FLBCP: Chapter 25 Part 2

In the afternoon, the news of the crew’s accident exploded on the Internet.

Bewildering Traces was filming at S City’s film and television studio. The news had been suppressed at first but there were many group performers in the nearby studios in addition to the crew. Combined with the marketing accounts adding fuel to the fire and it soon reached the hot search.

The crew had originally made an announcement but many fans were worried and continued to make a fuss in the comments of the official Weibo. Later, there was a video posted by a marketing account. There was a chaotic crew scene inside and an ambulance outside the set. Fans were worried that their artist was in an accident.

Pei Mingzhan being in the Bewildering Traces crew hadn’t been publicized yet. Now it was revealed by a marketing account and the uproar on the Internet increased.

[My god, I saw the video. The whole shed collapsed, right?]

[I don’t believe that nothing happened. Why call the ambulance if there is nothing wrong?]

[My friend happened to be on the other side of the film and television studio. I heard that the investor was there when the crew had an accident… things seem to be quite big.]

[Wuuu, I heard that my brother went to the Bewildering Traces crew. For the first time, I hope this is false.]

[Are you talking about Pei Mingzhan? I heard he went to the crew because the director is Director Cheng. Director Cheng was the one who led him into the circle in the beginning.]

After Pei Mingzhan left the hospital, he immediately contacted the studio to have them pay attention to the online trends. Then he took a photo and sent it to Weibo to avoid any further rumors spreading. He finished dealing with these things and directly contacted the Pei family, asking them to thoroughly check the situation of the crew of Bewildering Traces.

The person on the other end of the phone said, “Now several people are checking. In addition to us, there is the Zhao family.”

Pei Mingzhan got in the car and the agent sat beside him with a worried expression.

“It’s fine. Just check according to our own direction. Where did the crane come from and if any outsiders mixed in with the crew? Check these things.” Pei Mingzhan hung up, his eyes gloomy.

“This time, nothing serious happened thanks to President Zhao. If you had been hurt then it would be difficult to end it.” The agent was frightened. Then he told Pei Mingzhan the result of the accident investigation. “The driver of the crane is a member of the crew called Wu Datao. He has been with many crews and has always been honest and loyal. According to the other people in the crew, he doesn’t seem to be a person who will deliberately do bad things.”

Wu Datao was temporarily asked to drive the crane this morning. He had multiple driving licenses and knew more about these vehicles. In addition, he had been with several props teams for many years. His personality was obvious to all and many people came forward to testify for him during the accident investigation.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Have you checked his background?”

The agent answered, “He is an ordinary person. He admitted that he was a bit confused when driving the crane. His colleagues also said that he hasn’t been sleeping well these days due to the noisy children in his family. It might be due to fatigue that he accidentally hit the wall of props to one side.”

Before the hook fell, it was the steel wire that swept over the wall of props, causing it to collapse and creating chaos.

The prop wall was a small thing. It wasn’t very high and most of it was foam.

If the driver was okay, the problem wasn’t with the person but with the crane.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Where did the crane come from?”

The agent said, “The crew rented it. There is a small rental shop at the film and television studio Once the crane arrived, the crew tested it but they didn’t expect an accident with the hook. Do you think it is aiming at you or some other reason?”

“If it wasn’t an accident then it was probably aimed at me.” Pei Mingzhan thought about it. “This morning, the wire scene was mainly focused on me. Judging from the loose hook, there is a big probability that something would’ve happened during my filming.”

The agent was afraid. “Is this being calculated against?”

“If the driver is innocent then the person who did it can’t confirm that the hook would be in my position. Perhaps they don’t want my life but they want something to happen to the crew. The crew will stop working if something happens. Then they can do small things and it won’t be a problem to drag it out for a month or two.”

The agent didn’t understand. “However, you can’t say for certain it is aiming at you. Maybe someone is looking to trouble the crew.”

“There are many ways to cause trouble. It is a big deal to aim for a human life. The hook is closely related to the wire. This morning was full of my scenes. Either I would be injured or there would be other accidents that delay the crew’s time.” Pei Mingzhan’s eyes were dark. “There is no need to go hard against the crew. It is estimated that it is the people over there.”

The atmosphere inside the car suddenly fell quiet. The agent didn’t say a word but his expression was very ugly.

Pei Mingzhan continued lightly, “Of course, the premise is that this isn’t an accident.”


The Zhao Group.

Zhao Changshuo came out of the meeting and was informed by the secretary that something had happened in the crew that Zhao Yao had invested in some time ago. He frowned slightly. “How could something happen?”

The secretary handed Zhao Changshuo the report of the accident investigation.

“It seems like there was something wrong with the crane the crew rented. We’ve sent someone to check it.” The secretary said. “Third Young Master Zhao was there when the incident happened. He was injured and is now in the hospital.” 

Zhao Changshuo’s expression sank. “Didn’t he leave bodyguards near the crew?”

“Yes, our men were outside but the Third Young Master wasn’t in the danger area when the accident happened. He was scratched by something in order to save a person.” The secretary continued, “We have also checked that this matter wasn’t done by Zhao Zhikai. It might be an accident.”

Zhao Changshuo looked through the accident investigation report. He saw the scene photos inside and his expression worsened even more. He quietly asked, “There are no serious injuries?”

“There were minor injuries to the staff members at the scene. Only the Third Young Master was more seriously injured. His leg was scratched.”

He told Zhao Changshuo the story about Zhao Yao saving people.

Zhao Changshuo frowned even more. He had heard about Zhao Yao going to the crew a few days ago. Right now the group was in a critical period. Even if Zhao Yao withdrew from the competition, it was inevitable that some competition would affect Zhao Yao. Some time ago, he reminded Zhao Yao to take bodyguards with him and sent someone to accompany him. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yao would be injured saving a person.

The secretary said, “The Third Young Master got close to Film Emperor Pei while they were in the crew. Perhaps the two of them are friends.”

“Which hospital is he in? We’ll go there at night.” Then Zhao Changshuo ordered. “Thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and also control online public opinion. Coordinate specifically with Huihua’s side to minimize the damage.”

The secretary nodded. “I understand.”

“Boss, the Second Young Lady has a late flight back home today.” The secretary reminded him of something else.

Zhao Ruihong and Zhao Changshuo were siblings with the same mother and father. Zhao Ruihong had gone abroad for personal reasons a few years ago and hadn’t come back for several years. The second young lady was eccentric and difficult to get along with. It wasn’t known if something big would happen when she came back this time.”

“Have someone pick her up.” Zhao Changshuo frowned slightly. How could she return at this time?

Under the direction of the Zhao family and the Pei family, public opinion on the Internet was quickly controlled. The major marketing accounts deleted the false statements posted and the official crew od Bewildering Traces were also able to refute the rumors. Fortunately, Zhao Yao had instructed them to pay attention to controlling public opinion when the incident happened and Pei Mingzhan’s studio also responded. The crisis finally passed.

[Wuuu, Brother Pei is okay.]

[Many stars have come out to dispel the rumors. Only the foam props at the venue fell down.]

[Fuck, the marketing account is killing people. Only a few props fell down but they said the shed collapsed. I was afraid.]

[Still, the crew is also worrying. Why were so many props piled up together?]

[I heard they would be used in the next scene. Most of them were foam props. Fortunately, they are relatively light.]

[It is a minor accident? Can I look forward to Old Pei’s new work?]

The hook falling down was suppressed and it was declared to be just props falling. The crew temporarily suspended work and Yao Bai rushed to the hospital after finishing work. The moment he arrived in the hospital room, he saw his brother sitting on the bed reading a book. His injured leg was propped up and he looked very calm.

The bloody storm outside hadn’t cleared up yet. Yao Bai sat beside him with lingering fear and briefly told Zhao Yao about the result of the incident. “The crew will be suspended for at least half a month. Many people in the outer circle are still watching the excitement. Huihua’s rival company took the opportunity to act but they were stopped in time by Pei Mingzhan’s side.”

“Pei Mingzhan?” Zhao Yao frowned. How did he get involved in things?

“People from the oldest young master’s side came to investigate and Pei Mingzhan’s people were also very active.” Apart from Yao Bai’s first on-side investigation, other people were investigating by the time he did the follow-up. There was no need to talk about the Zhao family’s side. Unexpectedly, Pei Mingzhan’s people also investigated very quickly. It could be said that Pei Mingzhan’s studio was the first to suppress public opinion.

He wondered, “Brother, there is one thing you don’t know yet. Pei Mingzhan actually belongs to the Pei family of H City. He entered acting due to his hobby. He has people from the Pei family in his studio which is how he managed to act so quickly.”

The  Pei family from H City? Zhao Yao knew the Pei family but he hadn’t expected that the Pei family in H City would let a family member enter the entertainment circle. “You mean that this incident in the crew has something to do with the Pei family?”

Yao Bai didn’t think so. “No. It is just that he was in the accident so the Pei family will definitely take action.”

Uncle Wang asked, “The Pei family in H City?”

Zhao Yao looked at him. “Uncle Wang, do you know the Pei family?”

Uncle Wang was a bit surprised when he heard what Yao Bai said about the Pei family. “The Pei family was on good terms with your mother’s family. The madam often mentioned the Pei family to me.”

It was after two lives so Zhao Yao couldn’t clearly remember what happened in H City. After his mother died of illness, his grandfather’s body became worse and he soon followed her. Now his uncle was in charge over there. He occasionally communicated with his uncle but he never heard his uncle mention the Pei family. Perhaps it was a friendship between elders.

“Pei Mingzhan is very hidden. I previously knew he had a deep background but I didn’t expect it to be the Pei family.” Yao Bai told Zhao Yao about the matter he had inquired about. “Didn’t I tell you a while ago that he wanted to leave the circle? Pei Mingzhan’s older brother is currently in charge of the Pei family business. His family still hopes that Pei Mingzhan can come back to the Pei family to help but he doesn’t seem to have this ambition. Instead, he created a new company himself.”

Zhao Yao was silent when he heard these words. If it was the Pei family then this incident might not be as simple as an accident.

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