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DSA: Chapter 12

The child in front of him was around two years old. He didn’t even reach Shen Shian’s calf height when standing up. His red lips and white teeth were cute but his round eyes had a familiar and fierce look. The eyes were black at first glance but when Shen Shian looked closer, he found that it was actually dark green. The green was too thick and deep that it became black in the backlight.

Shen Shian stared at the child for a long time, still feeling incredulous. He couldn’t help stretching out his finger and poking the soft face. “…Xiao Hei?”

The little doll grinned and bit Shen Shian’s finger. He didn’t dare bite hard and the baby teeth ground down for a while before he spat out the finger. It took him a long time to reluctantly say, “Yes.”

Xiao Hei looked down at his tender hands and feet with a frustrated expression. He seemed to notice Shen Shian’s gaze and quickly covered up, his small face red and fierce. “No… look!” The tone was very strange. The child’s young voice was mixed with a bit of hoarseness. He spat slowly and ambiguously, as if he just learnt to speak.

Shen Shian, “…I didn’t look.” These little peanuts, what was there to look at?

It was only when he spoke these words that he realized the other person was still naked. The space was warm but it was still a bit cold. Not to mention, the little child had come out of the spring and was dripping wet. It would be troublesome if he was frozen.

This type of accident suddenly happened and he was temporarily unable to continue his research. Shen Shian picked up the child and flashed out of the space.

His house was very quiet because Yun Feiyang hadn’t returned yet. There was only Ruibao eating melon seeds in the birdcage on the coffee table. He saw Shen Shian and happily flapped his wings. “Baby!”

Shen Shian didn’t have time to tease this bird. He freely agreed and walked to the bathroom to grab a towel. He carefully dried the child from head to toe, wrapped him in a blanket and placed him on the sofa. “Sit here and don’t move. I will look for clothes for you to wear.”

The child was wrapped up like a zongzi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zongzi). Once Shen Shian left, he squirmed to find a more comfortable posture. He looked up and found that Ruibao in the cage was staring at him and immediately bared two rows of small pointed teeth in a fierce manner.

Ruibao stiffened as he recalled some unbearable memories. He backed into a corner and screamed, “Goodbye, Baby! Goodbye, Baby! Goodbye! Goodbye!”

Shen Shian came out of the master bedroom with suspicion in his eyes. “Are you bullying Ruibao again?”

The child’s eyes widened in a wronged manner. “I… didn’t!” The angry and annoyed child turned to the parrot and made a low roar similar to a beast. His hands and feet moved as he pounced over to bite it.

Ruibao shook with fright and cried out more mournfully. For a time, the bird and dog didn’t let the living room be peaceful. Shen Shian could only bring the birdcage into the bedroom to isolate him.

Shen Shian sat on the sofa with two pieces of clothing and a pair of scissors, beckoning to Xiao Hei, “Come here.”

The child’s head twisted as he let out a haughty and indifferent sound.

“If you don’t come over, I’ll give the clothes to Ruibao,” Shen Shian spoke lightly.

The arrogant and indifferent child immediately squirmed like a caterpillar to Shen Shian’s legs.

There were no clothes suitable for children at home. Shen Shian only found a set of autumn clothes that had been washed once and a grey sweater that had shrunk.

The autumn clothes were elastic and the pants were directly cut from the middle of the thigh area. Then the waist and pants were tightened with transparent glue. The top was cut in half, although it was still loose after being worn. The sweater that had shrunk in the wash unexpectedly fit. He just covered the buttocks and after the sleeves were rolled up, the child looked very good. There was no way to handle the underwear. He would have to wait for tomorrow to go out and buy some.

The clothes were worn and Shen Shian touched the child’s hair. It was a bit damp so he grabbed the hairdryer, adjusted it to the mid-range warm wind and slowly blew the hair. The evil little thing just a moment ago was now very obedient, lying motionless on Shen Shian’s leg. The child’s hair was soft and was fluffier after being blown. The fluffy hair under his hand reminded Shen Shian of the touch of Xiao Hei’s body.

Once the hair was completely dry, Shen Shian put away the hairdryer, sat on the sofa, faced the child and considered his words. “You are really Xiao Hei, right?” The thing that happened under his nose was like a fantasy but there was no other explanation.

The child nodded.

“How did you… become a human?”

The child shook his head.

“What the hell happened to you in the spiritual spring?”

The child kept shaking his head and pretended to be innocent.

Shen Shian didn’t think the other person was pretending to be innocent. For him, the child was a puppy less than three months old. He might’ve suddenly become a person but his essence was still a puppy.

What could he expect a puppy to know?

The reason why Xiao Hei suddenly became a person was probably the spiritual spring water. It could be said that the water not only accelerated wound healing but also enhanced physical fitness. It not only promoted the crazy growth of plants but also turned the animals soaking in it into humans? It was true that this was often written in mythological stories. A spiritual treasure was obtained by accident and a spirit would eat it and transform into a human. Since the spring water could save him from dying to some extent, it wasn’t impossible to reshape the dog into a refined form.

Then could any animal become a person after soaking in the spring?

Shen Shian suddenly thought of Ruibao.

Then the idea of ‘putting Ruibao into the spring water to see the change’ was cut off. How could he explain it to Yun Feiyang if Ruibao also became a human?

Don’t mention Ruibao, this dog child was a problem to explain.

Shen Shian stared at the baby’s dark green eyes and suddenly got a headache.

The biggest advantage of Xiao Hei becoming a person was there was no longer any need to walk the dog. However, sleeping had become a problem. He couldn’t let Xiao Hei continue sleeping in the kennel but he couldn’t sleep in the room with Ruibao. The sofa was possible but there were always those who suspected the abuse of ‘young’ children.

Shen Shian hadn’t finished thinking about where to place this child when the child burrowed under the blanket in the master bedroom. His eyes were tightly closed and he obviously didn’t intend to move.

Shen Shian smiled. He first went to light incense for his mother before going to bed on the other side. He had just laid down when the small and soft stove leaned over, fluffy hair touching Shen Shian’s chin and causing his skin to be itchy. This feeling was very novel but it wasn’t annoying. On the contrary, the feeling of being relied on made him feel soft at the bottom of his heart.

Stupid dog.

He always had a fresh and good smell on his body, while his clothes were stained with a light sandalwood aroma. Xiao Hei liked it very much and sniffed repeatedly. Shen Shian adjusted his arms and said, “Don’t make trouble. Sleep well.” Then he raised a hand and turned off the lights.

In the dim lighting of the small lamp, a pair of dark green eyes stared at Shen Shian’s side profile for a long time. It was unknown what he was thinking but he suddenly bowed his head and gently licked Shen Shian on the wrist.

Two days later, Yun Feiyang came back. He had just entered through the door when he saw a small child sitting on a sofa, holding a large bowl of black-purple cherries. He ate them while watching TV.

“Hey.” Yun Feiyang changed into slippers. “Who is this kid?”

“He’s mine.” Shen Shian put down the ‘Crops Planting’ book without changing his expression and touched Xiao Hei on the head. “Come, call me Father.”

Xiao Hei’s cheeks were full and he didn’t speak, but Yun Feiyang was shocked. “What? I didn’t go home for two days and you have a child? Who gave birth to him, when he was born, is this fake?”

“It is fake.”

Yun Feiyang sighed with relief. “I thought so. I didn’t see any partners around you. Brother, you really scared me to death.” He came over and examined Xiao Hei several times. “Hey, this child looks pretty good? Who is he?”

“I don’t know. I picked him up.”

Yun Feiyang was stunned and it took a while for his voice to come back. “Are you treating me as a donkey again?”

“No, I really picked him up.”

“…Where did you pick him up? Did you call the police?”

Shen Shian shook his head. “I’m going to raise him myself.” It was good for Xiao Hei to become a person to a certain extent. After all, the lifespan of a dog was limited and the life expectancy of a person was much longer. He was confident that he could raise this child with his abilities.

For a moment, Yun Feiyang almost through that his brother’s brain was a bit unusual. During the days when he was away, perhaps An An had been stimulated by something? Otherwise, how could a good young man who never had a relationship think about raising a child? He didn’t know who the child belonged to and crazily committed the crime of kidnapping a child!

Yun Feiyang was grappling with how to discuss this issue with Shen Shian when he discovered a problem. “Hey, what about Xiao Hei?” Usually, Xiao Hei should’ve rushed out at him.

Shen Shian glanced at the dog sitting beside him with a bit of hesitation. “…Lost.”

“You lost him?”

“Yes, I forgot to close the door and he seemed to have run out on his own.”

“Did you look upstairs and downstairs?”

“I didn’t find him.”

Yun Feiyang was excited in his heart. He had been preparing to choose clinical psychology as his research direction next semester and had been reading many psychoanalytic books recently. At this time, he found that his brother wasn’t normal and this was the crux. Shen Shian might’ve never said it but he was a dog obsessed fool. Shen Shian’s love of cleanliness meant Yun Feiyang couldn’t take a single step into the master bedroom, yet the dog could lie on the bed and rub his fur on the bed. This was true love!

It was hard to convince Shen Shian to raise a pet and then the pet he placed his emotions on was lost. How bad would he feel? It was no wonder that he looked for a substitute. If Yun Feiyang wanted Shen Shian to dispel the idea of raising a child, it seemed he must first have Shen Shian forget Xiao Hei.

Yun Feiyang secretly made some plans as he sat next to the child and spoke as lightly as possible to Shen Shian. “You just lost the dog that you were so good to. You always think about serving it fish and meat yet he ran out. He obviously has no conscience. It is right that you lost him. Let’s go back and raise another one.”

As he spoke, he took a big cherry from the glass bowl the child was holding. He hadn’t placed it in his mouth yet when the cute-looking child suddenly became fierce. The child rushed over and tried to bite him. If Yun Feiyang hadn’t hidden quickly, he would probably be bleeding on the spot.

Yun Feiyang held his hand and shrank back into the sofa. He stared at the two rows of small teeth with a white face.

Oh, this damn sense of familiarity.


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