FLBCP: Chapter 25 Part 1

After the screams—

“President Zhao! President Zhao!”

“The hook fell off!”

“It hit people!”

“Where is Brother Pei?!”

There was a roaring sound and Director Cheng’s face changed. He stood outside the pile of props and angrily instructed the other staff members to save people quickly. Old Wu, who was sitting in the crane, came out of the driver’s seat with a pale face. He crawled and kneeled in front of the pile of props, helping the other staff pull it away.

The crew looked panicked as they looked at the hook and broken props that had fallen in the distance.

The crane’s steel rope was thrown on the pile of props and the foam wall had fallen down. The even more terrible thing was that the hook of the crane had fallen down exactly where Pei Mingzhan was just now!

All the staff members had their hearts in their throats while Director Cheng let out loud screams for help.

“Over here!”


”President Zhao!”

Yao Bai was stunned. He had been watching the situation where the props fell. As a result, his brother directly grabbed the side of a tripod to support himself and rushed forward, pulling Pei Mingzhan’s hand to drag him two steps forward. Then there was a loud bang as the high hook directly fell down.

“I will call the ambulance!”

Yao Bai’s hands shook as he called a number.

The staff members quickly swept away the props. The makeup artist was slightly injured and sat in a pale manner on the ground, worried about what happened. Meanwhile, Pei Mingzhan was pressed against Zhao Yao with one hand. The smashed hook by his side didn’t move and the broken tripod showed a sharp break.

“Brother Pei!” The staff members carefully swept away the foam blocks covering the two of them.

“I’m fine.”

Pei Mingzhan was still in a state of shock. He endured the pain and pushed away the props pressing down on him. Then he helped up Zhao Yao, who was under his arm, and asked nervously, “Are you okay?”

He originally intended to go to Zhao Yao’s side. He hadn’t expected the props behind him to come loose and the high hook to smash down. If it hadn’t been for Zhao Yao pulling him, the hook would’ve hit him directly.

Pei Mingzhan carefully inspected Zhao Yao and found that blood was coming from Zhao Yao’s right leg. His expression changed immediately.

Zhao Yao took a breath. His pants were cut by the tripod and his body hurt fiercely. “I’m fine.”

He looked at the staff around him and spoke sharply, “What are you doing around here? Go and see if anyone else is hurt!”

“Hold on.” Pei Mingzhan took away the broken tripod before abruptly tearing open Zhao Yao’s pants and pulling out some pieces of broken plastic in the wound.

The doctor of the film crew soon came. Pei Mingzhan only had bruises on his body but Zhao Yao was in a more serious condition. His leg was struck by the tripod. Pei Mingzhan assisted the doctor to do a simple treatment on Zhao Yao’s injured leg. Then he looked at Zhao Yao’s wound without saying a word.

Zhao Yao couldn’t stand up so he could only let Pei Mingzhan help him into the wheelchair on one side.

Previously, he noticed that the hook was wrong and called out to Pei Mingzhan. He saw that the attention of other people was attracted by the props so he could only grab the idle tripod beside him and walk over to pull Pei Mingzhan. He had just pulled Pei Mingzhan two steps when the hook fell down. In the critical moment, Pei Mingzhan reacted and helped him. Otherwise, the tripod wouldn’t have just scratched his leg, it would’ve directly become stuck inside.

The incident was urgent but fortunately, neither he nor Pei Mingzhan were seriously injured.

Apart from the nearest makeup artist suffering minor injuries and the staff member in charge of the props being slightly scratched by the props, the other people were fine. The ambulance soon came. The pale-faced Director Cheng sent Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan to the ambulance. Then he turned around and scolded the staff members in charge of the crane.

“Don’t tell anyone about the crew’s accident and control the emotions of the staff members.” Zhao Yao endured the pain and instructed the staff members. “Contact the public relations  department. It was fortunate that there was no accident. Don’t let rumors spread and have the crew make an announcement.”

Yao Bai was so anxious that tears came out. “Brother, don’t say anything, okay? This is nothing. Hurry and go to the hospital for a check-up.”

Pei Mingzhan looked at Zhao Yao’s injured leg with a deep expression before making a call.

The ambulance left and the Internet soon blew up.

Huihua and Xingchen were busy with public relations and the crew’s official Weibo immediately came out to refute the rumors.

Zhao Yao finished his check-up and was pushed to his hospital room by Pei Mingzhan.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t have much of a problem. He only had bruises on his body. Meanwhile, Zhao Yao was more severely injured. His right leg was cut by the tripod and he hadn’t paid attention to his fractured left leg when walking. In short, both legs were injured and he had to be hospitalized for observation for several days.

“Check the staff member in charge of the crane carefully.” Zhao Yao’s expression was dark as he talked to the person on the phone. “Find out if it was an accident or if there was another reason for it.”

The falling of the props was a small matter. It was mostly the foam wall and it wouldn’t cause any damage when falling down.

However, something serious like the hook loosening actually happened. In the past few days, he didn’t know how many times he emphasized the equipment problem in the crew yet a dangerous thing like the crane wasn’t carefully checked. Fortunately, he noticed the high hook or else Pei Mingzhan wouldn’t be standing here well.

Zhao Yao now confirmed that Pei Mingzhan’s accident in his last life should be a problem with the hook. The position where the  hook fell was near Pei Mingzhan and the makeup artist. At that time, he didn’t know why but Pei Mingzhan was heading in his direction. The makeup artist also walked a distance away. They weren’t exactly where the hook was falling but it was still within the danger range. If he hadn’t pulled Pei Mingzhan away in the time, the weight of the hook falling at that height would’ve killed or seriously injured Pei Mingzhan.

“Uncle Wang will be here soon. I have to trouble you until then.” Zhao Yao’s expression didn’t improve after entering the hospital room. He saw the plain decorations of the room and thought of the care facility in his last life. This made his mood worsen.

Pei Mingzhan pushed the wheelchair to the bed before picking up Zhao Yao directly.

Zhao Yao grabbed Pei Mingzhan’s arms in an astonished manner. Before he could speak, Pei Mingzhan placed him on the bed. He looked at Pei Mingzhan. “Thank you but I could’ve come up by myself.”

Pei Mingzhan pushed the wheelchair to the side and came over to raise the bed slightly. “How could you get up with a leg injury?”

Zhao Yao felt that Pei Mingzhan was a bit strange. “My hands aren’t hurt.”

Pei Mingzhan sat beside the hospital bed and looked at him with complicated eyes. “Why did you save me? You were in a safe place and there was no need to take this risk.”

“The props problem was a small thing. I warned you when I saw the hook shaking but your attention was on the other side and you didn’t hear me.” Zhao Yao shifted his position and sat down. “That thing was clearly going to fall. Did you want me to watch the hook hit you”

Pei Mingzhan pursed his lips slightly and was silent.

Zhao Yao paused. “I’m sorry. My words were a bit heavy.”

“You aren’t wrong. It was my problem.” Pei Mingzhan’s expression sank. “However, Zhao Yao, I just don’t want to see you take risks.”

Fortunately, there was no major accident today. However, his heart always felt strange when he thought about Zhao Yao risking his life to rescue him.

Zhao Yao always thought that Pei Mingzhan was a bit strange. The first time he went to the crew, Pei Mingzhan politely called him Mr Zhao. Later, the two people became familiar and naturally called him by name. Originally, their ages weren’t much different. There was nothing wrong with directly calling him by name. It was just that this was the first time Pei Mingzhan had called him so formally.

“Fortunately, you didn’t have an accident. If something happened to you, the Bewildering Traces project would be a real disaster.” Zhao Yao wasn’t used to other people being grateful to him. “Don’t think too much. Saving you is saving my own project. This is the first project I have taken over since investing in Huihua. I don’t want my money to go to waste.”

“Is money more important than life?” Pei Mingzhan heard this person’s stiff words. At that time, the situation was so urgent. How could there be time to think about these things?

Zhao Yao was stunned.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Zhao Yao, you said that your mother is from H City. You often went there as a child?”

Zhao Yao thought that Pei Mingzhan’s question was a bit strange. “Is there a problem?”

Pei Mingzhan laughed. “No, I’m just asking.”

He was thinking too much.

Just then, Uncle Wang came in with a change of clothes. It was necessary since Zhao Yao would be hospitalized for a few days.

Pei Mingzhan saw someone coming and told Zhao Yao, “You rest. Leave the rest to me.”

He got up, nodded to Uncle Wang and left the ward.

Uncle Wang put away the things he brought and poured a cup of lukewarm water for Zhao Yao. “Was that Pei Mingzhan just now? Young Master, you often watch his works.”


He was still thinking about what Pei Mingzhan had said just before he left. He always felt that Pei Mingzhan meant something.

Uncle Wang was worried that Zhao Yao was afraid after experiencing such  a thing so he nagged even more. “Young Master, you seem to have a good relationship with him. I rarely see you saying so many words to people.”

Zhao Yao frowned. “Have you been here for a long time?”

Uncle Wang answered truthfully, “I was waiting at the door for a while.”

Zhao Yao knew that Uncle Wang had heard them talking and probably didn’t want to interrupt them, so he waited a while before coming in. “Do I seem like I have a good relationship with him?”

“Young Master, you were very patient with him.” Uncle Wang said. “It is quite good. You should have more friends.”

Zhao Yao heard Uncle Wang’s thoughts and carefully recalled it. For the past few days, he had spent most of his time with Pei Mingzhan in the crew. At first, he was worried about Pei Mingzhan’s accident. Later, he unintentionally stopped caring about this and spoke about many things.

It had been a long time since he got along with someone in private.

Since his rebirth, he had interacted with many people but it was purposeful or necessary.

Meanwhile, the things he communicated about with Pei Mingzhan hadn’t always been about work or business. In retrospect, they hadn’t spoken about anything meaningful. They just unknowingly chatted about many things.

Zhao Yao asked, “Are we friends?”

“Young Master, don’t care too much about the group right now. It is good to make more friends and go out to play.”

Uncle Wang had wanted to say this for a long time. His young master had been working in the group since university. His interpersonal communication over the years was just managing his so-called network. In fact, apart from Yao Bai, he didn’t even have a friend to go out to drink with. His life was full of work and he was busy and tired.

Zhao Yao smiled. “There is some truth in that.”

Uncle Wang looked at Zhao Yao with some surprise.

Zhao Yao didn’t want to continue this topic. He was a bit tired so he said, “It is boring to be in the hospital for a few days. Once you get home, please help bring my books to me. I’ve only read half the books in the study and I put some in the cabinet. Bring a few of them over.”

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