DSA: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Shen Shian eventually brought the dog back home.

Then he regretted it as soon as he walked through his front door. His gaze swept over the puppy’s dirty fur, the matted fur so dark that it was impossible to see the original colour. Then he looked at his home that hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

The floor had just been vacuumed, the sofa cover changed and the carpet had been laid out in the sun for less than an hour. Where could he put this dog?

It wasn’t appropriate to put him anywhere.

Shen Shian put down the paper bag and changed his shoes. He continued to hold the puppy by the neck while walking slowly into the bathroom opposite the second bedroom. Finally, he sighed with relief.

Fortunately, nothing dropped from the puppy.

Regardless of the resistance from the other side, Shen Shian pulled the packed luncheon meat from the puppy’s mouth. His limbs twisted and he sent Shen Shian a fierce glare. He looked like a little thing trying desperately to reach Shen Shian’s position with his eyes. The dark eyes had a crystal-like icy lustre. “Do you want to eat? Take a shower first and then it’s yours.”

The eyes followed the luncheon meat uncontrollably and a threatening whine was heard as the puppy slowly took back his sharp teeth.

Shen Shian didn’t care. He knew it was best for this dog to take a bath. The dog had been wandering for who knew how long outside and it was unknown if there were any wounds or diseases on the dog’s body. He thought about it before putting the dog in the shower and closing the glass door. He told the dog, “Wait,” before picking up a plastic basin and disappearing.

Once he returned, the basin was half-filled with hot spring water.

The glass door opened and the puppy rushed out. Shen Shian thought there was going to be an attack and was already prepared to grab the back of the neck. Unexpectedly, the dog didn’t look at him and rushed straight to the basin. The two front legs struggled with the basin’s edge as he started to drink.

Shen Shian was stunned before finally reacting. “Hey, you can’t drink this water!”

The spiritual spring water had the function of automatic cleaning. The second time Shen Shian entered the space, he discovered that no matter what impurities fell in, they would be cleaned up in half an hour.

This was true but he still took a shower in the spiritual spring. He might not like pets but it was too much to feed the dog bath water.

His slender fingers squeezed the back of the neck again. This time, the reaction of the little thing was more intense than when he was robbed of the luncheon meat. His fangs and claws acted like they had an immortal vendetta against Shen Shian.

How long had he gone without drinking to be thirsty like this?

Shen Shian put it back in the glass shower. “Wait here.” He went out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to pick up a light blue dish. Then he entered the space, filled the plate with water from the spring and returned to the bathroom. “Hey, drink this.”

The full plate of spring water disappeared in the blink of an eye into the dog’s stomach.

“Have you drank enough?” Shen Shian moved the stool and sat next to the plastic basin. His sweater sleeves were rolled up and the cuffs of his shirt were rolled over his elbows, revealing thin arms. There were small, dark blue Buddhist lotuses curved around his wrist, like petals stretching on his skin, beautiful and mysterious. He picked up the puppy and placed it in the basin. “If you are full, take a bath.”

He originally thought it would be a chore to bathe this little thing. Unexpectedly, the puppy actually cooperated. He paddled and kicked in the long basic and his posture was very comfortable. He took advantage of when Shen Shian wasn’t looking to steal a few sips.

The original colour of the spring water couldn’t be seen after the puppy had soaked in it for 10 minutes. Shen Shian took the dog out of the basin, rubbed shower gel on him, washed him with the shower head and wrapped him with a towel before the puppy’s true appearance was seen.

The fur was a dark grey that was close to pure black. There was no mottling from head to toe. he might be a stray dog but his fur quality wasn’t bad. It became soft and fluffy after being blown with a hairdryer. The fur covering his face was a bit long and if he wasn’t paying attention, his two eyes would be blocked. It was only after the light shone on it that the iris appeared an emerald green. Shen Shian didn’t know what type of dog this was.

“What’s is your name?” Shen Shian dried the dog while talking to himself. “It is better to call you Xiao Hei later.” (TL: Little Black)

Xiao Hei tried to turn his head and bite again, causing Shen Shian’s voice to be cold. “You don’t want to eat the luncheon meat?”

Xiao Hei stiffened and slowly turned his head back, claws standing hesitatingly on the towel under his body.

The piece of luncheon meat snapped from Shen Shian’s hand was the size of an adult fist. First, he estimated the dog couldn’t eat it all at once. Second, he wasn’t sure if the dog could even eat luncheon meat.

He had just taken out of his phone to search ‘can a dog eat luncheon meat?’ when he lowered his head and saw the pack of luncheon meat only had the wrapping paper left.

Shen Shian glanced between the wrapping paper and Xiao Hei. He finally looked at the puppy’s round belly and was worried the puppy had killed himself.

However, there was nothing he could do apart from praying Xiao Hei had a strong digestive ability. If he had known, he wouldn’t have hurried to give the puppy a name.

According to the results of the online search, people ate a lot of foods that dogs couldn’t eat. He didn’t have pet food at home and needed to buy it. Shen Shian thought of the enthusiastic grandparents in the community and wasn’t willing to go out again. He opened the supermarket app on his phone, chose two bags of dog food and a can of pet milk powder. He thought about it before adding a mushroom-shaped kennel and choosing to deliver them to his home.

It was unknown where Xiao Hei had gone and Shen Shian wasn’t in a hurry to find him. It was the first time here and the puppy needed to familiarize himself with the environment at home. Shen Shian placed a plate of spring water in a corner of the living room, sorted out the things he bought and started preparing dinner.

He bought a lot of ingredients and didn’t need to make anything too complicated. He cooked sweet and sour pork ribs, shrimp with lily bulb, cold okra salad and seaweed soup.

The rice was sealed tightly and by the time the last dish was finished, the doorbell rang. The things he bought had arrived.

It was unknown what corner Xiao Hei drilled out of after he smelt the pork ribs. He wasn’t noisy as he squatted beside the stove and stared at the pans. Once the doorbell rang, he probably scented a stranger and exploded like a hedgehog. The moment Shen Shian opened the door, he rushed out.

Shen Shian grabbed him by the back of the neck in time while taking the cardboard box from the courier with his other hand. “I troubled you. Thank you.”

He sent the courier off, closed the door, put down the box and dog together at the entrance and turned back to the kitchen. He placed the cooked food on the table and gave himself a bowl of rice. Then he took a small bowl and a pair of scissors and returned to the box.

Xiao Hei’s legs were short and he sat hesitantly on the box, not daring to jump down. He saw Shen Shian coming over and immediately lowered his body, growling in a fierce manner.

Shen Shian ignored him, skillfully placing him on the floor before taking the dog food out of the box. He poured a shallow layer into the bowl and placed it next to the plate of spring water. “Come here and eat.”

Xiao Hei was stunned and his round eyes became even rounder. He turned to look at the fragrant food on the table and then the dark dog food in front of him. His expression was full of grievances before his eyes turned fierce. He exposed his fangs and kicked the bowl with one foot.


The author has something to say:

Xiao Hei: You eat dog food, your whole family eats dog food!!

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