DSA: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The small bowl fell to the ground and rotated twice before the dog food inside spilled on the floor.

Shen Shian’s expression froze in an instant.

He was beautiful. His jaw was slender and his face looked like it was carved by the most romantic artist but the most beautiful thing about him were his eyes.

The dark pupils, the thick eyelashes and the curves of the eyes that were just right. On another person’s face, it would always give the illusion that they were smiling, so that anyone who saw it couldn’t extricate themselves. However, once these eyes were contaminated with the coldness of ice, the impact and temptation were even stronger. People wanted to look but they didn’t dare look for a long time.

The fierce Xiao Hei unconsciously moved back.

Shen Shian stared for half a minute before he remembered something and his expression slightly softened. He knelt down and straightened the small bowl while picking up the dog food. “You haven’t digested the luncheon meat yet? Then wait until you’re hungry to eat again.”

He finished picking up the dog food and carefully wiped the ground with a wet tissue. Then he washed his hands and walked to the table to eat. The fierce Xiao Hei was stunned for a while before chasing.

The chair was very high and the dining table was higher. The fragrant food seemed both close and as far away as the sky.

It wasn’t until Xiao Hei moved around the table for the fifth time that Shen Shian realized what he wanted. “You want to eat?”

Xiao Hei barked at him twice. His expression was still fierce but he obviously didn’t want to express anger or threats. His tone was soft and even carried a childish sound that wasn’t easy to detect.

Shen Shian pointed to the small bowl of dog food in the corner of the living room. “Your meal is there. Go and eat.”

“Woof woof!” He seemed a bit angry this time.

“You want to eat my food?”

“Woof woof~” The childish tone was a bit more obvious.

“No.” Shen Shian refused. “This is what people eat. You can’t eat it. If you eat it, you will become a dead dog.”

“Woof!!” He was suddenly fierce.

Shen Shian ignored him and ate from his own bowl. Xiao Hei gritted his teeth and started to circle around Shen Shian’s chair. He turned while screaming. The tone ranged from “Ao ao”, “Hou hou”, “Woof woof” and “Wu wu,” becoming increasingly louder.

Shen Shian was so annoyed that he only ate a few mouthfuls. His handsome eyebrows wrinkled tightly. Bang. He put down the bowl and cried out, “Aren’t you finished yet?!”

Xiao Hei looked up at him. “Woof!” The tone was particularly certain.

Shen Shian once again regretted it. Why did he take this dog home? One person and one dog, one sitting on a chair and one lying on the floor, they were both relatively silent for a long time.

Knock knock. There was a knock on the door and then Fan Guoping’s hesitant voice was heard. “Excuse me, Mr Shen? I just heard a dog in your house sounding miserable and then the noise disappeared. The dog… cough, are you okay?”

His tone seemed that he was worried about Shen Shian being too annoyed with the dog and that something happened to the dog. In fact, Shen Shian was indeed thinking some less harmonious thoughts.

“It’s fine.” He replied while still staring at Xiao Hei. He raised his voice and added, “I’m fine and the dog as well. Thank you for your concern.”

“Cough, that’s good.” Fan Guoping outside the door seemed relieved but he didn’t leave immediately. “A stray dog has wandered around outside and is very defensive towards people at first, especially a puppy. They are so small and have no mothers, meaning they are always bullied and their temper is a bit worse. My daughter adopted a stray dog that was only two months old. It experienced a lot of bitterness and after taking it home, we couldn’t even touch it while it was on guard eating. However, as long as we are patient and gentle, they will become closer to people. No matter what, they are the most loyal and not vengeful. They will remember if you treat them a bit better. In other words, a dog is humanity’s best friend.

Shen Shian listened to Fan Guoping talk about who ‘precious the relationship between human and dogs was’ while waiting for the other side to leave. Once the footsteps got further away, he raised Xiao Hei by the neck. “Am I abusing you?”

“Woof~” It was simply wronged.

Oh, Shen Shian sneered. He placed the dog back on the ground, got up and took a blue shallow plate from the cupboard. “Do you want rice?’

“Woof!” Xiao Hei immediately followed his wagging his tail.

Shen Shian served a spoonful of rice and Xiao Hei raised his claws to scratch at the human’s pants. Thus, Shen Shian added another spoonful.

“Do you want shrimp?”

“Woof! Woof!”

He filled half the plate with shrimp. “Do you want rib?”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Shen Shian raised an eyebrow and he gave a few more pieces of pork ribs. He also poured a bit of the sauce, the rice and rich sauce evenly mixing and forming an attractive caramel colour under the light. This made the dog covet the food and his small meat pads rubbed against the floor in an agitated manner.

“How about okra?”

This time there was a long silence. Shen Shian looked down and the small thing looked up with round eyes, seeming particularly innocent.

“Surely you didn’t mutate after drinking the spiritual spring?” He inwardly muttered before placing the full plate next to the table. “Eat. If you die and become a resentful ghost then don’t put the debt on the wrong head. Remember Fan Guoping, you understand?”

Xiao Hei wasn’t interested in listening to him talk. The dog’s eyes stared straight at the plate as he waited for Shen Shian to put it down before rushing to eat.

Shen Shian sat in his chair and continued his dinner. His mouth said, “Eat if you don’t care about dying,” but he couldn’t help glancing towards Xiao Hei. Half of the plate had already been eaten and the little thing didn’t show signs of stopping. Finally, Shen Shian couldn’t help walking over. “You are still eating. Do you really want to kill yourself?”

After seeing Shen Shian reach out to grab the plate, Xiao Hei was in a hurry. He moved his mouth and gobbled faster, his mouth full of food. The fierce sobbing sounds weren’t a deterrent as he hurriedly stuck out his tongue and licked at the ribs.

Shen Shian, “…” What was this thing doing?

Xiao Hei took advantage of the other person’s stunned state to quickly lick the rice and shrimp, including the edges of the porcelain plate. Then he narrowed his eyes at Shen Shian, meaning clear:

「 Mine! 」

Eating the things in Shen Shian’s house and then declaring ownership in front of his face?

Shen Shian smiled, grabbing Xiao He’s chin with one hand while the thumb and forefinger of his other hand pinched the cheek full of food. Shen Shian’s beautiful eyes shone brilliantly and were as cold and charming as his voice. “The rice, shrimp and ribs, everything in this home, including you, is mine. If you want to live in this house, you have to do what  I say. Do you understand?”

The small puppy had a mouth full of food and was being pinched. He obviously had no way of answering.

Shen Shian released it and was prepared to pick up the porcelain plate. Then he remembered that the entire plate was covered with this dog’s saliva and took back his hand.

Forget it. If this dog was stupid then he could kill himself.

“Don’t eat if you are full.” Shen Shian was still a bit uneasy and told the dog. “I will make braised pork tomorrow. If you die then you can’t eat it.”

Well, there should be no problems.

Shen Shian finished dinner and the food in the porcelain plate was also finished, the plate clean and bright. After finishing food that was half his volume, Xiao Hei looked like he ate nothing as he ran around the room.

Shen Shian washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen before finding a shovel from the toolbox. He took the package of tomato seeds and the plastic basin he bought in the afternoon into the space.

The space was still as warm as springtime, with the aroma of grass in the air and a refreshing moisture in the air. Shen Shian stood there and took several deep breaths before walking to the open space next to the stream.

He had bought two bags of seeds from the supermarket. One was a bag of tomato seeds and the other was a bag of melon seeds. Since he had no experience in crops planting, Shen Shian didn’t plan to plant it all at once. He would try one bag first.

According to the information he found on the Internet, the tomato seed planting method was very complex. It was necessary to raise the seedlings a month in advance, wait for the seedlings to grow, then pull them out and re-plant them. The main purpose of this method was to ensure sufficient nutrients during the growth of the seedling. However, the land in the space was the more fertile black soil and the nutrients should be enough. Therefore, Shen Shian intended to plant it directly and eliminate the need to raise the seedlings.

The Internet said that seeds should be soaked in warm water around 50 degrees Celsius before sowing them, which could increase the survival rate of the seeds and reduce disease. The spring water was almost at this temperature so Shen Shian poured some water into the plastic basin and poured a quarter bag of tomato seeds into it. He placed it in the open space and dug holes while the seeds were soaking.

His slippers were off and the pants of his homey clothes were rolled up to the knees, his shirt cuffs rolled up to the elbows. Shen Shian first drew a three metres by three metres wide area in the open space. Then he dug holes with a gap of 10 centimetres between pits and a distance of 15 centimetres between rows. The depth of the pit was around 5 centimetes.

The land in the space was soft and it wasn’t difficult to dig holes with a garden shovel, even if he didn’t have professional tools. Once there were 30 rows with 21 neat pits in each row, Shen Shian brought the plastic basin over. From left to right, top to bottom, he placed three or four seeds in each shallow pit, covered it with the soil and then poured a bit of spring water.

Once the planting was done, Shen Shian sat by the stream and the cool stream flowed past his feet as a layer of sweat formed on the tip of his nose.

Perhaps it was because he was alone and he was satisfied after the exhaustion of labour or perhaps it was the aroma of grass that couldn’t be guarded against. This person’s cold temperament slowly faded and revealed the soft inner lining under the thick layer of ice.

This was his first time planting crops. he hoped that the seeds would grow as quickly as possible and that the plants would be healthy and disease-free. He didn’t know what the tomato would taste like but it didn’t matter. If it wasn’t delicious then he would feed it to Xiao Hei.

Would a dog eat tomatoes? It should be possible.

He took a bath in the hot springs to clean the dirt and dust off his body before putting on clean clothes in the bamboo building. Shen Shian carefully folded the dirty clothes and left the space.

He came out and found Xiao Hei fighting with the vacuuming robot in the living room.

The vacuuming robot was a new model produced last year on the market. The disc shape with a diameter of more than 30 centimeters usually worked diligently. It would go out and vacuum even when Shen Shian was hospitalized. Now it collided with Xiao Hei who was running around.

Xiao Hei made a wronged expression after being hit. His hackles raised and he roared at the robot, hitting it. The silver disc robot was shocked. It thought it had hit an obstacle and changed directions. It didn’t slide far when it hit the foot of the sofa and turned back around.

There was obvious provocation in Xiao Hei’s eyes.

He exposed his fangs and struck it with a heavier force. The robot was beaten up and the two shining lights seemed a bit confused It turned around, hit the sofa and turned around again, going back and forth.

By the time Shen Shian left the space, Xiao Hei was playing table tennis as he whined and barked. He hit the robot back and forth between himself and the sofa. Then he smelt Shen Shian and turned around, his expression saying, ‘Don’t believe I can’t clean you up, fiend.’

“Is it fun?” Shen Shian asked.

Xiao Hei covered his teeth. Before he could make a sound, the robot hit the sofa and turned back. Perhaps the program was a bit flustered after the series of bumps and its speed was obviously much faster than before. The top of the disc hit Xiao Hei and the black dog’s leg couldn’t stop it. He was directly carried onto the disc as the disc continued to move forward.

Xiao Hei sat on the top of the robot with his ass and hind legs in the air, his expression obviously stunned.

Shen Shian couldn’t help laughing. He didn’t continue paying attention to the grievances between Xiao Hei and the vacuuming robot. He placed the shovel and plastic basin back in place and prepared to rest.

After washing, Shen Shian went to his mother to wish her a good night. Then he placed the mushroom-shaped kennel in the living room. “Xiao Hei, you sleep here tonight.”

The little thing had found a novelty toy and was still riding around on the robot. It was unknown if he heard Shen Shian.

Shen Shian didn’t care about the dog. In any case, this little thing couldn’t get lost at him. He checked the door lock, turned off the light and entered the master bedroom.

Two hours passed and the night became deeper. The door of the master bedroom was suddenly pushed open from the outside as a pair of emerald eyes appeared in the quiet darkness.

Xiao Hei waited at the door and didn’t act immediately. He listened to Shen Shian’s shallow and steady breathing for another 10 minutes to make sure this person was truly asleep. Then there was a sharp cold light as he revealed his teeth.

「 Wanting me to listen to a human, you must be dreaming! I don’t know where a human obtained the spring of life from but if I eat him, it will be mine! 」

There sound to be the faint sound of gulping in the darkness. 「 This human body is rich in spiritual aura. He will definitely be able to fix me. 」

The green light in the eyes deepened and his lower limbs pressed down. He moved on his hind legs and swiftly shot towards Shen Shian.

Shen Shian slept restlessly as he had a dream. It wasn’t a nightmare but it definitely wasn’t a good dream.

In the dream, he was only 12 years old and discovered the secret of the Buddha bracelet by chance. The excitement in his heart was unspeakable as he immediately rushed and brought his mother into the space.

Dreams were always chaotic and disorderly, with no logic at all. One second, he was reading in the classroom when he accidentally scratched his finger and dripped a bright red blood drop onto the lotus. The next second, he appeared in the hospital ward and was excitedly holding his mother’s hand.

In addition to this chaos, part of the thoughts belonging to adult Shen Shian was still sober and rational. These thoughts were like a separate individual in the dream who quietly paid attention to the development of the dream and knew why this was happening.

After the car accident half a month ago and discovering he was saved by the Buddha beads, the first thought that came to his mind wasn’t the joy of surviving but a strong sense of anger and powerlessness.

Why didn’t he find this out earlier? Why wasn’t his blood integrated with the beads earlier? If he could find the hidden space early and discover the spring’s properties, his mother wouldn’t have died!

Ms Shen had been in bad health from a young age because she suffered from a congenital heart disease. After becoming pregnant with Shen Shian, she didn’t follow the doctor’s advice to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, she risked her life to give birth to him. Since then, her body became weaker and her health went from bad to worse.

In order to heal their daughter, his grandparents tried everything, ranging from praying to Buddha, traditional Chinese medicine and even folk remedies. They tried almost all methods possible but could only watch as their flower-like daughter lost her nutrients and withered as she stepped towards death.

No one thought that the more effective and convenient method had always been around and was actually hidden in the beads around Shen Shian’s wrist.

The idea of ‘due to my negligence, my mother lost her health and possibility of living’ was enough to drive anyone crazy.

The sober and rational thoughts that belonged to adult Shen Shian floated in the sky above the dream and were silent. He knew why he created this dream and also how the dream would develop. It was because this wasn’t the first time he had this dream.

His 12 year old self pulled his mother’s hand and tried to bring his mother into the space over and over again. No matter how hard he tried, his pale and thin mother would always remain in her spot.

Shen Shian’s physical development was later than ordinary boys. At the age of 12, he wasn’t tall and his full was full of childishness. His skin was white, making him look much thinner than his peers.

The adult Shen Shian watched as his teenage self tried it over and over, the original excitement in the childish face fading as his eyes became redder and his lips tightened. Finally, he fell into pain and despair.

This pain and despair were so strong that the original sober and rational thoughts were affected. His sleeping body became tense and his breathing more urgent. There was even a faint mournful cry, similar to a young beast—

It wasn’t until there was a muffled banging sound that Shen Shian woke up from the dream.

He opened his eyes, raised his hand and clapped twice, causing the sound-activated lights to turn on and illuminate the bedroom. He didn’t know when it happened but the door was wide open. The light from the bedroom reached the distant living room sofa which seemed to be holding a small group of black shadows.

“…Xiao Hei?” Shen Shian shouted, his voice a bit hoarse. The dark shadow seemed to tremble.

Shen Shian wiped the water stains from the corners of his eyes, opened the quilt, put on his slippers and walked out of the bedroom to turn on the lights in the corridor. The light source was closer to the living room and the scene next to the sofa was understood with one glance.

Xiao Hei was lying beside the foot of the sofa, his body trembling incessantly.

「 I-I miscalculated. I didn’t expect this body to have a defense artifact. It hurts. 」

Shen Shian turned on the light in the living room and walked over to Xiao Hei, only to find that he was shivering and his eyes were still tearful. The fur around his eyes was wet. He had obviously been crying.

Was Xiao Hei afraid of the dark? He was so fierce that Shen Shian didn’t expect such a thing.

He saw the little thing shaking even more and thought for a moment before picking it up. “Fine, you can sleep with me tonight.” In any case, Xiao Hie took a bath and shouldn’t be dirty.

Shen Shian turned off the lights in the living room and hallway, taking the dog back to his bedroom. He turned on a small nightlight beside the bed and placed the dog on the pillow next to him.

“Sleep.” He clapped again and the sound-controlled lights turned off. He placed his hand on the puppy. “I’m here.”

Xiao Hei recovered from a lot of the pain and vented by biting the finger. He didn’t dare bit too strongly because he was afraid the defensive tactics would be activated again. The two rows of small teeth rubbed back and forth on the finger.

Sure enough, it was a small and spoilt puppy. Shen Shian’s lips curled and his hand rubbed the dog’s head.

Under the soft light of the nightlight, Xiao Hei secretly rubbed his tears clean on the pillow and nibbled on this person’s wrist, crying out harshly,

「 You wait, I’ll eat you sooner or later! 」

The author has something to say:

Author: Xiao Hei wants to eat you. What do you think about this matter?

An An: A small body has big dreams.

Author’s note: The gong is a type of alien animal with a noble lineage. Thus, it is impossible for him to be close to humans like ordinary dogs. It will take time to develop feelings.

Added a ko-fi for the people asking for an alternative to Patreon:https://ko-fi.com/rainbowturtlePledge any amount to my Patreon to access to the BL google drives, where you can get early access to any chapters I have completed.

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