DSA: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

After a few days of class, Shen Shian found that Xiao Hei was becoming more and more sticky. Whenever he was at home, Xiao Hei would follow him everywhere like a little tail. Whenever Shen Shian bowed his head, he could see a pair of green eyes at his feet.

In addition, a new hobby had been added recently. Every time Shen Shian didn’t pay attention, Xiao Hei would go into his closet and roll all over his jackets and pants, causing them to be covered with dog fur. If it wasn’t for Shen Shian checking beforehand and knowing that dogs liked to seek safety by marking things with their odour, there might be a plate of dog meat on the table.

In addition, the battle to separate every morning was becoming fiercer and taking longer. Even the ‘balls’ warning didn’t work anymore. No matter how Shen Shian threatened him, Xiao Hei would hold onto his ankle with a face that said, ‘I will hold on, no matter how I die.’

By the time the eighth hole was bitten in Shen Shian’s pants and his patience with Xiao Hei was reaching the limit, the three days New Year’s holiday finally arrived.

In fact, Shen Shian felt a bit guilty about leaving Xiao Hei at home every day. Fan Guoping and the department head of the pet hospital said that animals who had just been adopted especially Xiao Hei, needed their owner’s companionship and love the most. He might not like pets but it had been a week since he brought Xiao Hei home and most of the time Xiao Hei was facing the walls or playing with the robot.

In order to make up for it, on Saturday afternoon, Shen Shian went to the supermarket to buy ingredients. At night, he cooked a large table full of delicious food for himself and the dog.

After being full of meat, the dog slipped away. Then Shen Shian cut a plate of tomatoes and opened some of the snacks that Yun Feiyang have given him. One person and one dog sat on the living room sofa to watch TV.

Shen Shian wasn’t really interested in TV programs but Xiao Hei seemed to like it. In particular, the dog could watch the xianxia costumes and stare at the special effects on the screen all day.

Shen Shian opened a bag of melon seeds, grabbed a handful and started slowly peeling them. Then he looked down at the furry dog face lying on his leg and wanted to laugh.

Stupid dog.

Xiao Hei soon smelt the aroma of the melon seeds and the tip of his nose towards Shen Shian’s hand. He was reluctant to look away from the TV screen but the whites of his eyes became increasingly bigger, making people worry that he would turn his eyeballs over.

Shen Shian peeled a few pieces and handed it to Xiao Hei’s mouth The soft and hot tongue swept over his hand and chewed. Xiao Hei felt it was very delicious and turned to rub his head against Shen Shian.

Shen Shian peeled a few more pieces and Xiao Hei finished eating them and bumped his head against Shen Shian again. Once a handful of peeled melon seeds entered the dog’s mouth, Shen Shian’s guilt over leaving the dog behind was thoroughly wiped out and he hit the head of the dog that continued to arch into the palm of his hand. His voice was cold and scary, “Am I an artificial machine to peel seeds for you? I want to eat them myself.”

Xiao Hei let out a pained sound and turned his head. He licked his fans and sighed for a while before pulling some seeds himself from the bag. It was just that when God created the dog, he obviously didn’t think about adding a ‘peeling melon seeds’ function. Xiao Hei attempted it for a long time but couldn’t separate the melon seeds. In the end, he dove straight into the bag, took a big bite and swallowed it with the shell.

“Che.” Stupid dog.

Shen Shian’s dark eyes filled with a smile and then he entered the space.

Xiao Hei found out that Shen Shian disappeared when it was too late. He slammed his hind lings and scratched the sofa twice. 「 I didn’t catch him! 」

There wasn’t much of a change compared to the last time Shen Shian entered. He used various methods to extract the juice, cut, cook the tomato and make ketchup. He tried his best to consume these thousands of tomatoes but the lively tomato forest was still fruitful and the red balls on the trees showed no signs of reducing.

He had bought two bags of seeds from the supermarket, a bag of melons and a bag of tomatoes, of which, only a quarter of the tomato seeds were used. Before he found out how to properly handle the thousands of tomatoes or determine how long it would take for them to rot, he didn’t dare plant anything else.

The plants that grew up in the space with water from the spring were obviously different. He was only one person and one dog at most. How could he consume so much food? Could he sell it? Then he did he explain the huge supply of large tomatoes? It was estimated that people would think this fruit received a growing agent. If it was taken by people to test and they detected something that violated common sense, it would only cause trouble for him.

Shen Shian took two laps around the tomato forest before coming to the bamboo building. There were two trees in front of the bamboo building. One was a peach tree with no fruit yet. He didn’t know the variety of the other tree but it was full of yellow, translucent flowers. Shen Shian felt these flowers seemed a bit different from the last time he saw them but the specific difference wasn’t clear.

The giant aloe vera taken from the balcony was next to the peach tree. Next to it was a half-human cactus. The two spiked plants were like ‘You poke me, I poke you’ and looked quite harmonious. Another plant, the giant green radish, was placed in the bamboo forest behind the building and climbed up the bamboo.

Shen Shian carefully avoided the sharp thorns of the aloe vera and walked into the study. The book called Gui Xu Exercises was still placed on the bookshelf. He picked it up and sat down at the desk. as expected, everything in it was still hard to understand. It was as if someone deliberately disrupted the order of each word in the book. Unless the correct key was found, the book would just be a bunch of useless garbled words.

How could he find this key? The book had been read back and forth over a hundred times. He tried all types of common and uncommon cipher text deciphering methods but he was still ignorant about these words.

Shen Shian rubbed his eyebrows and returned the book. Forget it. He was fortunate not to lose his life and there was already such a shocking space. He shouldn’t be too greedy.

Moreover, he still needed to complete his studies. The things he was learning in clinical medicine were already very complicated. The curriculum was full and after the second semester, the specific specialization would be chosen and he would be busier. He didn’t know the purpose of this ancient book and he couldn’t abandon normal life and planning for the future.

In the blink of an eye, Monday arrived and it was time to go to the pet hospital with Xiao Hei to do the deworming. However, Yun Feiyang personally brought the medicine over along with an adult parrot.

“Where did this come from?” Shen Shian opened the door and took the birdcage from Yun Feiyang’s hand.

“I adopted it.” Yun Feiyang explained while changing his shoes. “In October, I went out with the association to rescue stray cats and dogs. I found this parrot in the camphor tree district. I don’t know who was so wicket but there was a fishing net in the middle of the tree and this little thing was wrapped in it. The fishing net was particularly thin and whenever he struggled, it became wrapped more tightly around him. He was struggling so much out of fear that by the time we found him, he had almost torn off his wings.”

Shen Shian looked closely and found that the parrot’s left wing seemed inflexible and there was even a large chunk of feathers missing. Xiao Hei came over while Shen Shian was thinking and secretly grinned at the parrot.

Yun Feiyang changed into slippers and took back the birdcage. “At the time, I thought he wouldn’t survive. It took surgery by Sister Fang and two months of caring to bring it back to life. This little thing is a famous variety. It is called the multicoloured Macaw and those from the wild can’t be raised. It is illegal. Those that are artificially bred also have an expensive market price and an adult bird can go for tens of thousands of yuan. I don’t know the situation of this one but his size is several times smaller than a normal macaw. Even Sister Fang didn’t recognize the species at first. Later, she guessed that it should be crossed with other varieties and his size became stunted but the specific variety isn’t clear. Sister Fang is mainly focused on mammals such as cats and dogs and she isn’t so proficient when it comes to birds.”

“If he is a bred bird, shouldn’t he have an owner?”

“We think so too. After the rescue, we contacted the Forestry Department and posted many flyers to find the owner. The association also issued a notice on its official website but no one contacted them. I don’t know if the little thing flew too far away or if something else is going on. In any case, I was the one who mostly took care of him during the recovery and he has the closest relationship with me. Thus, I am in charge of him for the time being. This little thing is smart and can talk. Ruibao, come say hello to An An.”

The parrot standing on the crossbar cocked his head. “Hello baby!” His words were clear and mellow. The sound was quite good.

This was the first time Shen Shian saw a talking bird and he was a bit surprised. He hadn’t opened his mouth when the parrot turned to the other side. “Goodbye baby!”

Shen Shian, “…”

“Hey.” Yun Feiyang scratched his head. “It hasn’t been long since he learnt to talk. Now he can only say three words: hello, goodbye and baby.” Then Yun Feiyang smiled at Shen Shian. “Sister Fang is returning home for New Year’s and Hapi Pet Hospital is temporarily closed. My bedroom’s temperature is low and I’m afraid that he will become cold. I thought I could bring him here and bother you for two days? You can rest assured that he is very well-behaved and won’t be noisy.”

“Of course, you can stay in the second bedroom.” Shen Shian agreed. “Would you like something to eat?”

Every time it came to sharing food, Xiao Hei became angry. He lowered his head and bit two holes in Shen Shian’s pants.

“There is no need, I brought some dog food. I usually feed him melon seeds as a snack. Ruibao likes to eat melon seeds and I carry a small amount with me every day. I usually don’t dare to feed him a lot but today there will be additional rewards.”

Yun Feiyang placed the cage on the small round table next to the radiator and filled it with melon seeds, food and water. After determining the bird didn’t need anything, he turned and asked Shen Shian. “Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. Let’s celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight. What is Chef Shen prepared to make? I’ll give you a hand.”

“The ingredients in the house are almost gone.” Shen Shian told him. “Let’s go to the supermarket and see what you want to buy. I also have to buy something.”


Yun Feiyang picked up his jacket and prepared to go out. Before leaving, he looked at the parrot vigorously eating melon seeds in the birdcage and Xiao Hei staring at the parrot for some reason. He couldn’t help feeling worried. “An An, will your family bully Ruibao?”

Xiao Hei immediately turned and bared his teeth.

“He shouldn’t.” Shen Shian glanced over. “He can’t reach the stool and the birdcage is in the way.”

Yun Feiyang let go of his worries and took the elevator with Shen Shian. The two bodyguards accompanied him as usual.

The supermarket contained a variety of ingredients. Shen Shian estimated the number of people and the two pets and purchased a whole shopping cart full of ingredients. After leaving the supermarket, he asked Fan Guoping to drive to the nearest hardware store. He bought a hoe, a spade, an axe, horticultural scissors and a four metres high folded aluminium ladder.

Yun Feiyang looked stunned. “Little brother, are you preparing to farm at home?”

Shen Shian thought, ‘You really guessed it.’

They bought a lot of things but it wasn’t a big deal for four adult men, not to mention that the strength of the two bodyguards was much higher than ordinary people. Shen Shian became aware that his current strength wasn’t much worse than Fan Guoping after all the soaking he did in the spring water.

The four people carried things out of the elevator door onto to hear Parrot Ruibao’s cry. “…Hello baby! Goodbye baby!”

The sound didn’t stop.

Yun Feiyang wondered, ‘Why was this little thing talking so much? He usually is more peaceful. The key is that I promised An An he wouldn’t be noisy.’

He glanced at Shen Shian and they opened the door, entering lightly.

Next to the radiator in the living room, Xiao Hei had somehow climbed onto the table where the parrot was placed and dumped Shen Shian’s unfinished bag of seeds into the birdcage.

Parrot Ruibao was in the corner and spat out the melon seeds into the trough after peeling them. Once there were a few seeds, Xiao Hei would lick them up and eat them. After eating, he would pat the birdcage to tell the other party to move faster.

The cage trembled when it was hit and Ruibao trembled with tears in his eyes. He screamed miserably while peeling the melon seeds.

“Hello baby!”

“Goodbye baby!”

“Hello baby!”

“Goodbye baby!”


“Goodbye baby!!!!”

The author has something to say:

Ruibao: This baby is suffering.

TL Notes: This novel takes me longer to translate then my other BL novels because the chapter length is longer and the language is slightly more complicated and detailed.

My tentative schedule for it is one chapter a week for the next month.

Also for those curious, the apocalypse starts in chapter 19 but some important plot points occur before then.

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