FLBCP: Chapter 18

The Zhao family’s old home located in the suburbs.

When Zhao Qizhen got home, his mother was sitting in the hall.

“You’re back?” Zhao Qizhen’s mother, Bai Chengxue asked. “How did things go at the company today?”

Zhao Qizhen was furious as he threw the key in his hand on the sofa. “Zhao Changshuo didn’t let me join the Qichen project. I asked him about it and he sent me to other project teams. If it wasn’t for someone messing with me behind my back, would the Qichen project still be his?”

Bai Chengxue pushed a glass of water to Zhao Qizhen. “Don’t worry. Your father might plan to use the Qichen project as an assessment project but now Zhao Yao has withdrawn from the competition and isn’t competing. You said that Zhao Zhikai asked to discuss things with you a while ago. What’s the situation now?”

“We stopped communicating after Zhao Changshuo got the project. I don’t know what happened between him and Zhao Yao but the people on the same boat suddenly fell out.” Zhao Qizhen also wondered about this matter. The day after Zhao Yao withdrew from the competition, Zhao Zhikai came to him and asked him if he wanted to win the project.

He naturally agreed. How could he give up the benefits sent to the door?

Zhao Zhikai could be called a powerful help for Zhao Yao. Such a person came to his door and Zhao Qizhen wouldn’t refuse. However, once his scandal broke out, Zhao Zhikai became cold again. This meant Zhao Qizhen couldn’t tell if the man was sincere or false.

Zhao Qizhen sneered. “I suspect that when Zhao Zhikai said he was helping me, he was actually sent by Zhao Yao to mess with me. Otherwise, how else could those things about me come to light so coincidentally?”

“Your matter is really strange. I checked it for you and it doesn’t have anything to do with Zhao Changshuo’s side.” Bai Chengxue wondered, “Yet why would Zhao Zhikai want to deal with it? What if it was done by Zhao Yao?”

“Who knows?” Zhao Qizhen was really uncomfortable when thinking about Zhao Yao. His third brother was no simpler than his oldest brother. Zhao Changshuo still looked like a gentleman but Zhao Yao didn’t have that at all. In Zhao Qizhen’s impression, Zhao Yao was a person who could go all out to achieve his goal. Zhao Qizhen suddenly remembered Zhao Yao looking at him at the meeting in a cold and heartless manner, as if he was looking at something ruthless. “He is an evildoer. Zhao Yao is really evil.”

“In fact, this is a good thing. Listen to me.” Bai Chengxue said, “Today, I received news that Zhao Zhikai came out of Zhao Yao’s residence and smashed many things in his office. I suspect that he really fell out with Zhao Yao before finding you. A lot of people know what happened at the company. It will be difficult if Zhao Yao now wants to return to the Zhao Group with his mother’s connections. Zhao Zhikai won’t make things easy for him.”

“Mom, what do you mean?” Zhao Qizhen hesitated before asking, “Should I cooperate with Zhao Zhikai?”

Bai Chengxue held Zhao Qizhen’s hand. “First, let’s not care about what Zhao Yao thinks. At the very least, he has fallen out with Zhao Zhikai and nullified himself. As long as Zhao Changshuo hasn’t taken the top position, Zhao Zhikai is only second to Zhao Changshuo in the Zhao Group. If you want to compete, you should get along well with Zhao Zhikai.”

“Mom, you don’t know how he treated me after the last Qichen meeting. Wasn’t it just a few scandals? I asked him to help me deal with it and he told me to handle it myself.” Zhao Qizhen really didn’t like Zhao Zhikai. “Based on his ability, he hasn’t helped me with anything. How can I cooperate with him?”

Bai Chengxue’s eyes were gentle. “Silly child. Your biggest rival right now is Zhao Changshuo.”

Zhao Qizhen wondered, “Zhao Yao really isn’t fighting?”

She answered, “Don’t worry. Just leave Zhao Yao’s side to me.”

Wasn’t it just Zhao Yao? Zhao Yao who had fallen out with Zhao Zhikai wasn’t worthy of their vigilance.


In the elevator of the rich neighborhood, the secretary counted the documents in his hand and looked at Zhao Changshuo next to him from time to time. Strangely, after reading some papers yesterday, the boss suddenly thought of making an appointment with Zhao Yao, saying he would visit Zhao Yao today.

There had been too many major events in the Zhao Group recently. It was rumored that Zhao Yao and Zhao Zhikai had fallen out. First of all, the Third Young Master resigned and then Zhao Zhikai angrily smashed many things in his office. Secondly, Zhao Yao took over Xingchen Culture under the Zhao family. It was said that in order to promote the little celebrity he was raising outside, he directly set up a company to support him.

Zhao Changshuo’s expression hadn’t changed when the secretary told him about Zhao Zhikai and Zhao Yao. He seemed to have known that Zhao Yao had fallen out with Zhao Zhikai and didn’t show much fluctuation. He just said that when Zhao Yao came to the Zhao family in the future, he would directly give Zhao Yao responsibility.

The secretary immediately understood after hearing this. It didn’t matter if Zhao Yao and Zhao Zhikai had fallen out. His boss would give Zhao Yao convenience. It turned out that originally Zhao Yao and Zhao Zhikai fell out and Zhao Yao stood on Zhao Changshuo’s side.

Since the major issue had been resolved in this manner, the secretary also briefed Zhao Changshuo on the current rumors about Zhao Yao. He hadn’t expected the calmly listening boss to finally show a cracked expression when he heard that Zhao Yao was raising a star.

Thus, there was a follow-up visit to the door.


The elevator arrived.

The person who came to the door was  Zhao Yao’s housekeeper, Uncle Wang. The moment Zhao Changshuo walked into Zhao Yao’s apartment with his long legs, he saw two people wearing simple clothes and sitting on the sofa. Zhao Yao was resting with his back against the sofa while a strange young man was next to him.

It turned out that the company rumors were true. Zhao Yao really brought the little star he was raising home?

Drowning by Pei Mingzhan was playing on the TV. The plot development had progressed to the emotional scene between Pei Mingzhan and the heroine. Zhao Yao had been particularly keen about watching romance dramas in this time. He had subscribed and watched many popular dramas. For Drowning, there weren’t too many emotional scenes. The male and female protagonist didn’t even share a kiss.

Ji Heyu said, “My previous colleague always said that although this drama has no emotional scenes, the bit of sweetness means it is full of sugar.”

Zhao Yao frowned slightly and was a bit skeptical of life. “Sweetness.”

Ji Heyu whispered, “My former colleague said that Film Emperor Pei grasped the right level of ambiguity in the emotional scenes of Drowning. Drowning’s main plotline might not be about love but the small interaction between the male and female protagonist makes people itch.”

Zhao Yao didn’t see any sweetness. Previously, he could understand the so-called youth hormones when watching the sweet dramas but when watching this drama, he thought it was okay for Pei Mingzhan to go into business. The emotional scenes were optional.

Pei Mingzhan’s acting skills were top-notch. Zhao Yao could only attribute this feeling to how many times he had seen Pei Mingzhan. If he watched the emotional scenes based on his past impression of Pei Mingzhan, there was a feeling of dislike in his heart. It should be that Pei Mingzhan played the career scenes so well that he couldn’t get used to the emotional scenes, right?

Zhao Yao hesitated as he held the remote control, wondering if he should jump over this part of the plot. At this time, Zhao Changshuo came over. “Are you watching TV?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao pressed the pause button and looked at Zhao Changshuo. “Why did you come to me?”

When Zhao Changshuo’s secretary made an appointment through Yao Bai, Zhao Changshuo didn’t say why he came. Zhao Yao thought it should be about Zhao Zhikai, otherwise a busy man like Zhao Changshuo wouldn’t have come to the door in person.

Ji Heyu saw a man in a suit come in and felt it wasn’t suitable for him to stay here. He whispered to Zhao Yao, “Brother Yao, I will go back to my room first.”

Zhao Yao nodded.

Zhao Changshuo waited until Ji Heyu left before asking, “Is he a newcomer your company signed?”

“He is a cute kid and a bit talented. Huihua’s previous system isn’t desirable. It might be difficult for newcomers to get ahead in the entertainment industry but newcomers are fresh blood.” Zhao Yao moved to a comfortable position and sat well. “Xingchen’s artist agents are doing a good job. They have added wings to Huihua. Thank you for the generous gift.”

“The Zhao Group’s original intention was to close down Xingchen Culture. I’m just doing a favor at a small cost.” Zhao Changshuo handed him a document. “These are projects originally held by Xingchen Culture. If you like it then take it directly.”

Zhao Yao was really surprised. Giving him a team could be called hiring early but now Zhao Changshuo was sending him projects under Xingchen to him. It was a bit strange. “What did Zhao Zhikai do to make you feel so good you would give project resources to me?”

He sat upright and read through the project files given by Zhao Changshuo. He was surprised to find that they were IPs that had exploded in the last two years.

“You have solved both Zhao Zhikai and Zhao Qizhen regarding the Qichen project for me at the same time. These projects are nothing. I thought you would directly ask for Xingchen.” Zhao Changshuo hesitated slightly before saying, “In addition, our relationship doesn’t have to be so stiff. Aren’t we brothers?”

Zhao Yao was taken aback when he heard this before smiling slightly. “That’s right.”

It took Zhao Yao a long time to understand some things in his last life. When his mother died, his father was away on business due to Zhao Changshuo. Therefore, his mother didn’t get to see him at the end. As a young man, he hated his older brother who he didn’t have much contact with due to this incident. In addition, Zhao Zhikai had been adding fire and criticizing Zhao Changshuo for years. Later, he didn’t show a good face to Zhao Changshuo after taking over the Zhao Group.

Zhao Changshuo didn’t care about this. Even if the relationship between the two of them was at loggerheads, Zhao Changshuo still regarded him as a brother.

Later, Zhao Changshuo came to visit him several times at the care facility.

In fact, this matter couldn’t be blamed on Zhao Changshuo. Their father was a passionate man. He married two people after the death of his first wife. In the final analysis, it was his mother who fell for the wrong person.

So in this life, Zhao Yao didn’t feel there was anything wrong with handing the Qichen project over to Zhao Changshuo. What he didn’t fight for would end up being handed to other Zhao family members. Zhao Changshuo was the one who was most pleasing to the eye. He didn’t know why. Perhaps it was because Zhao Changshuo was the only one who came to visit him at the care facility in the end.

“You should be careful about Zhao Zhikai. It is best to check his accounts.” Zhao Yao reminded out of kindness. “Maybe you can find some good things.”

Zhao Changshuo frowned. “You know Zhao Zhikai so well. Be careful he doesn’t deal with you.”

“He doesn’t dare make a move. You are fighting him for power and there are many people in his camp who are friends with me or my mother.” Zhao Yao spoke flatly. “He won’t move against me during this critical time unless he wants to cut his own legs. Besides, now that I am in your camp, he has to stabilize his own helpers. Asking me for trouble is equivalent to making trouble for himself.”

Zhao Changshuo said, “I will let people pay more attention to the situation near your apartment. It is best to bring a bodyguard when you go out.”

Zhao Yao was a bit surprised. “Thank you.”

He was now clearly on Zhao Changshuo’s side. No wonder why Zhao Changshuo wanted to help.

“You should also pay attention to the people around you. Have you checked that little star carefully?” Zhao Changshuo couldn’t help asking.

A small star? Oh, it was Ji Heyu.

“It’s fine. He doesn’t know anything.” Zhao Yao saw that some of the projects Zhao Changshuo brought over had already started filming and said, “By the way, there are a few projects filming on here. Is it okay to give them to me?”

“Next month, the Zhao Group’s internal announcement will be made and Xingchen will be closed. This is why I’m giving you all these projects.”

Zhao Changshuo added, “By the way, there is a project that has just started shooting. The Zhao Group has invested in it. If you really want, you can invest as well. The director has good eyes and found Pei Mingzhan. You won’t lose money.”

Was it Pei Mingzhan again? Zhao Yao looked at it. “Are there any actors yet to be decided?”

“It seems so. They are ready to start shooting but they are still auditioning for two characters.”

“It just so happens I can show my newcomer’s face.” Zhao Yao immediately took a fancy to one of the characters that was quite suitable for Ji Heyu. It wasn’t bad to ride on Pei Mingzhan’s coattails.

Zhao Changshuo paused and looked at Zhao Yao with complicated eyes.

Sure enough, the cohabitation was real. It also seemed true that he took over a company to smash resources toward the little star.

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Lil bro: ????? What’s going on? (°、。)?..

Yeah, enter that production team and prevent that accident of PMZ. (I guess that it happened there? Maybe? :’D)

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The misunderstanding is so thicc

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I like the misunderstandings so far 😂 and I’m glad that his older brother has no malice towards our mc, like zhao changsuo so far