FLBCP: Chapter 16

Zhao Yao looked at the door of the meeting room and saw the simply dressed Ji Heyu pulling his suitcase like a lamb entering a pack of wolves.

He closed the book and spoke to Chen Xi next to him, “My person is here.”

Chen Xi put away his touched heart and looked at the door. Was a magic weapon appearing?

The Xingchen team was discussing the handover with Huihua’s agent team. At this time, they saw a young man in simple clothing arrive at the door of the meeting room while pulling a suitcase. His appearance conditions were acceptable but he was wearing unspeakable rustic clothes. Everyone’s attention suddenly fell on Ji Heyu. Dozens of eyes stared at him as if piercing a hole in him.

Who was this?

Still pulling a suitcase?

The woman who led the way spoke softly, “This gentleman said he came for an interview.”

Huihua’s management couldn’t help asking, “Who is this person?”

Xingchen’s team examined the person closely. “He isn’t a newcomer who has entered the circle recently. He should be an ordinary person.”

“No? Did we sign anyone on our side?”

“Huihua hasn’t signed any new people in recent years.”

“He just said he is going to see President Zhao?”


The woman who walked Ji Heyu to the meeting room felt timid and carefully asked Ji Heyu, “Are you really looking for President Zhao?”

Ji Heyu saw so many people were suspicious of himself and thought he was in the wrong place. He exchanged looks with the woman who led him here and was hesitating over whether to retreat from this place when—

Yao Bai walked out of a group of tall, elite men in suits. He saw Ji Heyu and said kindly, “Xiao Ji is here. Come in and sit down.”

The talk in the meeting room continued. Ji Heyu was taken to a corner of the meeting room and saw Zhao Yao talking to a man in a dark blue suit.

The person sitting with Mr Zhao seemed to be Chen Xi, the former boss of Huihua?

Ji Heyu had checked the information on the Internet. Compared with the ID photo on the Internet, Mr Chen was a bit fatter than the photo.

Chen Xi looked at Ji Heyu. He had to say that this little bumpkin looked good. He had a small face and three-dimensional facial features. It was the type where the more one looked, the more beautiful he became. Such appearance conditions were very suitable for the camera, especially for large films with texture. This face could completely support it. His height might be average but his body was thin and it wasn’t hard to wear clothes.

Once Chen Xi finished the examination, Zhao Yao introduced them. “Ji Heyu, an amateur I met a while ago. I remembered that Huihua has a music studio and cooperates with several record companies in the industry. If you think there is no problem, sign him.”

He saw Ji Heyu pulling the suitcase and knew the situation. Xiao Ji had stopped the bar business because of a dispute with the boss. Zhao Yao had asked a lawyer to help Xiao Ji settle the contract dispute. Now it seemed he had moved out of the place where he used to work…

“A singer?” Chen Xi was a bit surprised. “I thought he was an actor.”

Ji Heyu didn’t know the process so he took out his resume and handed it to Chen Xi. “President Chen, this is my resume.”

Chen Xi heard him speak and was taken aback. “Your voice is very special.”

Originally, he was a bit unhappy about Zhao Yao signing a newcomer. After all, Huihua wasn’t completely cleaned up and it wasn’t the right time to sign an artist. However, Zhao Yao was Huihua’s current wealthy backer and he also didn’t interfere much in Huihua’s management. Since the wealthy backer had spoken, Chen Xi could only accompany him.

Chen Xi requested, “Can you sing a few sentences?”

Zhao Yao also nodded. “Treat it as an interview and do what President Chen asks of you.”

The voices of the two teams discussing matters gradually died down. Many people’s eyes were on the interview in the corner.

“I will show you something shameful…” Ji Heyu took the guitar off his back and simply tuned it.

When he first saw Ji Heyu, Chen Xi thought this was a little star kept by Zhao Yao. After all, Zhao Yao dug up a team from Xingchen to coordinate artists in such a short time. It didn’t make sense if he didn’t have crooked thoughts. However, now that Ji Heyu was standing in front of him, Chen Xi changed his previous perceptions. The voice conditions and appearance conditions were excellent. He was shy and a bit cautious. He didn’t seem to be a troublesome person…

Then once Ji Heyu started to sing, his original voice conditions were infinitely amplified. The sunny voice he was born with sung a small tune like it was natural and tired hearts were cured listening to it.

At the end of the song, a music producer from the Xingchen team couldn’t help taking the lead in clapping.

Zhao Yao praised it. “You are a lot better than last time. It is very good.”

Ji Heyu was aware of how much weight he had. In order to seize this opportunity, he adjusted his voice conditions to their best state in the past few days. Now that he heard Zhao Yao’s praise, he couldn’t help his emotions surging. When Zhao Yao listened to him singing, Ji Heyu couldn’t help glancing over several times. He saw those calm and serious eyes and always felt that he was valued.

Chen Xi looked at Zhao Yao. “Where did you find this amateur? He is natural raw jade.”

Zhao Yao answered lightly, “I picked him up backstage at a blind date meeting.”

He looked at Ji Heyu like this was his own child. He was a shy, talented and likable child.

Chen Xi was surprised. “Picked up???”

Yao Bai nodded. “It was really picked up. I can testify for it.”

He could pick up such a talented newcomer at a blind date meeting. What blind date meeting was so amazing/

Huh? No, Zhao Yao went to a blind date meeting?

Chen Xi coughed. “It is a bit weird that he hasn’t been poached by scouts yet.”

Beauty was the first hurdle for entry in the entertainment industry. The most important thing was strength. It wasn’t bad to rely on one’s face to eat but one still needed strength to go long-term. In recent years, Chen Xi had been watching his industry peers sign trainees but there were actually very few that could be put on the table. People like Ji Heyu had various elements of attracting traffic gathered on his body. With more packaging and learning, he could stand out in a crowd of newcomers…

His singing was good but it could be improved.

Acting wasn’t impossible. This face was too suitable for the lens.

In just a short time, Chen Xi had a variety of training plans for Ji Heyu in his heart. He looked at Ji Heyu lovingly. “Yes, Xiao Ji, welcome to the Huihua family.”

Ji Heyu was surprised. It was over?

“His breathing is stable and the sound conditions are too good. It is just that the singing skills need to be strengthened.” A producer from Xingchen opened his mouth. “President Zhao, this is the newcomer Huihua wants to sign?”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Yes, do you have the newcomer contract I asked you to prepare yesterday?”

The person from the Xingchen team realized that it was originally prepared for this newcomer. “President Zhao, I need to confirm the final step with Huihua.”

After briefly discussing the contract, Zhao Yao took Ji Heyu out of the noisy meeting room. Chen Xi was still doing the final handover with the Xingchen team. Ji Heyu had to wait two days to sign the contract and enter the staff dormitory.

“We have to find a place for Xiao Ji to live.” Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao out. Zhao Yao’s driver was already waiting outside.

This driver was hired by Zhao Yao two days ago. Uncle Wang had too much work and due to the cooperation with Chen Xi, Zhao Yao would often go out. It was only a matter of time before he had to arrange a driver. The driver had been retired for a few years. In addition to first-class driving skills and good physical condition, the driver could serve as a bodyguard.

Zhao Yao said, “It is only two days. Just go to my place.”

“Eh?” Yao Bai, who had just opened the rental app, was surprised. “This…?”

Ji Heyu was surprised. “No need, Mr Zhao. I can find a hotel to stay at for two days.”

“Xiao Bai has many things recently. If you go to my place to stay then we can talk.” Zhao Yao wanted to find Uncle Wang to chat to but recently, Uncle Wang had nagged him a lot and often gave him water and fruits while he was watching TV. This had a slight impact on Zhao Yao’s reading. It only stopped when Yao Bai came by.


At a newly completed office building in S City, the sunset gradually fell outside the huge French windows. The young man leaned back slightly on the office chair. His suit jacket hung casually from the back of the chair and the script in his hand had a page turned.

“Old Pei, weren’t you curious about what is happening with Huihua. I asked about it and found that the new boss has something to do with you.” The agent opened the door, walked in and placed a few reports on Pei Mingzhan’s desk. “Recently, many of Huihua’s senior management has run away. After inquiring, I found out it was the new boss’ means.”

Pei Mingzhan put the script on the table and asked, “Why are you saying this?”

“The new boss is your acquaintance.” The agent answered. “It is Zhao Yao, the third young master of the Zhao family. Don’t you think this is a coincidence?”

“He is working with Chen Xi?” Pei Mingzhan looked at the report given by the agent. “If it is him, Chen Xi should’ve found a good partner.”

Why would Zhao Yao start to focus on this circle? Pei Mingzhan knew Zhao Yao’s profession and work experience from the past few years. This circle didn’t match the Zhao family and it didn’t seem like a path that Zhao Yao would choose.

“Zhao Yao is really amazing. You said that if Huihua wants to stand up again, they will have to do an internal shuffle. The moment Zhao Yao cooperated with Chen Xi, he started to shuffle them. Maybe he really can get Huihua back to their previous status.”

The agent added, “I also saw Zhao Yao when passing by the Huihua building today. He was about to leave the company and had a young man with a guitar next to him.”

“Young man?” Pei Mingzhan was originally looking at the file but he glanced at his agent in a confused manner when he heard this.

“Didn’t I go over there to talk about publicity? I saw him when coming out. I know that you are paying attention to Zhao Yao recently so I secretly took two photos for you to see.” The agent opened the phone to the album page. “It is a bit unclear but you can see it. It isn’t someone you know”

“What is the relationship between this person and Zhao Yao?” Pei Mingzhan took a look at the phone. It was indeed a fresh face and someone he had never seen before.”

“I just saw it along the way. I’m not a professional paparazzi. However, I asked my friends. Huihua’s recent actions aren’t very small… perhaps they signed a newcomer.”

The agent finished speaking and felt that the logic was a bit wrong. “No, this is also strange. Huihua hasn’t signed a newcomer for many years. Their management is very proud and they always want to dig out first and second-tier artists of other companies before developing them. The new boss just came to power and wants to reorganize the practice of the trainees?”

Pei Mingzhan took off his glasses and rubbed between his eyebrows. “Huihua didn’t sign newcomers before. Chen Xi might have an opinion contrary to the previous management but Huihua is currently in a special situation. It isn’t the best time to sign newcomers.”

“Is it Zhao Yao’s idea? After all, he now has the right to speak in Huihua. If you say that Chen Xi won’t sign a newcomer at this time then it can only be Zhao Yao’s idea.” The agent continued, “Then this newcomer is amazing. He is close to Zhao Yao from the beginning and it is in this critical period of Huihua. He has some ability and can fly… why are you looking at me like that?”

He noticed that Pei Mingzhan’s eyes became slightly cold halfway through his speech.

Pei Mingzhan told him, “Put away your crooked thoughts. Zhao Yao isn’t such a person.”

“Why not? Don’t think I don’t know that it was Zhao Yao who sat with you at the table during the last recording.” The agent was cheerful. “I heard that the Third Young Master has been doing nothing since leaving the Zhao Group. He even went to a blind date meeting… Okay okay, I won’t say it. Here, this is for you.”

A piece of paper was placed on the table and the agent kindly said, “His private phone number is at the top. Don’t secretly inquire about other people’s affairs. If you are so interested, it is better to add his VX to recognize each other.”

Pei Mingzhan reached out for the paper. “How do you know I don’t have his VX?”

“It would be weird if you have his VX.” The agent laughed angrily. “You had me inquire about this and that for the past few days but you can’t take the initiative to tell him, ‘Oh, you are the child I used to play with when I was a child?’ You can be direct about other things. Why can’t you take the initiative in this matter? It is like facing your first love.”

Pei Mingzhan put the paper in his wallet. “How do you know it isn’t my first love?”

“Fuck!” The agent was so scared that he dropped his phone. “Really?”

“It is false.” Pei Mingzhan put away his wallet.

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He is my only love~

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I’m looking forward to Pei and Zhao’s third meeting! And I am feeling very optimistic about our scrappy little newcomer. Thanks for the translation!

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what’s VX?

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I think something like wechat?

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I like this one… camping

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He said false but proceeds to tuck away the number HAHAHA