident but now he knew that Pei Mingzhan belonged to the Pei family…

Then this accident might involve the Pei family. Moreover, it was known that Pei Mingzhan planned to withdraw from the circle. Zhao Yao could understand the reason without having to guess.

The noble families always had dirty things that ordinary people didn’t see. Pei Mingzhan probably understood.

After this incident, Pei Mingzhan knew that someone wanted his life and the Pei family would protect Pei Mingzhan.

As for the people who were acting secretly, it could only be left for the Pei family to deal with.

Originally, Zhao Yao just wanted to save Pei Mingzhan’s life. He didn’t want to get mixed up in other things. He told them, “Don’t get involved in the affairs of other families. Pei Mingzhan can mix in with the entertainment circle for so many years. There won’t be a small amount of people in the Pei family paying attention to him.”

Zhao Yao just wanted to accumulate some assets and make money for his old age.

He didn’t need to care about other things.

Knock knock.

There was a knock on the door accompanied by a vague voice.

Uncle Wang walked over to open the door and unexpectedly saw a beautiful woman. This woman wore luxurious makeup and held a global limited expensive bag in her hand. The bodyguard behind her was holding a fruit basket.

Uncle Wang stepped aside. “Master, Madam Bai is here.”

Zhao Yao raised his head slightly.

Bai Chengxue was Zhao Qizhen’s biological mother and the third wife of Chairman Zhao. This woman was very ambitious but unfortunately, her IQ was on the same level as Zhao Qizhen. She was timid and afraid of things. She always wanted to use other people to do things. In the end, she was used by Zhao Zhikai, committed a crime and went to jail.

In his last life after he took over the Qichen project, Bai Chengxue was also making trouble for him. However, they were all small troubles and there was no disturbance.

“I heard that Xiao Yao was hospitalized.” Madam Bai enthusiastically squeezed away Yao Bai. She had the bodyguard put the fruit basket down and spoke while holding Zhao Yao’s hand. “Originally, your legs weren’t good. Then you went  to the crew and hurt your other leg.”

She had a gentle voice like the person in front of her was her baby son.

Yao Bai was caught off guard and was pushed away. He saw Madam Bai’s false smile and covered his nose because he was stimulated by her perfume. Then he sat down in a chair on the other side.

Why was this woman here? The news spread so quickly to the old house?

Zhao Yao heard the familiar voice and looked at Madam Bai with interest. “Aunt Bai.”

“Auntie asked you to go back to the old house. Why didn’t you come?” Madam Bai glanced at Zhao Yao’s leg. On the surface, she was very worried and had a bit of regret. “You should’ve  come back to the old house to nurse your leg. There are many people there to take good care of you. I would’ve also asked the old housekeeper to cook some soup for you to help heal your leg.”

Zhao Yao looked at Madam Bai. “There was no need. You’ve been busy these days, right?”

“How can I be busy? In addition, I heard you had a conflict with your second uncle?” Madam Bai smiled.

Yao Bai’s ears were very sharp. Once he heard this, he knew why this person had come.

Zhao Yao acted like nothing happened. “really? Why didn’t I know that I had a conflict with Second Uncle?”

Bai Chengxue looked at Zhao Yao. In fact, she didn’t like Zhao Yao. He seemed easy to get along with on the surface but his heart was very dark. She had met Zhao Zhikai before. Right now, Zhao Qizhen had joined with Zhao Zhikai. The two people were cooperating to deal with the powerful enemy called Zhao Changshuo. The clear positions needed to be discussed in advance but Zhao Zhikai persuaded her to come to Zhao Yao.

She didn’t want Zhao Yao to re-enter the competition but Zhao Zhikai said to let Zhao Yao come in and stir up muddy water.

In the Zhao Group, the only one who could compete with Zhao Changshuo was Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao quitting the competition meant that Zhao Changshuo’s side was dominating. If she and Zhao Qizhen wanted to take the lead, they had to squeeze Zhao Changshuo down. However, now Zhao Changshuo had successfully taken over the Qichen project and Zhao Zhikai had lost the support of some people on Zhao Yao’s side. Zhao Qizhen alone wasn’t enough.

Bai Chengxue knew what Zhao Zhikai meant. On the surface, Zhao Yao and Zhao Changshou were standing on the same side. Even if Zhao Yao quit the competition and was no longer involved in the group’s business, there were still people in the group supporting Zhao Yao. If they wanted to knock down Zhao Changshou, they could only get Zhao Yao out of Zhao Changshou’s camp.

Zhao Zhikai told her not to look at Zhao Yao standing with Zhao Changshuo now. It should just be a negotiation of interests. Zhao Yao originally hated Zhao Changshuo so the two of them would never get along. They just had to use a bit of strategy to make these two people fight. Then they could sit back and enjoy it.

The atmosphere in the hospital room was ordinary. Bai Chengxue suddenly had no confidence. In particular, when she saw Zhao Yao’s flat expression, she had an indescribably uncomfortable feeling. The moment she heard about Zhao Yao’s accident, she came to see if there was any way to fan the flames but Zhao Yao didn’t even frown.

She continued, “Qizhen has been working with your second uncle recently. After hearing about this matter, he told me a few things. How can this be a good conflict?”

“Is that so?” Zhao Yao’s tone was light. “Qizhen is working for Second Uncle? He should control his temper. Didn’t someone take photos of him and send them out the other day?”

Madam Bai’s expression stiffened but she soon recovered. “Outside people just talk indiscriminately. This child Qizhen is honest.”

“The Zhao reputation has always been good but Zhao Qizhen is no longer young. It is a small matter to make trouble in private. If he can’t handle this type of thing well, how can Second Uncle rest assured to give the project to him?” Zhao Yao flipped through the book in his hand and spoke casually. “You should also advise him. I heard that a young woman came to his door?”

“Where did someone come? It is just a messy rumor.” Madam Bai was eager to get back to the topic and directly said, “Xiao Yao, you can’t do this type of thing. You can’t make trouble with your second uncle and run to the entertainment circle. If you don’t want to bow to your second uncle then I’ll let Qizhen talk for you. You can work at Qizhen’s side. It doesn’t make any sense to go to the entertainment circle.”

Zhao Yao smiled. “I think it makes sense.”

Madam Bai was speechless for a moment. “If your father knew about this, how sad would he be? The Zhao family’s affairs are too busy to leave to your older brother alone. If you are filial then you should help your father with some of the group’s matters.”

Zhao Yao said, “Big Brother is very stable in doing things. He doesn’t need me.”

Bai Chengxue continued, “However, your brother is working alone. There are so many voices in the group. How can he balance everything? He is determined to go his own way. Recently, shareholders aren’t satisfied with him. You should persuade your brother, right?”

Zhao Yao raised an eyebrow. Was this coming to persuade him to continue fighting with Zhao Changshuo?

It seemed him standing on Zhao Changshuo’s side hadn’t only made Zhao Zhikai anxious. Madam Bai was feeling a crisis as well.

Madam Bai pointed out, “Sometimes he will listen better to a brother’s words.”

Seeing that Zhao Yao didn’t answer, she started talking about Zhao Changshuo’s work in the Zhao Group these days. She added fuel to the fire by saying that Zhao Changshuo shut down certain projects despite the objections of the shareholders. In short, she disparaged Zhao Changshuo from beginning to end.

Zhao Yao listened to Madam Bai’s chattering but was very calm in his heart.

Zhao Qizhen couldn’t fight with Zhao Changshuo. He might be working with Zhao Zhikai but it was too late if they wanted to fight against Zhao Changshuo. However, Bai Chengxue coming here at this time definitely wasn’t her idea. Based on her ability, these words definitely didn’t belong to her. Zhao Qizhen was really stupid so only Zhao Zhikai could say this to her.

Zhao Yao didn’t respond and Madam Bai eventually had to ask, “What does Xiao Yao think?”

“Your idea is pretty good.” Zhao Yao told her, “Since Zhao Changshuo will listen to a brother’s words, I think it is right to have Zhao Qizhen talk to him.”

Yao Bai watched with relish as Brother Yao played with Madam Bai. He cut the fruit that Madam Bai had brought, cut an apple and gave it to his brother.

Bai Chengxue spoke until her mouth was dry but she didn’t know how much Zhao Yao had heard. In the end, she couldn’t speak any longer and walked away angrily.

“I was wondering why she came this time when she didn’t even look at you when you had the car accident.” Yao Bai clicked his tongue. “Sure enough, she isn’t good-natured. She never stopped praising her son while scolding the eldest young master. She is really talented.”

“It is most likely that Zhao Zhikai told her to come.” Zhao Yao continued to read while speaking casually. “If she came the first time, she will come a second time. The next time Zhao Changshuo’s secretary calls, tell him about this matter. It is Zhao Changshuo’s troubles. Let him take care of it. Don’t send them to my door to hinder my eyes.”

Yao Bai knew Madam Bai’s virtues. “However, she is like this. Isn’t she afraid of being used by Zhao Zhikai in the end?”

“She thinks she can compete with Zhao Changshuo if she works with Zhao Zhikai but in fact, she is just Zhao Zhikai’s shield. My father is only seriously ill. He isn’t dead yet. Once the time comes for a fight, Zhao Zhikai will place all of this on Zhao Qizhen.” Zhao Yao spoke flatly. “We just have to wait until that time to see the fight. Bai Chengxue is a bit clever and will bite when she is anxious.”

Yao Bai nodded. “Still, she is your nominal mother after all. Aren’t you afraid of her doing something? For example, finding a girl for you to marry, whispering in your father’s ear or using Zhao Qizhen’s authority to suppress your career…”

Zhao Yao looked at Yao Bai like he was stupid. “have you been reading novels until late again last night?”

Yao Bai was taken aback. “No, it was last week when I stayed up late to read novels.”

“If you are free to read novels then it is better for you to learn some skills from Chen Xi.” Zhao Yao focused on the book. “Look less at useless things and learn more skills when you are young.”

Yao Bai glanced at the book in Zhao Yao’s hand, wondering who was the one who was looking at useless things.

In addition, what about the overbearing president novels? Why was it useless?

He might not be a president but couldn’t he dream?


The plane passed through the clouds and landed firmly at S City’s Airport.

The secretary stood at the exit with the bodyguards and waited. He saw a woman in red leather and sunglasses pulling a suitcase toward them. “Second Young Lady.”

“Just you?” Zhao Ruihong took off her sunglasses, revealing her delicate makeup. “Is Zhao Changshuo very busy?”

The secretary gave his standard smile. “The boss has many projects recently. In addition, something happened today to the third young master. He temporarily can’t leave.”

“Oh?” Zhao Yao was surprised when she heard the words. “Did Zhao Yao court disaster?”

She had been abroad for a few years but she had heard about Zhao Changshuo fighting with Zhao Yao. Now that something happened, she didn’t know who acted first.

The secretary explained, “Second Young Lady, you are joking. Third Young Master has recently invested in several projects. It just so happens that something went wrong with one of them. The boss is helping him investigate.”

Those in the Zhao family, apart from Zhao Qizhen who had ordinary skills, weren’t easy to get along with. In particular, the second young lady Zhao Ruihong had waved her hand and left the country while people were fighting for the family property. She had no interest in the Zhao family’s business at all. She didn’t seem aggressive but once someone provoked her, she would get double the revenge.

A few years ago when she was still in the country, Zhao Qizhen’s friend spoke a few words to her and was sent to the hospital on the spot from her kick.

Zhao Ruihong looked over with her beautiful eyes. “Zhao Changshuo and Zhao Yao have such a good relationship that he is helping clean up the mess?”

“The boss’ relationship with the third young master has eased recently.” The secretary felt he couldn’t say too much. “I will send you back to rest first.”

“No need.” Zhao Ruihong became interested. “When I was abroad, I heard that Zhao Yao stopped fighting with Zhao Changshuo. Now you are telling me that Zhao Changshuo and Zhao Yao are acting as brothers? It seems that the Zhao family’s play has changed in the past few years while I was abroad. I have to eat melons, right?”

TL Note: For those confused about the Zhao family tree, it is—

Zhao Changshuo: Oldest brother. Son of the first wife.

Zhao Ruihong: Second oldest and only daughter. Daughter of the first wife.

Zhao Yao: MC and third child. Son of the second wife.

Zhao Qizhen: Fourth child and son of the third wife, Bai Chengxue.

Zhao Zikai: Second uncle.

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